I'm ending this story here and will start a continuation story separately that will be purely Joria. I want to give them their own story and I've been waiting to write a story for them for awhile and this is the opportunity.

Since this story was mostly about the Reality Show I don't want to carry it further since that show is over.

Later on I may continue the story of Victoria and the relationship between her and her children but that will be under a separate story title as well.

I hope you enjoyed the Reality Show. The last chapter wasn't what I had hoped for but I had worked on it for so long that I was sick of it and just wanted it to end. All in all, the story as a whole turned out okay for me.

The Joria story will pick up right where this one left off…..Stay Tuned.

If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them. As you know, feedback is helpful for further writing and storytelling. You like to know what your audience wants.