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Chapter 1:

InuYasha P.O.V

"I am done with you InuYasha! You are a jerk! You never loved me, so read my lips: WE. ARE. DONE. FOR. ETERNITY!" Kikyo yelled at me, angry tears streaming down her paper-pale cheeks.

"I'm sorry," I said,

"Sorry doesn't even cover a portion of it" Kikyo hissed and zipped up the bag full of her clothes. "Goodbye InuYasha, I pray that we NEVER meet again."

I fell onto the bed as I heard the door slam. I never had the skill to keep my girlfriends. Kikyo was the second one this year.

I brought my hand up to my forehead and groaned,

I'll never get a permanent girlfriend will I?

I thought as I shrugged out of my red T-shirt and into a white one, grabbed my keys and strode out the door, only to forget my red Converse in my room.

I drove aimlessly, not paying much attention to the road, because of that I earned many curses and finger signs but I didn't care. Before I knew it I realised I was parked in front of a café named 'Shikon no Tama Café'. I killed the engine and walked in, locking the car behind me. The café wasn't empty and wasn't full, it was just the number of people that didn't make you feel like you were the only person in the café. I wandered around until I found a booth that was isolated and sat down. I began thinking, about how in the world I always get the girl only to lose her.

"Hello, I'll be serving you today, what would you like?" I looked up and saw a girl standing beside me. She had long ebony hair tied loosely at the nape of her neck, chocolate eyes and a smile filled with perfectly straight pearly whites, her legs were long and probably smooth…

Stop it InuYasha! Stop or you'll turn into Miroku!

I thought and steered my eyes back to her face.

"I'll have a coffee thanks." I said

"No problem, just a sec," she replied and left.

I dug into my pockets and breathed a sigh of relief when I pulled out a five-dollar note that miraculously appeared in one of the pockets of my black skinnies.

The girl placed the cup and saucer on the table and said the usual 'enjoy your coffee' speech and went off to tend to the other customers. I drank the coffee in silence; truly enjoying the coffee the girl brought me.

That girl makes some darn good coffee

I thought as I downed the last mouthful of coffee and closed the magazine I found on the table. I walked up to the counter and placed the bill on it,

"Thanks for visiting Shikon no Tama Café, please come visit again" the girl said and flashed me a smile.

"Thanks," I said and caught a glimpse of her nametag.

I said the name in my head again and smiled as I started the engine.

That's a nice name Kagome

I thought as I drove back to the apartment.

(The next day)

I woke up to the light streaming out the window and turned over to wrap my arm around Kikyo.

Oh right. We broke up last night.

I told myself and twisted so I was lying down on my back again. I stayed like that for a while, content with the feeling of morning sunlight pouring onto my bare chest. I lay there for about ten more minutes before getting fed up with not moving so I got up and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast that I left in the fridge. Yeah gross. I looked at the clock on the wall 9:15,

I overslept

I thought to myself as I downed the cold piece of bread,

Crap, I forgot to spread anything on it!

Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring and I opened the door clad in nothing but the jeans I was wearing last night.

The girl from the café stood in front of me, she immediately blushed and openly looked away after her short-ish encounter between her eyes and my bare, sculpted chest. I leaned against the doorframe, my long silver hair falling over my shoulder.

"Yes, can I help you?" I asked with a slight grin as she tried her best to calm her racing heart. Yes I can hear these things because I'm a half-demon.

"Are you InuYasha?"

I nodded,

"You left your driver's license at our Café" Kagome said and she passed me the card.

"Thanks" I said, I didn't realise that I forgot it until now.

"Well umm… bye," Kagome said as she abruptly turned, using her hair as a curtain between her face and myself and walked away.

"See you later!" I called out quickly before I closed and locked the door.

I sat on the couch and turned the T.V. on and fell into a daze.

I thought about Kikyo and the girl and how similar they looked.

I didn't last long and I grabbed my phone and dialed Kikyo's phone number.

"What the heck do you want?" Kikyo hissed,

"Kikyo, please come back to me" I pleaded pathetically

"That's a load of bullcrap InuYasha, besides, I don't need you anymore, I have Naraku" she said.

"Kikyo I…" I trailed off as I heard her hang up the phone.

The day past as a blur and I sat in my car after I finished my shift at 'Kaede's Bakery' yeah well, Kaede's was friend of my mother before she died of a fever so Kaede took me in until I could move out.

I pocketed my salary, gripped my steering wheel and I set off to the Café.

I pushed open the door again and once again the café wasn't full and it wasn't empty. I sat at the same booth as the day before and Kagome came over again.

"Hey InuYasha, what can I get you today?" she asked me.

"Same as yesterday Kagome, but with a slice of the Cake of the Day thanks." I said to her deliberately steering my golden orbs so that we were staring into each other's eyes. "Oh, and you remembered my name." I slyly added.

Kagome immediately blushed and shot back at me,

"And how do you know my name?"

I smirked

"Your nametag." I said, pointing at the badge attached to her blouse.

She went red once again.

"I-I'll be back" she stuttered and made her escape.

I leaned casually against the cushions that covered the booth and savoured my victory.

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