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Chapter One

The Fox Breaks the Ice

The sun was shining down on the couple as they walked through the forest surrounding Konoha; It was a wonderful day and they had decided to go for a picnic to celebrate their one year anniversary. The young man smiled as he listened to the woman talk, he loved how her voice sounded. Shifting the basket from one hand to the other, he continued to listen, using his now free hand to check that the package in his pocket was safe and sound. It wouldn't do to lose it, especially today.

"Do you need help Ryu?" The woman asked "I feel bad making you carry everything…"

Scared that she might have seen him checking his pocket he waved his free hand dismissively, smiling nervously.

"No, no, thank you though, Akiko, this is heavy though and I wouldn't want you to have to carry this burden."

"So…you're saying that I wouldn't be able to carry it?"

"No, I'm not saying that at all my beautiful flower. I was simply stating that a pretty woman such as you should make the food, and the man should carry it when the couple goes on a picnic."

"…So, you're saying that a woman belongs in the kitchen?..."

Cursing himself and realizing that he was sinking fast, he noticed that they had arrived at their clearing.

Thank god…

"Oh look! We're here Akiko, time to eat." He turned to her, smiling nervously.

Getting onto his knees, Ryu unrolled the blanket and began to place the cups and plates, making sure that everything was perfect. The woman watched as he laid everything out carefully, and knew something was wrong. Ryu had never been one to be careful, especially when it came to food. Usually the food was gone before she even had a chance to get any…

Sighing, Akiko pinched the bridge of her nose lightly and closed her eyes. "Alright Ryu…What did you do?"

Stopping with his hand half in the basket he looked over to her and smiled, sweating bullets.

"W-why whatever do you mean?"

"Why are you being so careful with the plates and food? And why are you acting so nervous?"

"Ahehe, well I just want to make sure everything goes well, it is our anniversary you know." He chuckled nervously as he sat down, hand darting to his side pocket.

Pouting the girl walked over to him and sat in front of him, leaning back against him. "Fine! You're lucky you're cute…"

"Not as cute as you my princess." He managed to say, wrapping his arms around her to pull her closer.

Giggling slightly at being called such a thing, Akiko reached for the basket to grab one of the bento boxes they had made in the morning, only to be stopped by a strange feeling on her back. Ryu's breathing had begun to quicken.

"Ryu?" She turned towards her and saw the nervous expression on his face. Her eyes followed his hand as it went to his pocket and they widened when it pulled out a small box. It was a simple box, purple with a gold trim, but it was what the box symbolized, she now understood what this whole thing was about.

Ryu was never one to wake up early, yet today he had woken up even before her! She nearly fainted when she walked into the kitchen to see him cooking. It made sense to her now though. He wanted today to be perfect for her, he wanted her to be happy and to see how much he loved her.


"B-but I didn't even ask yet…"

"Fine, ask" She said with mock impatience.

"Akiko, will you marry me?"

"No." She turned her head away to hide her smile.

"B-but you just said-"

"What, I can't change my mind? News flash, I'm a woman, we change our minds all the time." She was struggling to hold in her laughter at that and tried to keep her voice as stern as possible, as if scolding a child.

"Oh…right…ok then…" He said in such a tone that it made her instantly regret teasing him.

"Idiot…I was joking," She smiled and pounced on him, kissing him passionately "of course I'll marry you."

They began to kiss again. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to tens of minutes. The figure in the bushes watched as they began to moan and strip before making his move.

Finally, I thought they would never look away…why are they taking their clothes off?

Creeping slowly up to the kissing couple, so as not to alarm them, he reached forward slowly…Only to stop when he saw something thrown his way, a bra…what the- what is that? He stepped into the sun to investigate the foreign object and his figure was shown to be that of just a boy, If you consider a bag of bones with an orange ripped shirt and pants a boy, he looked no older than 5 due to his lack of food, he was, in fact, 7. He had blonde hair, which was hard to tell due to the amount of dirt and grime it held, blue eyes that were glued on the strange thing in front of him, and strangely…he seemed to have whisker marks on his cheeks.

His trancelike state was broken however when he heard the laughter.

"Don't worry kit, it's nothing you need to worry about, it's a girl thing. For now, you should grab the food while you can, the bento smells good." And something else smells better…The fox inside of him chuckled at its little thought before speaking to the boy again. "Hurry now, you need food."

Sighing, the boy quickly grabbed the basket full of food and began to run away. He quickly stopped however and turned back to them and bowed, silently thanking them for the meal and also apologizing that he had to steal something they had worked on. He hated stealing…but it was necessary…at least, that's what his inner voice told him.

Running away again, he stopped only to catch his breath. Looking around to see if anyone was around, he backed up to a tree slowly. Seeing no one, he quickly darted up the tree, taking his food with him

Once he reached the densest part of the tree, he sat and opened the basket. Inside was a single large bento box, black with large ornate golden branches spanning across the lid.

Taking the lid off, the boy's eyes widened and began to tear. Never before had he seen so much food in front of him. There was a baked fish surrounded with rice and had lemon wedges placed on top.

The vision was forgotten however, as the smell from the box began to move into his nose. He closed his eyes and shuddered slightly at the smell, his stomach growling impatiently.

He didn't dig in however, the voice inside had always told him to thank Kami for whatever food he could get, even if it was scraps from garbage bins he had always thanked her.

Placing the box in front of him, he crossed his legs and clapped his hands together in front of his face.

"Thank you very much for the meal. Again, I am very sorry" Bowing his head slightly, he thought and thank you voice, for teaching me that it is necessary to steal to eat, I'm not proud of it, but I know I must do it to stay alive.

"No problem kit, I'm actually proud of you. You could have just run away but you decided to turn and bow to thank the people you were stealing from. No matter who you are, that takes balls." The fox smiled as it praised the young one it had to protect.

Balls? What do balls have anything to do with it? I didn't play catch with them…

The fox chuckled at the boy's ignorance and brushed it of "Eat now, you'll need your energy you know."

Nodding, the boy took a fork and tore off a piece of the fish. The smoky smell of the fish made his mouth water greatly, he couldn't wait to eat!

As he brought the fork to his mouth, the piece of food on the end disappeared. Looking down, he frowned and thought that the fish had fallen. Picking at the fish again, he brought it to his mouth, only to have it happen again.

Suddenly, the basket disappeared, then the blanket the bento box was sitting on, and then finally the box itself.

Stunned, the boy stared down at the spot his meal had been, the fork still in his hand.

Slowly, he began to climb down the tree. Once on the ground he placed his head against the trunk and began to cry softly, his stomach growling loudly.

A man watched the boy cry and felt a huge urge to console him, however, he knew that there was nothing he could do currently. Turning, he looked at the man next to him, anger in his voice.

"You could have at least let him taste it you know…" he said as he watched the other man clean his teeth with the bones from the fish. "That was cruel, even for you Hideki…"

The other man laughed and burped loudly, "Come now Hiroshi, we can't all be as caring and as generous as you. I saw an opportunity and I took it. Besides, why should the demon brat eat before I do?"

"Because he probably hasn't eaten anything in days…Brother." He said the last word with such venom it made Hideki laugh.

"So what if the brat doesn't eat. If we're lucky he'll die and we won't have to tail him any longer, then you could go back to your precious little garden."

Disgusted, Hiroshi continued to watch the boy, as it was his duty as a ninja, given to him by the third hokage himself. How was he supposed to care for the boy if his brother seemed to do all he could to do the exact opposite? He sighed and watched the poor boy wipe his eyes and walk away slowly. I'm sorry…Naruto.

His thoughts were interrupted as another loud burp was heard, he closed his eyes in frustration.

"Come on, out shift is over brother, let someone else tail the demon." The man said before jumping from the branch, leaving Hiroshi to himself.

He watched the boy continue to walk the opposite direction his brother had gone. Smiling sadly, the man jumped as well.

Naruto was heartbroken. The first meal he would have had in three days had slipped right through his fingers. The fox knew exactly what had happened, but it didn't have the heart to tell the boy that it had gotten stolen.

It didn't understand why Hiroshi had stood idly while his brother tormented the boy. It could tell that he despised his brother, but he still did nothing. This enraged the fox even more, as being indifferent to wrong acts was as bad, if not worse, than the wrong act itself.

Naruto continued to walk down the trail , his tears falling down his cheeks, flowing over his whisker marks, when a small thump was heard in front of him. Startled, the boy jumped back in surprise. He looked down and saw a small satchel, the top was held together by simple string.

Picking it up carefully, he looked around, wondering who could have dropped it. Shrugging, he opened it and emptied its contents onto the ground. A small loaf of bread and chunk of cheese came rolling out, along with a small piece of paper that had one word written on it.


Naruto gasped as he held the food in his hand, again he began to look around, wondering where this bounty had come from. He didn't want to eat it however, as it wasn't his. Sure he had stolen the picnic basket, but look at where that had gotten him.

He sighed when he couldn't find the one who dropped the sack and sat on the forest floor, defeated.

"Eat it kit, the one that dropped it is far away now. He would understand, plus, you really need the food…"

Nodding, the boy placed the food in front of him and clapped his hands together in front of his face.

"Thank you for the food!"

As he began to eat the bread and cheese, the fox sighed to itself and looked towards the direction the ninja had run off to. All of Naruto's hardships were its fault, that is why it had made itself known to him. It knew he needed a friend, even if it was an internal one.


Naruto ran until he couldn't run anymore and stopped behind a tree, struggling to breathe. The voices of the angry village people could be heard in the distance. He didn't know why he was being chased; all he had done was ask to buy some food from a stand and the next thing he knew he was running from what seemed like the entire village. Who seemed to like the idea of chasing him with pitchforks and torches. He didn't even know where all the pitchforks came from…there weren't that many farmers in or near Konoha.

The voices could be heard closer now. He could make out some words such as "Death to the monster". What monster was there that they needed the entire village to kill? He was scared and confused…and alone.

"You aren't alone kit. You have me."

Startled, Naruto looked around for the voice, arms up ready to defend what he could of his body.

"Wh-who's there?" He called out a little loudly.

"Shh, quiet now little one. You need to get away quietly otherwise those people will hurt you. Don't ask me why they want to, now is not the time for such questions. I know that you are hurting from running so much, but you need to try to run more. As to who I am, just think of me as a friend, a voice in your head."


"Yes, friend. And yes, I know what you are thinking because I am in your head little one. But now you must run. No!" It screamed as a kunai had suddenly pierced Naruto's shoulder, effectively pinning him to the tree. The boy struggled as much as he could to pull the painful object out of his shoulder, but to no avail. He cried from the pain, his lips mouthing the word "Mommy" over and over.

A small thud was heard in front of Naruto who looked up to see a man with cold eyes staring down at him, a headband on his forehead with the symbol of a leaf on it. A ninja.

"Heh, your "Mommy" isn't here demon spawn. But don't worry little orphan, I'll make sure you meet her very soon…after you and I have some fun before the villagers get here…"

Naruto watched as the man pulled out another kunai and stared at the man with tears pouring down his face. "P-please don't hurt me."

"Peh, cry all you want demon, no one cares." The ninja smiled as he pierced his other shoulder, making the poor boy cry out even louder.

The fox inside of him crashed against the bars of its cage, trying to free itself to save Naruto, but it was useless, the seal held firm. It watched helplessly as the ninja pulled out yet another kunai, it winced each cut was made onto his skin, it watched as each tear fell to the ground, to mix with the pool of blood that was beginning to spread.. Naruto…I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…

"Heh, looks like we're out of time, well now you die demon." The man stood up straight and pointed his kunai down at the boy, meaning to stab him through the chest.

"Close your eyes Naruto…The pain will stop soon."

Naruto listened to the voice, anything to make the pain stop. He didn't see the blade come down to his chest, but he did hear the sound of metal piercing flesh. Then…absolute silence.

"Naruto, I'm sorry…this should never have happened."

His eyes snapped open at the sound of the new voice. His eyes fell upon a man wearing a red and white robe. The body of the ninja lay at his feet, a kunai through his throat.

"I was on a mission to form a stronger treaty the village hidden in the sand…I'm sorry. I should have known better…I just…didn't think people were capable of doing this… To a five year old" The man cried at seeing Naruto's condition. The kunai were still through his shoulders and seemed to be the only thing holding him up. His arms and legs were riddled with cuts. His legs had each tendon cut so they couldn't support his body. Some flesh hung loosely from his body as the blood pumped from the wounds they seemed to twitch angrily. The man retched at seeing him like this and retched again when he pulled the kunai out of Naruto's shoulders, unable to knock him unconscious because of the cuts on his neck. He was amazed that he was still awake…and sad too.

"I'll protect you as best as I can Naruto…To keep my promise." He said quietly as the pain from pulling the kunai out of his shoulders finally made the boy pass out, mercifully.

"Thank you Hokage and I'll do my best to keep you safe as well little one. Starting with healing every wound now…And every wound you will get later, as I suspect there will be more scenes like this…" The fox said to itself as it began to treat the wounds, stopping the bleeding and strengthening the beating of his heart.

***End Flashback***

The fox cringed at the memory and then sighed quietly.

"Well…At least some of the people in this god forsaken village are willing to help the boy…"

As Naruto got closer to the village, he could see the gates, and with them, the guards. He sighed as the guards stopped him with grins on their faces.

"I'm sorry, who are you? You don't seem to have a village pass boy." The first guard spat out the last word as if it were a vile thing to say.

Naruto stared at the two men as tears started to appear; he just wanted to rest now…was that too much to ask for?

"You're right sir…I don't have a village pass as I don't need one. I am a citizen of this village and you can ask the Hokage if you want."

At this the first guard who spoke stiffened. He had forgotten that the boy knew the Hokage. However, his partner came to his aid.

"I'm sorry boy, but the Hokage isn't in today, he went on a mission so I'm sorry but we can't let you in."

Naruto, knowing that the Hokage wouldn't go on a mission without telling him, knew the man was lying, but he also knew that he would not be granted access to the village. Turning slowly, he and began to walk away, hoping he could find some leaves, or even a cave to sleep in.

"What is the meaning of this? Turning a poor boy away due to lack of a village pass, which is meant for ninja only. And look at him! He's half dead."

Naruto froze mid-step as he heard the third voice, a woman's this time. He turned back to the gate and saw her. She was carrying a brown bag full a groceries, that caught his eye first, causing him to drool, all he had eaten was bread and cheese. The second thing that drew his attention was the glare of anger she gave to the guards. Her eyes a blazing red, seeming to bore a hole through the men's skulls.

"K-Kurenai, s-surely you know who this is. We can't let him back in the village." The trembling guard said, the other one looking as if he would soil himself.

"So, you knew who he was and still refused him access, is that what I'm hearing, guard?"

Knowing he was caught the guard stepped to the side and allowed Naruto to walk by him as the woman motioned for him to come near her.

"I know who he is, and that does not bother me, if I so much as hear that you treat him badly again, I'll make sure you both see your worst nightmares come to fruition. You know very well that I am capable do you not?" She said, glaring even harder at the two men who shook their heads and bowed for forgiveness.

"Good, see to it that it doesn't happen again." She said as she walked away with the boy.

Hideki shuddered as he watched the scene. "You know, for being only 20 she really is the ice queen of Konoha, she's terrifying….It's a shame she came when she did, otherwise the boy would have been forced to find food and shelter in the forest, and he would have probably died."

Hiroshi sighed as his brother spoke, grateful to Kami for giving the boy some luck.

**With Naruto and Kurenai**

"So, why were you outside little one?" Naruto stared at the woman that the guard had called Kurenai as she said "little one". She had said it in the same tone as his voice did sometimes. She seemed to actually care.

"I-I was trying to find some food…"

"Outside? What food could you find there?" She asked as they walked, the glares the villagers giving the boy next to her were making her angry.

"Well…there was this couple having a picnic and I grabbed their food…" Kurenai stopped walking as he said this and stared at the boy in anger, that is until she said the look ashamed look on his face.

"I see…Do you not have any money?" The sad look on his face began to tell her of his plight

"I used to…whenever I went to the stores they would always raise their prices so I wouldn't be able to buy anything. When I did buy things, they weren't in the best shape and I barely had any money left. After that, most of the time there would be someone waiting outside who would ask that I give them what money I had, including what I had bought."

Kurenai was stunned as they reached her house. Standing there, key in hand she refused to move.

"Raised their prices? Robbed you? A CHILD?" Her grip tightened on the bag, she could feel some items get crushed inside but she didn't care.

She looked over and saw the boy standing there shivering, hands up to protect himself. She sighed at her outburst and put the bag on the ground. Naruto closed his eyes and expected her to hit him for stealing, and because she had yelled. What happened next surprised both him and every villager that happened to be walking by. He could feel pressure around his neck, but it wasn't cutting off air. Confused he opened his eyes and was stunned to see that Kurenai was down on one knee and had her arms wrapped around him.

Naruto didn't know what to do. This had never happened to him before. He started to push her away in an attempt to escape any pain that she might have behind this gesture but as stopped as she hugged him even tighter and heard the voice in his head speak.

"Don't worry little one…It's called a hug, people do it to one another when they love each other, greet each other, or feel sorry for another. It's a good thing kit, enjoy it."

He closed his eyes and began to let the hug sink in. Thank you voice. He wrapped his arms back around Kurenai.

The villagers near them had stopped and stared dumbfounded. Here was the Ice Queen of Konoha, actually hugging someone…without a care in the world. Where she would normally send them to the hospital for either physical pain, or pain she caused from a genjutsu. She seemed to be doing something else too, but the villagers couldn't see as they were too far away from the front door.

Naruto moved his hands away as soon as he felt Kurenai begin to shudder. Her sobs now audible.

"I'm sorry! It won't happen again I promise I'll never steal! And if it's about me hugging you back I'm sorry too, that wont ha-" he stopped as he was hugged tighter as the sobs grew.

When Kurenai had hugged him the first time she noticed for the first time that there were holes in his shirt. Through those holes she could see angry white lines against the color of his skin. She knew what they were as she had some as well, but she could only imagine how this young boy had gotten these.

These are from kunai…

At that realization she had hugged him tighter and begun to tear as her eyes darted to each visible line. With each one she shed more and more tears, until she was in her current situation with Naruto.

Standing up straight, she sniffed quietly and kissed him on the forehead, effectively making every person within a 30 foot radius, other than herself, stop breathing for a few seconds, all were surprised.

"Come inside please Naruto, I seem to have bought too much food, do you mind helping me finish it?" She laughed because as soon as she finished her sentence Naruto hugged her again, albeit carefully, as if asking for permission, he was hugged back of course. Opening the door, she led him in and closed it behind her.

Everyone that had stopped breathing each took in much needed air as soon as the door clicked into place. They had not believed what they saw. She had both hugged and kissed a member of the opposite sex! Many shook their heads, the ninja present had to bite their thumbs and attempt a genjutsu release before they concluded that it was indeed a real event.

Hideki pulled a cigarette from his vest pocket and lit it, blowing smoke towards his brother, who waved it away.

"Well…this could be troublesome…"

Confused, Hiroshi looked as his brother but decided not to ask anything. He was happy for Naruto, for he finally found someone that seemed to care for him, and even showed him affection…something he knew that Naruto hadn't felt a lot of.

**With Naruto and Kurenai**

Kurenai watched as the young boy ate as fast as he could, she guessed it was from having to scrounge for food and eat as fast as he could before someone else mugged him…

Smiling she saw the empty plate and handed him her still more than half full plate and saw as the war raged inside of him.

"What about you Miss Kurenai? I wouldn't feel right eating all of your food." Handing her the plate back, he smiled. "Please eat, I don't want to have you think I'm taking advantage of you."

She laughed at that, here was a boy who she found out was seven, that actually cared about not taking advantage of her and wanted to show her as much kindness for the amount she had given him.

The men of Konoha could learn a thing or two from him.

"Plus I'm not hungry anymore Miss Kurenai." He said. He was betrayed however by his stomach who growled angrily, as if it were upset that he was lying and it wasn't getting more.

"Please don't lie to me Naruto, there is plenty of food left over, I'll just eat something else. Please eat for me." She smiled and forced her food onto his plate, using her red eyes to make him understand she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Defeated, he began to devour the food with gusto, effectively wiping every trace of food on the plate from existence. Kurenai smiled in approval of this and went to pick up his plate to clean up.

She was stopped however as she felt a tiny hand on her wrist "Miss Kurenai, please, I'll wash up." She was about to argue but blue eyes met red and it was his turn to show that he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Sighing, she put her hands up in surrender and let him wash up. She had to turn away however, as his back was now shown to her, his shirt had so many holes in it that she could see each and every angry scar.

After he was done washing up Naruto walked over and sat down at the table facing her.

"So…what do we do now?"

"Well, now it's time for bed." She saw the sad look on the boy's face as he got up to move for the door. "Wait, where are you going?"

"You said you wanted to sleep, I'll leave you now Miss Kurenai."

"Please Naruto, it's just Kurenai to you," Naruto looked up at this, the voice had always said to use "Miss" or "Mister" when talking to a person that is older than you. "and as to going to bed, I meant we are going to bed, I have an extra room, would you like it? Ah!"

She yelled out as suddenly the boy was wrapped around her yelling his thanks over and over again at such a kind gesture, tears of joy running down her cheeks. Smiling, she placed a hand on his head and rubbed it slowly, not caring about the dirt and grime in it. When he stopped crying she led him to the bathroom.

"However, you need a bath Naruto," She pinched her nose playfully "you're a bit…ripe."

He grinned sheepishly and nodded furiously, not wanting to anger his new friend…if not more than his friend.

While he was in the shower, Kurenai had time to think. She thought about all the scars on Naruto's back and then thought about his smile. She thought about his eyes, those blue eyes that seemed to hold so much feeling, even if they had seen more than any child should have, let alone any person. Suddenly, a thought came to mind that made her smile as she began to map out her plan.

When he came out of the bathroom, hair still damp but now clean, he saw Kurenai sitting on the couch. He thanked her for the clothes she had given him before his shower and saw a look on her face, he didn't know what it was, but he wasn't sure if he should like it or not.

Kurenai stared at the boy in front of her and marveled at the change. His hair was now a dazzling blonde, instead of the dirty brunette she had seen before, his skin was actually tan, instead of being close to black. All in all, he looked much better than before, albeit he was still a little skinny.

"Say…Naruto?" she said, seeing him look at her with a look of confusion. "I seem to have a problem…"

Wondering what problem she could possibly have, he perked right up and said, "What's the problem Mi-" he stopped as she glared at him "*ahem* What's the problem Kurenai?" He relaxed at the look of approval on her face.

"Well, you see, I seem to have that second room up there…It used to belong to a friend of mine, but she hasn't been around in a while and now there is no one to fill it permanently. It does get lonely around here with no one to talk to. I was wondering…do you think you could fill that room permanently Naruto?"

Looking over at him, she gave out a giggle. If jaws could hit the floor, his would surely be three floors below ground. Again, he attacked her, hugging her as tightly as his malnourished body could.

"I'll talk that as a yes then?" A nod "Good, then tomorrow we will see the hokage and see about putting you in the Ninja academy.

The boy froze at this for a moment pondering. She wondered if she had said the wrong thing when suddenly his grip got tighter, causing her to laugh.

"Another good idea then! Haha, alright Naruto, it's time for bed." Carrying him up the stairs, she brought him to his bed and laid him in it, literally tucking him in. Kissing his forehead good night, the boy was asleep before her lips even left his head.

She walked away slowly and turned to look at him, smiled widely as she saw the content smile on his face, turned back and walked out and closed the door behind her.

No one would ever hurt him again as long as she could help it. He had been through enough already. She vowed to herself as long as she was alive, she would help to make sure that no harm would ever come to him as long as he was in her care. Whether it be in her home, or outside of it. He was safe.

The fox saw everything with tears in its eyes. It couldn't have been happier for Naruto. An image of the boy appeared in her cell, sleeping as the original one was. The fox began to change shape, slowly its fur seemed to recede back into its body, and the only hair staying was on top of its head and tails. It straightened up slowly as the joints in its legs went from point backwards, to forwards.

Slowly but surely the fox went from being a demon fox, to being a human. Granted it was a human with fox ears and nine fox tails, but it was still a human. It leaned over the sleeping apparition of Naruto and placed a kiss on his forehead, causing a small grunt from the boy who didn't wake up.

"Good night Kit." The fox said, its voice different now. Instead of the gruff voice it once had, it now held the voice of a woman, pure and gentle. Her voice seemed to be heard by Naruto as a smile appeared on his face. She placed a hand on his cheek and began to hum quietly, rubbing his cheek slowly in tune with the song.

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