Chapter 1. Prologue

"Where am I? It's dark… so… dark."

"Release me." A dark voice echoedfrom the distance.

"W-who are you?" A sudden burning sensation started in my chest.

"Release me." The dark voice echoed again as the burning sensation grew stronger.

"W-who… what are you, w-where are you?"


"Aha!" I woke up drenched in sweat, panting and upright. "Oh god. Sigh, I hope I didn't wake little bro."

My name is Chris. We, my mom, lil bro and I, have been moving throughout the world for as long as I can remember.

The only thing I have left of my father is a blood red amulet that, like my father before me, I was given the task of protecting it with my life.

The legend of the amulet was that when the creator of the universe, so benevolent, lost control of its power and split in two.

His doppelganger, evil beyond evil, was the first shadow pokemon. The two great beings fought viciously, carving the land. Finally,

in a last ditch effort to defeat each other, they sealed each others' powers. The shadow Arceus was sealed within the blood crystal

and its other half's powers were sealed within 12 different tablets.

Our family has been given the task of protecting it for over three millennia according to family legend.

Sailport City, Hoenn:

"Hay pall, where ya headin'?"

"Paps grave." I said chocking my tears back.

Hue, or paps as I called him, was the only father figure I've ever had. He helped us get unpacked when we first moved on to the

outskirts of town. He and mom fell in love and got married when I was twelve. Soon thereafter my little brother was born. Paps worked at a ship

yard in Sailport and, in his youth, he was an expert swordsman. When I was thirteen he gave me his most prized sword, named after his favorite pokemon, Umbreon.

Five months after my little bro turned one, Edd, paps friend and coworker, came to the house in a bit of a panic.

"Kim! Kim grab your sons! It's Hue! Come quickly!"

When we got to the docks, the scene was horrible. Paps had been shot several times, he was near dead.

"He wanted to speak with you, Chris." I walked for what seemed like ages, tears welling up in my eyes.

"H-hay p-paps."

"L-listen," he said, "you'll take care of the family, ok?"

Suddenly his body went limp, and, he was gone. It's hard to believe I stuttered my last words to him.

My lil bro had never gotten to know his father just like me. Now days, at five years of age, he is quit intelligent and already knows he's going to be

a pokemon ranger. He visits paps grave whenever we're in town.

And now I sit at paps grave thinking about my only true father.

"Sigh, I wish you were here."

"Hay hay, lookie there! Isn't that the grave of the poor sap the boss had me kill? And what do ya know; the bosses kid is there too."

I looked both ways only to find that I was the only one at the graveyard

"W-who're you talking about!" I said anger building up, knowing who this man killed.

"Don't play stupid kid," he yelled, "you've been on the run all your life, you can't possibly have not known you were running from your own father!"

"My father's dead! My mother told me so!"

"She must have lied, kid. Probably to keep you safe. Some good that did. Grab the kid!"

A bunch of goons wearing an oddly familiar symbol on their chests lunged at me, and just then, a man on a Harley

(whom I recognized right away) zoomed right over our heads.

"Hay Chuck! Great timing, man!"

Chuck and I are great friends who, by the way, have gotten each other out of so many binds that we'd both be

dead if we never knew each other.

I swear, I'll never forget the day I met him.

Three years earlier:

"Note to self; NEVER knock over chrome dome's bike ever again!"

Mike, or chrome dome as I called him (due to his hereditary baldness), was the leader of the Kanto Biker Federation:

Veridian sector and he did NOT like me and if he caught me, I would be dead. Chuck, being the second in command,

was a bit of a rough neck himself. Chuck had me cornered in an ally, and then, out of nowhere, a rival biker jumped him.

I really don't know what possessed me, but I grabbed the closest blunt object and started beating them away from him.

Though I didn't leave unscathed, I still managed to drag Chuck to my house and clean up his wounds. Ever since, he has saved

my ass whenever I needed it and vice versa.

"Need a hand kid?" Chuck said in his iconic smartass attitude

"No, I'm just fine. I like getting the crap kicked out of me. Of course I need some help, dumbass." I said with a huge grin as

I noticed that three of them were out cold already. "What are you doing in Hoenn anyway?"

"Doing a favor for your mom, she said you'd be in danger and that I should keep an eye on ya."

Suddenly, the spot where the amulet lay on my chest started burning. Then it hit me that the symbol on their cloths was

modeled after the amulet hanging around my neck.

"Y-you aren't after me, are you? You're after my amulet!"

"Kid, you're pretty quick, but we do need you too. Your father is waiting."

Before I could say or do anything, Chuck mowed down the whole lot of them.

"Chris, get on the bike, I need to take you home."

"Do you know who they are?"

"A group of thugs and thieves that call themselves 'Teem Amulet'."

It seemed to take ages to get home even though it was only a mile away. When we got there grandpa Wattson was there

helping my mother pack all our stuff.

"What the hell is going on mom!"

"We're going to Kanto, we can't stay here anymore. Little Jay is packing his stuff. Go help him, ok? Your stuff is packed already."

It took thirty minutes to finish packing and get on the boat. My mind was still racing and I was filled to the brim with questions.

"Mom, is… is my father alive?"

The look on her face was one of absolute horror.

"N-no… why?"

"Mom, please don't lie. Tell me the truth; what does my father have to do with Teem Amulet?"

"H-he murdered a man when you were just two months of age, then he went after you and the amulet. We've been on the

run ever since. He started the organization 'Teem Amulet' to try and get the amulet form you, even if it means killing innocent people."

"Four hours to Pallet town!" Shouted the Capitan.

"Why didn't you ever tell me this, mom?"

She gave me a sorrowful look and said, "I didn't want you to go after him, Chris, especially after what he had his men do to Hue."

"Let's get some rest you two. It's been a long night."

"Thanks grandpa Wattson."