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Hey Kiddies. I've decided I have enough of this fic written (GAH, I hope so) to start posting. The chaps will be short and sweet (at times drabble-ish, although I'm not totally following those rules). I will post once a week on Tuesdays unless FF has an epic fail or RL prevents me from doing so. So on Tuesdays as of now, we have a date. This first installment is super short so don't hate me too much. Maybe if I get a good response I might post the next by the end of the week...but after that Tuesdays ONLY :) Sound good?


I think I've asked myself the same damn question about a thousand times…

Why in the hell am I doing this?

No matter how I try to answer, there really is only one definite reason. And that reason comes in the form of a dark-haired, petite force to be reckoned with—the one person who's been with me most of my life. The one thing that's been constant, true, and honest in my life.


It's our ten-year high school reunion, and Angela insists we are going—no matter what.

With the exception of Angela, I could care less about anyone from Forks High School.

Why would I?

They made my life pretty much miserable the first time around.

And yet tonight, I'm going to see them and spend time with them.

The things I do for friendship.

A/N: It's a start, right? Albeit a short one, but a start nonetheless. Let me know what you're thinking. See ya soon!