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"Cyanide! Destroy the weak one!" Zim commanded. A large Charizard that was blood red color instead of the normal orange surged from the ball. "CHARRR!" It roared and blew out a powerful flamethrower.

"Blasss!" SK hissed. Dib looked at Zim's Charizard then back at his Blastoise. "You wanted to see him again..." Dib said. SK looked at his trainer. "You came out of your ball cause you knew you were going to see him again." Dib said. SK nodded. "Blast." He growled. Dib and SK watched the battle between the two dragon types.

"Your move Zimmy. No way you'll beat me this time!" Ashton gloated. "We'll see, Ashton, we'll see." Zim said with a smirk. "Cyanide Fire spin." Zim ordered. "Nice try. Blow it away Charizard!" Ashton ordered. Charizard blew the Fire spin away. "Charge at it and use Crunch!" Ashton ordered. Charizard flew fast to tackle Cyanide. Zim grinned. "Cyanide Tuw GiHy Darqs!" Zim said in a low voice that sound like gibberish. Cyanide roared and hit Charizard with it tail wiping it away then used Take Down to launch it up into the air. "What?" Ashton asked shocked at how fast Cyanide was. Cyanide bit into the Charizard's neck making it bleed a lot of blood, using it's tail again it slammed it's back sending the dragon down to the ground on it's stomach. "CHARIZARD!" Ashton screamed and ran onto the field to the giant lizard. "Hmpf." Zim huffed as Cyanide landed next to him. "Do you give up yet? It's pointless for you to put your Pokemon through this. My Pokemon are natural killers so I would strongly suggest ending this." Zim said wisely. Ashton growled and returned his Charizard. "I'm not giving up! You will loose!" He swore. Zim sighed "Fine have it your way. Just don't say I didn't warn you." Zim said as Ashton ran back to his post.

"GO GOLEM!" Ashton called and tossed another ball. A large round rock skinned Pokemon came out with red eyes. Zim sighed and pulled out another ball. "This is growing to become a nuisance. All well." Zim sighed. "Feral Eradicate them!" Zim ordered. A Feralgator surged out of the ball. "FERALGATOR!" Feral roared. Ash looked a bit worried remembering a water type and ground type is a bad mix. But quickly shook it off. "Golem use Rollout!" Ashton ordered. Golem rolled into a ball and charged at Feral. "Bounce." Zim said. Feral jumped high above Golem. Golem's attack missed. "Waterfall." Zim ordered coldly. Feral was wrapped in water and shot the water down fast. It landed right on Golem's head and crashed all around him. "Golem no!" Ashton exclaimed. Golem roared in pain slightly. Feral landed on Golem slamming him to the ground. "Let's end this shall we? Ice Beam!" Zim ordered. Feral shot a icy beam at Golem and froze Golem. "Golem!" Ashton exclaimed. "It seems he cannot battle." Zim said as Feral stomped over to his master. Ashton grew more and more enraged. "I'm not done yet I still have 3 more Pokemon!" Ashton growled. Zim let out a bored sigh. "Fine." He growled returning Feral to him.

"Grrrr Butterfree! Come on out!" Ashton ordered tossing another pokeball. "Vienna! Time to fight!" Zim ordered as a Luxio surged from the ball. "WHAT! YOU HAD A ELECTRIC TYPE WITH YOU THE WHOLE TIME!" Ashton shouted baffled. "Unlike you Ashton I've trained my Pokemon well, and I've learned from the best of the best." Zim said a bit slick with his arms crossed. "GRRRR I WILL NOT LOOSE!" Ashton screamed. Zim shook his head. "Your so arrogant." Zim said disappointed. "SHUT UP AND BATTLE!" Ashton growled. "Butterfree use Giga Drain!" Ashton ordered. Butterfree charged at Vienna and hit his side. Zim tilted his head slightly. Seeing that Vienna wasn't all that affected when Butterfree hit it."Vienna. Please use Discharge to get this over with." Zim said laying his hand on his forehead obliviously sick of this whole situation. Vienna nodded. "Lux." He said. Vienna used Discharge quickly and Butterfree was KO with one hit. Ashton twitched when Butterfree went down.

"DAMN YOU!" Ashton growled. "Pidgeot! Pull this one out of the bag!" Ashton ordered. A Pidgeot surged from the ball. Zim glared slightly. "GIR!" Zim called from the side. GIR jetted over to the field in his doggie suit. "READY TO MAKE BIG BIRDIE GO BEDDIE BYE MASTER!" GIR called happily. "No way in hell that's a real pokemon!" Ashton accused pointing a GIR. "He was aloud to battle in the Unova League they never said other wise." Zim said while fiddling with his claws. "Grr!" Ashton glanced over to Ze Ze that was watching her master grinning. "He has a Zorua too? This guys something else." Ashton thought glaring at Zim.

"No wonder Zim won the Unova League if he had GIR with him." Dib said crossing his arms. "DIB JUST SHUT UP AND WATCH!" Gaz growled watching the fallout that was about to happen. By now all the students AND faculty members were watching the battle. Dib watched. SK watched and Maggie did as well just still hanging onto Dib just not as tight.

Zim smiled slightly. "GIR... Go get the Bird." Zim said waving his arm as if he was saying "Shoo GIR don't bother me.". "YEHHEEEEEEEEEE!" GIR screeched and ran to Pidgeot. GIR jumped up and grabbed Pidgeot into a tight bone snapping hug. "OT!" Pidgeot screeched as GIR squeezed the air out of the oversized bird. "BIRDIE I LOVESSSS YOUSSSS!" GIR exclaimed happily hugging tighter on the bird. "Oooooottttt..." Pidgeot gasped then went limped. "Hu?" GIR said noticing this. "MASTER BIRDIE WENT TO BEDDY!" GIR called back to Zim who was just grinning slightly. GIR dropped Pidgeot and jumped onto Zim's shoulder.

Ashton screeched out in anger. GIR hid behind Zim's shoulder a bit scared. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU, YOU LITTLE MOTHER FUCKER!" Ashton screamed. "AREODACTYL!" Ashton roared as Aerodactyl surged from the ball. Zim glared at the ancient Pokemon. Ashton looked to his right real fast and grinned darkly. "Aerodactyl! Grab the Zorua!" Ashton ordered pointing to Zuphurtha.

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