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Chapter 1: Power Play Gone Wrong

They were fighting. Again.

It was ridiculously pointless, Raven thought to herself. And annoyingly repetitive.

But, she reflected as she dodged yet another smaller than normal – though potentially even more dangerous than usual – and sticky red "X" meant for her mouth, she had to hand it to the villain tirelessly chucking them; he knew how to keep them on their toes.

The day had started out normal enough for Raven and the rest of the Teen Titans, and because of the incredibly reduced overall crime rate of Jump City, all that they had been forced to handle for the most part that morning were a few muggings, burglaries, and Grand Theft Auto's. It seemed as though all super-powered villains had closed up shop and left to terrorize others in a "safer" environment (namely one so-far uninhabited by super heroes). And although the rest of the team (minus Robin of course) thought that this was just something to celebrate and wasn't the least bit suspicious, Raven had her doubts.

And now, after having disappeared off the face of the earth for nearly a year, the relative peace of the morning had been shattered by the sudden frantic call from a local big-time jeweler, a man by the name of Rubeus Bartholomew Kingston the Third.

At the time the call was placed –a mere ten minutes ago – the man was in the process of being robbed by a certain skull-masked bad guy in a stolen suit. And this particular bad guy also happened to have a penchant for switching sides at the most unexpected times. An example of which being years ago when Robin had been fighting (or rather racing) nearly every other super-powered villain the team had ever come across in order to retrieve a very special case from Ding Dong Daddy.

This specific bad guy and Robin had been neck-and-neck for almost the entire duration of the race, and had been nearing the end . . . when something happened. According to Robin, Ding Dong Daddy had pulled a fast one on him and Red-X. Robin had apparently been able to dodge it, but the worst of it had been headed toward Red-X.

Red-X had crashed.

But Robin had saved him for some reason, pulling him from the wreckage and onto the back of his own motorcycle, instead of leaving him in the dust.

Red-X had been silent for a few seconds before asking Robin why he had bothered to save him; an enemy. Robin had stoically replied that it had been the right thing to do. It was then that the rest of the competition (a.k.a. the other super-powered villains) had closed into within a few feet of the R-cycle and its two young passengers.

X had apparently come to a decision then, because he said something along the lines of, "You really want that case, don't you?"

Robin had nodded.

X's old humor evidently returned because he said, "Then go get it," and had then leaped off of the R-cycle and onto the nearest competitor's car. From there he had taken out every single villain in pursuit of the spiky-haired Titan quickly and with ease.

In fact, Raven recalled, X had even seemed to be enjoying himself as he systematically destroyed all other automobiles on the track.

Well, Raven mentally corrected herself, that was not entirely true.

She and Starfire had managed to commandeer a bus full of villains and had been following Robin as fast as they could in order to be able to provide their assistance had it been needed by the Boy Wonder.

X had chosen to attack them last.

Raven smirked as she remembered how surprised and . . . proud he had felt when he caught sight of her driving a big yellow school bus. And although she had been confused as to why Red-X had felt pride of all things when he saw her, she had allowed herself to smile slightly when he gave her a nod of approval, before teleporting away to who-knows-where.

As far as she knew, he had not been heard of since.

Until today, that was.

#? #? #? #? #? #? #? #? #?

Raven growled in annoyance as yet another sticky X meant for her mouth came flying towards her. After dodging it successfully, she spun around to see what she had missed of the fight.

The empath grimaced as the scene before her sunk in.

Admittedly, the brawl had not been in the Titans' favor from the beginning, but this was just ridiculous.

It was unheard of nowadays for the Titans to be losing this badly.

Starfire and Beast Boy had been incapacitated in the first five minutes, both downed by some unknown noxious gas emitted by a canister Red-X had thrown their way, and Cyborg had followed them into the throes of unconsciousness soon after.

He had been taken out via Red-X plugging up his Sonic Cannon. Cyborg had been preparing to fire at their elusive adversary at the time, and the process had been too far along to deter.

Raven flinched as the sound of the earth-shaking explosion and the loud thud of Cyborg's body hitting the ground with entirely too much force resounded in her mental eardrums.

Returning to the present, it seemed like Robin had been the next to fall if the Boy Wonder-sized, smoking hole in the wall was anything to go by.

So that meant that it was down to just her and Red-X.

Speaking of which, where was he, anyway?

Glancing around warily, Raven remained tense and on her guard; she could afford nothing less. But even in her cautious state, she almost didn't sense his attack from behind until it was too late.

Ducking and somersaulting to the left simultaneously to avoid what would have been a devastating blow; Raven righted herself and launched her own attack.

In was a weak offensive play; she was well aware, but she needed to know how much X had changed over the last three years.

He had certainly gotten more skilled if he had been able to elude her psychic senses so expertly just now. And something else that bothered her was the fact that even though he had just taken down four of the five of the original Teen Titans, he had barely even broken a sweat.

"Aw, come on, Raven, why don't you just stand still so I can finish taping that pretty little mouth of yours shut – although I could use something else?" he hinted suggestively.

Huh? It seemed his habit of taunting hadn't changed, but why for the love of Azar was he throwing sexual innuendoes at her? Before now he had always reserved those for Starfire; just to tick Robin off a little more.

Still confused, Raven said nothing in reply, and X decided to fill the silence with another barb.

"Hello? Are you in there, Sunshine? You seem pretty slow today. What's the matter . . . the defeat of your team gettin' to ya'?"

Poor X was totally unprepared for Raven's eyes flashing a brilliant crimson.

Now she was mad. Raven might have been willing to grant him mercy before (albeit with a lot of begging on his part) but he had crossed the line with that stupid nickname and the flippant condensation of her teammates.

It was official now; Red-X was dead.

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