Becky "Robin" Sherwood woke up that fateful morning to the sound of her favorite radio station KMV 85.1 FM. It played the hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and today. Robin loved all music, because all music applied to everything. She had been sleeping in her favorite position, with her head at the foot of the bed, and her feet on a pillow. She crawled out of bed and began brushing her hair, and getting ready to go over to her best friend Mikey's house. Today was her last day in the Goondocks but somehow she was sure everything would work out. Robin just knew she wouldn't have to leave and neither would any of her friends.

She was also looking forward to seeing Mouth, the love of her life. She was sure that he liked her too, maybe. Well, Robin wasn't really sure, but she liked how he smiled at her sometimes. She knew that her close friend, Data, liked her. He had almost asked her to the eighth grade dance that was happening next week, but she was trying to avoid him. Even though she and Data were almost as close as she and Mikey were, she didn't really like him that way. Even worse, her sister, Julia, said Mikey liked her too, but she didn't believe it.

After getting ready to go, Robin stopped to analyze her appearance. She looked at the first look she threw together: a yellow knit off-the-shoulder sweater over a black tank top and black jeans, with her long straight pale blonde hair held back with a green headband. No, this look won't catch Mouth's eye.

She braided her into two braids, and desmoothed back her bangs from the hair gel she used to slick them back. She put on a red tank top, threw on a pink shoulderless top over it, and wore a floral sleeveless dress on top, like Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles. She shook her head again and changed clothes.

She changed into a green lacy top with a black lacy spaghetti strapped crop top underneath, a black miniskirt, black pantyhose, and Mary Janes. She threw a silver cross necklace, and a black bow headband into the mix and looked in the mirror. She looked like one of the Madonna wannabes at the high school, the ones Mouth was always looking at. She left the house satisfied.