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I just laid here for hours just staring at the wall. I pretended to be asleep, most of the time, like I usually did when I was at home. Then I heard footsteps like I had before, no doubt it was that Johnny guy again. I wasn't sure what time it was so I did not know if it was morning or night now. I sighed and sat up some, as the footsteps became louder, I was not afraid this time. So I just stayed still as the footsteps slowly but surly trailed away. I guess Johnny was doing some other shit. I looked around the room I was in. It was as big as my bedroom hell maybe even bigger.

Suddenly something momentarily blinded my eye. I turned and saw what had reflected the light was a piece of glass. It was laying on the small nightstand. I carefully picked the glass up, I clenched it with my finger tips and nails, so I wouldn't cut myself. I looked at the glass and saw that it was once part of a mirror. I stared at my reflection. I was still wearing my black U2 concert shirt, grey tank top underneath, black pants, my red spiked collar was still around my neck along with my small gold locket that was hidden by my clothes, my hair was still darkish light brown and at medium length, my eyes were still brown and lifeless, my face was fair, not even dirty. "Your Beautiful..." His words repeated themselves in my head. I hisses and threw the shard of glass at the wall. It shattered swiftly into small pieces and scattered all around the floor in the corner. I huffed and puffed like I had just finished running a marathon. I growled and crossed my legs; so I was sitting on the bed Indian style. I brought my attention back up to the ceiling. I closed my eyes and looked down.

"He's drunk again."

"It's time to fight."

"She must have done something wrong tonight."


I stopped shoving my knife down a motherfuckers throat. I looked around the room. None of the other scum of the Earth were either alive conscious at the moment. I shrugged it off and placed my goggles back on and grabbed a hack saw. I started to saw into a Burger King manager that had called me "Wacky" I HATE THAT WORD! Anyways I was currently sawing into the fucks jugular vein. Blood splattering everywhere. This asshole should do for a fresh coat.

"The living room becomes a boxing ring."

"What the Fuck!" I asked momentarily stopping gutting the man. That song again. I stopped, silent, as I listened for the song or something that indicated it was the radio. Wait I don't own a radio?

"It's time to run when you see him..."




That seemed to be almost shouted. I eyed everyone in the room. They were all restrained and silent, dead silent, I growled and put the saw down. I laid my goggles up on my head and stomped out of the room.

"I hear her scream from down the hall."

"Amazing she can even talk at all."

"She cries to me "Go back to bed"."

I follow the song. The story is a similar one to that of my best buddy Squee. His parents hate him and only till recently did they start beating him. Now this hellhouse is more like a home to him then his own.

"I'm terrified that she'll wind up..."




"Been there before but not like this.."

"Seen it before but not like this..."

"Never before have I seen him this bad!"

"She's just a women!"

"Never again!"

I lightly poked the door it opened all the way. But the girl, I think her name was Anna, didn't see me. She was lying on her back looking at the ceiling. She had her eyes closed tightly like he was hurt. I kneeled down so she wouldn't see me and watched her.

"Just tell the nurse, you slipped and fell."

"It starts to sting as it starts to swell."

"She looks at you she wants the truth."

"It's right out there in the waiting room with those hands."

"Looking just as sweet as he can!"

"Never again!"

"Been there before but not like this.."

"Seen it before but not like this..."

"Never before have I seen him this bad!"

"She's just a women!"

"Never again!"

The song wasn't that bad and she's sounded good. She sounded really pissed as she sang. That takes talent to actually sound angry when your not. (AN SHIT I MADE NNY SOUND RETARTED!)

She looked down with her hands clamped on her hair she seemed to be in almost broken state. She was hitting her point of depression. Nny could sense it. Anna looked down with her hair around her covering her face in shadows.

"... Father's a name you haven't earned yet..."

"Your just a child with a temper..."

"Haven't you learned don't hit a lady..."

She looked up and she had tears in her eyes. She was scowling at the ceiling with her jaw tight and her white teeth, scowling like a dog ready to attack a enemy.


She spat angrily. The tears fell from her face. Johnny watched with a eyebrow raised. Now there was something about who and what was going on with this girl was revealed. She seemed to have a lot of abuse happen to her and it appeared to have happen most of her life.

Anna sighed and exhaled and inhaled hot fast breaths. She was obviously enraged. For whatever reason she had and Nny had no interest to provoke it. Carefully closing the door so it didn't utter a sound. The maniac stood and turned away from the door. He would've left if it were for not the sounds of sobbing he heard from behind. Nny turned back to the door then sighed. "Oh how I wished that "holiday" worked." He cursed his bad luck at not becoming numb like he wanted those few years ago. But he still forced himself to walk down the halls further towards the abyss of homicide.

Anna seems to be more of a hurt soul then she lets on.

Maybe Johnny will kill her... Nah

Song Never Again by Nickelback.

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