Wally's mouth slurps around the chocolate-banana popsicle and M'gann finds her thoughts zoning out. No… her imagination, more like.

He doesn't appear to notice her staring from within the confines of the Cave's kitchen and that suits her just fine… uhm, was it considered socially acceptable to be moaning so loudly while consuming food?

The manner in which his throat undulates as Wally tips his head back slightly to catch and swallow down the melted popsicle juices; his freckle-dusted cheeks bulge as he takes the length of it inside — it's beginning to remind her far too much of one of those "pornography" videos she accidentally clicked open in her school lab. (Not her fault, not at all – she needed to use the media player on her assigned computer for study hall and another student before her must have preferred spending their study hall period watching a man in a Superman cape and his Flash-cowled partner perform sexual acts.)

Some of those images won't be leaving anytime soon.

And all it took was fifteen seconds, and M'gann had snapped back to her wits in the lab, clicking out of the grotesquely vocal clip. Her face heated as a few snickers had risen around her from her classmates.

But now the images are replaced with new clarity. Now the images have brand new players to be orchestrated in her fantasy: Wally's lips eagerly seal around two of Conner's fingers nudging between his teeth, sucking somewhat vigorously. Conner's other hand slides palm-down the material of the green-and-tan flannel, raking his fingernails over Wally's stomach. Their bodies grind faintly back against each other, Wally pressing nearly flat between the back of the curved, green couch and where Conner's chest traps him. Wally's saliva-covered tongue pokes out and circles towards the large knuckles dipping further into his mouth. He creates a muffled, higher-pitched moan when Conner jerks his hand into Wally's acid-wash jeans and underwear. Conner's arm jerks again, hand deep in the barrier of clothing—

"M'gann?" Kaldur asks, pausing from twisting a sink knob. She blinks, focusing immediately on him.

"I do not intent to startle you but… perhaps you should…" he trails off, worriedly eyeing the smoking eggs on her pan.

Eeping humiliated, she switches off the burner, waves away the rest of the nasty-smelling smoke. "Oh, drat!" M'gann smacks her forehead in exasperation, her green features rosy with a flush as everyone glances momentarily at her before going back to their own business — Wally tossing away a wooden stick, licking his lips satisfied; Conner passing her and sucking a bit of whipped cream from his thumb.


As much as Artemis can be my headcanon!pervy!soul mate… I couldn't resist using M'gann as the plot piece. Where /did/ Superboy get that whipped cream? Hmm…


"Because we all know girls have as dirty minds as boys...

One of the boys is eating a popsicle. Either Artemis or M'gann notices. And starts thinking... thoughts. Involving at least one other boy, and voyeurism.

Meanwhile, the boy in question (and everyone else around) is completely oblivious.

It doesn't have to go anywhere. One-sided embarrassment and awkward interactions are fine."