The Lion and The Snake - Scales of Justice

Yes Guys the long awaited Sequel to - The New Order. I do hope you all enjoy this one. This one will actually have SLASH in it at some point. Regarding how long it will take for Severus and Harry to get together which will happen. So it is SS/HP if you do NOT like that pairing please click the square at the top right hand corner and leave.

This chapter has recaps of what has happened! So there's no confusion for those who are starting to read and those who've read it but can't remember everything. I just hope you all enjoy it and I can live up to everyone's expectations.

Chapter 1

Escorted Back To Hogwarts' School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Harry's summer had been extremely revealing and busy to say the least; it had started off with him capturing Peter Pettigrew. His godfather had been exonerated, and Dumbledore of course took the credit for Pettigrew's capture. None of this surprised Harry, but they infuriated Severus Snape beyond all reason. Two weeks into his summer, the restriction on underage magic had been lifted. With the threat of Voldemort living over their heads, it was the best decision the Ministry had ever made. This prompted Harry to begin learning; he went over all his books, learning all the spells. Which included all the books he had received from his friends and the Order. Needless to say his understanding and knowledge of magic shot up.

Dumbledore had given Harry a pensive for his birthday, Harry had been furious to realize it was his. Dumbledore had been using his pensieve as his own, maybe even since his parents died. It seemed as though it wasn't only the Invisibility cloak he had taken from either Godric's Hollow or his family Vault.

Dumbledore had also told the Dursley's that Harry's godfather had died, he had been furious to find out about the Dursley's curbed treatment of the boy. He had done this because he didn't like how Slytherin the boy was being. He had of course tried to curb that Slytherin nature out of him. The Weasley's had helped with that, ensuring Harry loathed all Slytherins. Telling them about Sirius Black, his murderer godfather, omitting the fact he was innocent, had been a manipulation worthy of Salazar Slytherin on the boy's part.

Harry then went to Gringotts, and made sure the Gringotts regretted not telling him about his vaults. He found his mother's memories, much to his happiness, and found out that Sirius had lied to him. Severus Snape wasn't just friends with Death Eaters; he had been friends with his mother. That the man loved her like a sister, he knew it was nothing more. He knew because it's the look he saw Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron started at Ginny. Protective, possessive and with love. They'd all die for their little sister, it's the same look Harry supported himself when staring at Ginny, Hermione and Ron.

Harry bonded to Dobby, but then requested Dobby to bond with Severus too. Which made Dobby very powerful, having magic from the bonding of two powerful wizards. After that Harry promptly sealed off Grimmauld Place, making it inaccessible by Dumbledore and the Order. Dumbledore of course, assumed it was Bellatrix Lestrange, a good thing really or Harry would have found himself in trouble.

Severus found out that Voldemort wanted his godson, wanting him as a personal pet. Ironically he had gone to Harry; he didn't want to go to Dumbledore. He had known what would have happened, the same that happened to him. Dumbledore would have been ecstatic to have someone with such close contact with Voldemort. He wouldn't have cared what Draco was going through. Thankfully Harry had helped him, and then Narcissa and Draco ended up in Grimmauld Place hiding from Voldemort and Lucius. Not only the human inhabitants, but the house elves too. It seemed Harry sending Dobby to Severus had proved useful; Severus had grown quite attached to them. So one of the rooms in Grimmauld Place had been converted for the elves to live comfortably with until they found new homes.

During a vision, Harry realizes Voldemort suspects Severus, and begs him to stop spying. After thinking it through, Severus agrees to go along with it and tells Dumbledore he was caught as spy. This was when Dumbledore began to form a new plan for his 'tool'. He decides to use Severus to do his dirty work. He wants to destroy Harry in spirit, after last year's debacle. He knew Severus wouldn't be able to teach Harry anything with patience. He was relying on Severus breaking Harry down in spirit and mind, when Harry came to him he would play the worried 'mentor' as always and ensure he had Harry's complete and utter trust. He would ensure Harry learned anything else he needed; he would get the praise for ensuring Voldemort was defeated. Everyone would know he had helped Harry Potter after all. The world would worship him all the more seeing the great Harry Potter in awe of him as well. On the upside he would gain more Order members as well everything was going quite well. Severus would go to Azkaban, and he'd have Harry completely under control.

Pansy Parkinson's father was killed by Voldemort, while he tried to kill Severus through the mark. Lucius Malfoy was killed because he failed to hand over his son in time. Peter Pettigrew was imprisoned in Azkaban. His inner circle was dwindling but Voldemort had ways of gaining followers, just not inner circle ones.

More people joined Harry at Grimmauld Place, his new sanctuary for those who didn't want to fight in the war. Or those who wanted to fight and protect their families at the same time. The Tonks' Andromeda (Andy) Ted and Nymphadora Tonks. Neville and Augusta Longbottom, Luna Lovegood and her father Xenophilius.

"Are you ready to go?" asked Severus knocking on Harry's door. He never went in without announcing himself and waiting on a reply. He wouldn't like someone doing it to himself, so he would never violate someone's privacy doing it either.

"Come in," said Harry, who was in the progress of putting a few more things in his brand new trunk. "Almost." he finished. The trunk had ten compartments, and it was still barely fitting in everything Harry wanted to take with him. Which included his brand new broom, he had gotten the Bolt Star as he promised himself. Along with new clothes, he honestly couldn't care what Dumbledore said. He wouldn't realize until the weekend anyway, because he was in his uniform all week. He was through trying to impress the man, he'd do what Dumbledore did to him - ignore him.

"Ready?" he asked once more, his face showing nothing, it seemed as though the majority of his masks were already back in place.

"Yes," said Harry, saddened to see the man he had come to love over the course of the summer disappear. The only consolation he had was that he was living with him still, and he'd get to see him without his masks on. If he hadn't been forced into being an apprentice he wouldn't have that opportunity.

"Are you ready to face this?" asked Severus, facing Dumbledore, the apprenticeship everything.

"As I'll ever be," he said, banging his trunk closed in triumph - finally he had managed to get everything in. Anyone that saw it would think Harry had a touch of OCD. So neatly everything had been packed in, usually Harry just flung everything in. Apart from the time Tonks had spelled it in for him last year.

"Let's go," said Harry. He had already said goodbye to everyone, Dobby knew where he was staying - in Severus' rooms in Hogwarts. So he knew that he could come any time he wanted. Draco, Luna and Neville had all told him they'd see him at Hogwarts.

Severus apparated Harry to Hogwarts, to the gates they could not get any further apparating. Once that was done, Severus with swift wand movements, called a carriage towards them. His face completely closed off, his stance defensive, he looked utterly pissed off. If Harry hadn't known Severus, he would have been extremely wary of him right then.

Another flick of his wand his trunk was loaded on and they were both on the carriage. The winged horses, pulling the carriage towards Hogwarts, stopping at the main steps. They descended quickly and Severus with Harry walking behind him, made their way up to Dumbledore's office. Harry for once wasn't exactly happy to see Hogwarts, he'd have much rather remained in Grimmauld Place.

"Ah, Severus! Harry! Come in, come in!" beamed Dumbledore benevolently looking extremely happy to see them both. Coffee, tea and an assortment of cakes and treats were already waiting on them.

Harry observed that there was a lot less trinkets lying around Dumbledore's office. He didn't feel guilty, the old fool should have told him the Prophecy years ago. He wasn't scared to look Dumbledore straight in the eye; he had been teaching himself Occlumency and meditation. Both had gone rather well for him, unfortunately it didn't stop the visions - but it would stop others from reading his mind. He didn't have to fear Dumbledore finding out about his plans, or about him really being at Grimmauld Place.

"Sit down, drink?" Dumbledore asked his eyes twinkling brightly.

"No thank you," said Harry sitting down, figuring he might as well relax a little since he'd be here for a while.

"No," said Severus smoothly his mood seemingly very sour. Which was usually the case when he was dealing with Harry, Dumbledore couldn't find out about it.

"Very well, very well," said Dumbledore cheerfully, "Now Harry…I understand you might still be upset with me." he said his mood sobering. "I was only acting in your best interest that I assure you. You deserved to have a childhood, that information would have only burdened you more. Now that you know…I feel it's prudent that you get some training."

"Training?" echoed Harry a look of apprehension appearing on his face.

"Yes, I think its best if you concentrate on Defence against the Dark Arts in particular," said Dumbledore as if he didn't want to upset Harry.

"You mean Remus is going to teach me?" asked Harry his face lighting up his green eyes shining with hope.

"No, the work he does for the Order is much too valuable to stop," said Dumbledore, his twinkle leaving his eyes just a bit.

"I don't understand…who?" asked Harry his forehead wrinkling in confusion.

"I have made the decision that you will become apprenticed to Professor Snape Harry," said Dumbledore.

"What?" exploded Harry angrily, glaring at Severus for good measure before turning back to Dumbledore "He hates me! I won't become his apprentice! Why should I? I want to remain a student!" he cried out the unfairness of it all.

"Potter, the first thing I'll have you doing is cleaning out cauldrons if you do not watch your tongue." sneered Severus, his onyx eyes twinkling maliciously.

Neither Harry nor Severus failed to miss Dumbledore's twinkle becoming brighter.

"Professor please!" cried Harry staring pleadingly at the Headmaster.

"Severus calm down, Harry I'm afraid I have no choice, I really must insist. If I must I shall have your guardians sign it." said Dumbledore, knowing Harry wouldn't want him 'discovering' how he was treated. So he would agree very reluctantly, it was good knowing everything.

"Fine," said Harry stiffening noticeably, his entire posture one of defeat as he slumped back into his seat. He had jumped out when he had protested about apprenticing to Severus Snape.

"Sign these papers," said Dumbledore, handing over documents and a big fancy quill that had been dipped in gold ink. He had another one he was hoping Harry would sign, but he needed information from the goblin first. He had sent it away a few days ago, to get information on the Potter and Black accounts. If he didn't get them, he would have to go over and see the Goblin for himself. He wanted to draw up documents, Harry would give him Grimmauld Place, and after all he'd do anything for the Order. The Order was going to help Harry defeat Voldemort after all.

Harry looked as them as though they would strip away every last ounce of freedom. A grimace left his lips, before he very slowly signed his name. Meanwhile his eyes had roamed over the paper, making sure he knew what he was signing. It was just apprenticeship papers; he didn't want to accidentally give Dumbledore Grimmauld Place after all. Severus had told him that Dumbledore was desperate for Grimmauld Place to use as Order headquarters.

"I'll have a house elf move your trunk to Severus' quarters," said Dumbledore.

"What? Why?" asked Harry his eyes going wider.

"You shall be rooming with Severus during your apprenticeship, the rooms will be perfectly safe." reassured Dumbledore, everything was looking up indeed.

"Move Potter," said Severus interrupting the conversation.

A sigh left Harry's lips before he morosely replied "Yes sir," and both of them left the Headmaster's office. Keeping up the ruse until they were safely behind the doors of Severus' rooms. The portraits would and could report to Dumbledore, so they had to be extremely cautious. Severus had removed all portraits from his rooms, and classrooms as soon as he had become a teacher.

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