Draco watched Harry with Molly and knew that the brunet would be okay. The eldest Weasley's had all but adopted him, but Dumbledore had kept blocking the papers needed for him to be an official Weasley, because according to the old man, Harry needed to be with his Aunt, but now that he was gone… Well Harry had Remus and Severus now and he was unofficially a Weasley. He knew that McGonagall had been against sending Harry to those horrid muggles from the beginning.

Draco idly wished that his own mother had been as caring as Molly was. Narcissa had been more inclined to worry about the latest fashion trends than anything her only son might be doing.

He sighed and turned away from the hugging pair, not wanting to give into the feeling of loneliness that was threatening to overwhelm him and instead turned to the infirmary. He gave his head a shake, unable to believe that Sal had said what he had.

"I don't care that the Ravenclaws are experimenting with belladonna and animal hair again, it's their own fault if something happens. And the damn Hufflepuffs can sneak into the kitchens whenever they want," he huffed as the castle buzzed in his head.

"No, I don't want. Why do I have to? Why can't…? Who would? Seriously?" Draco blurted with a sigh.

"If I talk to Flitwick?" he asked after a long pause. "Fine I'll talk to Flitwick if you stop telling me every little thing that goes on here," he had stopped to massage the bridge of his nose. "Thank you," his relief was palpable.

"No wonder the old man was barmy," he muttered as he headed off to find the charms professor.

"Hey!" he snapped, slapping away the curtain that had decided to snap at him before it tangled around him. "What the hell was that for?" he snarled angrily at a wall.

"Oh so now you go quiet," he glared ineffectually at the closest suit of armour, which simply bowed. Draco muttered to himself as he hurried to the charms corridor.

Even though the school had stopped whispering to Draco, at least for the time being, it hadn't stopped guiding him.


Once he paid a short visit to Flitwick, Draco lost himself in just listening to the castle. Not just the castle poking fun at the students as they mucked up another spell and gave their friend rabbit ears, or a professor that was grumbling about poorly written essays.

He gave a chuckle as the castle filled his mind with the image of several third years being chased by Cornish Pixies, that were no doubt from his own second year. He was thankful for the distraction from his own not so stellar life.

He was so lost, that he paid no attention to where he was going and trusted the castle to keep him from walking into something. It didn't keep him from walking into someone, sending him sprawling to the ground. A tall, broad shouldered someone who looked remarkably like Harry, with dark tousled hair, vibrant eyes and an easy, almost too trusting smile.

"Hail friend! Where have you hailed from?" the stranger greeted with heartily, pulling Draco to his feet and into a bone crushing hug.

"Uh… the infirmary?" he replied, though it came out as more of a question. He stumbled as he was set back on his feet. He was reminded of Hagrid, though the stranger was still at least a foot shorter than the half giant.

"Really?" the stranger's brow furrowed in confusion and concentration as he studied Draco. "I don't remember you from any of the classes, but you are familiar."

Draco snuffed in irritation, some of the old him coming back at not being recognized, but then a sharp sting to his backside had him remembering that he wasn't that guy anymore.

"My name is Draco Malfoy," he offered.

"Ignatius's son," the stranger exclaimed.

Ignatius? Draco was almost positive there was no Ignatius in the Malfoy line; it could have been one of the names that had been stricken from the line for some un-Malfoy behaviour.

The more he thought about it, the less sense it made, maybe there was an Ignatius somewhere.

"Great Salazar's snake," Draco muttered in surprise as he suddenly remembered the Ignatius Malfoy who had fallen in love with a Muggle.

"You know Serenity?"

Draco blinked once, twice before his eyes rolled back and he dropped unceremoniously to the ground.

"Well that can't be good," the stranger muttered to himself. He easily scooped up Draco and carried him to the infirmary, oblivious to the stares of the students around him.


Draco woke to a hushed conversation coming from the other side of the partition. The castle told him it was Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor, but his brain hadn't caught up with that yet.

"Merlin," he muttered, before he frantically looked around to make sure he hadn't accidently summoned the old wizard somehow.

When no one appeared he tried to focus on the conversation, but while he could make out two distinct voices he couldn't make out what they were saying. Stupid privacy spells.

Poppy chose that moment to appear from around the privacy partition with an almost frantic Harry.

"Will you please tell him you're okay before he works himself in such a state that I'll have to sedate him," she stated in mild amusement as Harry began to fuss over Draco, much like an overprotective mother.

He called Harry's name three times with no reaction before he simply grabbed Harry's hands and held his wrists in one hand and gently patted his cheek with the other. When Harry came back to himself he gave them both a sheepish grin and mumbled, "Sorry, damn hormones make me crazy."

Before Harry could pull himself away, Draco who hadn't let go of Harry's wrists tugged him onto the bed and into his lap.

"This is new," Harry stated once Poppy had left the pair with instructions to eat everything that was going to be delivered.

Draco just shrugged, "I like cuddling, and so do you."

Harry studied Draco for a moment, it was true. He and Ginny often curled up on one of the couches either at the Burrow or school when they just wanted or needed to talk. And Remus was always willing to let him curl up next to him when they watched movies at Grimmauld, now that they could.

"So did you really walk into Godric Gryffindor?" Harry asked as he picked out the strawberries from his fruit salad.

"I didn't actually know it was him at the time," Draco replied, trying to snatch a strawberry, only to be whacked by Harry's spoon.

"I'm saving those," Harry replied as he spread peanut butter onto a pancake.

Draco looked mildly disgusted with the peanut butter, "not for that I hope?"

"What? Ew no," Harry replied, looking mildly offended. "They're for the ice cream sandwiches, you dolt."

"Ice cream sand- why not just get-"

"Because I like doing things for myself every now and again," Harry snapped, though he didn't sound very angry.

Before Draco could retort, the partition was shoved aside.

"And I thought I was bad. You are an epic moron. They only wanted to help and you've blown all of this out of proportion and probably lost a chance at something special because you were too much of a poopy head."

Draco and Harry shared a look as Harry mouthed the insult.

"If you do not want such a handsome mate, I will try my hand for his affections," Godric looked startled when he noticed Harry and Draco staring at him.

"Harry?" he asked, eyeing Harry rather hungrily. Harry nodded; watching wide-eyed as Godric took his hand and kissed his knuckles.

"And you must be Draco," he gave a roguish grin as he kissed his knuckles. Draco nodded, and Godric turned back to Salazar.

"There isn't much time, and you shouldn't get to decide if you are or are not good enough for someone. He probably has enough people making choices for him. So if you don't pull your head out of your ass I will court the young man myself. He and the child he carries are precious gifts," he finished his speech with a scowl at Salazar before he turned back to the teenagers.

"It's an honour to meet you Harry," his voice had lost the anger it had when he'd dealt with Salazar.

Harry sputtered for a moment; he had no idea why he was so flustered around Godric. He didn't think he should be, he wasn't around Salazar, but there was something about the wizard.

"Of course sir, professor, Mister Gryffindor sir."

Godric chuckled softly as he offered Harry his arm, "simply Ric, will do."

"Ric," Harry repeated with a genuine smile, one that the others hadn't seen in quite some time.

"I'm curious how the castle has changed since it was built. It certainly feels different, more alive," he offered as he let Harry guide him from the infirmary. Draco watched Salazar as he watched the pair leave.

"You're killing him," he stated softly when the doors had swung shut.

Salazar glanced at Draco in surprise, he'd forgotten about the blond, "What?"

"He's drawn to you - I think his magic has chosen you as the best choice for healing him. He's fighting that and trying to keep his baby alive alone. If you don't pull your head out of your ass soon, Harry and that gift will both be dead. I hope you'll be able to live with yourself."

Salazar was already shaking his head, "He's got 'Ric now, he'll be fine."

Draco surprised both of them with a vicious snarl, "he doesn't want Godric. He, for reasons known only to him, wants you. He won't sleep with Godric, even to safe himself and to spare your feelings."

"He doesn't dese-"

"Why not let Harry decide who or what he deserves? He's spent his life being manipulated and controlled by people he thought he could trust, let him make a choice," Draco finished with an odd noise of disgust and before Salazar could reply, the blond was storming from the infirmary.

He was so blinded in his anger for Salazar on Harry's behalf that he wasn't paying attention and he walked into Molly Weasley.

"Draco? Are you okay?" She asked, studying him with obvious concern.

Emotions that Draco had spent a lifetime suppressing welled up, squeezing his chest and blocking his throat; he could only shake his head no.

"Oh sweet child," Molly cooed, pulling the stunned blond into a comforting hug. He stiffened, still not used to affection despite how he had coddled Harry, but as she rubbed his back, he slowly relaxed.

"I came to check up on you boys, but you clearly need me more than Harry does," she said as she guided him to wherever it was she was guiding him too.

Draco knew he should protest, he didn't think he needed to talk to anyone, let alone a Weasley, even if by marriage, but then something – the castle no doubt – swatted the back of his head. He wanted to retort, tell the castle off, but then he realized that everything was quiet. There was no buzzing along his skin, or constant roar in his head from the castle. He almost panicked because the castle had been a constant companion for almost six years, but a gentle caress through his hair that ended with a slight pressure on his neck calmed him. The castle wasn't leaving him, just letting him for the moment.

The smell of peppermint brought him back and he realized he was in a sitting room, Severus and Remus's sitting room if the potions journals littering the coffee table were anything to go by. He didn't question why they were here, but it felt right.

He took a sip of the tea that had been pressed into his hands and found it was made just as he liked it; it was even peppermint favoured.

He blinked away tears and studied the woman who seemed to have busied herself with a tray of foods that an elf had brought for them to give Draco some time to calm down.

Taking another mouthful if tea, which he noticed had something a little stronger than sugar and began to tell Molly about everything that was bothering him. About his family, his worry about Harry and what he was going to do when he finished schools.

When he finished some time later, his voice was almost raw, his stomach felt like an empty pit but he felt lighter than he had since he was a young child.

At some point Harry had joined them, curling himself against Draco. Arthur had arrived, looking for his wife, and had stayed back, letting Molly deal with the young man.

"You are more than welcome to stay with us whenever you want to," Molly offered, gently cupping his cheek.

"Though you shouldn't have to worry about that for much longer," Severus announced softly as he appeared, with a box in his hands.

Arthur was silent as he stood behind his wife, and gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze, watching as Severus handed Draco the box.

Harry shifted so Draco could set the box on his lap and watched in curiosity, the box looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place it.

"You should know that no matter what, you are more than welcome in our home. No child should be considered a chore or a burden," Molly stated, squeezing the blonds hand. Draco didn't miss the glance that Arthur shot at Harry.

"Every child is a treasure, one that should be loved and cherished."

It was then that Draco realized that while he may have more money than the Weasley's could possibly ever imagine, they were far richer than he could ever hope to one day be. What was money if you didn't have anyone to spend it on? He vowed to set up something for the family that barely knew him, but was opening their home to him, despite what his family had said and done to them in the past.

"What is this?" he asked as he ran a hand over the box, trying to bring himself back to the present.

"Open it," Harry nudged him with his shoulder. He was pretty sure he knew why the box was familiar; it had been presented to him a few days after he'd woken from his battle with Voldemort.

Draco slowly pulled the ribbon, and chuckled at Harry who was practically vibrating beside him.

Everyone watched as Draco pulled off the top of the box, and spread the silver tissue paper with little green dragons out to see what they were hiding almost reverently. Most of his gifts had usually come in the bag from the store they'd been bought at. They let him take his time, but Harry looked like he was about to explode.

"I don't understand," he said after a moment, looking up at Severus; ignoring Harry.

"I've been trying for years," he began as he moved to sit on the table that was in front of the couch that Draco and Harry were on.

"Hush, cub," Remus whispered as he pulled Harry away from Draco, so Severus could sit next to him, but he stayed on the couch.

Draco ran a hand over the gold lettering on the yellowed parchment.


"Sev?" The nickname was loaded with a million questions. Why now? What does it mean? What's going to happen?

"Come here child," Severus opened his arms to Draco, who practically launched himself at the potions master.

"I've been trying to get custody of you for years, but Lucius wouldn't have it, and then the ministry didn't want a former Death Eater to house the child of Voldemort's right hand man, but you are now legally, my son," Severus whispered into Draco's hair. Neither noticed Harry as he tried to say something, but Remus kept him still. This moment was for Draco and Severus. Harry and Remus would have their moments with them soon.

"You've always been my father," Draco stated, before burying himself in Severus robes, gripping the fabric in tight fists. Severus held on just as tightly.

Sniffling brought the pair back to the sitting room, Molly and Arthur had moved to the kitchen to give the small family space. Harry however was blowing his nose on a handkerchief.

"Hormones," he scowled as he flicked the soiled clothe away. Draco snickered as Remus ruffled Harry's hair.

"Who's hungry?" Molly asked, cutting off what might have been a snarking match no one needed.

Through dinner, which Molly had somehow prepared without the others noticing, Harry and Draco talked about things they wanted to do. Wand making for Draco, he wanted to see what could be done with runes and wands. He'd had long conversations with Ollivander and he wanted to try it.

Harry wanted to set up a program for muggle born students to start a year early to learn the basics, or a school for younger students and he wanted to go into transfiguration. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do, but the subject fascinated him.

After dinner Molly and Arthur went to visit their daughter, to meet her girlfriend, and Severus and Remus escorted the pair to their common rooms.

Draco insisted on walking Harry to Gryffindor first. To everyone's surprise, they found an agitated Salazar Slytherin pacing in front of the Pink Lady, who was with Violet and the pair were scowling at him.

"I created this school, I should have access to all the rooms," he ranted when he saw them. Then he blushed and cleared his throat, "my apologies. I don't think I properly thanked you for saving my life, Professor Snape."

"You saved your own life," Severus retorted, trying to shield Harry from the founder.

"I know I've screwed up Harry, but please, I'd like to talk to you."

Harry studied the man for a minute, before giving a sigh and nodding. "But make it quick, I have to finish an essay before I have a long leisurely wank before bed." He left the others snickering as he led the stunned Salazar down the hall to a quiet stairwell.