Beckett's Goodbye.

Part 2

Warning: Sexual themes and nudity.

Close the door
Throw the key
Don't wanna be reminded
Don't wanna be seen
Don't wanna be without you
My judgment's clouded
Like tonight's sky

Hands are silent
Voice is numb
Try to scream out my lungs
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face

They had fed her… that much was true, though the young William Hathaway brought her a tray of cold bread and green tea on a tray that he distinctively pushed towards her cell with a stick. Victoria had never wanted to punch a man in the nose before that very moment. She wasn't a murderer, let alone one that would kill in a Church. She could barely pick a lock, what on earth would she do if he kindly gave her the tray in her hands. Weeks ago she would have never pictured her life turning out this way, her family was very wealthy and many people knew her name in this small town of Greywood California. Why on earth would any suspect her of murder? Sure they had found evidence in her room but obviously the real murderer had stashed it away in her room to frame her of murder. Why? Victoria couldn't wrap her mind around. She was very friendly person, or so she thought, she couldn't think of anyone that would want to bring her harm let alone frame murder upon. The worst part was being accused of vampirism.

Has this town gone completely mad? Vampires are monsters told in stories; folklore told around for a good fright, nothing more nothing less.

Victoria held her head back and looked up at the ceiling she felt exhausted, tired of all the crying. She wanted to be home, to eat real food and she wanted to see Caterina and have a read through of their favorite stories, but most of all Victoria wanted to see Jadelyn and Beckett. She wanted to hug them and tell them that they were both the best thing in her life. She wanted to kiss their cheeks and touch their skin… and...

Victoria sat up as she heard footsteps approaching, scrambling to her feet she walked over to the bars of her cell. Sheriff Davis came into her view, he looked worn-out, tired and troubled. Victoria looked on at him and waited for him to speak.

"I've taken the liberty of searching your home and talking to the council . We have spoken to many about your unfortunate relationship with your nanny."

"Unfortunate? Whatever do you mean?" Victoria asked.

"Is it true that you and your nanny did not get along?"

"Well yes at times but-"

"And is it also true that you've run away from her, into the woods?"

"Yes but-"

"At times you would encourage your parents to get rid of her, because she, in your own words, wretched?"

"Yes!" Victoria snapped. "That doesn't explain anything."

"What about Cecilia Evermore?" Davis asked.

"What about her?" Victoria said.

"How was your relationship like with her?"

"We didn't have one. I knew her because I frequently went to the tea bank. Cecilia would serve me."

"And serve you she did, tell me did you boss her around? Get easily angry if she had taken you the wrong drink?

Victoria glared at him, "No." she spat, "What are you trying to get at here?"

Davis shook his head and looked down on the ground, taking in a breath he looked back at Victoria, staring at her square in the eye he said, "The council has found you guilty of murder," Victoria gasped, "You are to be hanged a week from today," Victoria collapsed to floor, "I haven't killed anybody. I'm innocent I swear!" she cried. The news hit her hard and she felt like her entire body was going to explode. Hanged…. She was going to be hanged. Shaking she laid down on the ground and wept some more, sooner than later her eyes hung open and dry, her tears had finally ran out.

Six Days Later

Beckett sat on his front porch; his feet lay out in front of him and a sketch book is in his lap. He is too induced in his sketching that he doesn't hear his sister's footsteps behind him. Looking over his shoulder she peaks at the drawling, unsurprisingly it was Victoria. Rolling her eyes she places one hand on her hips and leans against the railing.

"You know, for missing her you sure have one hell of a lousy way of showing it." Jadelyn says. Her comment passes through the air and Beckett ignores it as he continues to sketch.

"She's going to die Beck, tomorrow is the day that this town is going to see her hang and you have yet to see her." Jadelyn spats, disgusting with him. For the last past days he brooded around the house; sketching, feeding from her maids and reading, she had never wanted to stake her brother more. "You claim to love her and yet you show her no compassion. You disgust me." She says before turning away. In a flash Beckett has her pinned against the house wall with his pencil at her neck.

"You know nothing." He snaps.

"I know that you have yet to say goodbye and that time is running out." Jadelyn says through clenched teeth.

Releasing her slowly by her neck Beckett steps away from her, his eyes plummet to the floor as if he was thinking long and hard. Quickly he takes a step forward and leans down, he picks up his sketch book before walking away from Jadelyn into the house.


She wasn't sleeping and he couldn't reach her, lying down on his bed he breathed in as he tried to find a connection, he had to force her into a dreamlike state to see her. Closing his eyes Beckett pictured her in his head and then he began whispering her name over and over…



Victoria brought up her knees and rested her face against her lap. In the distance she heard her name being called, looking up once more through the darkness her vision began to blur and tiredness swept over her like a fever. Slowly she leaned her head back down on her knees and slept.


She was standing under the willow tree; the grass was tickling her feet and the sunlight spread around glorious, sheltering over the woods. The smell of roses filled her nostrils and she knew immediately where she was, under the rose set willow tree, his tree, their tree.

"Victoria." He whispered her name. A smile spread across her lips like a wildfire, happiness consumed her heart as she turned around. There he stood, tall, healthy and beautiful, only a few feet away. Her eyes glowed as they looked over him, "Beckett?" she whispered. Running towards him, she tossed her arms around his neck and jumped into his pleasant embrace. He hugged her body close to himself, tightening his grip around her waist. He kissed her neck as he breathed her in.

"Oh my god, you're here. You're finally here." She said.

And as their hug settled down, she brought both her hands to cup his face and kissed him endlessly. His lips were soft and comforting, she felt like she was home.

He cupped her face as well, deepening the kiss.

And as their lips parted their eyes slowly opened to gaze at one another.

"Are you hurt?" he asked. She shook her head as she remembered Jadelyn's words as well.

"No." she said.

"Are you scared?" he asked.

"How can I be? I'm with you." she said, her voice breaking.

He crushed her to himself and kissed her head.

"I'm so sorry this is happening to you." He said as he held her.

"I've come to terms with my fate, the only regret I'll have in death is not being with you." She sighed, on the brink of fresh tears; she held back and closed her eyes. She didn't want to cry around him, knowing that when she awoke he wouldn't be near. All she had was this dream. Happy in her last thoughts of him is what she needed. Before she died she wanted to do one thing…

Breaking out of his embrace Victoria held onto this face.

"Beckett, though we've only known each other for just a while… do you love me?" she asked.

His deep brown eyes bore into hers, "More than you will ever know." He whispered.

She nodded her head, "I love you too." And with that she kissed his lips. Pulling him down on the ground with her, they laid against the fresh plants kissing. Victoria reached for his hand and guided them up to her breasts. Breaking the kiss Beckett looked at her in surprise.

"I want you to touch me," she murmured, her eyes fluttering. He took a beat before his hands began to unbutton the front of her dress all the way down to her naval. He opened the satin material and pushed it aside, her chest flushing out. Victoria blushed red as he took one of her breasts into his palm. She sighed as she closed her eyes; his hands were warm yet rough.

Victoria turned in her sleep.

She stuck her tongue in his mouth as they both began to move together, bodies grinding, heat radiating off their skin as he continued to play with her breasts, his fingers plucking at her soft brown nipple. "Oh." She moaned into his mouth. Breaking their erotic makeout Victoria moved her hands down to his tucked in shirt and pulled, lifting his arms he helped her dispose of his shirt. Beckett laid back down, just hovering right above her. He brushed his hands over her cheek as he kissed her nose.

"So beautiful." He hummed.

She smiled as she kissed him once more, moving her leg up so that her dress dropped down to her thigh. Moving his hands down her body Beckett pulled Victoria's dress further up. She moved her hips so that he could easily dispose of her undergarments. Pulling at his own pants he freed himself.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes." She said. And in that moment he centered himself at her lush entrance, playfully he tugged at her pubic hair. She laughed, slapping his shoulder and in the next moment he stuck himself in her, ridding her of her virginity.

Victoria cried out.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his face right above hers.


"Do you want to stop?"

"No." she rushed to say, looking up at him she smiled. "Please, keep going." She said.

Beckett stirred on his bed.

"I'll go slow." He whispered. And slow he went; he moved in and out, getting a good feel of her, and as she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment she couldn't, it was painful, but she loved him and smiled through it all. And as tears escaped her he kissed away each one that fell.

"I love you." He said. And as they continued to move, the pain subsided, pleasure overwhelmed her quickly and soon enough she came undone, him falling behind.

"I love you too." Victoria whispered.

After they had made love Victoria laid in his arms, he cradled her like a child and kissed her till her lips were swollen. "My Victoria, my sweet Victoria." He said to her.

"Even in death, I will always love you." She said to him.

"Don't think that way. One day we will be together again." He said to her.

"Promise me." She said to him.

"I promise." He said, leaning down and kissing her lips.

She awoke; breathing out heavily Victoria looked down at her dress. She bit her lip to keep from screaming, her chest was exposed, buttoning up she pulled her hair back. Closing her eyes she moved her hands underneath her dress and touched herself. Surprise overwhelmed her as she saw blood lace around the tips.

"Oh my god." She whispered.

Day Seven

Davis and William had come down and gotten her, by then the blood was dried between her legs. She felt dirty and in need of a shower and proper food. She bitterly thought that stale bread was the last food she was ever going to eat and she was going to die a dirty girl. Life was very cruel to her. With shaky legs she stood up and turned around, they bounded her hands behind her back and blindfolded her. Victoria's heart shook like thunder in her chest. She was walking blind to her death.


The entire town had gathered, all except Victoria's mother Elizabeth. Beckett and Jadelyn stood among the crowd and for once in a long time they both held each other's hand for comfort.

"Jadelyn, Jadelyn," she heard her name being called; looking back though the crowd Jadelyn's eyes landed Caterina. The redheaded girl scrambled through the people to get to her friend. When she had reached her she took Jadelyn's hand.

"My parents forbidden me to leave the house since the murders, I had no idea. Poor Victoria, have you seen her yet?" Caterina said through tears.

"No. Not yet." Jadelyn said bringing the crying girl in her arms.

"I don't believe she did it Jadelyn, not Victoria, I've known her all my life she wouldn't hurt a fly."

"I don't believe so either." Jadelyn said.

Beckett turned to the girls as the Sheriff and his men rode up to the hanging stable, the crowd itched closer, many screaming hang her, others in mourning. Victoria's father among the crowd stayed silent, his face emotionless.

Beckett instantly took Jadelyn's hand in his own. Jadelyn looked over at him in wonder and blinding sadness.

As the men brought Victoria down from the horse, they all gathered around her and walked her up to the post. They placed her over the hidden floor, tying a rope firmly over her neck.

Both siblings grip on their hands tightened.

Davis looked out to the crowd and raised his hands, everyone was silenced.

"Today we take our town back, no more murders, no more lies, and no more deaths."

The crowd cheered.

Davis looked over the crowd in complete indifference as if he didn't believe his own words.

Stepping back he signaled for one of the men to drop the floor underneath Victoria's feet.

Beckett closed his eyes and brought his hands over his face in pain. Jadelyn held onto Caterina for dear life.


Her heart was pounding and all she could hear were angry yells and sorrow filled cries. She couldn't see anything but the white cotton over her eyes. She desperately wanted to see her family, her friends, or Jadelyn and Beckett. Her heart cried out to see their faces one last time. Closing her eyes she breathed in deeply, willing her heart to calm. Everyone she loved, their faces all scattered across her mind. She smiled a sad smile before she fell through the floor, her lungs screaming out. She felt a crack on her neck and then everything went black.

Present Day

Tori's eyes flashed opened, her vision began to clear as the road came into view. Looking back at the seat beside her she saw Trina jamming to the latest Taylor Swift song while holding a good grip on the steering wheel. Yawning Victoria sat up in her seat, folding her arms, "How long was I out?" Trina looked over at her before looking back at the road, "A good fifteen minutes." she said.

Looking back out the window she saw a sign that read 'Welcome to Greywood.' Closing her eyes once more Victoria sat back, she was finally coming back home... and she could care less.