Author's Note : This will only be two chapters unless I can think of more to do with it. It was a plot bunny that I came up with at work, and just wanted to play around with. I already know what he will choose, but if you want to post what you think he should do and why in reviews that would be fun.

Henry lay dying, locked in his room all alone. His eyes slowly closing, his mind seemed to fade.

"You have killed us all in your time." Henry struggled to open his eyes.

"Who dares accuse the King of England of murder?"

"We do, your majesty." Henry blinked and before him stood Katherine, Anne, Jane and young Kitty Howard.

"Do you deny your hand in our deaths, Henry?" Anne asked.

"You brought that on yourself, whore." Even in death Henry lashed out at Anne, the woman he loved for so many years.

"You murdered her in cold blood, Henry. I believed you when you said she had wronged you, but now in death I see the truth. You murdered your wife because you were weak Henry. You allowed my family and Master Cromwell to manipulate you, but in the end you knew she was innocent. You murdered her." Jane stared at Henry with hate in her eyes.

"Your need for a son burned in your mind. You may have mourned Jane, but you never loved her. Your own selfishness mourned the loss of a wife who did her duty. You only mourned the loss of more sons." Anne felt pity for Henry in a way, but he was still a murdering bastard"

"I always blamed Anne for your actions, but in the end I saw clearly she was not to blame."

"You loved Katherine once Henry, but your need for a son led you to madness."

"Poor Anne, she was caught in your web of deceit. She loved you as much as you loved her. But your need for a son, killed any part of the man we all fell in love with."

"Kitty was naive, she did not know how to be Queen. You used her for your own selfish needs. You longed to feel young again, but when she was repulsed by you and tried to find some sort of love you murdered her too."

Henry looked at the women before him trying to process what was going on. His sweet Jane accused him of murder.

"Anne deserved to die" Henry yelled.

"For what reason? For loving you. For losing her child when all you did was treat her badly while she was pregnant?" Katherine scolded him. "I was born to rule and knew that you would take whores, Anne married you for love."

"And you promised her to love only her. Or did you forget that on your way to the alter?" Kitty added.

"You took another to your bed, Kitty. You deserved to die as well." Henry was livid, how dare they accuse him of wrong doing.

"We forget, you are the King of England. You will is law, correct?" Jane responded coldly.

"Why are you here?" Henry asked.

"To torment you." Anne said with a smile.

"To make you see the truth" Jane chimed in.

"To get you to make amends" Kitty added.

"To give you the chance to change." Katherine stared deeply into Henry's eyes.

"Henry, look deep within yourself. Can you live with what you have done? You murdered Anne out of spite. You gave more power to Jane's family than you ever gave Anne's. You killed Kitty because you refused to admit how horrible you had become. Jane chose death over being with you."

"You are given one wish, Henry. Only one. Do you save Anne from a death she did not deserve? Do you keep Katherine as your true Queen? Do you save Jane from death? Keep Kitty from sleeping with Thomas Culpepper? You chose, but know this Henry you will only remember your old life for a little while. It will fade as the new memories and events unfold. Choose wisely Henry."