Fan Fiction – Jason and Miranda


I waved at Claire as I left common grounds, a latte in my other hand. I started walking home when I saw a guy standing with his back to me. He was wearing a black jacket with the hood up, and baggy, worn out jeans that looked like they were older than the founder herself. He turned slowly around, and then I saw it.


Jason Rosser turns around to face me, smiling. 'Hey,' he says, I feel butterflies in my stomach.

'Hey,' I say, trying for a smile.

'I saw you hanging out with Claire just now.' He says, still smiling. My heart sinks. He probably wants me to ask her out for him. Oh well…

'She's taken,' I say, losing the smile. Disappointment is plasteredon my face. I walk past him, and I feel his hand on my elbow, pulling me back.

'Actually… I was just going to say that you must be pretty cool to hang out with that lot. Maybe we could get coffee some time?' He looks down and I see his cheeks go red. How cute…

Wait a minute! Was he asking me on a date? Like a proper date? That's never happened to me before… I think.

I snapped back from my vision and back to the present.

'Hey,' Jason says.

'Cut the crap. You're asking me out, right? Well, yes, I would love to get coffee some time. Meet me here on Saturday at 11,' I said, smiling, then walked off with a triumphant look on my face. Finally. Wow… Eve's rubbing off on me… I'm never normally that confident… I like it. I looked behind me, to see Jason staring after me, then quickly look away. But he was smiling.