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I thought it would be fun to write about the team moving into Stark Towers—or the Avengers HQ as it shall now be known. But then I realized it would be even more fun to write about what Pepper would have to endure, having to take care of not just Tony, but an entire team of heroes.

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The team hadn't been living in the Avengers Tower for three weeks before it all started.

The first ten floors of the tallest building in New York were dedicated to art galleries and tourist attractions. On top of that were twenty heavily guarded stories of laboratories, control rooms, and sleeping quarters for SHIELD. The next eighty or so floors were different types of training arenas set up to help the six heroes prepare for nearly every scenario possible. And finally there were the top two floors.

On the one 134th floor, there were five large bedrooms all surrounding a common area with a kitchen off to the side. And in the penthouse, lived the creator of the magnificent building—well the creators.

"Tony! No! We are not putting a pinball machine in the living area!" Pepper Potts exclaimed after coming out of the bedroom to see her iron clad boyfriend moving the giant video game across the room.

"It's not a pinball machine Pepper." Ironman's tinny voice informed her. "It's Pac-Man."

"It's an arcade game. You have a game room that it will look lovely in."

"It's on one hundred and thirty stories down! I want to be able to play whenever I want!" He stomped his metal foot like a whining child. "Plus I always have to wait behind a bunch of smelly kids!"

"If I can't put my Modigliani out here, you can't put your game out here!" Pepper told him firmly.

"You mislead me with that stupid painting!" Tony said lifting the mask of his helmet. "When I hear 'Nude sitting on a Divan',I expect something a lot more attractive than…that…" He pretended to choke on his own bile.

"It's an American masterpiece!"

"Pac-Man's a Legend! And he's a lot prettier than the nude lady!"

"I want it out of the living room by the time I get back." She replied as she put her earrings in.

"Where are you going?" He demanded, putting a hand on his hip, which looked quite ridiculous in the iron suit.

"I have a meeting with Prime Minister Singh about transports."

"What are we transporting to Egypt, funny hats?"

"It's India, and they're the main suppliers of all of our computer and aircraft parts." Pepper sighed, walking over to him and standing on her tip-toes to kiss him. "Be good." She muttered before walking towards the elevator.


"Come on! I bet you twenty bucks I can catch it!" Steve exclaimed as he polished his shield.

"Forget it Captain! Last time you tried I destroyed one of Stark's robots!" Clint reminded him as he munched on a sandwich.

"Well, we have a target to use now!" The soldier pointed at a crudely made target he had constructed with crayons and cardboard. "And you don't have to use an exploding one this time! Come on! What's the worst that could happen?"

"When has that question ever led to something GOOD happening?" Bruce piped in nervously from the kitchen.

"Let the good captain have a go!" Thor chided from his spot on the couch. "I found great humor in his last attempt!"

"Thanks a lot!" Steve called to the god who was already drawn back in to the reality show he had been watching.

"Just shoot a small one Clint." Sighed Natasha, who was sick of hearing the so called 'men' squabble.

Hawkeye rolled his eyes and hopped down from the counter. "One more time Steve! Then we're back to practicing with the nerf gun!" He said, hopping up on the coffee table, blocking Thor's view of the TV.

"Hey!" The Norse God exclaimed, sitting up, "I'm watching the Shooki!"

"It's Snooki." Natasha corrected, sitting next to him on the couch.

Steve spit into his palms and bounced from one foot to the other as he positioned himself right in front of the target. "Okay! Do it!"

Clint pulled an arrow out of the sheath and aligned it skillfully into the bow.

Thor, realizing what was about to happen, perked up and turned to watch the action. But as he did, his elbow pressed down on the remote causing the volume to escalate rapidly right as Hawkeye went to release.

Being a skilled archer, the sudden blast of noise only threw off his aim by a centimeter. But given that Steve was not so level headed, he jumped with a slight scream and hit the floor once he realized the arrow was coming at him.

Clint growled and jumped off the table, "Steve you chicken shi—" His insult was cut off by a loud scream.

The five exchanged panicked looks, before rushing over to the open elevator where the noise had come from.


"Jarvis! I'm not going to ask again!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Stark, but I've been sworn to secrecy."

"I don't care! Who is your maker? Huh?"

"You are sir."


"So you told me to always obey Miss. Potts."

"Well I'm overwriting that command now."

"Sir, you also ordered me to always do what is in your best interest," The AI informed his—now iron suit free—boss who was halfway under his bed, "and it is in your best interest that I do not reveal to you the location of your birthday presents."

"Fine! I don't need you!" Tony grunted, as he gracelessly half-rolled, half-slid out from under the bed. He was about to continue his search in the closet when he heard the elevator doors open. "Pepper? Pepper? I wasn't doing anything! I-" He trailed off when he saw Bruce running in, with a look of fear on his face.

"Don't—don't be mad…" The fellow scientist wheezed, after his burst of energy.

Tony gave him a confused glare, already knowing he wasn't going to be able to comply with the man's request.


"Careful! Don't move her too fast!" Natasha ordered as Steve carried a frantic Pepper across the room.

"She needs to be comfortable! I'm putting her on the sofa!" The captain replied tersely.

"Somebody turn that crap off!" Clint shouted over the theme song to The Jersey Shore.

"Where is the box that controls it?" Thor demanded looking around the television.

"Just unplug it!" Natasha growled.


"Or knock it over, whatever."

"Ow! Ow!" Pepper whimpered as she was laid on the couch.

"It's okay Miss. Potts. I can get it out quickly." Clint assured her, opening his switchblade, eliciting another terrified scream from the redhead.

"What the hell?" A voice boomed from behind them. They all turned to see Tony coming out of the stairwell with an anxious Bruce on his heels.

"Oh hey Tony what's up?" Natasha asked casually, knocking the knife out of Clint's hand.

"I hope this will be the only time I have to ask this…" Tony took a deep breath to calm himself, before pointing his finger at everyone in the room. "Which one of you pansy asses shot my girlfriend?"

All fingers pointed at Clint who's jaw dropped at their betrayal. "For the record I was against it!" He defended himself.

"Who was FOR shooting her?"

"Well…no one…but…we didn't even hear her come in! She snuck up on us!"

"Oh so it's Pepper's fault?" Tony demanded, kneeling down by his girlfriend and examining her leg.

"No! It's Steve's! He's the one who insisted I shoot an arrow at him!"

"Well I would have caught it if Thor hadn't turned up the volume on the television!"

"Natasha told me that I should immerse myself in the culture of your planet by watching shows that are of a realistic realm!"

"Reality TV." Natasha corrected the god, "And Bruce told me to keep Thor occupied while he was cooking dinner."

"Really? How did this," Bruce gestured Pepper's leg dramatically, "end up on me?"

"I don't giving a flying rat's ass who is at fault!" Tony snapped, "I said no weapons in the common area! Didn't I?"

Everyone exchanged glances before shaking their heads. "No…No you never said that…" came the collective response.

"Well I'm saying it now!" Tony yelled.

"Tony! Scold later!" Pepper whimpered, grabbing his arm.

"I'm sorry Pep." Tony's voice turned soothing as he went back to looking at the arrow that was sticking through her thigh. "Banner, get me one of your laser cutters." He ordered.

Dr. Banner quickly returned with a small pen like device, which Tony then used to cut the feathered fletching off of the end closest to him. "Okay honey, I'll count to three and push it slowly…" He began.

"For Christ's sake Tony, you're not deflowering me! Just yank it out!" Pepper practically screamed. After a slight moment of shock, Tony pulled on the arrowed end and it smoothly slid out of her leg.

Using a throw blanket from the back of the couch, he wrapped her leg with it, before picking her up. "We're going down to the medical ward, you idiots stay here!" He yelled behind him as he approached the elevator. "The last thing she needs is for one of you to chuck a scalpel at her eye!"

He was about to push the down button when he noticed the wounded puppy dog routine Bruce was doing in the back. "Come along doc, I'll need your expertise." Stark called to his friend. Banner smiled and hurried to join them.

Once the elevators closed Hawkeye turned to glare at his teammates. "That's the last time I help any of you train."

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