Akise stopped walking and turned around to see his little sister running towards him. "Yuno, we'll never be on time for class if you can't keep up." He smiled at the girl as she latched herself onto his arm.

"Awwww, but it's so pretty out here during the winter!"

He could see her breath coming out in little misty puffs as she spoke. She stared up at him, large pink eyes sparkling. He gave a sigh and began walking, pulling her along. There wasn't a lot of snow, but it was still cold out. Akise pulled his jacket closer around his neck. Yuno shivered.

"Why would they make us go to school in this? It's so cold out here!"

"Says the girl who was just marveling at the 'Beauties of Winter'." Yuno pouted as Akise teased her. They continued walking until they reached the school- only to find that the gates were already closed.

"What? How are we supposed to get in? Mrs. Stiller is going to be so p*ssed at us!"

Akise Aru said nothing and stared blankly at the closed gates. He was like this just about all the time- always keeping a cool state and a clear head. This was perfect, since his dream was to become the world's greatest detective. His younger sister, Yuno Gasai, was a cute peppy little girl- but truly terrifying when she was angry. She had been adopted into his family; after he'd found out the abuse her old family had done to her, through one of his cases. Akise was only 14 and he could figure out more the so-called "professionals" could. He received constant encouragement from his little sister, who claims she would do absolutely anything for him. Sometimes she would get jealous of the many admirers Akise had. At some point a girl had confessed to him, then attempted to kiss him- only to be stopped by Yuno. Akise couldn't recall seeing that girl anywhere after the incident. But it didn't matter how many admirers he had, or if his sister was a bit on the obsessive side- because he only had an interest in one person.

"Hey! You two there!"

The two siblings turned to see a long, brown-haired girl with glasses, and a short, brown-haired boy with lovely blue eyes; running toward them. The girl stepped in front of Yuno, jingling a set of keys in front of her.

"It's a good thing they give these to the class president!"

She then turned and began testing each key on the lock. The boy stood a few feet away from the siblings with his hands behind his back, just teetering slightly, back and forth. Akise smiled as he reclaimed his arm from the protesting Yuno, and walked over to stand beside the brown haired teen. The boy stared up at him with wide blue eyes. So cute. "Good morning, Yukiteru-kun." Yukiteru smiled back at the albino and nodded his head.

"Mmhmm, good morning to you too, Akise-kun."

The two talked until a loud click came from the gates.

"Ah, did you find the right one Wakabe-san?"

"Yep! Let's hurry now before we get into trouble."

The four began walking, Wakabe was leading the way, Akise was guiding Yukiteru along by the hand, and Yuno was following behind- seeming a little darker than she did earlier.

Akise and Yukiteru have known each other since they were five, and the two got along just like that when they were together. Though Yukiteru doesn't have the slightest clue about Akise's feelings towards him. Wakabe is also a childhood friend of the two. As children, they'd worry they're parents to death when they'd leave the yard to go and solve one of Akise's "cases". Yuno joined their little group when they were around ten. And even though she played along with everyone she only seemed to be completely open to, her non-blood related brother, Akise.

The four were around fourteen now and they were on their last year of middle school. Akise's parents had put Yuno and him in a private school. Akise, not wanting to be too far from Yukiteru, convinced his parents to convince Yukiteru and Wakabe's parents to let them attend the private school too. The four were just about inseparable.

They had just come back from their winter break and they were ready to get back to their classes. They had dorms for students during the year. Akise, Yuno, Yukiteru, and Wakabe only went home during the breaks and holidays- so they always left their stuff at the school so they could come back to it. As they arrived in the school entrance the four began to bid each other farewell.

"Well, me and Amano are going to our homeroom now. We'll see you two after class."

"Wakabe-san, I still need my notes from you."

"Oh! I'm sorry Yuno, let me get those for you."

Yuno and Wakabe stepped to the side as Wakabe went through her bag to retrieve Yuno's notes. Akise took this opportunity to say goodbye to Yukiteru. He took the brunette's hand into his own and kissed the top of his forehead.

"See you after class, Yukiteru-kun."

Yukiteru blushed the way he always did when Akise did something like that. He thought Akise was just acting like an older brother and teasing him; but he didn't know how incredibly cute Akise found him. After receiving her notes, Yuno grabbed Akise by the arm and dragged him down the hall, giving Yukiteru a dirty look as she passed him.

The four were prepared for what seemed like another boring school year. Little did they know of the dark future that awaited them.



OOC: Yeah, it's different right? I got the ideal for this when I was on Tumblr and some one M! A Akise and Yuno to like each other. I then thought- what if Yuno was Yandere for Akise, and she was his little sister! I got the little sister part from the Mirai Nikki Drama (Which is AWESOME!). And then I was like, what if I brought a small character into the story, like Wakabe, and made them one of the anime characters? And most of all- what if Yuno had no feelings for Yukiteru what so ever? Things are sure to get interesting! I just had one more ideal for a Mirai Nikki fanfic, and then I have to start on my schoolwork. :D