By RGoodfellow64:

"Ok, I'm here, now tell me exactly what did you see?"

"I stopped to get you that Italian Ice you wanted and that's when I saw them."

"Wait a minute, Italian Ice? You didn't tell me you went for an Italian Ice!"

"Ryan, keep quiet, let him talk. Go ahead Javi, do you mean Beckett and Castle?"

"Thanks Lanie, yeah, that's who I saw," Esposito said at the same time Ryan mumbled, "I wouldn't have minded an Italian Ice."


"Anyways I just got your ice when I saw them on a park bench, eating lunch," Esposito said just as Ryan interrupted and asked, "Did they also have an Italian Ice?"

"Ryan! How acquainted do you want to become with my morgue?"

"Bro, we'll go get you an Italian Ice when we're done. Enough already, ok?"

Mollified, Ryan grudgingly said, "Ok," just as Lanie was about to yell at him again. Giving him one last look to keep quiet that reminded him of no caffeine Beckett, Lanie turned from Ryan back to Esposito and said, "You said you saw them eating lunch?"

"Yeah, they were eating hotdogs and were practically sitting on top of each other."

A big grin appeared on Lanie's face, and even Ryan had to smile at the picture Esposito's words painted. Beckett and Castle finally, finally together.

"Ok, and what else?" Lanie asked.

"Well there was a lot of Beckett actually…"

"Actually what?"

"Well, you really won't believe this, but she was giggling…"

"Giggling? My girl was giggling?" Lanie squealed.

Grinning, Esposito said, "Oh yeah, and not only that, they each took a bite of the others hotdog and Beckett had to help Castle and wipe his mouth with her napkin."

Ryan had a big smile and Lanie could hardly sit still from the excitement. "Feeding each other? Now that is just too damn cute!" she said with a satisfied smirk on her face.

"A little too much for me," Esposito said but soon gulped and quickly got on with the story after seeing the look in Lanie's eyes. "They finished their hotdogs and Castle…"

"Wait a minute," Ryan asked, "What happened to Lanie's Italian Ice?"

"Uh, it was melting so I ate it," Esposito said at the same time Lanie yelled, "Ryan!"

"Ok, ok. Go ahead Esposito; you were eating Lanie's Italian Ice."

Esposito glared at Ryan and said, "No, I was watching Beckett and Castle without them seeing me."

"So did anything else happen or can we go get my Ice now?" Ryan asked.

"Ryan you open your mouth again I will show you an autopsy real close up!" Lanie growled. Then turning back to Esposito asked, "What else happened?"

"Castle asked if she wanted an ice cream and she said yes, so he took their trash and before getting up turned to his side and picked up a Daisy."

"A Daisy?" Lanie asked.

"A Daisy," Esposito said.

"And just what did he do with the Daisy, Javi?" Lanie asked with some frustration at how long it was taking to get the whole story out.

"Geez Lanie, I'm trying here but everyone keeps interrupting me!"

"Javier Esposito, I'll have the two of you on my table if you don't hurry up!"

Shaking his head, Esposito said, "He handed it to her with a smile and then he asked 'one more time?'"


"And she took it with a smile like I've never seen on her before, I swear Lanie her whole face lit up like a giant light bulb!"

"And then what happened?"

"This is the part that I couldn't believe so I recorded it on my phone."

"Javier Esposito! Don't tell me you have a video of this whole thing and you've been making me sit here all this time while you dragged out the story!"

"No Lanie, I only got the last part," he fiddled with his phone and then holding it up to her said, "Here, look for yourself."

Lanie watched as Kate took the Daisy from Castle's hand and smiled. Lanie was thrilled, she'd never seen Kate smile like that for anyone before, ever! The sound wasn't very good but she was able to make out Kate when she started to pull off each petal and say, "She loves him, she loves him…" and she kept saying those two lines with each petal till they were all pulled off but one. Then pulling the last one off she said, "I love you very much Rick."

The video stopped and Lanie gave a big, happy sigh, then handed the phone back to Esposito. "I want a copy of that sent to me as soon as possible, that has got to be the most romantic thing I have ever…"

She stopped when Ryan touched her arm and motioned out the break room door to the bullpen. Beckett and Castle had just come in. They were finishing their ice cream cones, and as Castle offered to take their napkins to the trash, Beckett put out her hand and wiped off a little ice cream from the side of his mouth. With a smile, she licked it off her finger and then sat down at her desk.

A huge smile came on Castle's face as he sat next to her. Lanie watched as Kate pulled out a report, Castle pulled out his phone, and soon they were doing what they did every day. Kate worked and Castle watched her.

With a dreamy smile on her face, Lanie turned to Esposito and said, "Those two make the best fluff!"

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