New JtHM story this is a 3 book series.

So here's book one Snow White Queen.

Inspired by the song Snow White Queen by Evanescence, I do NOT own JtHM just the story and this girl.

I have no idea how the hell I got here. I was just walking down the street, sulking in my disappointment, now I'm down here chained to the wall somewhere. But I don't care all I want is for whoever brought me here to kill me soon. That's all I want.

"HELP! HELP ME! HE TOOK MY MAKEUP OFF THAT BASTARD SOMEBODY HELP ME DOWN!" The girl next to me screamed. I glared at her and lifted my tied or rather chained up feet up and kicked her in the side some. "Will you shut the fuck up! So he wiped your makeup off so what it's not like it was helping you any you whore so shut up!" I growled. The girl growled at me. "Shut the fuck up I'm going to-!" She started to say. "What kick my ass? Go ahead I shouldn't even be here anyway." I said going back to my angst. I'm not moody but I am depressed and I have good reason to be. Right now I just want to die. "You-" The girl started to say but suddenly stop. I lifted my head slightly and saw a shadow of a man over by the girl. She was dead. There was a large knife protruding out of her forehead and out the back of her head. "My apologizes but she was testing my last nerve." The shadow said and pulled the knife out. I looked at him, I couldn't see him, but I could see his silloute. It was tall, black, and looked to have weird horns on his head. I watched him as he gutted the girl like a fish and left a bucket underneath her to catch the blood that was dripping from the body. He was draining her body of blood. What was he some vampire freak?

"Excuse me..." I said in barely a whisper. The shadow turned to me, glaring at me, I couldn't make out any Irises or color from his eyes since he was still kinda far away. "What?" He hissed annoyed. "Sir if I may pry where am I? Why am I here?" I asked curiosity besting me. "As to where you are miss I am not answering your question. As to why, you know why!" He growled. I tilted my head. "Okay.. But I've never meet you before, it wasn't till after I woke up moments before and right now did we meet, so what did I do that pissed you off?" I asked cautiously. The shadow thought for a moment. "Nothing I guess.." He said. "But you are a person and besides that I'll be needing you in later time." He said pointing to me. I could see some of him now. He was a guy with dark blue hair and two pieces were longer than the rest, he had a slight tan, and had dim brown eyes. "For what? Ransom, company, sexual desires?" I asked or rather suggested. "WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THAT?" He roared. "I'VE SPEND ENOUGH OF MY TIME TRYING NOT TO BE TOUCH OR TO TOUCH AND YET EVERYTIME I CAPTURE SONEONE THEY ALWAYS THINK THAT!" He screamed. "First thing that comes to mind I suppose." I said not at all altered by the mans strange fit of rage and disgust. He looked at me. "Your different..." He said. "How so?" I asked. "Your not affected by anything I do your strangely docile." He said. I rolled my eyes slightly. "Listen let's cut the formal shit for a second I need to ask you something." I said. The man sat on a box that was labeled Nails on the side. "I'm listing." He growled with a glare. "If your just killing everyone you had captured, and that includes me right?" I asked although I sounded stupidly. He nodded. "Then why don't you just kill me now and get it over with?" I asked. He looked at me puzzled. "Like I had said before I'll be needing you for later. So what's the point in killing you now?" He asked. "Please. You see... I... I..." I tried to find the right words to tell about what I've done and try not to sound like a useless teen that thinks suicide is fun. I sighed. "Look I tried to kill myself okay. But it's not for selfish reasons, or pathetic ones, there genuine and very painful I can assure you." I explained well at lest tried too. He looked at me confused for a second. Then glared at me then turned from me. He approached something in the shadows which I prayed was a gun. I saw that he had grabbed a knife. I was disappointed when he just put the knife in his boot. "If death is what you want..." He said and turned about to go up a flight of stairs. "Then I will kill you by letting you live." He said and left. I growled just wanting to escape these restraints and just end it all. But I couldn't. I felt tears fall from my face as I just stayed here, under the roof of a madman with noway to move or escape, I let out a breath and silently cried myself to a bliss less sleep.

Short as hell but it's really good, and who this chick is will be found out next time.

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