"Oh stop looking so worried..."

Aaron looked up at Jackson who laid on his back on the hospital trolley, the builder seemed relaxed now. Aaron shook his head at him, " But this is the second time now...well second time I KNOW about..."

Jackson blew out a laugh and looked at the ceiling, " Now come on you...WOULD I LIE to you...?"

Aaron raised his eyebrowes at him, " are you really expecting an answer to that...?"

Before Jackson could respond, the medic was pulling back the curtain and was already grabbing hold of the stethoscope from around his neck.

The doctor also had a clipboard of admission notes on his person, " So...Mr Walsh...I see you've had a wee bit of breathing problems..."

Aaron jumped in before Jackson could answer, " 'wee bit of breathing problems'? IS THAT what he told that nurse when I went to the bog...he collapsed and was panting for air!"

Jackson narrowed his eyebrowes at him as he shot him a glance, the builder turned to the medic, " I'm sure it's nowt to fret over is it doc...?"

The doctor nodded towards Jackson's grey shirt, " Can you just unbutton your shirt for me please so I can have a wee listen..."

Jackson glanced at Aaron, then unbuttoned his shirt, the cold end of the stethoscope was then on his heart area like ice.

The doctor grinned as he listened, " Abit cold is it?"

Jackson flashed a grin at the young doc, " Is a bit...but I'm sure you can warm me up, hey?"

Aaron rolled his eyes, what a flirt...he'll never change...OR take anything seriously...

"His Mum died of a heart condition..."

Jackson rolled his head to him, " Yeah, but that was her NOT me...i've been hard at it lately, that's all...with the house and everything..."

The doctor leaned Jackson forward and started listening to his lungs.

After finishing, the doctor sighed, " Well, to be honest I really can't tell anything by this, so I'm gonna send you for an ECG..."

Jackson swallowed, " Wh-hat. Now? I can't be having an ECG now, I've got to be home to pick up me son..."

Aaron glanced up at the wall clock, " It's past 11, Sarah'll have him in bed by now"

Jackson sighed out, he wasn't happy, " Can you go and give her a ring then...tell her I'll stop by in the morning..."


It was past 11.30 when Aaron pulled the curtain back and came up to Jackson's trolley, the builder frowned at him, " Blimey what kept you? I told you to ring Sarah, not go round and tell her in person" he said with sarcasm.

"I had to explain things to her, didn't I..."

Jackson shook his head at him, " Ohhhhh you never told HER did you...Ohhhh Aaron..."

Aaron scraped a chair across and sat down, " Oh shut your moaning will yah, she HAD to know...she'a...said she found something out today..."

Jackson could see Aaron looking a him...although the poor lad looked all unsure.

"Tell us what..." he then beamed a grin at him, " Is she?"

Aaron pulled an 'as if' look at him, " and WHY would she tell me? She said she'd stop by at home tomorrow...well...that's if you out of here anyway...have they said owt about this ECG"

Jackson was swinging his legs over and was doing up his shirt, " It's not happening till tomorrow...night shift won't do it"

Aaron had that ticking over in his head, " What? But they have to...you couldn't breathe..."

Jackson jumped up and was grinning at him as he reached for his jacket, " Hey look...I'll promise I won't go anywhere near any frozen veg..."

That's where Hazel ended up...Aaron didn't find it funny.

Jackson rolled his eyes and slapped his shoulder, " I'm just messing with yah...I'M FIT AS A FIDDLE ME! Now can we just get out of here..."

Aaron followed him out into the corridor, " But Jackson...what about that ECG?"

Jackson stopped in his tracks and turned around, " I'll stop by tomorrow and make an appointment..."

Aaron dug his hands deep into his hoodie pockets and bit his bottom lip...Jackson gave him a reasuring smile, " ...I WILL...I promise..."


The night air was clear and frosty as they walked across the hospital car park toward the van. Jackson was texting as he walked.

As he unlocked the door, Aaron turned to him, " Who are you texting now?"

Jackson briefly glanced up at him, as he finished the text message, " Just Joe...just informing him that I'm still living and breathing..."

Aaron chose to ignore that little remark...everything had to be a joke with him.

They both jumped into the van.

Aaron put the key into the ignition and turned, " so...back here tomorrow, yeah?"

Jackson nodded non-committedly, " Yeah yeah..."

Aaron hinted a smile.

"...if I'm still alive in the morning..." added Jackson with a cheeky smile.

"JACKSON, WILL YOU STOP YAH JOKING!" cried Aaron angrily...his face was all red because he was het up.

Jackson sat back and nods his head foward, " Ohhhh come on then...lets just get home, yeah..."

As Aaron started the engine, Jackson glanced back at him and could see the worry in Aaron's blue eyes. The builder rested his hand over the top of Aaron's as he put the van into first gear, at that instant their eyes met.

" I'll okay...I feel good...I promise you..."

And with that said, and Aaron pulling the van out of the carpark, Jackson sat back and could feel his heart race...

I Guys.

I'm back for my swan song (and after 3 weeks working in New Zealand). Sorry about the start, it's abit short...I hate starting off afresh...

This is the last i'll be writing for the boys, and as promised, I will tie up all the loose ends and 'resolve' the cliff hangers.

Again there is more drama ahead...but with my track record you proberly guessed that anyway!

Thanks for reading...will update soon.

Mark x