The Grimm Family:

Mary Jane Burkhardt- adopted at 6 years old by the Campbells, thus becoming Mary Jane Campbell and later Mary Winchester, when Lily was 1; Died at 25 two days after Lilly died except two years earlier (November 2nd,1994), right after their parents died; Sam and Dean born same dates but different years. Had the Grimm gift since she was 2 years old

Lillian Anne Burkhardt- adopted at 6 by the Evans family, thus becoming Lillian Jane Evans (Potter later), when Nick was 2 when their parents had to go help a friend in England with a Vessen problem; Died at 21 three days before her older sister in 1996 except two years later. Nick got all rights to Harry, even though he was fourteen, who he names Archer later on, but Dumbledore ignored the will and gave Harry to the Dursley's. Got the Grimm gift in her seventh year at Hogwarts.

Nickolas Mage Burkhardt- is four years younger that Lily and eight years younger than Mary: does have magic went to American Wizarding summer school. Got hold of Harry three years after Lily's death; Winchesters and Burkhardts were always close, John asked Marie for help on some hunts; showed Marie that there are more monsters out there than the vessen in the Grimm books.

Archer James Burkahrdt (Harry James Potter)- placed in the Dursley's care even though his parents' will clearly stated he was to go to Nick. Is found and then blood adopted by Nick when he's four, so Dumbledore can't force him to go back to the Dursley's since Nick is his legal guardian and now blood father. Got the Grimm gift the night his mother died.

Platform 9 ¾ , London, England- September 1st , 2012

Archer looked at his Dad, Nick Burkhardt; Homicide detective of the Portland Police Department. He then looked over at his honorary uncle, Hank. Hank had been working with his Dad for years, had brought his Dad home safe and sound from situations were the two should have dies. The two had basically become brothers. Archer's real-blood-related uncle and cousins, John, Sam, and Dean Winchester were at the platform as well. The platform was so different than the one that took Archer to Salem Wizarding Academy.

"Be safe you hear me. Keep up with your training and reread everything the photo copied. Your mom wanted you to at least experience Hogwarts but if that Old Coot tries to start anything, tell him he is going to be dealing with the Portland PD, a two Grimms, a shit load of Hunters, and at least seven angels, more specifically Cas since you know how he gets when things come down to you." Nick told his son, causing Archer to roll his eyes.

Archer looked exactly like his Dad, black hair that is easier to control when it is at a medium length and his clear blue Grimm eyes that seem to always be passed on with the Grimm genes. The only thing is that one of Archer's eyes is blind. Grimm accident. But that is why he has Arrow, his sight seeing Black Lab. Arrow had been trained by the Portal PD, so he could properly help Archer if he ever ended up in a bind.

"I will Dad. Make sure Sammy and Uncle John don't kill each other. Also, if Sam does get accept to Stanford, remind Uncle John that you are only about an hour to an hour and a half ways drive away to the school." Archer said looking at his cousins and uncle as they were putting his trunk on the train. He took his black backpack from his Dad's hands. He looked through the bag and smiled when he saw his magically compatible MacBook Pro, iPhone, iTouch, and Beat headphones as well as the music for his electric guitar. Archer's electric guitar was a shiny white Fender (it was also a beginner guitar) but he had it for 8 years and it was technically classified as his baby. Just like the Impala was Dean's baby. The sharp whistle of the train echoed indicating the five minute warning until departure.

Archer pulled his Dad into a hug, which Nick gladly tightened, and said, "I'll miss you Daddy." Nick pulled back and steered Archer towards the train handing his son Arrow's brown leather leash.

Archer put on his Aviator sunglasses, since people would continuously asked about his eye. The once sparkling cecasian blue eye looks cloudy all over but the iris itself is a very vibrant, almost glowing, celestial blue. He stepped on the train then held on to the handle on Arrow's back making Arrow stay by his side. The area that he was in was filled with Muggle borns, since many gave him sympathetic looks. He didn't need their sympathy so he turned around and opened the door to another section. He walked in to the other section and saw that most of the people were predominantly purebloods by the looks they were giving him. 'Good. They won't bother me.' Archer thought sitting down in one of the double seats that have seats facing each other by the door.

"What do you think you're doing? This is the Slytherin carriage, Mudblood! Take that stinking mutt out of here," A gorgeous guy about Archer's age, with blonde hair and silver eyes, said walking up to him. 'Of course. The Winchester/ Burkhardt luck. Thank God Bobby and Dad made me learn the names of some families going to the school.' Archer thought taking off his sunglasses, hearing many people gasp, while pulling Arrow back so that he wouldn't attack the guy.

"Is that any way to talk to a blind person and as well as a guest of the school, whose status and name you don't even know? Hmm," He asked. "My name is Archer James Burkhardt, now you may think that I am a mudblood because of that last name, but lets just say I have an even more prestigious name and bloodline then your family Mr. Malfoy."