Dear Mommy,

I miss you. How is everything? It's been awhile since I've written a letter to you. Things around here are good. School is still the same, as it was last time we talked. I'm going into 3rd grade next year; daddy says he's really proud of me and says you are too. Dad and Uncle Jack just had a fight the other day; you know same old thing happens every time. I wish you were here with us mommy.

Amelia still bugs me a lot; she's gotten so much bigger since you were last here. Big Brother still stops by whenever he has time. Sometimes things don't seem that much different but they are! I still cry when I think of you. I stay up sometimes past my bed time and with that you were here. Why won't you come back home?

Dad sys there's no point in wishing for things you don't have, you have to focus on what you do have. I try to take his advice, I do, but it never works. I'm always asking dad about you, but he never tells me anything. He just looks really sad and tells me to off and leave him to his work. He works a lot now and since you've been gone we've only been on two adventures. I miss our adventures.

I wish you could see everything that's going on. Aunt Gwen says every night while I sleep you watch over me, but I think she's only saying that to make me feel better. I'm not even sure that you get my letters, but Uncle Jack says you do, he swears up down the TARDIS that you get these and that you save them in your heart.

Dad says you live in a place called heaven now, somewhere far off in the galaxy. I ask every now and then if we can visit you, but he says no. but you see I tell him that he's gone mad, because we have the TARDIS. We can go anywhere we want. But he tells me no and sends me off to my room. But that's okay, cause when he's not looking I sneak off into our secret fortress. It's just the way you left it, full or our golden memories. Although I added the telescope that graps gave us and I added the last picture of us from my fourth birthday.

I have to go now TARDIS tells me daddy's coming and he doesn't like it when im up this late. Bye mommy, I love you. Stay safe.


Kaycie 'Bear' Noble-Smith