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There was a solemn silence over the room as they people entered. A few of the village's top jounin, such as Sarutobi Asuma and Hatake Kakashi entered. Also entering were all of the clan leaders of the village, from the Hyuga to the Akimichi to the lesser clans of Kishimoto and Tanizaki. Following them into the room was the members of the civilian council. Finally into the room lumbered in the toad sage Jiraiya, who was being exceptionally quiet. But all understood the reason for his silence, and said nothing of it. Already in the room were the three elders who advised Sarutobi personally, his teammates Homura and Koharu and his rival Danzo. In the room, over 30 people gathered to make one of the hardest decisions of their life.

Koharu took lead once everyone was seated. "Hello, fellow shinobi and councilmembers. As you all understand, today we called this meeting forward to try and decided who shall become the Godaime Hokage." She was interrupted by a loud sigh by one of the younger councilmembers. She turned her attention to him. "Do you have something to say, Councilmen Harada?"

Harada looked embarassed, but decided to say what he was thinking. "Why can't this council simply run the village instead of electing a Kage?. We in the civilian council run the affairs quite effectively in this format, so why shouldn't we run the village as such?"

Koharu looked at the councilmember almost pitifully. "I am afraid you do not understand what exactly the Hokage does for this village besides leads the shinobi, councilor. His role is much too intensive and demanding to be run by this council."

Homura continued, "The Hokage also assigns missions to all shinobi, must act as the commander of the shinobi in times of war, is the person who singularly represents this village to all other nations, and is the idol of our people. A council can not replace that."

The councilmember began to slowly shake his head. "If you say so, but why can't they simply be a figurehead, and we have the control? Let them act the part, while we do the hard work?" Danzo raised his eyebrow at that thought, but no one noticed his reaction. They were more focused on Homura.

"Your naivete continues to show, Harada. The Hokage makes some of the most difficult decisions possible for this village, and often needs to be immediate actions. No meetings, no debates, no votes, but a split second decision that can rest on his shoulders alone. The other Kage's would smell blood if they realized that the Hokage was a facade."

Koharu finished up the discussion. "And above that, the Hokage is a full-time position, and so would the council. It would be illogical to remove over two dozen top shinobi from the field, or away from the duties of their clan, or you from your duties on the civilian council. A Hokage is the only option possible in this world we live in. As such, let us get down to business. It is now time for nominations to be made and deliberated." She looked over the large council. "Now, are there any nominations to be made?"

"I nominate Uzumaki Naruto to fill the position the Godaime Hokage." This one sentence stopped the council cold in its tracks, killing the discussion over whom to nominate before it began. It was not simply the person being nominated, but the man who was nominating him. A stunned silence took over the room as the words sunk in.

After a minute of silence, a civilian councilmember was the first to speak. "You want the Kyuubi to run the village?" People surrounding him began to nod.

Another civilian councilmember spoke up. "Forget the demon in him, he's barely 13! How in the hell could he possibly be fit to lead a mission. Let alone a whole village!"

A third stood up and spoke. "For god's sake, he is a genin! And barely one at that! Making him Hokage is insane. What are you thinking?"

Finally, a fourth councilmember shook her head. "Have you gone mad?"

The rest of the civilian councilmember nodded in agreement to the final councilmember, while the jounin's, clan head's, and elders stayed silent as they tried to rationalize this nomination. Even Jiraiya was temporarily speechless at his student being nominated for the position he feared he would be stuck with. He quickly recovered, however, and spoke up.

"What are you playing at Danzo?" He eyed him suspiciously. Why would he nominate Naruto of all people? Everyone knew Danzo wished to be Hokage; it was not a secret to a person in the room, so why nominate someone else? "Are you trying to weaken the field of candidates by making outlandish nominations, so you may slip in as Hokage?"

Danzo, to his credit, did not flinch. He looked at Jiraiya, with his un-bandaged eye, and smirked. "That is an interesting thought, Gama-sannin, but it is not my intention. There is nothing outlandish in my words. I honestly nominate Uzumaki to be the next Hokage of this village."

People were still trying to rationalize it, when Nara Shikaku spoke up and asked the question everyone wondered. "Why? Why him, Danzo?"

All eyes focused on Danzo as he was expected to explain. He acquiesced." To your point, Councilman Taniguchi, even you should realize he is no demon. He fought off the one tailed bjuu Shukaku with no hesitation, instead of joining him in its destruction. He is simply its container, the force stopping the demon from destroying us. As long as he lives, the Kyuubi is held back. He is someone to be respected." The shinobi of the room were surprised at Danzo's words, as they did not think it fit his philosophy.

Danzo continued to answer his critics. "As for his age, I should say it does not matter in the grand scheme. The traitor Uchiha led ANBU at his age. Hatake Kakashi was leading the first major strike of the Third Shinobi World War at that age. Why can't a 13 year old be Hokage? Age is not what matters, but what one does"

Finally, a tall jounin interrupted him. "They were prodigies, while Uzumaki was a dead last. If we use your logic, why don't we put Uchiha Sasuke as Hokage? He is a prodigy, and has much talent already."

Danzo waved him off. "What do you call mastering the jounin level technique Shadow Clone Jutsu, by oneself, within a space of a few hours? Or having the capabilities of alluding our chunin and jounin at the age of 10 when he was playing his pranks? Or being able to summon the boss of the Toad contract on two separate occasions? His abilities are very raw, but I- we can develop them into the strongest shinobi the village and the whole world has ever seen, and make him truly a great Hokage."

A few, like Jiraiya, Shikaku, and Abrurame Shibi saw what was going on at that moment with the little slip of the tongue. Danzo knew he wasn't likely to be nominated, it was obvious that he had too many objections and his controlling nature lent the fact that he was using a ninja he could manipulate to his will. Jiraiya spoke up again.

"Kakashi and I are training him currently,and know him best. I think we can both safely say that he is not yet ready mentally to be Hokage. He is still too trusting, and lacks many of the social graces needed to fill the position. It will take years before he can mentally perform the duties of Hokage, let alone be strong enough to be considered for the role." Kakashi gave a slight nod in admission.

Danzo gaze fell upon the Sannin, and he looked back. Eventually, Danzo spoke. "Maybe, or maybe not. I think that much of the training needed could be accomplished within a short time if he were to realize the ability of the Shadow Clone Jutsu he uses so readily."

One of the civilian council members was curious. "What do you mean?"

Danzo sighed. "It is a shame his progress has been limited by his sensei's not showing him such. A clone will gain the memories of what they experienced. I assume the boy has not realized this yet since he uses them to overwhelm his enemies and let them be quickly defeated, thus gaining not enough experience to register in his mind."

Kakashi was quick to defend himself. "While this is true, I was worried about the side effects gaining knowledge in such a way. In a young teenager such as Naruto, his mind is still developing, and thus could cause dangerous mental strain on him. No one Naruto's age, without years of conditioning to deal with such strain, had ever learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu, and thus we would not know the effects it may have."

Jiraiya nodded. "I had similar fears. Also, my training with him has mainly dealt with individual chakra control and the summoning jutsu. Both required concentration and steady chakra, which would have been disrupted had he used shadow clones."

Danzo appeared to ponder this for a moment, and slowly began to nod. "I see. Your fears, Kakashi, and your reasoning, Jiraiya, does make sense. However, I think it would be for the best for him to start training in such a manner, so he will quickly live up to his title of Hokage. His strength could grow quickly, and he could learn everything he needs to learn from the elite, so that he may take the mantle of the Hokage. While we the elder council guide him, he can train his abilities to reach their full potential."

A few ninjas began to suspect a political coup in the works, when the council took over and had the Hokage-in-waiting never take charge. Or simplykilled. Those who felt like that began to eye Danzo even more suspiciously.

The civilian councilmembers narrowed their eyes. Harada spoke up again. "Why are you so sure we will allow such a thing? Even if you are right about his container status, he is too much of a risk mentally to hold such power, as his senseis have remarked. He is still only 13! At 13, I was not fit to lead my household, let alone the village. Could we please move on to a legitimate nomination, if this council will not do?"

Danzo stared at the woman who just spoke. "This is quite legitimate. I believe he is quite able to perform such tasks, with the help of the council, the elders, and his sensei's until he is independent enough."

Finally Hyuga Hiashi spoke. "You mean you want a willing puppet, and the boy who screams out that he will be Hokage is the perfect puppet to pull the strings with. And independent as long as he depends on your ideas" Many of the shinobi in the room began to nod, happy that the suspected truth was out in the open.

Danzo looked at the Hyuga clan head. "I will admit I want to influence the decisions of our village, but only for the best. I wish to seek the survival of Konohagakure, and this boy has shown a willingness to protect the entirety of the village, which I respect tremendously." He turned his attention to the entirety of the council. "Honestly, I wish nothing more to lead my village to glory. But many accuse me of being a war hawk, and thus unfit to rule a "peaceful" village. Yes, a peaceful village that just was invaded. And others say my… physical capabilities show weakness. While I disagree vehemently against the first charge, in light of recent events, I respect the logic of the second tremendously. If the Hokage is not fit, then how can one suspect its village to be so? So, I am doing the next best thing, and putting someone who I think would be able to do whatever is needed for the village to succeed is just that. He has the power of the most powerful force in the world within him, and will be able to defend his village with that power. If you think about it, he is perfect for the role. He is young, malleable enough to train properly, fiercely loyal, powerful, and has the desire to prove himself. He is not the right choice for today, but if we let him grow into the role, he will be the perfect choice to rule the village. We will groom him as such. And if he is somehow too weak to be the Hokage this village needs when it is time, he will be weak enough to remove from office and replace with a worthy shinobi. It is a win-win situation for the village."

Many looked at the man with great suspicion, but unsure of how to best counter his still farfetched claims. A councilmember was the first to try. "Would it not be safer to have a strong Hokage now, instead of hoping to have one in the future?"

Danzo shook his head. "We must look at the future for the role of Hokage. A good Hokage know means nothing if they pass on in a few years and we must begin the search all over again. And though the Hokage will not be strong, this council will help lead the way until the day he becomes strong."

A clan head of one of the minor clans spoke up next. "Why not choose another strong, young shinobi then? If you must seek from the youth, why not at the Nara heir, who was the only one fit to become a chunin? Or Uchiha Sasuke, who is beloved and strong already?"

Nara Shikaku, shockingly, spoke up. "My son would never take the role. He would see it as too troublesome. And the Uchiha… "He stopped, trying to think how to best phrase this. " He is very much like Danzo here, a great warrior and mind, but lacking in some area to take the role. Danzo lacks in image, the Uchiha lacks in his vengeance. We all know of how his clan was massacred, and how he wishes to kill his brother who did it. Until that day occurs, his focus will be on that goal. He would focus the powers of the Hokage against that one man, and could potentially destroy his village. And afterwards, if he beats his brother, he wishes to resurrect the Uchiha clan and become its head. He will not be in the right place mentally to be Hokage. No, the Uchiha can never take the mantel."

Danzo spoke up. "Very few want to be Hokage. The hat is quite heavy, the pressure to much for many. In this village, I know of only three people who would earnestly want this job. Myself, which cannot come to pass, the grandson of the Sandrine, who has not even entered the academy, or Uzumaki Naruto. By default, he can be the only one that takes up its mantel."

Hyuga Hiashi rose up. "I would be willing to take the mantel. Do not think so quickly that only the loudest want to lead. And I am sure other worthy shinobi would as well." Slowly, he gestured to the crowd, waiting for another champion to stand up. He stared at a few he thought that would.

Jiraiya shook his head. "I was never meant for that chair, and I am too vital for our spy networks to run the office."

Nara Shikaku began to shake his head. "The paperwork… way too troublesome. And I doubt many would want a Hokage who is afraid of his wife." A few chuckled at the comment, as they knew of Yoshino's temper and Shikaku's concern.

Hatake Kakashi shook his head. "I do not want this job. I saw what it comprised of with Sensei, and it really isn't my cup of tea."

Finally, Sarutobi Asuma shook his head. "Dad once told me that I shouldn't be Hokage, that I am too important as a member of Konoha to coup myself up into that tower."

Hyuga Hiashi nearly growled at his failure, but did not show his displeasure. He saw an opening. "Asuma-san has accidentally risen a valid point. Uzumaki knows not enough about the world of shinobi to lead a village. He is too ignorant of this world to lead it."

Danzo just stared at the Hyuga. "He can be taught. And what is so bad at not knowing the evils of the job. It may help him keep a clearer conscience when he sends someone to their deaths for the good of the village."

There was a hush over the room as they mulled over this. Danzo decided to go for the kill. "Finally, Uzumaki Naruto is perfect for the role of Hokage since he has the heritage to back up such a task."

Jiraiya and Kakashi both opened their eyes widely as they heard Danzo subtly hint at who Naruto's parents were. Before they could stop the ball from rolling, the Akimichi clan head spoke up. "What do you mean his heritage? Uzumaki was orphaned at birth, and chosen for the sealing process since no one knew who his parents were. And if they have survived, no one claimed him as their son."

Danzo smirked. "I believe Jiraiya is most suited to announce this, wouldn't you say?"

Jiraiya glared back at him. "It was meant to stay a secret until he was ready, Danzo. You know that!"

"I also know that this is an important fact for the council in their decision making process. It needs to be heard. And who says he isn't ready today? I am giving you the respect of telling them, but I will rescind the offer and say it myself if necessary."

Jiraiya knew he was backed into a corner. He had to announce it. "Damn you, Danzo." He turned to the council. "If I even hear a whisper of this on the streets before Naruto decides to make this known, even the most basic allusion to it, I will deal with who leaked it. Sensei was too lax in what was done with Naruto and the Kyuubi, but I will not be. This secret is the one of highest guarded secret in the village."

Stupidly, a councilmember asked, "What's the highest guarded secret?"

Jiraiya just glared at the idiot. "It is a secret only known to a handful of people at the top know of. Only the elders, Danzo, and the Hokage can know it. Even I have been left unaware of what it is, I just know it exists. Anyway, the parents of Uzumaki Naruto… I cannot honestly believe no shinobi has realized it, it is that obvious. I would have expected Shikaku would know-"

The Nara clan leader shook his head. "No, I haven't a clue. I think my son figured it out though. A few days ago he was asking about Naruto's parents, and some basic rules of genetics. He had one of those looks he gets when he realizes something shocking, but he shook it off saying that it was too much of a drag to talk about."

Jiraiya laughed. "So someone figured it out. Good to hear. I'm sure someone would have put together the looks of his father and personality of his mother and see that Naruto was the end result."

The council quickly raced to figure out who Jiraiya meant, but the toad sage beat everyone to the punch. "Uzumaki Naruto is the son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato."

Jaws all around were dropped, and more than a few of the councilmembers who hadn't treated Naruto well over the years began to get nervous. One decided not to accept it. "Impossible. We all know the child was loss when Kushina was giving birth during the Kyuubi attack. And there is no way the Yondaime would make his son a container of the demon. We only let him be named Uzumaki to keep the name alive!"

Danzo was the one to respond. "Initial reports did say the baby died during birth, but we later learned it was kidnapped by a masked figure minutes after birth. The official story was never retracted as both Kushina and Minato died, leaving the child orphan. We determined it…irresponsible to acknowledge the heritage of the child. Iwa and Kumo would have both been threats because of the child."

A petite blue-haired jounin asked, "Why Kumo? I know Iwa hated the Yondaime, but what did Kumo have against him?"

Homura, the elder who had been quiet up until then, spoke up. "Kumo had little qualm with the Yondaime, but more interested in his heritage with Uzumaki Kushina."


Homura looked regretfully at the Hyuga clan leader. "The kidnapping of your heiress was not the first attempt by Kumo to acquire a female member of this village. Years ago, Kushina was kidnapped and taken due to her chakra chain ability. Interestingly enough, it was the Yondaime who saved her and actually began their romance after this."

Hyuga Hiashi slowly nodded. "I knew of this already. Though we were not very close, Kushina and I were on the same Genin team for a little while, and I kept up tabs on my acquaintance. But still, it is hard to believe that Uzumaki is their son."

Jiraiya nodded. "Well, believe it." In the village, a blonde shinobi suddenly sneezed,

The councilmember from before resume his questioning, "I still do not believe that our Yondaime would seal the Kyuubi into his own son. He would never let his son become a monster, and…" He stopped when he felt the menace of Jiraiya march towards him, pointing his finger in his face He really, really hated ignorance and blatant lies. Especially at this point.

"Naruto is no monster, but that surprises me. I see how he is treated, and how he kept sane and still loves this village is beyond me. Be thankful he was HIS son. But never, and I mean ever, call him a monster. Or else I will show you a real one" Jiraiya increased his killer intent as he brought the finger closer to the man's face, but let it dissipate before he was a hair width away from his nose.

He turned away abruptly and coldly asked "Tell me councilor, what were your thoughts on the Yondaime's wife, Kushina?"

The councilor tried to control his breathing, but it was not an easy task. He managed to stutter out a response. "Well… she was a little annoying, but she was a good person, and loved the village greatly."

"And what do you know of Uzumaki Mito?"

The councilor raised his eyebrow. "I believe… she was the wife of the first Hokage, correct? She lived along time, and was considered a great person."

Jiraiya nodded. "Correct sir. Two women, both good people, both the wives of Hokage's. Both from the same clan, Uzumaki, but not by any relation. Both, however, would be hated in this time. They would be mistreated, ignored, and possibly even abused."

The councilor grew angry. "What! Why? They were good people, they wouldn't deserve that!"

Jiraiya nodded. "They do not, as does Naruto. But being the container of the Kyuubi changes that, does it not?"

A gasp came from everyone in the room. To most of the jounin, clan heads, and council, it was the revelation that two of their Hokage's wives were previous container of the demon. To the elders, Kakshi, Asuma, and the Hyuga clan head, the gasp was in the fact that Jiraiya revealed that information so casually.

Danzo gave Jiraiya a look that was harsh. "This did not seem like the time to reveal that information, Jiraiya."

" It was important to do since it would show these people that my student, Uzumaki Naruto, can be trusted and a good Hokage." Jiraiya looked at Danzo while speaking. "I don't trust anything you are saying right now, Danzo, but I will agree that your idea isn't terrible. Though I do not think he is by any means ready, I stand by you in making him Godaime Hokage. Better have a good choice for the future than a bad choice right now. No offense, Hyuga, but you have a stick so far shoved up your ass that being Hokage simply won't work. You should focus on fixing your clan's shenanigans. And I doubt that I could get Tsunade-hime back here to take the job, so I might as well vote yes to Naruto." Jiraiya finished his statement, giving his vote and suddenly starting the election process. Danzo was happy to get this support, but he knew what a hassle it would be from Jiraiya moving forward.

A few councilmembers began to look uneasy, as the one who questioned Naruto's heritage spoke once again. "But why would the Yondaime continue this curse on the Uzumaki line? Why on his son?"

Kakashi answered this final question. "It isn't a curse, but fate. Uzumaki's have a genetic trait that lengthens their lives by almost triple the normal life span of a person while naturally producing chakra at levels twice or even three times as big as a person. This trait suits them for surviving and holding in the Kyuubi, as it would likely kill anyone else who held it. When it escaped during Kushina-chan's labor with Naruto, Naruto was the only Uzumaki capable of holding in the Kyuubi." His eye narrowed at his final thoughts. "And even if someone else could hold the Kyuubi, sensei was never one to do something unless he would do it first. If he needed someone to be the container, he could not ask the Yamanaka's to hand over their daughter, or ask the Hyuga to seal it into their unborn child. He wouldn't put it into some random orphan. No, if he were to do it, he would do it with his son."

A silence came over the room, and both the Yamanaka and Hyuga clan heads were in deep thought, about how their daughters could have been the ones subjected to the Kyuubi.

A councilmember spoke up. "I stand with you, Danzo. If not for any other reason, it will be an apology for how I've treated Uzumaki Naruto in the past."

Another councilmember rose. "As do I."

Soon, most of the councilmembers rose up. Of the 13 that were in this council, 9 went the way of Danzo and thus Naruto for Hokage, making the vote 11-4.

Soon, the clan heads began to speak. "I still say I'm the best fit for Hokage." Hyuga Hiashi stubbornly spoke.

Nara Shikaku looked at his two long time friends and teammates, and mouthed something. They nodded, and he turned his attention back to the council. "Ino-Shika-Cho votes for Naruto."

Inuzuka Tsume had been quiet the whole time, a fact a few shinobi just realized and were shocked at. She was in deep thought, before she let out a growl. "I like the kid, but I'm voting for Hyuga."

The 10 clan heads came out even in their votes, 5-5, but the strength of three major clans against two for Naruto as Hokage was noticed. 16-9

Finally, the jounin began to speak.

Kakashi gave a smirk. "Like father, like son. I trust Naruto to do the right thing, with a lot of guidance. And it would be interesting to say I was taught by one Hokage, and taught another." 17-9

Sarutobi spoke up. "Dad always liked the kid, and said he would be a great Hokage someday. I don't think he meant today, but that's just life. I'm behind Naruto." 18-9

Unfortunately, they looked like they were among the few. Of the 10 jounin invited, there were only 2 others who voted for Naruto, they rest unable to find themselves being led by a 13 year old appealing.

The vote stood at 20-15, but it was not over. Neither Homura or Koharu had cast their ballots, and it required an approximate sixty percent vote to select a Hokage. The whole room seemed to wait on them, as they sized up and imaginary Naruto and the real Hiashi.

Koharu was the first to speak. "While I find Hiashi makes the most sense, Hiruzen told me that your gut instinct is sometimes more important. And my gut is telling me that we will see great things from the boy. Though I don't like the idea for now, I will vote for Naruto."

The vote at 21-15, it was up to Homura to decide. Would Naruto become Hokage, or would he be rejected so close to his dream? Somehow, the shinobi knew that the support of the councilmembers was fleeting, and technically the vote was barely 50 percent pro-Naruto by the shinobi, so this seemed like the only shot Naruto had at Hokage this time around.

Finally Homura spoke. "I never thought it would be up to me if we had a new Hokage, I thought it would end up being a different situation. Honestly, I thought Asuma-san or Hatake-san would have taken the title, but it did not come to pass. So here I am, stuck between a 13 year old demon container with a famous legacy, or a strong, dependable clan head known as too strict and lets an atrocity like the cage seal to exist in his clan. Unfortunately for you, Hyuga-san, that decides this for me." He weakly smiled to the gathering.

"I select Naruto Uzumaki."