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Act 1

The core members of Project D were sitting around a table in a local Fukushima diner. Ryosuke calmly sipped his coffee while Keisuke, Nakazato, and Shingo examined the map that Kenta had spread out before them. Takumi had called earlier to say that he was going to miss the meeting.

"There are seven passes in this area," Kenta named them, pointing to each one in turn. He then turned to the window, "people have been telling me that that one, Koto, is abandoned. It is barely used even in the daytime since the new highway was put in a few years ago. The government tends to neglect it so the road is in pretty bad shape. Or so I heard anyway."

"It's kind of far from any of the towns so I doubt people would take the extra time to go here when there are so many other passes close by. So that leaves only six passes for us to worry about," replied Nakazato.

"Worry? Who's worried? You might have a problem with that GT-R of your but me and my FD can beat anything," snorted Keisuke.

"Except a Hachi-Roku," retorted Shingo.

//Oh no their beginning to take sides// thought Ryosuke.

"Yeah the same Hachi-Roku that you tried to crash, you -" Kenta bit off the insult at a glance from Ryosuke. The others quickly followed suit.

"So what's the next step?" asked Kenta trying to break the sudden silence that had surrounded the table.

"We'll watch the groups to see how they perform, then we can act accordingly," replied Ryosuke. He pointed to a pass at random. "We'll start here tomorrow and make our way north. Kenta, see what you can find out about these other groups."

That statement closed the meeting and they all began to head home taking the main highway. Unnoticed by all, were the faint sounds of engines being pushed to the limit coming from Koto Mountain.


At Koto's pass, six cars had gathered after racing each other to the peak. They all began to emerge from their cars. First to get out were a pair of twins, Vicky jumped out of her Murcielago while her brother Vic leaped out of his Diablo. They were always competing against each other. The rest of their team, Alex in her Viper, Rick in his Porsche and Chris a (sorry haven't chosen a car for him yet) departed their cars in a more dignified manner. Another woman got out of a black FC and walked towards them holding a stopwatch in hand.

"You've all done great. I am actually surprised you guys were able to pick up the basics so quickly," she said smiling.

The team smiled proudly. "Well when you have the greatest car expert the world has to offer as a teacher, how can you not improve," replied one.

"Well now its time to step up the pace. You all have been training with me for 18 months and your skills are too similar for your battles to be worthwhile. It is time you tried your skills against other people."

"You're serious?" asked Vicky shocked. "You mean you want us to race other teams?"

"Not unless you guys don't think your ready."

"Aki we were just surprised at the timing. We've wanted to start racing other teams for a while but we were waiting for you to tell us that we were ready," replied Alex. "This is great! You mean we are really ready? This is going to be so much fun!"

Chris smiled at his teammate's enthusiasm.

"All right then. We'll meet here tomorrow at the usual time so make sure you get lots of sleep and fill up your tanks."

"Yes mother," laughed the twins getting into their cars. "Really Aki you think we'd forget something like that?"

Aki smiled as everyone got into their cars and raced down the hill.

//I wonder who will win tonight?//

She stood at the edge of the platform in time to see Chris reach the highway first.

//Good. He needs to win every once in a while// she thought getting into her car. //Guess it's time for me to head back too.//

Aki gunned her engine and managed to make it down the mountain in half the time it took the other cars. Aki smiled. //They still have a long way to go before they can catch me//.