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Chapter 16

"I'm sorry, you two want me to do what?"

I glared at Kev across the table and he grinned back at me, like a kid just awarded first prize in the spelling bee, his chest puffed up and wearing a cat that got the canary smile. "Keep your voice down, you don't have to tell the whole team," I hissed and turned my attention back to the half eaten pancakes in front of me. I'd been mulling this over for a week now. To ask, or not to ask, that had been the question. Now that the question had been asked I was wishing I could un-ask it.

"But you asked me, and that is so worth rubbing in their faces, especially Kess's because he will be pissed that you didn't ask him."

I glanced over towards the table where Kess and that new big, slow kid traded to us from Buffalo were talking in low earnest tones. Yes, there was no doubt in my mind that Kess would be hurt over not being my first choice but it couldn't work otherwise. It already had the potential to become awkward as hell with the very likely possibility of blowing up in my face; and not in a kinky sexy way either. Kev liked winning, sure, but that wasn't his be all and end all. With Kess this would have turned into a pissing contest for sure.

"Which is exactly why I'm begging you to keep your voice down," I growled again and reached for my hot chocolate. I'd already taken all the whip cream and sprinkles off of it but I still enjoyed the thick, rich taste of it as it scalded the back of my throat. "And I didn't choose you," I added quietly, "Chris did."

"Okay wait. So, let me get this straight," Kev leaned over the table like he was going to steal another rasher of bacon from my plate, "Higgs wants me to go around the world, give you the works, right in front of him and he's going to sit on his hands and just...watch?"

I nodded. That was something Chris and I had established. Our actual first time was not going to be shared with anyone else. This was basically an experiment for him, to test his limits with my occupation. At least that was the plan.

"Kinky fucker, who knew?" Kev whistled low and sat back, stroking his chin. I went back to staring at my plate because watching Kev enjoy the idea of performing was making me uncomfortable in all the right places. "So is this something you want to do?"

I blew out a breath I had not realized I was holding. I was grateful he had asked and that he cared enough to ask. The only problem was I still didn't know the answer to the question. "The idea has its...merits," I admitted, chasing a piece of pancake around my plate.

"That doesn't sound like a confirmation," suddenly Kev stabbed the piece I'd been messing with and chewed on it thoughtfully as I looked over at him.

"I don't know," I shrugged and went back to staring at my plate, "but I don't think I'll know until, y'know, the time comes. I mean, I'm not worried about...,I just..., it's one thing for me to enjoy it without him around but with Chris actually there..." I slowly raised my gaze to meet Kev's shrewd one and a slow, playful kind of smile spread across his face.

"So are you worried that he will be turned on or that he won't be?" he asked slowly, pitching his voice low for only us to hear. I shrugged. That was the million dollar question, wasn't it? Kevin shrugged, reaching for his coffee. "Well I'm in as long as you're okay with it and we come up with some kind of sign, signal, whatever, between the three of us if someone wants to call it off."

I smiled gratefully at him. This was yet another reason I knew Chris had chosen Kev. As much as he enjoyed being balls deep in his proclaimed "second favorite place on earth" Kev could and would hit the brakes without hesitation. Kess would too, but he'd probably pout like a bitch about it until the day he died.

"Thanks Juice," I said quietly, reaching for his hand.

"Eh, thank me later after I've rocked your world baby," he smirked, to which I rolled my eyes.

"We'll see about that," I teased him back, watching his grin grow wider.

"Oh, I think we both know I have mad skills," he smirked and then rolled out his tongue like it was a red carpet and began to make it undulate it like a snake. Jesus, it had been a while since I had taken a ride on that pleasure train. I had to bite the inside of my cheek or whimper out loud.

"So, we all good?" I squeaked and nearly leaped out of my seat. Only Chris's firm hand on my shoulder stopped me from overturning the table and sending everything on it into the air. He eased into the booth beside me and slid his arm around my shoulders; protectively, but with a heavy possessive undertone. I didn't mind.

"Unless Pen changes her mind," Kev answered with a meaningful look over at me. I sent him back a grateful half grin.

"Good," Chris's voice was low, husky and it made my insides liquefy. I met his gaze and the hungry appreciation in his eyes made my breath catch in my throat.

"So when do we want to do this?" Kev asked as if he were planning nothing more than the regular in-flight poker game.

"Soon," Chris said softly, his free hand reaching for mine. "As soon as we get back home?" he was asking me and I almost wished he wouldn't. I wished that the two of them would just spring it on me, surprise me, so that I could stop over-thinking this.

"Sure," I nodded, automaton like. I didn't want to make this part of the decision. I would go along with whatever they decided.

"Orrr maybe m'lady would prefer not to wait two weeks," Kev interjected, pulling out his iPhone and scrolling through our schedule. We'd just been home for three games and now we were on the road for six more. "We have a really nice hotel booked in Jersey," he continued, raising his eyes to meet mine, "maybe we could upgrade you to the honeymoon suite? I hear it has one of those cheesy heart shaped hot tubs and a mirror over the bed."

"A mirror you say?" Chris smirked while I face-palmed and tried to slide quietly under the table.

I did my best to keep a straight face as the new kid, Zack, tore his napkin to bits. This was our second 'date' and I was beginning to think this one was going no further than our first one had. I wanted to reach out across the table and put my hand over his, but something in the back of my mind told me if I did he'd only withdraw further, so I sat back and sipped at my tall, cool Long Island Ice-T and watched the poor boy squirm.

"That...uhh...all you gonna eat?" the gap-toothed winger glanced at my plate. I'd eaten some. I wasn't really that hungry, or not for burgers and beer, which seemed to be all that this particular bar served. The burgers had looked juicy and mouth watering as they were passing by on other people's plates but the taste didn't really live up to the vision. Plus, my fries had gone cold. I can't eat cold fries.

"I was thinking we could get some desert," I told him, smiling in what I hoped was an encouraging and not a predatory kind of way. It seemed like every double entendre I'd used around Zack had only made him blush and sputter so I'd put those away. "Maybe to go?" I suggested delicately. It wasn't so much that I had the overwhelming urge to fuck the kid, but I did want to welcome him to the team, make him feel like one of the guys and so far, sharing a burger and a brew was as close as I'd got to achieving that goal.

"Um...yeah...I guess." I watched him open the desert menu to study like his life depended on it. It occurred to me rather belatedly that the kid was more than nervous, he was downright scared.

Oh lordy, I was gonna owe Ryan a hundred bucks.

"I think we can have them deliver it to the room." The minute I suggested it I knew that I shouldn't have. Beads of sweat broke out over his forehead and he nearly mangled the menu in his big bear like hands. It was kind of adorable in a hot mess, puppy tripping over his ears dragging on the floor sort of way.

I ducked my head and did my best not to let him see my smile when he reached for my hand and nearly dragged me over the table, dropping a pair of twenties onto the table as he did so. I didn't bother to ask where we were going. At this rate it was a coin toss; we were either heading to an arcade to play video games or he was going to have me in the elevator, which made me smile. It wouldn't have been the first time on the road, not even at this hotel.

Though his hand threatened to crush the bones in mine into fine powder, Zack actually didn't attempt to jump me in the elevator. And by the time we arrived on the floor my room was on, he managed to gather enough control to walk towards it at a pace that didn't leave me galloping behind him like a wiener dog on a leash. But the very moment the door of the suite swung open, he froze and just stood there staring at the dark within.

Hmmmm. Either he was even more of a rookie than any of us assumed or someone told him my pussy had teeth.

Gently I tugged him inside and pretended not to notice him flinch at the sound of the door closing behind us. "Hey, we won't do anything you don't want to do," I promised, running my hand up his arm. He swallowed audibly and looked down at me with big, panic filled eyes. Oh. My .God. I felt like a sexual predator. "Ummmm, we can just talk!" I offered quickly, stepping away and tucking my hands behind my back.

Zack blinked once and then let out a breath I'd bet he'd been holding since I'd suggested desert. I turned to drop my stuff on the bed so that my grin would be hidden in the dark. The poor kid, he was mortified.

"You must think I'm a total 'tard," he began, running his fingers through his unruly curls. Had they been shorter, it would have been harder to do it, but then all of the guys had started getting a little scruffier. I liked it.

"I don't," I assured him, taking a seat on the edge of the bed while he paced the room like an agitated baby rhino. "I don't judge any of the guys. That's not my job."

He glanced at me, and then away, as if he didn't believe me. I didn't try and argue. There was no way he was going to understand unless he let me show him. Until then all I could do was wait for him to come to me, like you would with a stray from the pound. Eventually they all get hungry enough to come and take a little morsel out of your hand. In that regard, Zack looked closer to puking than starving.

There was, however, one thing he needed to comprehend. "You can trust me Zack. I know you've seen me horsing around with some of the guys but this," I waved my hand around to take in the room, "is like confession. Whatever you say or do here...that's between us. I don't talk about anything that happens here to anyone else."

His eyes narrowed. "Not even Chris?"

I chuckled at that. "Especially not Chris."

He blinked at me and I watched his massive shoulders sag with relief. Encouragingly I patted the spot beside me on the bed and, after a few more minutes of careful consideration, he sank onto it.

"If the guys...if they ever found out I would never...ever hear the end of it."

Well shit. I cursed Ryan silently for being right but kept my mouth firmly shut. As long as he didn't say it out loud I had plausible deniability. Really, as much as I wanted to be there for all of my boys, I was the very last person to be doling out advice to virgins. But then he looked at me with those big, pleading puppy dog eyes and I caved like a bad soufflé.

"They're your team, Zack. They've got your back no matter what," I said. He rolled his eyes and I tentatively reached out to touch his knee, pleased when he didn't flinch. "I'm serious. I know sometimes they can be immature jerks but they're the best of the best when it counts. Honestly I won't say a word if you don't want me to," I offered.

"And you promise you won't...laugh?" he asked, his gaze riveted to his feet.

I was tempted to say no. Truthfully I'd been hanging out with Ryan and Kev so much that the juvenile humour which used to make me roll my eyes now made me roll around on the floor, holding my ribs from laughing so hard.

"Scout's honor," I promised despite the imminent fear of breaking into a fit of giggles. A wiser man would have known that I wasn't exactly Scout material despite Kev thinking how cute I'd be in that uniform.

"Okay," he took a deep breath and squared his shoulders like he was getting ready to rumble out on the ice and the small hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Oh God. What if I had read this all entirely wrong? What if... oh shit. What if he had an even bigger secret? I mean, I totally supported You Can Play and I'd shown my support at Pride over the years but surely there was someone closer to him that would be better for – "I'm kind of...no, I'm definitely saving it... I mean, my girlfriend and me we're saving it for..., y'know...later or...ummm...whatever." Having managed, just about, to spit out his big secret, Zack now turned to me with a look of fear that immediately made me want to wrap my arms around him and pull him close.

"Seriously?" I smiled wide. "Zack, I think that's sweet."

"You do?" he asked dubiously.

"I do," I told him earnestly. It kind of made my heart hurt, just a little bit that I wasn't that special, that I'd never considered myself that special. "I didn't think anyone did that anymore, but I think it's very sweet," I repeated, leaning up to plant a chaste kiss on the tip of his nose, "and your secret is totally safe with me."

"It is?" he grinned up at me like I'd given him a cookie. It was kind of adorable.

"I promise," I reiterated, waiting for him to recognize the sincerity in my gaze breaking the moment by purposefully mussing his curls as I got up and headed for the mini bar. I vaguely remembered there being a candy bar in there somewhere. It wouldn't replace the lava cake I'd had my eye on in the menu but chocolate was chocolate.

"Oh...okay, that's kind of a relief." I peeled the wrapper back from the Snicker's bar and turned to face him, raising an eyebrow at his apparent reticence. "Uh...don't get me wrong, it's cool that you won't tell but uh...the guys are still gonna ask...y'know...about tonight." He barely had the words out before every inch of exposed skin turned bright, beet red. I bit down on my bottom lip and tried not to smile.

Shrugging, I stepped out of the heels I'd been wearing and kicked them toward my suitcase. "So lie." The look on his face was so comically innocent that I found myself doing a double take. Facing the guys in the locker room was going to be the least of his worries; God help him if they ever suckered him into a poker game.

"I...," he hesitated and then made a face. "They're gonna guess, aren't they? Since..., y'know?" His vague hand wave could have been indicating the carefully turned down covers on the bed or he could have been referencing the curtains, which were still hanging in perfect order since he hadn't fucked me into clawing them off the windows.

Right. Okay then. "Wellll, I'm sure there's something we can do about that," I suggested, taking a bite from the candy bar and chewing it thoughtfully. "You've got a rep, right? You're a fighter but have soft hands?" I asked, thinking about the way we'd heard Zack described not only by management but the sports media as well. He nodded and then shrugged. The kid was going to need to work on his confidence. There was no point in being as big as he was unless he had the balls to walk tall. "So, okay, get up on the bed."

He blinked at me and didn't move. "Uh... I thought you... um. I can't have sex with you."

"Zack!" I gasped in mock outrage and snagged a hoodie and yoga pants off the chair by the desk. "You rogue! What kind of girl do you take me for?" Flashing him a wink I jerked my head toward the head of the bed before tugging the yoga pants up under my dress, pulling the hoodie down over it and the dress out of my sleeve. Had it been any of the other guys from the team I would have just stripped down to my undies in front of him but not Zack. The kid would have been in traction for a week. "Just do what I tell you and I promise you, everything will be fine, okay? Trust me."

He scrambled to sit on his knees near the headboard. "Don't let me fall, okay?" I instructed, climbing up beside him, nice and close to the wall. He nodded seriously and put a hand out to brace me as I gained my footing on the mattress.

Then I started moaning, nice and loud.

If I hadn't been so determined to make this guy's night a success, I would have lost it right then and there when he turned crimson and his eyes nearly bulged out of his skull. It took a supreme effort to keep from dissolving into absolute hysterics over his reaction to my Meg Ryan performance. I squeezed my eyes shut and called on the skills I'd used to fake orgasms in the lifetime before I signed a contract that got me nailed by guys who knew what they were doing for a change. Hell, even I would have believed me.

Of course my act became a lot more convincing once Zack caught on to the program and added his input as well. My eyes popped open when he joined in and I admit my jaw dropped a little once he got going.

"Zack, yes, yes!"

"Yeah?" he breathed, loud enough to be overheard. "You like that? Huh?"

"Yeah, like that, more..." I gave a bounce that moved the bed against the wall. "ZACK!" His eyes lit up and he positioned himself better on the bed, rocking side to side, rhythmically.

"That's right. Scream my name, baby."

I tried not to laugh, mostly because I was out of breath from bouncing up and down. "Oh, oh, oh, yes... please... harder!"

"You want it hard? Huh? You want my giant tractor cock to plow your little garden?"

I glanced at him, bemused. "Really?"

He shrugged and matched my whisper, still moving the bed against the wall. "Fuck, I don't know. I'm just goin' with it."

I gasped loudly and then cried out. "That's...oh, yes, right there, right there."

"You want this? You gotta work for it, Pen. That's right... yesssss, you squeeze me so tight baby, like that."

"Nice one," I said quietly then sobbed with feigned pleasure.

"I learn quick," he returned and then caught me when I lost my balance on a harder bounce.

"Take it, baby," We kept moaning and groaning and I kept jumping and he kept rocking and at some point during all of that, I made a new friend for life.

"Zack, Zack, Zaaaaack!" I chanted loud and glanced at him. "You ready?"

He shot me a surprisingly confident grin. "Ladies first."

I nudged him playfully with my elbow. "And don't ever forget it."

Zack rolled his eyes. "I'm a virgin, Pen. Not a complete fucking idiot."

"Noted," I gripped his shoulder and the two of us began bouncing around, moaning and gasping and soon I was wailing like a banshee and Zack was shouting something I couldn't quite make out. Together we would have made Barry Fineman proud.

"Who's next door?" he whispered a bit later after we finally collapsed on the bed, choking back laughter.

"Lou. He likes to listen," I told him with a smirk. Zack made a face. "He also gossips like an eighth grader," I added, closing my eyes and yawning. "By breakfast everyone will know you rocked my world." I opened one eye and looked over at the big kid lying next to me. He was beet red, again. "They'll think you rocked my world," I corrected, reaching for his hand, "but only we have to know that, deal?"

He sighed as if the weight of the world had just been lifted from his shoulders. "Deal," a smile grew on his lips and he clasped my hand to seal our agreement.

"Good," I stretched luxuriously and then reached across him for the phone, "now I'm ordering desert."

A tight game and a win eked out. The guys were in the mood to party... at least most of them.

When Kev and Chris got off the bus, both of them looked anxious but they couldn't have been as nervous as me. I'd watched the game from the hotel bar, sipping on red wine, trying to keep my knees from knocking. Now, standing in the foyer watching them walk towards me, so handsome in their sharp suits, I wondered if either of them were having second thoughts.

Kev's blue eyes shone when he saw me and his grin grew from satisfied to tiger that had just caught the gazelle. My knees began to wobble. Chris's sultry gaze slowly raked up my legs, taking in the little black dress and high heels before they finally lifted to meet mine. He offered me a slow, appreciative sexy grin that had me biting down on my bottom lip, barely stifling a whimper.

"Good game," I told them both and meant it. Kev kissed my cheek and reached for my hand, lacing our fingers together. Chris wrapped his arm around my waist and captured my mouth in a soft, searing kiss. It was reminiscent of welcoming my warriors' home after returning from battle. I don't know what the rest of the guests of the hotel saw but I knew right in that moment that both of them were looking forward to tonight and neither one of them was second guessing their decision.

So that left just me then. Jesus, how the hell did I get myself into these situations?

"Not too tired?" I managed to squeak as Chris took my other hand and the three of us walked towards the banks of gilded elevator doors.

"Nope," he smiled, his eyes twinkling in a way that suggested he could see right through me, down to my quivering knees and was probably enjoying my unease a little. I looked over at Kev and he gave me a slow, sexy smile.

"I've got rounds in me yet baby," he promised. I shuddered. Had I been wearing panties they would have simply melted off with just that look alone.

The doors slid open in front of us soundlessly and we walked in, managing to turn in unison to face the doors as they closed and not drop our hold on one another. The moment the doors closed though, Chris moved in closer, as if he was claiming the right to first contact and he took my mouth again, kissing me thoroughly, brief but firm kisses that curled my toes. I closed my eyes and kissed him back, wondering if there was some polite way of asking Kevin to leave when I felt his lips press softly to that spot on the back of my neck that made everything south of my belly button clench in a deliciously anticipatory sort of way.

"You look so hot baby," Chris whispered against the corner of my mouth before he pressed his lips over mine again, this time reaching for my tongue with his, sweeping over it and then deepening the kiss, his tongue twining with mine. I whimpered. That whimper turned into a gasp and then a moan as Kev's free hand slid over my ass and began to work the hem of my dress up, the back of his hand gently caressing the back of my thighs.

"I bet she's soaking wet," Kev growled into my neck but it wasn't me he was talking to, "she's been thinking about this all afternoon." It was true but it had only been these few brief searing moments that had my pussy walls quivering, the heat growing between my legs. Until they'd touched me I'd been on a low simmer, torn between excitement and anxious indecision.

"Is he right baby?" Chris whispered in my other ear, his tongue tracing the inside of the gold hoops I was wearing, just tickling the thin skin of my neck. Goodness but he had a long tongue. My imagination had made much of that in the past few weeks and now, as he nibbled teasingly on my earlobe, I mewed like a kitten at the thought of that tongue going to work on my lady parts.

"Why don't you find out?" My brain fizzed like the cork had just been pulled out of a bottle of expensive champagne. That wasn't part of the plan, Chris wasn't supposed to touch. He was just there for observational purposes but that didn't mean the idea of him touching me...there...didn't have a good deal of appeal.

Chris' teeth raked lightly over my pulse point and my eyes rolled back. Then again, we weren't in the room yet and I was aching. He paused, his breath warm on my cheek as he looked down at me, curiosity and, yes, desire burning in his eyes. He glanced over at Kev and I wanted to scream 'no, don't look at him, I'm giving you permission, touch me NOW' but I didn't. I waited, staring at him, trying to read his expression as he looked to his teammate for consent to bend the rules.

"Say the word and I get out on the next floor, leave you two love birds alone," Juice said softly. Chris smiled at him but shook his head.

"Thanks man, but...no," he said simply. I wanted to stamp my feet and pout but he cupped my chin in his hand and looked at me in the way that always made me melt into a big puddle of gooey marshmallow happiness. The best I could do was stick out my bottom lip to let him know that I didn't appreciate his not giving in to me. "We talked about this," he added quietly, reaching up to caress my cheek with the back of his hand, "you know it's important to me; to both of us." I nodded, mutely. "That doesn't mean I don't want to touch you," he added, his hand slowly sliding down my neck and over my collarbone until his knuckles grazed my now very erect and aching nipple. I gasped which made him grin. "Baby, you look so beautiful when you're all worked up."

"You think that's worked up," Kevin chuckled and then nipped at my neck, "wait until I have my tongue deep in her...ouch!" I grabbed a hold of Kev's hair and yanked, hard. "Well it's true," he grumbled.

"I'm sure it will be," Chris said softly as the doors opened.

None of us moved. We all stared out into the empty hallway.

"Well let's do this if we're going to do it," I decided bravely and took the first step.

Chris pulled me right back using the hand he was still holding. "If you don't want to do this..." I looked up at him and the real concern in his softened the expression in my own.

"The only way you're ever going to believe that there is a difference between what I do with them and what I want to do with you...,we have to do this," I said firmly and I think it was the first time I knew that it was honestly true. He needed to see in that moment, whenever it happened, that he when sent me spilling over the edge that it would be different in every way. I wanted to make love to Chris. I didn't make love to any of the others. Admittedly, there was a very small part of me that was more than a little worried that he wouldn't be able to recognize the difference.

Sometimes it was hard to see it myself.

They followed me down the hallway while I did my best to stride confidently ahead of them as that old adage 'I think I can, I think I can' ran through my head. Once we were through the door and Chris was closing it and locking it behind him, the nerves doubled as did my pulse, my breathing and the goose-bumps on my skin.

I was about to ask if anyone wanted wine when Kevin grabbed me around the waist and pulled me into his body, his blue eyes blazing with lust as he looked down at me. 'Trust me' he mouthed and then kissed me, hard and fast, sending my inner thermostat sky high. I did my best, while he kissed me and backed me towards the bed, to just go with it, to even forget that Chris was still in the room but I couldn't. As the back of my knees gave against the edge of the mattress I looked for him and when I didn't immediately see him, I felt a surge of unease.

Shit, we'd only just started and he was already missing. Was it too much? The way Juice had licked into my mouth was pretty filthy but only the tip of the proverbial iceberg; and if he couldn't handle kissing...

As if reading my mind, or maybe my body language, I felt fingertips brush mine and I peeked over to find him near the side of the bed, just standing there, pupils dilated, mouth open.

Hold the phone. He wanted to see this, I realized as I looked up at him with Kev sucking at my quickly beating pulse. Not just because he wanted to assure himself that my fucking his teammates would be different to making love to him but because Chris had also discovered something about himself that he hadn't known.

He wanted to watch.

Pulling my knees up, I raised my hips off the mattress and pressed against Kev's growing erection. He moaned into my neck. My eyes fluttered closed.

Kev's hand snaked behind my back and tugged down on the zipper. I shrugged my shoulders forward and the dress began to slide. Kev helped it along, his hands moving slowly as he unwrapped me like a present, a present for Chris. "Mmm, no panties, Pen? Naughty, naughty girl." Kevin yanked the dress over my hips and threw it somewhere on the floor.

I couldn't look at him as Kev lowered his mouth over my breasts. I closed my eyes and dug my fingernails into Kev's scalp. I was aware of him, could feel him watching, feel the heat of him near me but I couldn't register much outside of the hot, wet tugging on my nipples that had me writhing on the sheets. I could even hear the hitch in his breathing as Kev reached up between my thighs and dipped his fingers into my juices, slathering my pussy lips, my clit with them. I moaned.

So did Chris.

Getting up on my elbows, I watched Kevin pull off his tie and send it somewhere behind him. He knew I liked to watch when he, or really any of the guys, took off their clothes. He did it slowly, deliberately, like a dance. I licked my lips and did my best to make sure he knew that I still very much appreciated the view despite the fact that the man I loved was hovering close by.

Giving me a cocky grin, he took his hands off his belt and slid down the bed to dive his face between my thighs. I tossed my head back and let out a long, slow hiss. My hands slid out from my sides and suddenly I felt Chris grab onto one with such force I practically heard the bones in my hand complain. I lifted my gaze to meet his. His eyes were narrowed and a dark, storm-tossed blue.

My heart froze. For one, long, agonizing moment I thought it was anger or even hatred I could see in his eyes but then he slowly knelt beside the bed and reached out to gently, tenderly stroke my cheek.

"So beautiful," he whispered. It was like permission had really, finally been granted and I felt all of my muscles relax, especially those ones that Kev was digging his meaty fingers into as he pressed my thighs wider. "You like that?" Chris whispered to me, "you like when he sucks your clit like that?" I nodded, unable to form words as he smiled at me and then turned his gaze down the line of my body to where Kev was doing things with his tongue that were probably illegal in most of the states we'd recently visited.

"Oh Jeeeezus, harder!" I begged as if Kevin didn't know exactly what to do. Chris's hand was crushing mine and that hurt, yes, but it didn't obliterate the amazing sensations I was feeling, didn't stop that slow building pressure in the pit of my stomach and the small of my back. Kev had two thick fingers pumping in and out of my pussy as he sucked, licked and curled his tongue around the throbbing little bud, making me moan and gasp and whimper. Kevin could bring me hard and fast if he wanted to, he knew exactly which buttons to push and just how hard but he was deliberately drawing this out, teasing me and he had the patience to do it for hours.

I felt his lips purse around my clit, sucking gently before drawing off with a wet 'pop' and knew he was coming up for air. I glared down at him and he grinned up at me, his fingers slowly working in and out while he blew across my most sensitive tissues. He knew exactly what he was doing.

"Something you want Pen?" he drawled, his grin growing as I continued to glare at him. He knew what I wanted, what I always wanted by the time he had me teetering on the edge of an orgasm but I didn't want to say it, not in front of Chris, and Kev damn well knew it. I hissed at him through clenched teeth until he cackled and ducked back between my thighs, running the flat of his tongue from my entrance to my clit and then digging the point of his tongue just under that bundle of nerves as I dug my heels into the mattress.

"Dammmmnnnn youuuu!" I cursed loudly, my head tossed back, eyes squeezed shut. One more millimeter and he'd have me screaming his name and he damn well knew it.

"What do you want him to do baby?" It was Chris's voice, soft and husky in my ear and that made me freeze. I shook my head vehemently, my lips pressed firmly together. I didn't want to say it out loud. Words that I normally didn't think twice about uttering, that under any other circumstance I would normally just scream out, I didn't even want to whisper in case I said it again under different circumstances and he...misunderstood their meaning. "Do you want him to make you cum?" Well yes, of course I did but not right that moment. I might have complained, rather loudly, about his teasing me but I didn't want to cum, not yet.

"Pen likes to ride the wave, ain't that right?" I felt Kev's big hands slide up the back of my thighs and felt his thumbs dig into the tight muscle of my calf. I sucked in a ragged breath that was suddenly cut off when I felt his teeth sink into my instep.

"Pleasssssse," I moaned. I heard Kevin laugh.

"Please what Penny?" he asked, one hand sliding back down my leg while the other held firm around my ankle so I couldn't squirm when he slid his fingers into my slippery folds and went back to tormenting me.

"Juuuuuiicccce!" I complained boisterously, shooting him a withering look that just made him laugh.

"It's not like you to be shy Pen," he teased, two fingers making a slow circle around my clit and then sliding back down to dip into my snatch before repeating the process all over again, making me squirm. "I think Higgy knows about your dirty, filthy potty mouth if that's what you're worried about," he grinned down at me.

"Tell him what you want baby," Chris whispered, or rather purred in my ear and then pressed his mouth over the rapidly beating pulse in my neck.

"Fuck me!" the words were out of my mouth before I could bite them back and they had barely passed my lips when I felt Kevin line himself up before shoving hard and deep into me. We groaned, all three of us, in unison. My fingernails dug deep into the meat of Chris's hands and I felt all of my muscles clench around Kevin's thick cock.

"Shit Pen," Kev gasped, his cheek leaning against my leg, his lips brushing over my ankle. I blinked up at him. I couldn't speak. It was always good with Kev but this felt...different. I glanced at Chris. His eyes were wide and dark, like his pupils had overtaken his irises and he was breathing hard, his massive chest rising and falling like he'd just finished a set of wind-sprints.

"Fuck her," he whispered hoarsely, "fuck her hard." I stared at him like I'd never seen him before in my life but I didn't have time to ask him what he was thinking, not that it wasn't plain as the formidable erection straining against his grey suit pants. Kev grabbed my other ankle and threw it over his shoulder, leaned against the back of my legs, pressing my knees down towards my belly and began to thrust, hard and deep.

I squeaked and then cursed like a pirate whore. It was no easy feat, taking all that Juice had to offer all at once, but walking that delicate edge of 'too much' felt so, sooooo good. I cried out both of their names. I tore at Kev's upper arms and chest with my free hand. I drew blood from Chris's palm. I knew when we were done I wouldn't be able to walk for an hour and I didn't care. I urged Kev to fuck me harder, faster and every time he doubled his efforts the insistence of Chris' erection looked imminently more pronounced.

"Let it out baby," I heard myself whisper hoarsely, staring at the outline his thick, turgid cock made against his pants. "Open your pants and jerk that fucking cock for me." He glanced uneasily at Kevin but Juice was way beyond caring that there was anyone else in the room. He was sweating over me, pressing my thighs wide, throwing his hips into me like he was trying to fuck through me.

Slowly, hesitantly Chris slid his mammoth trouser snake free and gripped it hard in his fist while he stared at us, at me.

Oh my God. Even his cock was perfect. I licked my lips. The need to have the nearly purple velvety looking head of his dick in my mouth was making my mouth water but it was against the rules. Hand-holding and a couple of kisses were one thing. Anything else was to be saved for later.

"Roll her over," Chris instructed, his hand moving slowly along his considerable length. Kev paused, mid swing, and we both looked at him. "Do it to her from behind," He let go of my hand, I thought a little reluctantly, and then made a circle in the air with his finger.

"You're the boss," Kev chuckled. He withdrew from my depths and wiped the sweat off his forehead before unceremoniously grabbing me by the hips and flipping me over like a mostly uncooked pancake. I found myself face down on the mattress with Kevin dragging me by my ankles towards the back of the bed.

"Hard," Chris directed breathlessly, settling into a spot near the head of the bed where I could watch him. I moaned, just from the sight of all that thick, hard man meat in his fist.

"Glad to," Kevin nodded once, digging his fingers into my ass. His hips flexed and the blunt head of his thick, hard cock prodded at my opening, still slick enough for him to slam home with a long, low growl. My body shot forward, and Kev brought it back, pulling me against him, over him, until he was fully sheathed inside of me. "Fuckin' tight!" he growled again and then slapped me, hard, on the ass. I gasped, bucked and closed my eyes. He was right. From this angle he felt twice as huge and if I hadn't been so incredibly turned on, it would have been a very rough ride. Hell, it was already a pretty tricky fit.

"Pull her hair." My eyes snapped open and I stared at Chris. This was an entirely different side of the sweet and tender man I'd been spending my time with. I felt Juice wind my hair around his hand and as he very slowly pulled my head back I aimed a sultry, sexy smirk at Chris.

"It seems our Higgy already knows you pretty well," Kev chuckled allowing me just enough slack so I could turn my head to place an appreciative kiss just below his jaw. I wasn't about to forget that, even if Chris was doing the directing, it was Kevin that was doing the yeoman's share of the work.

Truthfully, under normal circumstances, the only two guys who did any kind of hair pulling were Lappy and Kess. This was a bit of a departure from Kevin's routine and I was really enjoying it. I also really liked the visual. I liked seeing Kev on the verge of losing his shit, when his eyes got all unfocused and sweat startled to trickle down his sculpted chest. The slick movement of his muscles against my back made me want to be on my back again, or to have him under me for a while. I wanted to lick his chest, to score the taut skin stretched over his pectorals with my teeth but licked my lips instead.

Chris reached out and cupped my chin a little more firmly than was strictly necessary, forcing my attention back to him. "You have such a sexy mouth," he purred, running the pad of his thumb along my bottom lip and then pushing it gently past my teeth. "When you lick your lips...it makes me want to fuck your mouth." I moaned around his digit. The idea held a lot of appeal except that one look at the colossal erection in his hand told me that I'd have to unhinge my jaw to get it in there.

"Her mouth is nice, but her tongue...mmmm," Kev added, giving my hair another firm yank so that I was forced to release Chris and look at him. "Does he know the things you can do with that pointy little tongue of yours, baby?" I narrowed my eyes but my nonverbal warning was ignored. "You know about the threesome she had with me and Katie?"

"I thought that was just something you were spreading around to make the rest of us jealous," Chris replied, stroking himself lightly. I rolled my eyes but Kevin didn't stop there.

"Dude, you have not lived until you've seen her go to town on another woman. I thought my dick was going to fucking burst watching her make Katie squirm and scream...man it was fuckin' hot, let me tell ya." I glanced at Chris. His mouth was hanging open and I could tell by his expression that he was imagining the scene in his head.

"What is it about you men and two women together?" I panted.

"Twice the boobs," Kevin answered immediately and then drilled me hard from behind. I gasped, dropping my head down so my hair fell in front of my eyes.

"Did you like it?" Chris asked with his voice pitched low. I couldn't tell if it was still because he was that turned on or if it was because he was directing the question to me. I didn't need to know what he was asking. It was the same thing Kev had asked afterwards, and several times during.

"Do you?" I asked breathlessly, turning the tables on him as Kevin filled me again, forcing my entire body forward. Chris made a kind of guttural noise that was half laugh half groan.

"The first chance I get, I'll be down there all day," he promised. I tossed my hair out of my eyes and stared at him. The promised in his blue eyes was enough to make me groan. "I told you Pen, I have mad skills." He grinned to let me know he was enjoying the desperation that suddenly filled my gaze. "That's right baby, I love to eat pussy and your pussy...mmm baby...I'm going to be spend all day making you cum for me." I whimpered and this time I heard Kev curse behind me as my body clenched over the thought of Chris's mouth on my snatch. "You're all soft and pink down there, and so Goddamned wet... fuck baby, I can't wait."

"Now...please?" I begged but he just shook his head.

"No sloppy seconds, remember?" He said with a teasing smile and then his gaze shot upwards, over my shoulder. "Sorry man, I didn't mean that the way it sounded."

"S'all good," Kev promised behind me and then brought the palm of his hand down on my ass hard enough that I flinched. "I'm getting the benefit. I don't mind," he added with a labored chuckle.

"Is your pussy all wet baby?" Chris asked me. "Are you all wet and hot and tight?" I stared at Chris's hand as he stroked his palm along the length of his cock and licked my lips.

"She gets tighter when she's close like this," Kev told him, panting hard and Chris groaned. His hand ran up over the head of his cock and then down again to the base.

"Are you close baby? Do you wanna cum?" he asked. I wasn't sure. My brain felt like it was full of white noise and all I could see was his six-pack and his giant cock.

"Put it in my mouth," I begged, straining towards him. His hand stroked upwards from the base and his fist squeezed just below the head. I watched a drop of nearly clear pre-cum form on the divot and my mouth watered.

"I want you to baby. I do. You have such a pretty mouth but that's not in the rules tonight," he said softly but he did hitch his hips a few inches forward until I could almost lick the tip of his cock. It vibrated, twitched, moved up and down in front of my eyes. I moaned and my pussy clenched around Kev's cock. I heard him curse behind me.

"Jeeeezus man, whatever you're doing keep it up."

Chris chuckled softly and squeezed the base of his cock. "Will you suck my dick baby? Will you let me fuck your pretty mouth?" I nodded enthusiastically and opened my mouth, begging silently for him to slide that beast over my tongue. He groaned but held himself just out of reach. "Oh baby I can't wait to watch you wrap those pretty red lips of yours around my dick." I curled my hands into fists and groaned in pure frustration. This wasn't fair and there was only one way I could think of to make it stop.

Reaching back I stroked two fingers over my clit and cried out at the electric jolt that shot through my entire body.

"Damn Pen," Kevin groaned, his hands digging into the flesh of my hips as his met my ass with a wet slapping sound.

"Gonna cum," I managed, just and then looked up at Chris. His pupils were huge and he was breathing harder. His fist pumped faster along the length of his cock.

"I'm close baby," he promised.

"Fast Kev," I demanded and he didn't need to be asked twice. The mattress began to shift as he leaned over me, caging me with his arms, in push-up position. He pummelled me as hard and deep as he dared and I dug the fingernails of my one free hand into the sheets to keep from sliding with it. My other fingers worked furiously at my clit but I never took my eyes off Chris's hand, quickly tugging at the considerable length of his very swollen cock.

It was me that let go first, with a scream I'm sure the entire floor heard. My whole body felt like it was coming apart, like a bomb had been set off in the pit of my stomach and was ripping its way out of me through every single nerve ending. Kev collapsed over me immediately after, his own howl of triumph sounding wild and barbaric as his fingers dug so deep into my ass that I knew there would be bruises later. Chris was last and quietest of the three of us. He merely gasped as jet after jet of creamy white cum spilled over his hand and onto the side of the mattress.

I lay there, struggling to draw air into my lungs and felt Kev's hips still lightly working against mine as he rode out the aftershocks. His breath was hot in my ear and I nuzzled my cheek against his until he gave in and offered his lips for a kiss. "Once?" I teased him quietly. "You only made me cum once?" It was a running joke between us. Usually Kev could wring me out by coaxing two or three orgasms out of me before finding his release and putting me out for the night.

"Mmm," he nipped my ear with his teeth, "in my defense, I had live fucking porn in front of me. You're lucky you beat me to the finish line, babe." Gently he eased out of me and fell to the side, completely unconscious of his nudity. He lifted his head to look toward wherever Chris had collapsed. "Dude, it's your fault. I thought you were going to cum on her face."

I felt fingers stroking through my hair and rolled my head to see Chris staring down at me tenderly. "Maybe next time."

Holy fuck. I swallowed hard and blinked at him. Next time?

Kevin groaned and gave a stretch before sitting up. "I gotta get going before I push for that next time to be tonight." He slipped off the bed and got half dressed in his suit pants, leaving his shirt unbuttoned and his tie hanging loose around his neck.

Chris never took gaze away from mine, just continued playing with my curls and watching me the entire time. There was a lot going on in his head, a lot he seemed to be sorting through in his mind, but for a change I knew, I knew that nothing bad was stewing in there. We were going to have to talk, obviously, but there was no recrimination or disgust or judgement coming from him at all. In fact, he looked ridiculously at peace.

Kev paused by the side of the bed and rocked back on his heels, appearing uncertain for the first time all evening. "So... are we all... okay?"

The hesitance in his tone registered with the two of us and we shifted our focus his way. Chris grinned and moved to get off the bed, discretely tucking himself back into his pants. "Yeah man, we're okay."

"More than okay," I agreed, making baby grabby hands at Juice so he leaned forward far enough for me to catch the ends of his tie and pull him down. I arched up against him, and kissed him deep and dirty until he finally backed away groaning.

"Don't make it too easy for me to stick around. You two should talk or whatever," he waved a hand. "And I promised Katie I'd give her a play by play when we were done."

"Give her my best," I said, crawling up to lay back against the pillows.

"Pretty sure I already had that tonight," he winked. Chris was at the door and the two of them shared a quick, hushed conversation that ended in deep chuckles and a manly hand-clasp before Kevin slipped into the hall and Chris disappeared into the bathroom.

I lay there, enjoying the agreeable hum still coursing through my body and was pleasantly surprised when he came back into the room holding what looked to be a wet cloth and a towel.

He smirked and knelt on the bed. "Well that was a first."

I giggled and gave his thigh a squeeze. "For both of us."

"Oh, really now?" his voice was as light as the touch of the washcloth on the inside of my thigh.

"Don't forget, I know the truth behind the Katie rumor now. And I know you, Kess and Juice have played in the same sandbox once or twice. I wouldn't doubt that the twins haven't approached you about it too..." he grinned, swiping the cloth along my calf and back up again. "Spread your legs, baby," he whispered.

I sighed and let my legs fall open, allowing him to take care of me, allowing him to cleanse and soothe the tender tissues so recently worked over. "It's the first time you've ever seen me like that. It's the first time I've ever seen you."

"Mmhmm," his eyes followed the path of his hand. "And what did you think of seeing me?"

"I think you're an evil, evil bastard for not giving in to my pleas!" I gave his side a pinch and he laughed as I had expected. "But I also think watching you tonight was even more arousing than what Kev was doing to me."

"Hmmm," one half of his mouth curved. "That's pretty high praise considering the amount of effort he put in."

I grinned and then hissed when the drag of the cloth rubbed against my hypersensitive core. "Chris..."

His gaze shot to mine, a flicker of concern within. "You okay?"

"Mmmhm," I nodded. "Just...,very, very sensitive." The cloth moved again and I shivered. "Oh." He withdrew the cloth and returned to the same place with the towel, drying me gently. I tried to remember that I had just had the most spectacular orgasm I'd had in a long while and could ignore the little flutters that were hoping Chris would see to giving me another. "What...,um... what did you think of seeing me? Like that." With him, I didn't say.

Chris paused and gathered the towel, tossing it over the side of the bed and then stood up, shucking his rumpled clothes. He'd planned on spending the night in my room and had stashed his suitcase in the corner earlier. From within he pulled out a plaid flannel button up and a pair of boxer briefs. I watched as he tugged the briefs up his muscular legs.

"Now you're shy?"

"Now I'm practical," he determined, crooking his finger. I walked on my knees to the side of the bed and sat back on my heels, letting him dress me in his shirt. "We're going to sleep together tonight, Penny. Just sleep. And that's going to be hard enough without us being completely naked between these sheets." He planted a firm hand in the middle of my chest and gave me a light shove that sent me flopping back into the spot I'd just vacated, laughing the whole way.

He turned out the lights and located the remote control to get the TV going, muting it so that we had the glow of the screen to see each other but no noise to distract us. When he slid under the covers beside me, we lay on our sides, facing each other and I found myself a little concerned that he hadn't answered the question I'd put to him before he became .

I bit my lip and traced my finger along the creases of the inches of bed that separated us. "Are you sure you're okay with what happened tonight?"

Chris' hand came down, warm and secure over mine. "Look at me." I peeked up at him through my lashes and was relieved to see him still in the same pleased, relaxed mood he had been in moments earlier. "I'm very okay with what happened tonight, Penny. And that's something that I really need to take a closer look at for myself." He shrugged. "I mean, the thought of someone having my girlfriend, letting other guys experience what should be all mine and mine alone... it makes me wanna tear shit apart with my bare hands, y'know? But, this situation is a little different. A whole lot different, actually. And I meant what I said before. I'm not opposed to there being a 'next time' as long as we're all on the same page. And as long as it's only someone from our team."

I blanched, making a face just thinking about having sex with anyone other than my boys. All-Star weekend aside, I wasn't even remotely interested in making the rounds. Despite what Patty Cake Kane hoped.

He laced our fingers together and tugged me closer, eyes searching mine in the near darkness. "This isn't like cheating, this isn't like you're out trying to score or any swinging dick can come up and get a piece, this isn't like that. And they're no threat to what we have. What you do with them doesn't change how you feel for me."

I swallowed hard and let out a long breath. "But now that you've seen it for yourself, does it change how you feel for me?"

"No," There was no hesitation when he shook his head. "I mean, you're beautiful; obviously. And I've found you sexy as fuck since the moment I saw you in that bar back in September. But I have never, ever experienced anything as hot as watching Juice take you from behind while you begged me to cum in your mouth."

Was it weird that I could still blush after all that I've done? My face heated and I ducked my chin, listening to him describe our evening from his perspective. Though there was one detail I had to correct. "Babe, I did not beg you to cum in my mouth!"

He chuckled. "Close enough."

"NOT EVEN!" I pulled my hand free to punch him in the arm, making him laugh harder. "You're so -"

"Charming? Amazing? Devilishly handsome?"

"Full of yourself!" I managed just before he rolled over me and dug his chin into the curve of my neck until I was helpless with laughter.

"One of these nights you'll be full of me too," he leered comically and I looped my arms around his neck.

"Gonna let me know when that might be?"

"Soon," he said, punctuating his words with brief, chaste kisses. "Very. Very. Soon." He slid off of me and waited until I turned my back to him, settling on my side. His arm hooked around my waist and pulled me back so that my backside was snug against him. "Comfy?"

I wiggled my ass and heard him mutter a curse under his breath. "I guess so." I ground against him harder, feeling him twitch with interest and then I stilled abruptly. "Yeah. I think I'm good now."

Really, I should have known better than to tease someone with restraint like his. One heavy thigh insinuated itself between mine and his hand slid down to cup my mound. His fingertips ghosted over my swollen flesh and he eased the tip of one into my snug channel just once before slipping away again. "Yeah," he sighed contentedly, the barest hint of laughter in his tone, "me too."