Summary: A rewrite on the last couple of episodes of Season 8. HAPPY ENDING THIS TIME!

Author: NCIS1990

Rated: T

Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy or it's characters

Chapter 1


(Lexie walks into the elevator at the end of her shift and presses the button going down. She's waiting for the elevator to get to the floor when Mark rushes up to her. Lexie sees him coming and repeatedly hits the elevator button when it opens.)

Lexie: (To herself) Thank god.

(She rushes into the elevator and presses the button to the floor she needs to go to. Just as the doors start to close Mark runs in. As the doors close Lexie tries to get out but Mark holds her back.)

Mark: What are you doing?

Lexie: Um, I have to get off because I uh, forgot something.

Mark: You did not, when you saw me coming you were hitting the down button so hard it could have broken.

Lexie: I just really have to get home.

Mark: Lexie, stop lying.

Lexie: I'm not.

Mark: Why won't you talk to me? Yesterday you could and all of the sudden today you can't.

Lexie: Well yesterday you couldn't talk to me and all of the sudden today you can.

Mark: What?:

Lexie: Do you know how much courage that took, for me to finally pour my heart out to you, to tell me how much I love you? It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do and you just stood there staring at me and then the icing on the cake was when your girlfriend showed up and all I could think was "God Lexie you are such an idiot. You know he has a girlfriend but you tortured yourself anyway admitting you love him when he probably doesn't feel the same way you do." You know what it's fine, it's not your fault, I knew that you had a girlfriend and she's probably the love of your life or whatever but I opened my big mouth anyway and—

(She is stopped when Mark grabs her face and kisses her. She kisses back for a minute but then grabs his arms to pull away.)

Lexie: What the hell are you doing?

Mark: Had.

Lexie: What?

Mark: I had a girlfriend. Julia and I broke up last night.

Lexie: What? I didn't tell you all of that just so you would break up with her.

Mark: I know.

Lexie: I was just speaking from my heart, even though my heart should just shut up sometimes.

Mark: No it shouldn't, because if you hadn't spoken up I would have done something really stupid.

Lexie: Like what?

Mark: Like try to talk myself into the fact that a life would Julia would make me happy. Don't get me wrong Julia's a good person and I hope she'll be happy but I want to make myself happy more. If I had stayed with Julia, I wouldn't have been happy, last night I took a good long look at what my life could be if I had stayed with Julia. I didn't see happiness, I didn't see myself growing old with her, I didn't see her as the future mother of my children. Then I thought of you and what our future could be like together and I could see myself the happiest I've ever been. I could see us growing old together, well, I'm a few years a head of you so you'll be mostly watching me get old.

(Lexie laughs.)

Mark: I could see myself laughing with you, that's a good one. I could see you being the future mother of my children, when you're ready of course. But my problem is I see what I want so clearly but I never take action, at least when it counts. I need to take action. Breaking up with Julia was the first step, the second is me standing here telling you that I love you too. God, I love you just as much as you love me, hell, I probably love you more. I never stopped loving you, ever. Even though we were apart I think I fell in love with you more and more everyday. But I ached every time I couldn't be with you. I tried everything I could not to love you. But I realized yesterday that we can do everything in our power to avoid it. But we'll just end up miserable. I've spent so much time being miserable without you. It's time for me to be happy, and for you to be happy, and for us to be happy. The only people I need in this world to be happy are you and Sofia. That's what I want, forever, so what do you say?

(Lexie smiles.)

Lexie: I have three conditions.

Mark: Okay.

Lexie: One, once I'm done saying these things you take me back into your arms and kiss me.

Mark: Done.

(He goes to kiss her but Lexie stops him.)

Lexie: When I'm done. (Laughs) Two, this is mostly a promise to myself but it can apply to both of us. I want us to promise each other that anytime things get too intense and we have fears or doubts I want us to be able to talk to each other about it.

Mark: I promise. I'm not going to do anything to risk losing you again.

Lexie: (Smiles) Good.

(She puts her arms around him and goes to kiss him but Mark stops her.)

Mark: Wait, you said three conditions, what's the third?

Lexie: Oh right, the third condition is you immediately start growing your beard back.

(Mark laughs)

Lexie: I'm serious, it's not the same, your face is naked. Some razor has violated your face and has been for months now, if you're not going to stick up for your face then I sure as hell will.

Mark: (Still laughing) Okay, a razor does not touch this face until my beard is back.

Lexie: Good. Okay, we're good.

(She kisses him again.)