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Harry sighed blissfully as he sank into the steaming, almost too hot soapy water. He shifted about until he found a comfortable spot and sank till his chin touched the water. He waved his hand, splashing water out of tub accidentally, making more fragrant bubbles appear.

He growled as a knock pulled him from his bubble sculpting.

"Please Mr. Potter? I'd like another chance to talk to you," Salazar pleaded from the other side of the door.

Harry growled in frustration as he absently rubbed his barely there bump it pulsed in sadness.

"I'm sorry sweetling, I'm trying I really am," he soothed, his own magic gave an add send of excited trill, causing Harry to scowl.

The next knock was followed by a concerned, "Harry are you all right?"

"You had your chance to talk and, instead, you stood and fidgeted your sleeves to nothing, stammering senselessly for over twenty minutes."

"I've never been one with words at least next out loud, or when they involve feelings. If I don't say anything meaningful in the next two minutes, you can toss me out and I won't ever darken your doorway again."

Harry was tempted to toss the man on his ear anyway, but the way his magic sang and the small bundle of magic in his abdomen buzzed with happy energy kept him from doing it. He gave another sigh and checked to make sure any important bits, like his inappropriately hard cock were sufficiently covered, and unlocked the door with a wave of his hand.

Closing his eyes and resting his head against the back of the tub his listened to Salazar as he shuffled and the bathroom trying to find a place to sit. Harry cracked one eye open and snickered at seeing the great Salazar Slytherin perched on the edge of the toilet seat.

Closing his eye, he listened to Salazar fidget. The other man tried several times to say something but nothing would come out.

"Either start talking or walk away," Harry snapped without opening his eyes. He knew he was being rude but he had been nothing but kind to the other wizard and Sal had been worse than Snape on his worse days.

"I'm sorry. No one's really ever cared about me before. I was the middle forgotten child, my two older brothers were perfect and could do no wrong even when they did and my sister was a princess; spoiled and pampered because she had been the miracle child, surviving against all odds. I was in the middle, nothing I did was right, or perfect, or adorable. No one ever cared about my wellbeing, or my abilities. I'm pretty sure my parents forgot about me from time to time, or all together, until they got the invite to the opening of my school, our school. This school," he stopped and gave a sigh as he rubbed his eyes and massaged the bridge of his nose.

"Even then they didn't appreciate the colours or the mascot even though it was based on the family crest. My father was a curse breaker and unlike the rest of my brothers I actually wanted to be one too, but my father wouldn't have it, he wanted me to marry a man I had never met and breed a hoard of children because my sister wanted to be a curse breaker. What I wanted didn't matter. Then I started looking for a suitor, something my father whole heartedly disapproved of, because he'd already picked out my husband. Even if at the time, I was only interested in a wife. The suitors that arrived were only in it because they thought they could get to my brothers or sister. None of them wanted me. They wanted someone else. Someone I couldn't be. And when I wasn't like Sebastian, or Severen, or Serena they left. So forgive me, my attitude earlier was less then you deserve. I am only used to pushing people away because want something I cannot give them. I was afraid that once you figured that out, you would leave."

Harry could only stare at Salazar in shock. That was not what he'd been expecting when he'd offered to listen. He wasn't sure what he'd been expecting, but it hadn't been that.

Salazar took Harry's silence for another expected rejection and stood, hiding his shaking hands in his robes. "Thank you for your time Mr. Potter. It was a pleasure to have known you."

Salazar was at the door when Harry called him back. "Um Sal, can we maybe meet for breakfast at around eight tomorrow?"

Without turning, so Harry wouldn't see the silly grin he had Salazar replied with, "Don't you have class?"

"Not first think. It's potions and since I'm not allowed anywhere near them," he trailed off but both of them heard the unspoken "until I'm stable" and it tore at Sal's heart.

"I look forward to it Mr. Potter." He offered with a small smile for Harry.


Salazar nodded, "good night Harry." He finally left Harry alone with his bubbles.


When Harry emerged from the bathroom almost an hour later wrapped in a ridiculously fluffy bathrobe that had been a gift from Severus, one of the man's guilty pleasures, he was grinning madly.

Remus and Draco looked up from their chess match and Severus emerged from the kitchen still stirring a bowl of cookie dough. Harry had been delighted when he'd discovered that Severus had been the mind behind his favourite cookies; the ones with Reese cups and lots of food colouring, and sprinkles for that extra kick of sugar.

"Tell us what happened," Draco half demanded half asked. The pair had decided to stay with Remus and Severus, when Harry had walked away from Salazar the first time, obviously disappointed when the other man hadn't said a word.

"You mean, you don't know?" Harry teased as he flopped onto the couch.

"I may be asking for the mundanes who seem to have been struck dumb," he retorted, studying the chess board intently. Even Harry, who was probably the worst chess player in Europe, could tell the blond was two moves away from losing.

Harry snorted, "we agreed to breakfast in the morning since I have a free period then."

"Just because you have a free period, doesn't mean you don't have work to do," Snape called from the kitchen where he'd retreated once he'd realized Harry wasn't going to murder anyone.

"I already asked Ric to help me. He's gonna tutor me. He knows some pregnancy safe potions I can do, none of them are on an exam, but I'll still be able to brew."

Over the course of the last year Harry had found an odd comfort in brewing potions. He had been upset with Ron and Hermione and had needed some solitude. He found it in the room of requirement in the form of a potions lab. So he started with first year potions and worked until he perfected them. Without Snape looming over him, and the Slytherins throwing things into his cauldron he'd proven to be a decent brewer. At the beginning of the school year when he'd discovered he hadn't made it into Snape's class, he'd gone to the man who had since become Severus and asked to prove himself. When he'd brewed three Newt level potions almost flawlessly Severus had allowed him into the class, but only after Harry had told him what he'd done to not make the second potion flawless.

"Harry," Severus began half apologizing, half chastising and earning a reproving glare from Remus.

"It's okay, Sev. This way you don't have to change your lesson plan, and I can still brew; hopefully keeping up with the class. Besides Ric assured me he wouldn't coddle me."

"I don't coddle," Severus retorted as he slammed the oven shut. When he emerged from the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel, he found Harry, Remus and Draco all watching him with identical looks of knowing amusement.

"Don't you have homework to do or something that doesn't involve being here?" he snarled.

Draco snorted while Harry and Remus laughed outright.

With a defeated sigh, Draco knocked down his King, and his Queen, much to the remaining pieces dismay. Ignoring them, he stood to stretch the kinks in his back.

"I've had my ass kicked enough times today, I'm going to help the first and second years prank the third and fourth years. Good night Da, Uncle Remy, Little Brother."

"I'm not little," Harry protested with a pout that would put a toddler to shame.

"Yes, actually you are," Draco stated, pulling him into a headlock. "You're littler than me, and younger than me, so there."

Harry scowled as he wrestled his way out of Draco's arms, "Careful, you really shouldn't manhandle pregnant people that way; it's not good for anyone."

"You just don't like being manhandled by someone this good looking," Draco stated, striking a ridiculous pose, one hand on his hip the other reaching above his head.

"Whatever loser, don't you have first and second years to terrorize?" Harry retorted as he scooped up a handful of floo powder to toss into the flames.

"See if I share anything with you ever again," Draco all but flounced from the room, causing Harry to snicker as he called out "Lion's Den" before stepping into the flames.

"Bye Da, other Da," Harry called back with a casual wave before disappearing. Neither boy had noticed the gobsmacked look on the potion's professor's face.

"Sev?" Remus asked softly, eyeing his lover with concern.

"He called me da."

Remus chuckled softly, "they both did, and me. If you aren't careful, the firsties will be calling you Da as well."

"If those blundering buffoons think that even for a minute that I won't turn them into potion ingredients," he began to snarl, only to be cut off with a gentle kiss from Remus.

"You're really just a giant teddy bear," Remus teased, before tugging on Severus' hand as he headed to the bedroom.

"Yeah and you're just a big fluffy puppy, with bad teeth," he retorted, as he managed to free himself from Remus and go check on the cookies.

"Oi! I do not have bad teeth, my father paid good money for these pearly whites, thank you very much," Remus retorted, leaving a trail of discarded clothing as he headed to the bathroom to run a bath. "And bring me some cookies."

"They aren't done yet," Severus replied around a mouthful of cookie.

"That's the second batch."

"They're for Harry."

"Like he's going to know."

"And Draco."

"Who's allergic to peanut butter? If you don't bring me some cookies you won't get any bath sex."

Severus rolled his eyes, if he wasn't getting any sex, than neither was Remus.

"Or shower sex, or dinner sex, or dessert sex where there's always a second coming, or after dinner sex, or bed time sex, or morning sex, or any sex really."

"Unless you have a catamite hidden in the closet, then you won't be getting any either," Severus replied, stripping off his teaching robes and leaving them in a pile in the living room before heading to the bathroom with a plate of cookies.

"Sev," Remus whined, finally shutting off the water. He suddenly spun around to find a naked Severus leaning against the door wearing only a smirk as he bit into a cookie. His smirk turned morphed into a scowl when Remus snatched the cookie plate, gave him a chaste but loving kiss and all but dove into the steaming, bubble-filled water before Severus could even blink.

Severus growled as Remus blinked up innocently at him, stuffing a cooking into his mouth. "Are you coming in or are just going to be a tease by standing there naked?"

"I get top tonight," he stated climbing into the tub behind the werewolf.

"You always top," Remus pointed out, settling against Severus' chest.

"There was that one timeā€¦"

"If you say 'at band camp' we aren't watching any more movies, ever."

"I was going to say 'on your birthday' but someone cut me off."

"Have a deliciously, wonderful cookie. I love you," Remus grinned sheepishly, stuffing a cookie into Severus' mouth. Severus managed a chuckle but let Remus change the subject. The birthday in question had ended in a trip to the emergency spell damage ward at St. Mungo's and a month long ban on sex of any kind.

Once the empty plate was safely tucked away from the bath, not to keep I dry, but to keep I from breaking, the pair had their bath sex, and shower sex, and against the counter sex, and can't make it to the bed sex, finally collapsing onto the bed for one more round before curling up together falling asleep.


Harry was crouched over the tiny form of his three year old, sheltering the child from the mysterious black smoke that had appeared out of nowhere. It slowly pulled back and Harry began casting every shielding spell he knew. The black smoke pulled back, still thick and heavy but not as oppressive.

Without a second thought Harry scooped up his little boy and shouted, "Expecto patronum!"

Instead of the expected stag, a large silver snake appeared. A basilisk.

It coiled around Harry and his child, pushing the smoke back but snapping at the tendrils that tried to get closer.

Harry continued to cast spells from inside the coils.

"You will not take my baby!" he shouted as purple light flashed from his wand and exploded against the smoke causing it to recoil away from where the spell hit.

The smoke managed to cut through the basilisk's tail, but instead of vanishing the snake hissed and upped its attack, loosening its coil around Harry. The tail that had been cut off morphed into a chimera and launched itself at the smoke. It was still all around Harry and his child, but it wasn't closing in. it wasn't moving back either but it wasn't growing either.

Salazar watched helplessly from his spot in the forest. A solid, but invisible wall kept him from helping Harry and his child. He could hear and see everything, but apparently Harry couldn't hear or even see him, but it didn't stop him from pounding on the glass and yelling for Harry. He stepped back and fired several spells at the wall, but the wall seemed to absorb them.

He stopped when he finally realised that his spells had no effect, only to watch as one of the tendrils somehow made it passed the basilisk, the chimera, and Harry and snatched up his child.

"No!" both Harry and Salazar yelled, flinging the most powerful spells at the smoke. The two creatures launched themselves at it.

In two separate parts of the castle, the two men woke covered in a cold sweat and panting.