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Chapter Five

The Fox's New Tricks

"Time to wake up Naruto, you need to train remember?"

Opening his eyes, he looked around, only to see his room. He chuckled to himself as he realized his mistake of looking for the woman responsible for waking him.

Good morning Katsumi. How are you doing this morning? He rubbed his eyes slowly and sat up, yawning quietly.

"I am doing well. Of course I would be better if you didn't insist on continuing that damned water walking exercise. You're going to get sick if you keep falling in."

Yes "Mother". She scowled at this. But I had to; I've almost got it down. Thank you for helping me fix my chakra by the way, I guess I still need work on the stupid control.

Standing up, he pulled on his shirt and pants. He was glad that he had not chosen shorts that day. They would have been a real hassle, considering that, even with pants, he still got cuts and scrapes from running through the branches around Konoha.

He then pulled on his shoes slowly, making sure they were tightly tied. He loved wearing shoes and had bought three more pairs. Jumping up and down, he moved from one foot to the other, trying to get the movement down right. The only drawback to wearing shoes was the fact that sometimes they didn't allow for the same movement as the sandals would have, but they did offer more protection from insects and twigs and whatnot.

He moved over to his full body mirror and adjusted his headband to keep his hair out of his eyes. His hair was a little longer now, the spikes drooping slightly instead of standing straight up, moving his fingers through it lightly and smiled, he thought he looked good. A twinkle of bright red light caught his eye and he smiled widely as he saw what it was from.

-== Flashback ==-

"Naruto-kun?" She called up the stairs quietly, hearing him doing his physical exercises. "Can you come here please?"

Stopping mid sit up, Naruto moved towards his doorway, a towel around his neck.

"Coming Kurenai!" Wiping his head to get rid of the sweat, he walked to the stairs and saw her. She looked different somehow. He couldn't put his finger on it, but the smile on her face made him smile as well.

Slowly going down the stairs, he heard a quiet whisper from the kitchen. He cocked his head to the side as he saw Kurenai's eyes widen suddenly.

"U-uh hold on Naruto-kun." She said, holding her hands up slightly, making him stop in the middle of the stairs.

"Is something wrong? Why did you call me?"

Nervously, she waved her hands side to side as she laughed.

"Hehe um, well you see…the thing is."

"Ok Kurenai, ready now."

He heard the quiet whisper coming from the kitchen, the light was off now but there was a small orange glow coming from it.

"Oh thank Kami." She whispered as she wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. "Come on now Naruto, sorry for the wait."

It was then that Naruto finally found what was different about her he smiled widely, "You got a new dress, didn't you Kurenai-chan?" he said, looking at her new attire.

She blushed slightly and nodded, doing a little twirl to show off a little. "It's not a dress really, a dress would be too hard to do missions in, so I made this shorter, although I think I made it a little too short." Her hands moved down the length of her body, smoothing out her new clothes. Her real reason for getting the dress, however, was due to the fact that today was a very special day in her eyes and she wanted to look nice, but she had to admit that the new attire would actually work on having to do missions.

She now wore a smaller dress, almost like her old kimono, except that this one went down to her mid-thigh and stopped. It was missing one sleeve, the left one, and Naruto could now see the fishnet armor from the side when she twirled. Her right arm had its sleeve and was rather long, hiding her hand completely as the fabric went past her hand, hiding it from view. Naruto figured it was so she could hide some sort of weapon if needed.

She also now wore her hair in a pony tail, her bangs framing her face nicely as her hair was tied back with a red ribbon. Her heeled sandals were now wrapped around her leg up to her knee where it stopped.

"Wow, you look beautiful Kurenai-chan! I don't know why I didn't notice before. I'm sure that will work great on missions." He walked down the stairs and stood in front of her.

She couldn't help but blush at his compliment, she may have been older than he was, but what woman doesn't like being complimented?

Shaking her head to clear it, she moved to the side of the stairs.

"Close your eyes Naruto; we have a surprise for you." Her right arm motioned to the orange glow from the kitchen.

Complying, Naruto closed his eyes and allowed Kurenai to lead him slowly to the kitchen. He heard shuffling as she moved to go in front of him and heard whispers.

"Ok Naruto, you can open them now." He heard another voice say.

He smiled as he heard Anko's voice.

Opening his eyes quickly he was stunned. There, in front of him, was a cake, and surrounding it were 8 candles in the shape of kunai. The cake itself was in the shape of a small red fox, its tail wrapped around its body and its head resting on it.

Speechless, Naruto just stared. His eyes shifting from the cake, to Kurenai, and then to the smiling Anko, who was still covered in frosting and flour.

"Did you make this?"

She nodded quickly, her smile wide and proud.

Again he was dumbfounded, not only had Anko cooked something for him, but it looked…Well…Edible! He hated to admit it, but Anko was a terrible cook. He still shuddered whenever he remembered her cooking one time...

I didn't know that you could burn a pot…by trying to boil water….

However, as he looked at the cake in front of him, he could tell that it had taken her many hours to make it look extremely lifelike. He smiled as he stared at the women in front of him. Both were absolutely beautiful, as he told them every day. Even the woman that was covered from head to toe in flour, frosting, and food coloring she had used to paint the cake.

Of course he would never admit this to them, but he had developed somewhat of a boyish crush on the two women, and who could blame him? Living in a house with two beautiful, powerful women, was every man's dream.

His thoughts were interrupted as he heard the fox in his head speak.

"Look Naruto-kun…" She couldn't believe the amount of work they had done for the boy. Katsumi couldn't help but feel a little jealousy towards the boy, for being able to do so much for him, while she could do nothing.

Naruto's eyes drifted towards the end of the cake as he realized he had missed something.

In its mouth was a small card made of candy, it read: Happy Birthday Naruto! Our cunning little fox. Love, Anko and Kurenai. With a small heart at the end of the card.

He smiled at this as tears of joy came to his eyes. Our little fox huh…he smiled because of the fact that everyone around town seemed to call him a fox. To him, it didn't really matter, as he figured it meant it was because he had done a prank on everyone in the entire village, even the old man himself.

He looked at the two women in front of him; each had lost their smile as they saw the tears in his eyes. They were confused as to why he was smiling, yet seemed ready to cry.

"D-Do you not like it?" Anko said sadly as she mentally berated herself for trying to cook. "I-I could try to make something el-"

"Thank you…" he said and walked up to them, wrapping his arms around each of them, not wanting to let go.

For the first time in his life, the one day that was the worst every year, was actually a happy one. For once, no one was chasing him, no one was throwing things at him. It all just felt so…right.

The women wrapped their arms around the boy and smiled gently. His head now came up to their chests and they were proud as to the kind of boy he was becoming.

"Blow out the candles and make a wish Naruto! I hope you like it…"

Anko said, her eyes full of hope. He smiled and blew the candles out. Closing his eyes and making his wish, he surprised Katsumi with it.

No matter what, I don't want them to leave me. I want them to be safe. So I wish I was the best ninja that I could be, just to keep them safe and happy.

As he was about to blow out the candles, a thought raced through his head.

Oh! And someday, I wish that I'll be able to meet Katsumi to thank her for everything she has done. I hope she never leaves me either.

With that, he blew out the candles in one breath, earning a few claps from the two women in front of him.

Katsumi was frozen in shock as she heard the second wish Naruto wanted.

H-he wants to thank me? For what…His life used to be so horrible because I'm inside of him…

As if sensing her sadness, Naruto began to focus his chakra softly, allowing it to wash over the woman in his head. She gasped as she felt the calming sensation enter her "body". She felt as Naruto was forgiving her, but that was impossible, he didn't even know she did anything wrong.

Please don't be sad Katsumi…I don't like it when you're sad.

H-how is he doing this to me? He shouldn't be able to…

In reality, the boy had learned the secret to how she manipulated her chakra within his body, and just reversed the process. Needless to say, he was pleased by the results ashe could sense the sadness leave Katsumi slowly.

This interaction between the two of them lasted a few seconds.

Opening his eyes, Naruto saw that Kurenai had turned on the light and Anko was cutting the cake. He took a bite and nearly moaned as it was so good. His first taste of cake and it was made by someone that was precious to him. He savored every bite and saw Anko smile even more proudly while cleaning the flour off of her face and coat.

He looked over at Kurenai and saw that she was looking over at Anko with questioning eyes, he saw Anko nod and Kurenai smiled nervously.

"We got you something else Naruto…" He dropped his fork and waved his hands in front of him

"No, no, you gave me more than anyone has! You don't need to give me anything else, really!"

Shaking her head, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a little bright red box the size of her palm. Biting her bottom lip cutely, she held it out nervously. As she placed it into his hand, he held it as if it were glass.

"It's from both of us Naruto." Anko said smiling, Kurenai nodded.

He looked down at the box and, with a shaking hand, opened it slowly. There, he found a small silver fox looking at him. The fur was engraved onto the silver by little wavy lines, its tail wound around itself, in its eyes were two small red stones and they twinkled brightly, as if they were staring at him.

Inside each of these stones, he could see one small letter in each. On the right, there was a K, and on the left, there was an A.

Turning it over, what he saw finally made him break down and begin to weep tears of joy. Placing it onto the table with the back still facing upwards, he launched himself at the two women, wrapping his arms around them as tightly as he could.

"Thank you…you have no idea what you've done. I love you both so much." He said, his head buried into their shoulders.

The women gasped quietly and looked at each other as the little boy in their arms cried. They smiled and both leaned down to kiss the top of his head lightly.

"We love you too Naruto." Kurenai said gently.

Anko rubbed his back slowly.

"More than you'll ever know." She said quietly into his ear.

Turning his head he looked at what had been engraved onto the back of the fox necklace.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do, we'll always love you. – Signed Anko and Kurenai.

**End Flashback**

His fingers moved slowly over the fox's fur and eyes, and he couldn't help but smile. In one day, it seemed as if his entire life had done a complete 180. All in one day, he had found a family, a home, and an education, what more could he ask for? Well he didn't need to ask for anything, even when he went out he got less glares and death threats, due to the fact that one Anko Mitarashi had warned everyone in a five block radius that if they so much as looked at him funny she would pay them a visit. Life was amazing now.

Dropping to the floor he began to do push ups, naming the different Hokage's in his head and what they had done for Konoha. He did this quite often when he woke, basically cutting his training time in two, allowing him to fit in even more training if he wanted, and, knowing Anko, she would have him sweating by the days end.

It had been three years since he had met the two women, making Naruto now ten, and already his ninja training was paying off. What he lacked in chakra control, he more than made up for in sheer speed and stamina, even managing to evade both Anko and Kurenai during a training session based on tag. His ninjutsu was also coming along, as he found that he was doing better than most kids his age.

Already he could form up to a C ranked jutsu without getting weakened and he was very proud of himself. He had four wind, two water, three fire, and two earth jutsus under his belt, he could not find anyone to teach him lightning, however, and that disappointed him.

Grunting, he stood up and began doing stretches, moving his body side to side and then tilting his upper body left to right. A laugh from the doorway stole his attention.

"Very good Naruto-kun, up and early. Ninjas don't need to sleep in."

Anko stood there smiling, she pointed her finger towards the floor.

"However, they do need to eat, how would you like to try something new? It's near my dango stand so I figured that we could stop by."

Naruto stopped stretching and nodded. If worst came to worst and he didn't like the new meal, he would just eat the dango before training as he didn't really mind the taste. He watched as Anko walked over to his window and opened it, climbing onto the windowsill. She looked back at him and smiled, waving for his hand to follow. As she jumped out of the window, Naruto sighed to himself.

"You know…I actually like the stairs." But, knowing it was to train his body to get used to impacts, he went to the window and jumped, landing easily onto the ground from the second story window.

"Maybe we should go from the roof next time hm Naruto? That seems too easy for you now and it isn't as fun when you aren't scared." Anko smiled jokingly as she remembered how much he had panicked the first time she jumped from the window.

"Alright Anko, we'll do that…if you can catch me!" Suddenly Anko's body disappeared, appearing behind Naruto with a triumphant smile on her face.

"Don't be so confident…" Her hand went to reach out to touch him, just before her fingertips touched his shirt he disappeared from sight, appearing again on a tree branch, arms crossed in front of him.

"Hah, you've been practicing haven't you gaki?" She smiled, looking up at him, placing hands on her hips.

"You can say that." A whisper came from right next to her ear.

She stiffened and looked behind her, seeing the blonde boy there instead of on the branch.

I-I didn't even see him move!

"G-good gaki, that means we can up the training, after food of course."

"Sounds good to me Anko-sensei." He smiled as he disappeared from sight again, only to appear on the roof of the house.

"Roof hop over there?"

Anko shook her head and marveled at the boy's progress. Instantly she was on the same roof next to the boy.

A few hops later, they decided to land in an alley, as they didn't want to jump into a crowded street.

The two walked out of the alley and Naruto looked at the villagers. A few brave souls actually decided to send him a scowl, but that was fine by him, it didn't matter anymore, not when he actually had people loving him. Arriving at their destination, Anko held out her hand.

"After you."

As he walked inside, Naruto felt as if he were at home, it was a very nice atmosphere, even if it was a little small.

"Good morning sir! Welcome to Ichiraku's Ramen stand. Can I take your order?"

Ramen? Isn't it a little warm for that? He looked at the man questioningly and froze. The man was actually smiling at him. Shaking his head as if in a daze, he begun to look at the menu.

"Um, I guess I'll have beef ramen please. Sorry for asking, are you new to town?"

After taking his order, the man smiled wider and shook his head. "Nope, lived here since I was a boy." Naruto nodded at this and was about to ask a question. "If you're wondering why I'm not scowling at you, it isn't because that woman has been staring at me giving me the evil eye." He said, indicating Anko who blushed and bowed.

"Sorry." She said sheepishly.

"Quite alright. I'm not scowling, because of the simple fact that I have no reason to scowl now do I?" The same smile never leaving his face.

Naruto smiled at this, he liked this old man.

"Now, sit and I'll be back with your food." He said, pointing to an empty seat with his fan.

The two sat down and began chatting about the days lessons, which would include laps, attack and defense, and evading/ambushing. As they were talking, a girl about the age of fifteen placed a large bowl of soup in front of the blonde boy.

"Here you go sir." Wow…he's cute! She thought, looking at his tight dark red, almost blackish shirt, her eyes moving to his necklace and then to his blonde hair. She noticed the whisker marks and that made her think he was all the cuter.

Now even though Naruto was only ten, due to a growth spurt, he was now up to Anko's shoulder, and thanks to his ninja training, his muscles were big, yet lean, making him fill out his shirt nicely. His stomach was flat and his chest wide and strong looking. All in all, he looked as if he were 13 to 14 years old in the eyes of the girl behind the counter.

Naruto bowed his head in thanks and paid the girl after she gave him a white soup spoon.

"Thank you very much miss, this is my first bowl of ramen!""

At this, the old man came to the counter, and handed the money back to Naruto.

"It is? Well we can't have you pay for it unless you like it sir." He said, smiling down at the boy, making him smile as well.

Naruto dipped the spoon into the broth and brought it to his lips. As soon as the liquid touched his tongue he froze, staring off into space.

All three people stared at the boy as he entered his trancelike state, his eyes staring at nothing.

"Naruto?" Anko said, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Are you ok?..."

No response.

Anko gently nudged the boy and nearly jumped out of her skin when he let out a yell.

"OH MY GOD!" The boy yelled and began devouring the food as if he needed it to live, his spoon moving so quickly, it was a white blur between him and the bowl. After the broth was gone, he took his chopsticks and slurped up every noodle he could grab. The time he took to eat everything? Thirty seconds.

There was a silence, the only sounds came from outside the shop from the village. The three people stared at the empty bowl and then back at the boy as if he had grown a second head. The old man started to laugh heartily as he could tell the poor boy wanted to lick his bowl clean.

"I take it you like it then?" The boy nodded quickly and handed over five times the amount of money he was going to give the old man before.

"Four more bowls please."

The old man's jaw dropped as he heard this, but quickly closed.

"Coming right up! By the way son, what is your name?"

"Naruto Uzumaki." The boy stood, bowing to the man and then to the girl, making her blush.

"Nice to meet you Naruto-kun" The man shook his hand. "My name is Teuchi, this is my daughter Ayame." He said, indicating the girl next to him.

"It is very nice to meet you! Thank you for showing me the wonderful world of ramen."

At this all four people laughed.

After their lunch, Naruto and Anko left the village to train outside in the forest, as it was dense and would teach Naruto how to use his surroundings.

"Alright Naruto-kun, how is your control coming along? Has Kurenai-chan been teaching you any new exercises?"

A nod came from the boy. "She's trying to teach me how to walk on water, I've got walking on trees down, but water is a different story. It's really hard to focus that much on a moving surface."

Anko nodded in understanding. "Well, just do your best and I'm sure you'll get it in no time. Now, on to today's lesson. You're to do laps and then we'll work on a few jutsu after that, we'll go over some hand to hand fighting, to end the day, I'll teach you how to lay down traps and set an ambush, sound good?"

"Yep let's get started!"

-== Later ==-

Both ninja were breathing heavily as they faced each other. Anko was very impressed on how the boy was progressing, he had even been able to lay a few blows on her, such a thing was not easy to do against an Anbu trained operative.

Even though he was able to hit her, he paid the price as his body was littered with bruises, cuts, and scrapes, he didn't mind however, as he knew he would heal quickly.

"Oh sure Naruto, make me heal you all the time."

Ahehe, sorry Katsumi, I appreciate it you know.

"You better Kit."

"Alright, hand to hand is over. I'm proud of you Naruto, you actually have me breathing hard, I guess I'll have to step it up a notch next time."

Nodding, the boy smiled as the cuts and scrapes he received disappeared. "Same goes for me."

"Good, now let's get cleaned up."

After both felt they were clean and rested enough, Anko stood at the tree line. She went over the different ways to set traps, ranging from using kunai launchers, to leading an enemy into your team waiting in ambush, to setting up paper bombs. The latter caught Naruto's attention and he asked her to go into detail.

"Well, you want to angle the explosions in such a way to ensure maximum damage to your enemy. If it's a group, you can add kunai to the seal of the tag, effectively making it a shrapnel bomb. For a lone enemy, small explosions will do, as you want to injure him or her, while still having the advantages of keeping him or her alive to be interrogated"

Nodding, the boy wrote what he could down in a tiny notebook he kept in one of his pants pockets. After she was done explaining, she let him run into the forest with paint bombs, telling him to set them up to ambush her.

He ran into the forest and set them up, making it so if she walked into the paper bombs, the explosions would send her a certain way. He added a delay to another set of explosives, so when the first set went off and she moved to escape, the second set would send her straight at him, allowing a kill shot. After he was done he sat in a bush and waited.

It was then that he heard a snap and a whine. Standing up he looked around, looking for the source of the sound. Hearing nothing, he sat back down to wait.

Less than a minute later he began to hear small whines, sounds that a dog would make if it were scolded or threatened, with these whines he heard quiet metallic rattling.

Deciding to investigate, Naruto searched the brush. What he found hurt him dearly, he had walked up on an animal in a hunter's trap, no doubt they set it for animal pelts. In it was a large fox the size of a medium dog, its neck was caught in the trap. Judging by the angle of its head, Naruto knew that it was dead.

The rattling and whining, and the cause of Naruto's emotional pain, came from a little fox pup, nudging the trap with its nose, making the bigger fox's lifeless body move slightly back and forth, only to return to its original position.

Katsumi was outraged, one of her own had been killed, just for its pelt! If I could get out of here I would find the hunter that did this and make him pay! She didn't say anything to the boy, however, as she saw how he was acting, and could feel what he felt.

Heartbroken, he walked up slowly to the dead fox and its offspring. The little fox jumped in front of its parent and growled at Naruto, baring its tiny fangs. Naruto would have thought this was cute in a different situation. Raising his hands slightly, he tried to calm the young pup. Looking at it, he found that it couldn't have been more than two months old, as it was barely big enough to fit in his palm.

"Shh, I'm not the one that set it, I'm trying to help…I'm sorry…but she's dead. I wanted to bury her if you don't mind…"

The young kit suddenly sat up and stopped growling, it cocked its head to the side and stared at the boy. He stepped closer, expecting the fox to attack him, it didn't however, in fact, it moved aside as if it understood him.

Searching his pockets to find something to dig with, he found that he had nothing, and so, sighing, he walked over to the trap and opened it slowly. He moved the fox out of the trap gently, under the supervision of the young one sitting near the bushes, and moved to a patch of dirt.

Slowly he began to dig using just his fingers. Even though the dirt was packed he couldn't let the dead fox stay there like this so he continued to dig, his fingers aching from scratching the earth.

Eventually, he made the hole wide enough to fit the fox, while deep enough that an animal wouldn't dig up the body, he gently placed the fox into the hole and covered it up. He moved his hands in front of him and clapped them together and said a small prayer over the grave. After he was done he looked down and saw that his fingertips were bleeding. Sighing he stood up and cleaned them on his pants, glad that they were black. He looked over to the small fox and smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't give her a proper burial, but I did the best that I could. I hope that you'll be ok kit." He smiled inwardly to himself at the change of events, usually he was the one that was called kit.

He turned and slowly walked back to the woods, he was stopped though, when he felt the light tugging on his pant leg. Looking down, he saw the little fox with his pant leg in its mouth, looking up at him sadly, whining quietly. Not thinking, he reached down and held out his hand, instantly the fox jumped on it and ran up his arm, stopping to sit on his shoulder. It licked his cheek happily as if in thanks.

He laughed quietly as he let it lick him. "You're quite welcome. I couldn't just leave her like that could I?" The little fox barked quietly and licked him again. "Ok, ok, you're welcome, but I think you should go, you don't want to go with me, people don't like me very much, and they especially don't like foxes."

He placed the little fox on the ground, only to have it scurry back up and climb into one of his pockets, its head sticking out, along with its paws. It barked happily.

"She wants to go with you Naruto-kun, she wants to thank you for helping her mother find peace and would like to repay you by being your companion." Katsumi said quietly.

Naruto looked down at the small fox in his pocket and smiled. "I don't have a choice here do I?" As if answering, the fox barked again.

Let me guess, she said no.

"That's exactly right Naruto-kun."

How is it you can understand her Katsumi?

The fox smiled to itself. "Fox, remember?"


Sighing quietly, he gave up and smiled, petting the small pup on its head.

"Well, my name is Naruto. What's yours?" He was answered by a bark. "Hehe that's a very nice name."

"Haha, she says she doesn't have a name Kit. Her mother used to just call her kit or pup."

Naruto stared down at the little fox in his pocket and pondered. He pulled the fox out of his pants and held it in front of him, giggling as her little tail began to sway back and forth. Looking in its eyes, he noticed that they were as red as Kurenai's were, he gasped as he saw that her fur was indeed silver, not grey, but a dull silver, her hairs shining slightly.

He looked as his necklace and smiled widely, a perfect match. He petted her head again, making it bark quietly and then suddenly an idea popped into his head.

"I know what I'll call you. How do you like Naomi, as in, above all beauty?" The fox sat there in his palm and barked happily, its little tail wagging back and forth quickly. It scurried up Naruto's shirt and began licking him again.

I take it she likes the name?

The fox laughed at this, "Yes Naruto-kun, she loves her new name and says thank you."

Naruto smiled and looked at the sky. "Wow, it's getting dark, I didn't know how long I was digging. I guess we should get going, what do you say Naomi?" His reply was a bark as the little fox yipped and climbed down his body with ease, putting itself back into his pocket, its head pocking out.

On his way back to his original spot, Naomi barked quietly and sniffed the air. "What is it?"

He waited a few seconds.

"Naruto! Where are you?" Anko's voice went throughout the forest, followed by the sound of explosions and her screams.

Oh no…there's one…


There is the second one…

As expected, Anko landed right in front of him, her back turned towards him. Unable to help it, he pulled a pain covered kunai from his pocket and threw it at the woman, nailing her squarely in the back of the neck, a definite kill shot.

"Heh, I win Anko-sensei!"

Scowling, the woman turned and rubbed the back of her neck where the wooden kunai had struck her.

"Where were you? I was worried sick!" She looked down at the boy and saw the sad look on his face, her eyes darted to the bulge in his pocket and saw the little fox head. "Who is this?"

Gently, Naruto took Naomi from his pocket and held her to his chest, her head burying itself in his shoulder. "This is Naomi-chan Anko…I found her mother in a trap…" His eyes fell to the ground.

Anko gasped quietly when he said this and then suddenly took his hand in hers. "You're bleeding! What happened? Did it bite you?"

"No, it was dead… I buried it."

Her eyes dropped at this and rubbed the boy's hand gently, "I'm sorry…why didn't you come get me? We could have gotten a shovel to dig."

"I didn't want to leave this little pup there all alone, so I decided to dig her grave there. Don't worry, I'll heal in no time, you know this."

"That's beside the point! I was worried sick, and why is she with you? Usually a fox would run into the forest after being seen by a human." Anko said, scratching the little fox behind the ear, making it tilt its head to allow her more access.

"She wouldn't leave me alone after I buried her mother. She literally climbed into my pants haha."

Anko, unable to help herself, blushed and smiled.

"Aw, my little Naruto-kun is growing up, letting vixens climb into his pants."

The boy's face instantly turned redder than Naomi's eyes, a small trickle of blood coming from his nose.

"N-not funny Anko."

"Hehe, come on, let's get home. We have some explaining to do to Kurenai."

-== Back At the House ==-

As soon as she had opened the door for Naruto and Anko she saw the small fox on Naruto's shoulder, Kurenai had stars in her eyes and screamed.

"KAWAII!" And snatched the little fox from his shoulder, holding it gently and snuggling with it softly as she would a stuffed animal. She giggled quietly as the fox showed its appreciation for being called cute, by licking her lightly.

After he and Anko explained why they were late, she handed Naruto back the little fox and smiled.

"Of course she can stay, but you know you will have to take care of her Naruto."

He nodded and took her upstairs quickly. Placing her on the floor, and he let her explore his room. He watched as she sniffed and searched every crevice of the room. Using some old shirts, Naruto made a makeshift bed in the corner of his room and laughed as he saw her instantly jump into it, cuddling up with the shirts that still smelled of him.

Watching as she played with the shirts, he couldn't help but smile even more at the little fox. It scurried throughout the clothing, only to pop its head up out of nowhere, a small sock hanging over its face.

Shaking his head at its cuteness, Naruto yawned quietly and stretched from his long day. He went over to his bed and got undressed and, getting under the covers, he looked over at Naomi and smiled.

"Good night Naomi-chan. Welcome home." He got a bark as his reply. Reaching over to his lamp, he turned it off and closed his eyes.

-== With Anko And Kurenai ==-

"Do you think that would work Anko?" Kurenai asked as she sipped her tea.

"Why not, the Inuzukas do it with dogs. Why not use the same principal with Naruto and Naomi-chan? I think it would work."

Kurenai held her chin in her hands and thought carefully. She had no idea how to train an animal, and neither did Anko. There was also one small matter.

"We'll have to ask Naruto-kun. If he wants to train her, he'll have to do it, to create a bond between them."

"Kurenai-chan, this may be hard to believe, but I believe there is already a bond between them. One probably just as strong as ours is to him. You've seen how she acts around him."

Kurenai smiled at this and nodded slowly remembering how Naomi had jumped from her hand to get back to Naruto, "You may be right Anko, you may be right."

-== Later That Night ==-

Naruto woke up to quiet whining coming from his corner. Looking over to it, he saw Naomi curled in a ball, her head on her tail, her eyes were drawn to the window as they stared into the moon.

He knew how she felt. The feeling of loneliness was nothing new to him. Standing up from his bed, he walked slowly over to her.

She lifted her head when she heard him and whined a little louder. Walking over to him slowly, she didn't wait for permission as she jumped into his arms, her head burying itself into his chest as her body shivered as if she were crying.

He looked down at the small pup in his hands and felt his heart break even more.

Was this how I was when Kurenai-chan found me?...

His fingers moved through her fur slowly as he tried to calm the little fox down. Moving over to his bed, he cradled her in his arms and allowed his breathing to slow.

He watched as her shivering began to cease as his fingers began to move along her fur even more gently than before.

Quietly, he began to hum. He had no idea where the song had come from, but he felt it was the right thing to do as he continued to try to comfort the little ball of fur in his hands.

Katsumi wiped away her tears as she too began to hum along with Naruto. The same song she had been humming to him for years while he slept.

-== Three Months Later ==-

Naruto, Anko, and Kurenai stood in a small clearing in the forest surrounding Konoha. Ever since that day, Naomi had refused to leave Naruto's side. Now she sat on his shoulder sniffing the air quietly while she looked at Kurenai, and waited patiently.

"Begin." Kurenai said, pointing to a tree.

Instantly, Naomi jumped off of Naruto's shoulder, running towards the tree, followed by the blonde. As she got there, she ran up the tree with ease, waiting at the top for her master.

Naruto looked at the tree and ran up it quickly, using only his feet, as he neared the top, he back flipped off, landing on the ground with a quiet thud. He outstretched his hand and smiled as Naomi jumped off the branch and onto his hand, running up to sit on her perch.

"Very good Naruto-kun, Naomi-chan. Tree walking exercise, check." Kurenai said as mentally checked off a checklist.

"Next." Anko stated as she pointed to the small pond in the middle of the clearing. In the middle of the pond stood a lone wooden log pointing straight up. On it was a small pouch.

Again, the little fox jumped off of Naruto's shoulder, running along the ground until it got to the water. Without stopping it continued to run, running over the water's surface and scurrying up the log, waiting.

"Show off." Naruto said as he too began to run towards the water. Taking a deep breath he ran faster towards the water, his hands and arms swinging loosely behind his back as he ran.

As his foot touched the surface of the water, he found that it felt no different than if he was running on land. Grinning at his victory, he ran across the water, earning a bark of approval from Naomi as he ran up to the log.

Grabbing the pouch and the fox, Naruto ran back towards land, tying the pouch to his waist behind his back. He stopped in front of the two women, beaming with pride.

"Very good!" Kurenai hugged Naruto in congratulations, only for the woman to burst into leaves. The leaves began to circle Naruto slowly, trying to confuse him.

Instantly, Naomi barked and Naruto nodded in agreement. Long ago he had found that the traditional way of releasing a genjutsu was very unconventional for him. Concentrating, he focused his chakra to form a very thin line around his entire body.

He allowed it to condense for a moment, before releasing his technique. The result was a wave of chakra pulsing throughout the entire clearing. This forced Kurenai to fly back slightly, and land on her butt, making a very cute "hmph"ing noise.

Standing up and rubbing her posterior gently, she turned towards Anko.

"Your turn. He did all the chakra exercises I taught him. Let's see what you taught him Anko."

Nodding, Anko made Naruto walk to the middle of the clearing, his back facing the water. Both Anko and Kurenai jumped, landing in a tree high above the scene.

"Begin." the purple haired ninja said and placed her hand on the seal she had placed on the tree.

Instantly, wooden dummies began popping up from the ground. Naruto reached behind him and began throwing kunai at each appearing target, hitting each in the head, only to see the kunai fall back to the earth.

Stupid fake kunai. He said as he grabbed more, waiting for more targets.

"Focus Kit."

I know Katsumi, I know.

His thoughts were broken, however, as Naomi barked loudly, looking to the right. Sure enough, three figures popped up at once, and reaching behind him again, Naruto pulled out three kunai, throwing them at the same time, hitting each dummy in the chest, missing the bull's eye.

Again Naomi barked, this time to the left. Now there were five figures, each moving towards Naruto on strings. Reaching into his left pocket, he pulled out and threw ten shuriken, all in one fluid motion, each hitting the dummy twice, again missing the bull's eye.

With his hand still outstretched, he waited. Nothing. Standing up straight, he scanned his surroundings. Sure enough, Naomi barked again as about 20 stone dummies shot up from the ground to surround him. Judging that these were carefully hidden, he decided that these were an earth style jutsu.

Two can play at that game Anko-sensei.

Naruto crouched low and performed 5 handsigns in rapid succession. With the last handsign, he began to spin slowly, focusing his chakra into the tips of his fingers.

"Wind style: Bladed Hurricane!" As he spun, the wind around him picked up speed, picking up dirt and dust and small blades of grass. Slowly, a small tornado surrounded the boy and his companion. The force of the wind caused both women to focus their chakra into their feet to stick to the tree, lest they be blown away.

Instantly the wind stopped as Naruto straightened up again and closed his eyes. It seemed as if he didn't do anything.

Suddenly all the stone figures broke, showing that they were cut cleanly through at least five times, cutting them to pieces.

His eyes snapped open and he pulled out two wooden kunai from his pouch, taking a defensive position. As he predicted, the purple haired kunoichi landed a few feet in front of him, a kunai in each of her hands. His body tensed as he saw her faze out of existence, only to reappear at his left, swinging her kunai towards his neck.

Suddenly, his body bent over backwards to show off an extreme amount of flexibility, his head nearly touching the ground. Naomi jumped off his shoulder nimbly and ran a few feet away. He watched as Anko's arm moved over his body harmlessly before he initiated his attack.

As he brought his arms up towards hers, he dropped the kunai he had been holding. As he had planned, Naomi jumped from her vantage point, and caught the separate kunai with her mouth and tail, allowing Naruto free use of his hands.

Quickly, and with deadly precision, Naruto struck Anko's elbow joint with two fingers, causing her to drop her own kunai. His body was still bent backwards as this encounter had lasted a total of two seconds.

Grunting in pain, Anko back flipped away, knowing instantly that her left lower arm was no longer useful.

Damn…Maybe I shouldn't have taught him pressure points ne? Hyuuga eat your heart out.

She brought her right hand up and quickly struck a group of pressure points along her bicep, allowing her lower arm to be felt once more. She smirked victoriously as she flexed and moved her fingers.

Naruto scowled as he watched this.

Of course she would fix it...

Sighing to himself he started to race towards the woman, leaving Naomi behind. Without looking back, he allowed his arms to trail behind him (A/N: Think of the anime where they are running with their arms behind them through the trees.)

"Naomi!" His reply was a bark and two kunai that were thrown from behind him.

Kurenai was awestruck as she watched two blonde and her friend fight. The amount of speed Naruto had was insane. She watched as he caught the two kunai thrown to him by Naomi and that alone surprised her.

She can throw ninja weapons using her tail and mouth? What have you been teaching her Naruto…

Her eyes darted back to the boy as he started attacking her friend. Kurenai's eyes widened even more as she saw the amount of accuracy the blonde was showing as he struck out at Anko.

Anko was beyond pissed. Not only had the young blonde neutralized her arm earlier, he was now attacking her like crazy. His movements seemed to have no purpose at all, but when she went to block them, she found that they could always get around her defenses.

Every time she blocked one arm because she predicted where it would go, she got struck by the other. That wasn't what pissed her off however. No.

What made her anger were the boy's eyes. They were…playful? She couldn't place her finger on it, but she could tell he was enjoying himself. Shit, she wasn't even sure he was trying.

Suddenly, the blonde winked at the woman he was fighting and vanished from sight.

"Shit! Where the hell did he-"

"Go?" The blonde in question said triumphantly as he stood behind her.

Kurenai allowed her jaw to drop. There was Naruto, standing behind Anko. His kunai was poised at the base of her skull, the point towards the sky. Both Kurenai and Anko knew that he could have killed her, even with a blunted kunai. All he had to do was push it into her brain or spinal cord.

"I win Anko-sensei." The boy smiled and kissed her cheek quickly, earning a small blush from the purple haired woman.

She tried to kick him but swore when he back flipped away. Kurenai landed next to Anko and smiled at her friend.

"Looks like we both lost eh Ko-chan? Ninjutsu, taijutsu, and target acquisition, check."

Suddenly, both women vanished from sight, causing Naruto to tense his entire body. Focusing his chakra into his eyes, ears, and nose, he tried to pinpoint their exact location. Eyes widening, he focused on the treeline.

"There!" He called out and threw two kunai towards a bush. He smiled when he heard two telltale sounds coming from it, indicating that they were blocked.

From the bush, jumped a very surprised Kurenai. Not only had she used a camouflage jutsu, but she also used one of her special genjutsu that interrupted one's senses. Not wanting to be made a fool of, she threw three kunai towards Naruto, expecting him to jump away.

He didn't.

Staying where he was, he allowed the kunai to come towards him. Fast as a snake, his hand darted to each kunai as it came close. When he was done, he held up his hand, showing that he had caught each one, a finger was through each hole.

"That wasn't very nice Kurenai-sensei…" He smiled and suddenly tilted his head to the side, dodging a pair of kunai that had been thrown by Anko.

Noticing that they were being made fun of, the women decided to take it up a notch.

Both women landed gracefully in front of Naruto with crossed their arms in front of them. Snapping their arms straight at the boy, waves of shuriken were thrown, at least 20 from each woman.

Smiling again, the boy allowed his body to become as loose as he could make it. When the first wave of shuriken made it to him, he began to duck and weave quickly, making each one miss.

Kurenai and Anko stood transfixed while they watched the boy move. It looked as if he were dancing between the stars, moving as if he were the wind itself.

He's fast! His eye sight is superb. Anko thought as she began throwing a star one at a time with each hand, still throwing them quickly but not wanting to throw too many.

It's as if Naomi's eyes are his own. Thought Kurenai, as she too threw stars. She saw the small fox looking one way while Naruto looked her way.

Suddenly, both women called out in unison, "Ninja art, Shadow Shuriken!"

Instantly, the waves of stars thrown at the boy tripled in midair. Naruto knew that he couldn't dodge them all, even if he jumped to the side. He ground his teeth and brought up two kunai in front of him.

Again, both women were awestruck as they watched the boy move his arms at lightning speeds. As he parried each star thrown, the clearing soon became covered in smoke, since some stars were getting dispelled.

Soon, the women couldn't see Naruto any longer, but they could still hear the thumps of his kunai against the stars, and the poofs of the stars.

Finally, the sounds stopped echoing throughout the clearing and the smoke began to clear.

Surrounding Naruto was a sea of black as each star that he hit was now stuck into the ground. He stood there and twirled his kunai in his hands, placing them back into the seal that was in his pouch. Naruto was good, but even he couldn't stop every star from hitting him. A small bead of sweat fell down his cheek and dripped onto the ground.

The women could see that he had been struck in the arms and legs, but they knew that none of the hits were fatal or would reduce his mobility.

Anko and Kurenai sighed in defeat and stood up straight.

"Very good Naruto! Except, you missed the bull's eye on every target after you hit those others in the head. Also, you got hit by a few of our stars." Yelled Kurenai from across the clearing, her breathing going to normal.

"Anko, take a look at the dents, I don't think I missed. And as to being hit Kurenai-sensei…Why don't YOU try to deflect that many!"

Anko went to inspect the dents made by Naruto's wooden kunai and gasped. He may have missed the bull's eye, but every dent was where a vital organ would be, and each dent was in a different spot, even though he through them all at the same time.

"He's right Kurenai, each shot is a kill shot…"

The other woman gasped at this. How does he know so much about the body?

"Why did you hit these vital spots on the separate dummies but on the dummies that came up one at a time, you hit their head?"

Naruto grinned impishly, "What, Naomi is the only one that is allowed to show off?"

Both women face palmed at this.

"Clean this all up Naruto." They said in unison and began to walk away.

"Awwwwww!" The poor boy said in sadness. Naomi jumped from his shoulder and began picking up the kunai with her mouth, as the stars would be more difficult, she walked over to Naruto and placed them on the ground, barking happily.

He smiled at this and patted her head gently, "Thanks girl. At least someone is helping!" He yelled towards the leaving women, he dodged a pair of kunai sent his way.

"Hey you could have killed me you know!" He yelled back, shaking his fist in the air.

"Brat." Whispered Anko as they made their way back to the village.

"Agreed." Said the other woman as she walked next to her friend.

Anko sighed warily and looked at her friend.

"Although…it seems like we have created a monster…Ne Kurenai-chan?"


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