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It is the middle of class, and still morning. I mentally groan as the clock's hands refuse to move quickly. Biology isn't my favorite subject. In fact, I hate the lessons. Some of them are repulsive... others... embarassing.

Zander's my biology partner. He's the only one, this year, from Gravity 5 I have this class with. Plus the Perfs... but I'm not about to be their partner again. This lesson, I'm not even sure what it is, drones on. It's boring, and so I've zoned out. Until I hear Zander whisper in my ear. I blush because he's so close... and I... like the way his breath tickles me. "Bored are we?" he teases, almost inaudibly. I laugh quietly and whisper back, "Oh yeah."

He nods his head and looks in the direction of the teacher. The room is dark as the teacher has us copying notes off the overhead. "Wanna play a game?" Zander whispers after a moment. I think to myself a minute. I nod my head at him and say, "What'd you have in mind?"

But suddenly... his hand is on my knee. I nearly jump out of my seat. What is he doing? "What are you doing, Zander?" I hiss. I holds one finger up to his lips, shushing me. He slides his hand up my knee, inching very slowly, and suddenly I'm blushing furiously. I go back to my notes, hoping he'll give up. I mean, I love the feeling it's giving me... but it's Zander. I don't need more reasons to be incredibly in love with my best friend.

But he's making it so hard. "Just say the magic words anytime," he teases. "And they would be?" I whisper back, trying to ignore the sparks running up my leg. "Red light," he says. "Fine." I say through clenched teeth. I'm trying so hard not to make some sort of sound that's trying to break free. "Red light," I say. His hand is still moving. "Red light," I say again.

"Sorry," he teases. "Firetrucks don't stop at Red lights," he says. I gasp shocked as I realize where his hand is. Its right on my thigh now. "Zander..." I warn. He doesn't do anything. "I'm not playing anymore," I say after a moment. I go back to my notes, but he still hasn't moved his hand. I think about smacking away... but I don't really want to.

As the class is close to ending, and my notes are horribly lacking most of the lesson, I feel Zander move his hand. But... it's only moving in, little bu little. He's so close to my inner thigh, and although I like the feeling very much... it's a bit awkward. I mean, I know he's playing a game, but I like him! It just doesn't feel right... because he doesn't like me the same way. I let whimper escape, and I hear Zander chuckle a bit. "Zander... get any closer-" and he does. His hand is resting on the inside of my thigh.

I'm holding my breath hoping his little game is over. As the bell rings, he slips from his seat and is out the door, and I can he's chuckling a bit. Cruel. I can't really move, and I think I've gone dizzy from holding my breath so long. "Miss Baskara?" the biology teacher says. I look up, probably blushing horribly. "Y-yes?" I manage. "Class is over," she says. I nod my head, grab my books and quickly leave the room.

Oh. My. Gosh. I think I need some air.

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