"No light, no light in your bright blue eyes, I never knew daylight could be so violent"
— Florence + The Machine

Now and then she thought about him non-stop.

Now and then, she caught herself watching him. Memorizing his actions, his expressions (and the wish that he would show her faces which no one else ever has seen) and his voice that made her heart skip a beat.

Now and then, she dreamt of being with him, even though she knew that she shouldn't, because obviously, she wasn't in his league.

Now and then, she wondered when her attitude towards him became so much more reserved and affectionate.

Now and then, she thought that somewhere along the way he stopped just being the sorta-kinda teacher of hers.

Now and then, she thought that somewhere along the way he started having this indefinable, much too complex role in her life.

Now and then she wondered if he liked her back. She was almost certain he did and that's why she kept fooling herself in thinking that it wasn't as wrong as she knew it was.

Author's Note: Obviously it's Shuuko and her thoughts and feelings about Youichi. I really hope they end up together, even though it wouldn't be Sakisaka's style. I like Kominato with Shuuko too, but I see him more with Yuri (The Muffin scene was just *rofl*)

Well, hope you liked it!