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You know that feeling when you wake up in a freaking cage and you have no idea where the hell you are? No? Yeah, well I do and that's because I am living this situation right now! What FUN!

"Seriously no bathroom though?" I asked a nearby eraser. He paid no attention to me which greatly insulted my pride so I pressed on, "Hey, yo. Ugly ass. This girl got to pee sometime!"

I wasn't shocked when after my rude remark I—well my cage—was brutally smacked and tossed into the other side of the room, "No, ok. Thanks anyways!" I called as he shut the door with a loud smack.

I looked around at my surroundings and sighed. Everything was dark, creepy and…smelly. It smelled like a hospital gone wrong, oh wait; it is a hospital gone wrong. For those of you just starting to read the tale of my fucked up life, I shall explain to you the past two months at least.

We lived happily in a small house, I'm not saying where, and erasers found us. I had a member of my flock, Lucy, burn down the house and we took off into the evening technically on the run. Well a few weeks later we were found by the smelly dogs and attacked. Lucy was injured and I got eraser teeth embedded into my shoulder but other than that, nothing too serious. Well we found another place located on the coast and we stayed there for a few days until again we were found. There was this huge battle and I won't go into details but Lucy and I was taken and separated leaving me where I am now.

Back in the real world I glanced around the damp room and the small crowded cage to see if I could catch sight of any escape routes. Sadly, there was nothing. I snapped my gaze over to a cage near me when I heard movement, "Who's there?"

"Not much time," I heard a little creepy voice say back. Great now I was in a freaking horror movie. In front of me was a small child with a cat tail, ears, eyes, claws and patches of fur lining her body. It was still pretty grotesque though, "Not much time." She repeated.

"Not much time for what sweetie?" I asked in a hushed whisper.

"Not much time!" She suddenly screamed and started flailing in the cage.

"Whoa, calm down! Calm down, please. What are you talking about?" I asked frantically and backed far away from her into my crate. She kept screaming and thrashing around in her cage. Then it just stopped and she was still. I looked closer at her and realized she wasn't breathing, "Hey, hey help, we need help in here!" I shouted and banged on the side of my cage.

The door swung open and two people walked in—well one eraser and one human—I grimaced at the sight of them though, "Roy," I snarled and hung a leg out of my crate.

"Ahh, young Rea. You're looking just stunning, how long has it been really? Four maybe five years now that you've stayed under the radar from us," He growled back and slowly circled my cage. Bennie was intently looking at me from Roy's side, which honestly scared the shit out of me.

"You should know, you are the scientist aren't you?" I retorted.

"I can tell that you're still a feisty one. Well no matter, Bennie here can fix that in a jiffy!" Roy said in his stupid British accent. Bennie stalked over to my cage and grabbed the bars. He poked his big hairy muzzle in and looked deeply into my eyes with his blood red ones.

"You're going to be so much fun to hunt." He said and grabbed one of my wings. I gasped but held in a shriek of pain when I felt a numerous amount of bones being crushed in his hands, "Go ahead scream."

"I'd rather not, I'm not ever going to submit to you, you mutt!" I spat back through clenched teeth. My leather jacket was dusty and torn but I could still feel the warmth of my wings blood seeping through its fibers, "Ever."

"Bennie, enough, we mustn't kill her before the big hunt must we?" Roy piped up. I growled at him and Bennie slowly backed off. They walked out of the room and as soon as they were gone I punched the side of my cage and started screaming curse words.

"Holy mother, shit, damn oh my god that son of a bitch! AHHH!" I yowled and gripped my broken wing.

I couldn't take it anymore so I started throwing myself up against the side of my cage in an attempt to get out. The cage rattled a little bit until I gasped and gave up. I fell to the floor in a heap and soon realized it was the real floor. Not the cage floor.

"You're welcome," Someone next to me said. I spun around and came face to face with a girl that looked like me quite a bit but with more green in her eyes. Her hair was a tad bit darker too and she had wings!

"Who are you?" I asked and flopped onto the ground breathing heavily.

"My name is Iris, yours?"

"Rea," I responded and stuck my hand out to shake. She nimbly shook my hand and went quite again, "How did you help me get out of there?" I finally asked.

"I just picked the lock with this paper clip I stole out of Roy's pocket when he was in here torturing you." Iris shrugged and tossed the paper clip out of the cage.
"Well here, let me help you too." I offered and started clumsily picking her cages lock.

"There's no need, I already unlocked myself, and your body is just blocking me from opening it." She growled and kicked the cage open. I went rolling to the side as she crawled out of her cage and shook out her feathers, "I need to find my family." She said and slunk off towards the door.

"Wait, how long have I been here?" I asked in a whisper just in case someone else was listening, "And why is it so empty in here?"

"I'd say probably a month now. You've had to do a bunch of tests but they drugged you after each one so I wouldn't expect you to remember all of it. I just know that when I got here you were already here and I've been here about a month now, give or take." She told me and continued fiddling with a lock at the door.

My jaw fell down as I gaped at her in disbelief. But then I started remembering and I looked down at myself and saw all the needle holes in my arms and the new scars on my legs. Damn could I sleep! "Iris, you won't help anyone doing that, let's stay here a few more days. I'll let my wings heal and then we can escape ok. I'll take you back to your family."

Iris seemed to debate with herself about my proposition for a moment before she sighed and backed away from the door, "Ok, it's a deal."

"So where is everyone?" I asked and tried relaxing a little bit.

"They were retired, the schools are getting rid of all their mess ups like us so almost everyone that was in here a week ago is now gone." She answered and kept her eyes glued to the doors.

"Do you have any powers?"

"I can control weather with my emotions. I also can go into a shadow and not be seen so I like being nocturnal and I can read people's emotions from looking into their eyes sometimes they could be thinking something and I would know what it is because I can see it in their eyes," Iris responded and took a seat next to me, "And I'm a great medic."

"How old are you?"

"Fourteen going on fifteen this June," She answered again, "What about you?"

"Well, I can read people's emotions and detect danger from miles away and I'm sixteen going on seventeen at god knows when." We both laughed at that and she relaxed a little bit, "But I have been feeling a little weird lately, maybe a new power is coming on or something."

"You sound like the leader of my flock, Stephen." She laughed and rested her head on the wall behind us.

"Stephen?" I asked again recognizing the name, "He's the leader of your flock?"

"Yes, I have quite a few family members. Let's see, there's Harley, Shane, Evan, Demetery, Seth, Stephen and me." She told me and my jaw dropped again.

"Wow, Iris that's amazing. My family is actually two different families combined. My little brother, Percy, and sister, Hazel. And Jackson's family is his twin sister, Lucy, and their little sister Angel." I told her with a sigh.

"Are you their leader?"

"Yea, I have been since the day I broke us out of a joint just like this. That was a few years ago now." I laughed and whacked my head against the wall as I basked in memories.

"I've only been in here once other than now but my big brother Demetery and his girlfriend Evan broke me out. I don't know where they are now though. I snuck away when I wasn't supposed too and the erasers found me."

"I'm surprised they haven't questioned you yet," I scoffed and gently closed my eyes.

"They have, and they beat me already, put me through various tests that made my emotions calmer so I couldn't hurt them and now here I am talking to someone just like me."

"They drugged me with the same stuff huh?" I knew I wasn't dreaming when I realized I was abnormally calm.

"Yeah, they talked about how Bennie was beaten up by you numerous times because he really pissed you off and apparently you have the ferocity of a falcon." She shrugged and I could feel her relaxing by my side.

I laughed and brushed hair out of my closed eyes, "Yeah, I get that a lot. I've grown up as a badass and I'll die as a badass."

"I'm like that too but my brother and the rest of my family is pretty up beat with my safety, it's so annoying sometimes."

"I here you, I'm like that with my flock too." I sighed and fingered the picture hidden deep with in my pocket.

"We should probably get back in the cages before someone comes in and discovers us, don't you think?" Iris said pulling me deep out of my trance.

"Good point," I got to my feet and helped her up. She was actually really fit and had a good build for her age; I was impressed, "And thanks Iris."

She nodded and crawled back into her cage after I hauled myself up into mine. I leaned back into the bars and slid my eyes closed again, 'I'm coming Jackson, I'll see you soon'


Jackson's POV

"Jackson, it's been a month and we haven't found any trace that their even alive. How do we even know that they're not already dead?" Percy yelled at me from across the table.

"I am NOT giving up on them Percy! Your sister loves you and would do anything for you, why can't you do the same for her? I will find them," I snapped back, this whole leader thing could be a serious pain in my ass.

"But sitting here drinking coffee and eating toast isn't getting us anywhere!" Percy snarled back and slammed his hands down onto the table top.

"It's keeping our strength up and right now that's what needs to be done so we can find them," I took in a deep breath and looked down into my coffee as I tried really hard to stay calm with him. God, how did Rea do this?

"Whatever Jackson, I want to find my sister and I'm going to with or without you!" Percy shouted and stormed out of the kitchen.

"Well, you handled that well," Hazel said and walked up next to me.

"Gee, thanks Hazel." I rolled my eyes and picked her up, "You're worried about them aren't you?"

"Of course, my big sister and your twin sister are in the hands of crazy scientists bent on hurting people!" She said angrily and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I know, I worry about them a lot right now too."

"Or you're just freaking out that you didn't have enough time to save the love of your life," Angel cut in and sat where Percy was sitting a couple minutes ago.

I shot her an angry look but quickly shook it off, "That too, but my sister is gone too you know and I happen to be more worried about her then Rea. Rea can take care of herself, hell she took care of all of us for four years. She didn't even complain, yeah she worried a lot but I vote that she is one of the strongest in our group and if anyone can survive in the school alone for a month, it's Rea." I encouraged them and pat Hazel's back.

"I believe that actually," Hazel said and took the coffee cup out of my hands.

"Ok, you can have that," I mumbled as she gulped the rest of the coffee down and gently set the cup back down on the table.

"Right now guys all we can do is search and hope for the best." I sighed when I heard the doorbell ring. Shit…

All the kids stood still and stiff until I signaled for them to go hide somewhere while I checked it out. I walked down the creaky stairs and tightly pressed my wings up against my back hoping that they wouldn't be too visible against my black shirt.

I approached the door and swung it open with a whoosh to see none other than Chad, "What do you want?" I snapped and he looked shocked at my aggressive behavior.

"Is Rea here, I haven't heard from her in over a month?" He asked in his oh so gentle and caring voice.

"No, she's gone missing." I said coldly as I watched his expression go from worried to just plain shocked.

"What, she's missing, then why aren't you out here looking for her?" He yowled like a mad man.

"Because she can take care of herself. I know she'll be ok but I am going to find her." I snarled back and took a step forward to intimidate him.

"I think I know where she is," Mr. Pretty boy said really quickly. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and lifted him up into the air slightly in anger.

"Where is she!"

"M-my mom, called me the other day and said she got a new test subject that knew me! She said her name was Rea but I wasn't sure if it was my Rea or not. She works at a school area not far from here but the call was long distance and I could hear Rea in the background yelling at the people until my mom had to go and they apparently drugged her." He shouted and put his hands up to cover his face from my wrath.

"Rea isn't yours and she never will be so get over it and thanks I'll take a look into it."

After another hard glare into Chad's eyes I dropped him to the ground and slammed the door behind myself. "Hey kids come on, we're going on a little road trip!" I called and they snuck out of their hiding places.

Rea's POV

I woke up in the same black room I was in earlier except it was darker. The last light bulb in there had gone out or was turned off for the night somehow.

I yawned and stretched as I blinked the fuzziness out of my eyes, "Iris, hey iris, are you awake down there?" I asked and knocked on the bottom of my cage which was the top of her cage.

"Yeah," She said groggily.

"Good, I'm not going to have to talk to myself. So, what is your family like? Tell me about them," I said through a long yawn.

"Well Harley can absorb other people's powers and cast illusions. Shane can possess people and make them do things without them realizing it. Seth is like a super genius; he built a robot to help around the house until I destroyed it because I thought it was an enemy. Evan can change the matter of her wings into like glass and stuff and she can make certain feathers change so she can chuck them at enemies and cause maximum damage. Demetery has super strength and he's super nice and Stephen can kind of like control magic and shape shift into anything whenever he wants or needs too." She told me.

"Wow that's a gifted family right there. Well let's see, Percy has super speed, Jackson can bend light to make him invisible and levitate things. Hazel can heal people like their wounds weren't even there and she can't feel pain. Angel can read minds and send messages into your brains and Lucy can control the four elements." I told her and her face brightened like the sunshine.

"That's soooo cool! I wish I could meet them!"

"Kid if we break out of here, maybe you can meet them and I can meet your family too. But we first have to survive this." I whispered just as soon as the doors sung open and more erasers came in with Roy, "Look what the cat dragged in, hairy ugly rat beasts and a shrimp of a scientist."

"Watch your mouth child!" And eraser snapped and whacked the side of my cage angrily.

"I can't exactly see my mouth dipshit." I snarled back and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Rea, stop being a smart ass," Roy demanded and pulled out some nifty looking handcuffs.

"Are those for me or are they from last night's party at your house?" I snickered. (A/N2: Yeah, I just had to get one dirty thing in there don't flame me hahaha. I'm AMAZING! Kjk R&R People!)

"Enough! Bennie, take her to the fields, Iris and her are next to be hunted on my list." Roy snarled as his cheeks burn.

"Dirty boy." I uttered as I got brutally ripped from my tiny safe haven made of cold hard metal, "Hey lassie, loosen up will ya?" I snapped and Mr. Hairy, "You seriously need a haircut with some dandruff shampoo and have you heard this word called deodorant?" I wheezed playfully, "And you!" I pointed to a hairless scientist in the corner, "You need more hair baldy, here let me get some for you" I grinned as he let imaginary smoke come out of his ears.

As the eraser drug me down the hall I swung around going, "Whoohoo" softly and then gradually got louder. I could hear Iris trying to hide her laugher but she eventually just broke out in a fit of laughter and we laughed until we cried, "But seriously, Mr. Hairy, I am ashamed, not having a bathroom for a girl like me! I pee a lot you know!"

"Hey you!" I shouted at a baby eraser, it looked scared at first but then looked me in the eye calmly, I took in a deep breath of air before continuing, "Who's a cutie woootie! OMG you're so FUZZY!" and I swear to god the puppy blushed.

An eraser injected something into my mouth with a syringe and I went calm again but I was still a smart ass, "YUMMAY!" I shouted sarcastically.

"Is she loony?" I heard an eraser ask another one.

"Yes," I said with wide eyes and a creeper smile, "I'm a crazy little chicken who these idiots think they can tame!" I started singing out of tune and I went crazy again.

"What the hell did you give her?" Iris asked as she tried to hold in her laughter. An eraser actually shrugged in response and we both broke out laughing.

"Hey sexy, you look FIIINEEEE," I said and winked at an eraser who looked appalled when I said that, "What at least you don't have as much junk in your trunk as that one does!" I motioned to Bennie who growled in response.

The rest of the day went downhill from there but the best part was before all hell broke loose I actually got like ten erasers to laugh. I know, shocking right!

Yeah well that was until the hunt started…

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