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I looked up and saw that I was no longered bounded like a caged animal. No now I was lying inside the shadows of these dark woods. All around me as far as I dared to see was nothing but woods. I stood from the bleak colored yet healthy grass. I saw no longer wore my concert attire instead I had on a black and red dress. The hem was short and ended at my hips.

I blushed and tried to cover my bare legs with the dress. Fearing the dark creatures from the forest would favor me as a decent meal.


What the- Laughing?

I turned and saw her...

The reocurring little creature in my dreams and nightmares. The being was always a little girl. She appeared to be about 5 to me. Everytime I saw her she had black hair, light tan skin, and wore the same dark blue dress and carried a small bear with her. I looked at her.

This was a regular occurane. This child's presence. She never saw me but she seemed to know me and somehow I knew her. Now she was dancing around a small field of flowers.

Wait her lips are moving but I can't hear her. She stopped and looked my way, curiosly, with bright light brown eyes. She smiled and ran through me. Like I was a ghost. I followed her.

She lead me deeper into the darkness of these trees. Suddenly she looking... Scared..

She kneeled down to the ground. I couldn't see what she was kneeled. Then I saw that a dark crisom was pooled around the tree's. I gasped and turned to prepared to run if I hadn't thought of the girl. I returned my gaze to her. She was now on her hand and knees.

Carefully she rested a small hand on a dark figures face; I believe it was. She moved her hand away. On her pale hand was, red, blood.

I gasped. She muttered unheard words and laid her blood drenched hand on each figures cheek. Blood came off all of- Wait why is that stain blue?

She stood, still muttering inaduble words, her face showed she was almost ready to cry. "Oh. Don't cry." I said reaching my hand towards her till...


I saw a small red hole suddenly appear on the young girls forehead. I screamed. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fell back and was swallowed by the shallow pool of blood. Like she had fallen into the ocean.

I ran and kneeled to where she had fell. Only to find that the puddle was larger then before and the surface seemed to have turned solid. It was cold like ice. I looked into the red mirror to try and saw only a shadow.

Only for it to manifest into a evil creature. It wasn't human. It was covered in blood and shadow. I backed away. All these hideous monsters come near me. I tried to scream, but no words left me, I tried to fight, but I was froze in place...