"Oww, Jackie!" Michelle pulled her head back from Jackie's unforgiving hands.

Jackie put her hands on her thin hips and placed the curling iron on the table, and gave her a ferocious stare. "If you didn't want my help, you shouldn't have asked for it, Michelle."

Michelle turned to Jackie indignantly. "I did NOT ask for your help!" Michelle glanced up in her vanity mirror and made eye contact with Donna, who was spectating from the bed. Michelle shot her ginger friend a piercing look. After all, it was Donna, who after promising not to tell a soul about Michelle's crush on Hyde, told Jackie. After only three hours. And now Jackie insisted on giving Michelle a makeover so Hyde would notice her at the drive-in that night.

Having to spend extra time with Jackie annoyed Michelle to great lengths, but now that her long golden hair was in the petite brunette's hands, she deemed it best to keep her mouth shut.

Jackie curled a final piece of hair, and then smiled. "Oh, Michelle. You look soo pretty! Well, not as pretty as me, of course, but pretty for you." Jackie didn't notice when Michelle and Donna sent her glares. "Soon, you and Hyde can double date with me and Michael!"

Michelle shook her hair out and hit it with hairspray. "Gee, Jackie, that just sounds so…. Fun… but he doesn't like me like that."

Jackie waved away that notion with her delicate hand. "Yeah, but when he sees your hair he will."

Donna got off the bed. "Um, I don't think Hyde's the kind of guy who would date a girl just because he likes her feathered hair."

Jackie pursed her lips. "Well, Donna. I don't think you get a say in how to make guys like you, I mean Eric is just so-"

"Enough already!" Michelle stood and faced her feuding friends. "You guys have been arguing all day!"

"I'm just trying to help you!" Donna said exasperatedly.

Michelle glanced over to Jackie, then back to Donna. "Believe me, you've done enough."

Donna just rolled her eyes. The good-natured tone in Michelle's voice told her she wasn't really mad.

"Fine, fine." Jackie walked over to Michelle's closet. "Now, we have to pick out an outfit for you. How about something whorish? Hyde loves sluts."

Michelle was about to argue, then remembered who she was talking to. She nodded in agreement instead.

Forty-five minutes later, Jackie had laid three positively slutty outfits across Michelle's comforter. "Ok, so we're gonna meet at Eric's house in an hour to leave for the movie. Come on, Donna. Now we have to do something about your face."

"….Yaaay…" Jackie dragged Donna away, leaving Michelle to finally be alone. After spending all day with Jackie, she needed a quick break to recharge herself. She tossed all of the outfits Jackie picked out for her on the floor and sprawled out across her bed. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't shake off the butterflies in her stomach. Now there was all this pressure for her to get Hyde to like her! And what if Jackie tried dropping "subtle hints" to Hyde?

Michelle just sighed as she stood up and made her way over to her closet, with the full intention of find a non-whorey outfit to wear.

Finally, the hour had passed and Michelle made her way over to Eric's driveway. Jackie was messing around with Kelso's hair, and Eric, Hyde, and Donna were already in the car. Michelle walked over to the passenger side where Donna was sitting. "Hi, Donna,"

Donna smiled. "I am so happy you didn't take Jackie's fashion advice."

Michelle grinned and slid into the backseat, next to Hyde.

"Hey." He greeted her.

"Hey." Michelle replied, as Fez got in the back seat as well.

"Hello, Goddess." Fez shot Michelle a sexy look. She turned her attention back to Hyde.

"So, what movie are we seeing?" Michelle didn't notice when Kelso squished himself into the backseat, then shut the door. Jackie filled in the space between Eric and Donna, after much complaining about how she didn't want to leave her Michael all alone in the back seat.

Hyde drummed his fingers on the seat in front of him. "I don't know. But as long as Jackie, Fez, or Kelso didn't pick it out I don't think it can be that bad."

Michelle laughed and twirled a piece of her hair with her finger. From the front seat, Eric turned up the radio. This was most likely to drown out Donna and Jackie.

"Donna, get off of me!"

"For the last time, Jackie, I am not sitting on you!"

"Stop denying it! Everybody knows you're a giant!"

The girls continued fighting while the rest of the car watched in awed silence, with the exception of the boys occasionally chanting, "chick fight, chick fight,"

However, the quarrel was cut short when Eric pulled into the drive in. As soon as the car stopped, Donna jumped out, with Jackie close behind. Both girls looked fierce, ready to pounce at any moment.

"You know what, let's go get some popcorn," Eric said awkwardly as he dragged Fez and Kelso with him. Seconds later, Donna took off in the opposite direction, Jackie following with a flock of insults hurdling out of her mouth.

That left Hyde and Michelle alone, sitting on top of Eric's Vista Cruiser.

"Well, this has been a fun day." Michelle used her peripheral vision to see Hyde's reaction, but her big, feathered hair blocked her eyesight.

"Yeah, that's one way to look at it." Michelle snorted at his answer.

"My God, Jackie is so annoying." Michelle murmured as she inspected her nail beds. Jackie's high pitched shrieks could be heard all across the drive-in. Part of Michelle felt bad about trashing her friend, but today Jackie had seemed extra irritating.

Hyde put his hand on Michelle's shoulder. "You, know when you first moved here I thought you were pretty annoying."

Michelle was slightly caught off guard. "Thanks."

"Not like Jackie though. I just thought you were too prissy and uptight. But I guess you're alright." He said casually.

Michelle racked her brain for some witty comeback that would make him laugh, but her mind went blank. This scarcely mattered though, because he did something that completely, utterly surprised her.

He kissed her.

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