Smallville: Arrival AU

Marvel: My own verse I guess but a lot of things from the movies

If I owned either of these I'd be too busy counting my money to write this.

Clark is moving to Smallville full speed. He can't believe he was foolish enough to leave during a meteor shower he should have waited. Now he's back home while Chloe is in a hospital where supplies are delivered by dog sled. His house is wrecked and his parents didn't get out in time. Clark makes it to the farm and sees Lois outside near catatonic. Clark goes to the house and Lois jumps on his back trying to stop him.

"Smallville, no!"

Clark gently pried her arms off him. "Let me go Lois!"

Lois wasn't letting go he doesn't deserve their crushed and broken bodies to be his last memory of them. "Clark they're gone. The house…the barn…everything was hit head on. Don't go in there please."

Clark walked into what was left of the house and felt weak from the kryptonite. Lois assumed he caught glimpses of what was left of his parents. She pushed him back outside and found something to cover the remains. When she came back outside Clark was gone. "Smallville?"

The aliens returned to their ship. No sign of Kal El but they are certain he is near. A group of men in trucks drive up likely here for their ship. The two kryptonians eyes heat up and screams of pain accompany it. They listen in the distance as what sounds like an engine approaches them. They see a single person on motorcycle drives by them.

The female kryptonian shouts in pain as she looks down and sees a slash mark across her chest that drew blood. She melts out the back tire as the rider goes flying into the air. The kryptonian flies into air and hits the rider with an open palm. The rider went sailing through the fields breaking bones along the way with each bounce to the floor.

The male kryptonian heard another bike coming this one even faster. The rider wasted no time and jumped off his bike as three metal claws popped out of each hand and he tackled the kryptonian to the ground stabbing him through the stomach.

The kryptonian knocked the guy back with ease and rose to his feet as the wound healed. "You're a fool under the yellow sun nothing can hurt us." The kryptonian moved at superspeed and punched him in the stomach followed by a punch to the back of the head knocking the rider to the floor.

"Forgive a guy for trying bub." The second rider replied trying to get to his feet.

The kryptonian tried to step down and crush his skull but it was no good and taking a lot of effort all he did was crack the helmet. A red blue blur stopped in front of him with a cold stare.

"Let him up right now!" Clark shouted.

The male kryptonian smiled. "Kal El At last!"

Clark just looked at the two. "Who are you?"

The female Kryptonian smiled. "The last survivors of Krypton."

"What do you want?" Clark asked.

The male kryptonian didn't move his foot. "We want you to join us, Kal-El, and help us make this savage land our Utopia."

Clark glared at the two he just came form the hospital to see the damages. "I saw what you did at the hospital. All the people you killed in the meteor shower it's not Utopia; it's murder!"

The male kryptonian shrugged. "The few must be sacrificed for the sake of the many."

Clark just stared at them these two are the reason his parents are gone. "Then sacrifice me, 'cause I'm not going to let you kill anyone else."

The female sighed hoping it would be much easier to get a vessel for Zod. "If that is your decision, so be it, Kal-El."

The male just stared as he grabbed a bracelet "We can't destroy you, Kal-El, but we can lock you in a place where you can't stop us." He threw the bracelet but Clark wasn't having it after Isobel. His eyes heat up and he blasted it to pieces before it could activate.

The male kryptonian just glared at him. "Betraying your own people for these primitives so be it."

The two kryptonians superspeed at Clark whom superspeeds right back at them. The second rider gets up and lifts his helmet off his head. He is a short scary looking man whom is almost a beast with how feral he is. He tries to watch the fight but it's too quick all he can do get quick glimpses by smelling the three. The blurs stop as the red and blue guy is held down by the guy with the girl repeatedly punching him.

The first rider's bones are all popping back into place. Just because the rider can heal doesn't mean it enjoyed getting hit like that. The first rider sees the woman that did it is beating on a guy while the other one holds him down. The rider removes her helmet showing that she has long black hair and green eyes. She mutters some choice words under breath and two claws pop out from each hand.

The female pulled a knife she got from the ship. "I regret that you could not see reason Kal El I'm sorry it has to end like this."

Before the woman could stab him in the throat the male was stabbed in the back with six claws coming through his stomach causing him to drop Clark.

"Nam-Ek" The girl cried out. She went for the knife to stab Nam Ek's attacker but Clark blurred in front of her and struggled with the knife. Clark was a lot of things but a fighter and a soldier were not one of them. The girl kryptonian kneed Clark in the chest a couple times shaking the ground a bit and driving the air out of him. She stabbed him in the back and went to finish Clark off when a pair of blades cut through her neck cutting her head clean off.

Clark looked and saw it was a black haired girl with claws sticking out of her hands that did it before he collapsed.

The other rider turned Nam-Ek around and stuck one of his claws back into his chest.

Nam-Ek grunted in pain he knew the yellow sun was supposed to make him impervious to these humans. "But how, how did you do this."

The other rider smiled. "I'm the best there is at what I do." With one swift motion with his other hand he decapitates Nam-Ek. "But what I do best isn't very nice."

The girl rider looks down at Clark. "Logan do you think he's still alive?"

Logan pulled the knife out of Clark's back if the kid's anything like the others were he should heal no problem. "We'll find out soon."

To Logan's surprise Clark's wounds heal a lot quicker than Nam-Ek's Clark's eyes open and Logan put his hands to his chest. "Easy bub, me and the girl have some questions."

Clark was slow to get up. "Sure as soon as you tell me who you are. I'm Clark Kent"

"The name's Logan and that's Laura. Now about those two people we had to deal with."

Clark got to his feet. "I don't really know."

Logan looked at the boy. "Really because you all smell similar."

Clark looked at him. "How could you even tell that?"

Logan just smirked. "I'm a mutant. So is Laura."

Laura just studies him over. "You're an alien aren't you? Kal El doesn't roll off the tongue."

Clark doesn't answer and Logan realizes he has the truth right there. Logan just turns to Laura. "How did you make the leap to alien."

Laura shrugs. "Grow up as Hydra's lab rat you'd be amazed by what you see."

Clark just looked at her and started speaking. "Can we talk in private I'd offer my place but it got blown to bits."

The two berserkers nodded and lead him back to the hotel they were staying at.

Clark decided to break the awkward silence after Logan gave him the mutant talk. "So genuine mutants are real?"

Laura just nodded. "Yes, and what do you mean by genuine?"

"There are a good number of mutants here but most are unstable mutations caused by the meteor rocks like the ones that fell out of the sky today." Clark explained.

Logan made a mental note of this to bring up to Xavier. He also vows to kill Emma next time he sees her for setting up a father-daughter experience during a frigging meteor shower. The white queen was probably hoping Laura would get hit head on by one and get vaporized.

"So how about you and the other two." Logan asked.

Clark nodded no point in covering it up when you burned the bodies right next to their spaceship which disappeared once the aliens were ashes. "Laura is right we're aliens."

Logan figured that was it. The guy he fought could give Cain the Juggernaut a run for his money. With how fast they were moving that's two powers. Add whatever they did with their eyes and that's beyond mutants straight to aliens. "What kind of aliens?"

Clark pouted. "We're from the planet Krypton." Clark knows he should protect his secret but these two don't exactly seem fond of labs anymore than he would be and he's just too drained to care right now. "Can I ask what are your claws made of?"

"Adamantium" Logan answered.

Clark got the picture as it all clicked. "So that's why it worked?"

Laura stared at him this has turned into the strangest day. "Why what worked?"

"Your claws" Clark answered. "Adamantium is nearly indestructible and they didn't have anywhere near as much sunlight as they should."

"Why are you telling us this?" Logan asked. The kid seemed to be spilling his guts quite easily.

"It's not over." Clark said. "I was told today was just the beginning. And after getting clobbered today."

"You might need help with what they throw at you next?" Logan answered if today was just the opening shot he'd be looking for help too. Logan thinks it over but at the end of the day he's just another kid trying to control his powers and has a lot of responsibility.

"So where are you going to live now?" Logan asked.

Clark shrugged. "I don't really have anywhere to go."

Logan pulls out a card for the institute. Clark messes with it a bit everyone has powers there so it could fit for him but what if it's not. Mutants are one thing but what about aliens that might be a bit too much to absorb. "Just one problem I'm not a mutant remember."

Logan shruggednot seeing the point. "Believe me space boy that's not going to be a problem for them especially when you see Hank, the elf, and our new security guard."

Clark looked at the card. "It's a generous offer."

"But" Laura interrupted. She really hopes Clark stays it should be an interesting distraction besides maybe having an alien there will ease Emma's tension about having her there.

"I have somewhere else I have to go first." Clark answered. "Someone offered to teach me how to fight what's coming." Clark looks at the night time sky. "Someone who is going to kill me because I missed the deadline."

Logan nodded he'd be getting ready for a war too. "It's an open invitation. Whenever you're ready we'll be there."

Clark just shrugged Jor El can wait a couple days now. He goes to get Chloe and the berserkers just look at him funny when he starts jogging. Jor El took his powers great. "Also I need a weird favor."

Three hours later Scott Summers and Emma Frost landed in the Antarctic in the blackbird. It was supposed to be Scott alone but it's rare of Wolverine to ask a favor so Emma's just curious. They make it to the room and see a blond woman resting easy on the bed.

"Ms. Sullivan" Scott asked.

Chloe sat up and saw a brown haired man with red glasses in a brown jacket and jeans an interesting dress choice along with a blond haired girl in white pants and white top completely inappropriate for where they are.

Chloe nods. "That would be me."

"I'm Scott Summers and this is Emma Frost we're here to take you home."

Chloe panicked at that. "Where's Clark?"

"Clark is fine he's in Smallville with a frien…an acquaintance of mine called Logan. He asked us to bring you home."

Chloe could tell something wasn't right. "So why isn't Clark here right now? What happened?"

Scott frowned he was hoping she could hear this from a friend. "Lois and Clark are fine."

"But" Chloe said wanting the rest right now.

"But Clark's parents they didn't get out in time. I'm sorry Chloe."

Chloe had tears in her eyes the Kents were like parents to her. She started to cry and Scott touched her on the shoulder. And in one moment Chloe Sullivan's life changed forever. She was infected by the meteor shower as a little girl but the chance for mutation lay dormant for years until Scott Summers woke it up. Chloe stopped crying and started holding her head.

"Chloe are you OK?" Emma asked.

"It's just a headache." Chloe replied however when she opened her eyes a concussive beam of red energy shot out of her eyes and Emma hit the floor ducking. Scott was in shock how did she get his power. And he's going to kill Logan for not telling him he sent them after a mutant.

"How do I turn this off?" Chloe pleaded.

"Close your eyes." Scott answered.

Emma crawled over to the reporter and grabbed her by the hand and the eye beams stopped and Chloe now had a body made of diamond. Emma turned herself into her diamond form to make sure she still had her powers.

Chloe panicked when she looked into the mirror. "What did you people turn me into?"

Emma put her hands up coaching Chloe through it after reading her mind seeing this was the first time this ever happened. "Take it easy Chloe. Just catch your breath and calm down."

Chloe calmed down as her diamond form changed into her regular blond self.

Emma sighed in relief. "OK we'll explain everything on the way to Smallville. And we might have a proposition for you."

Clark looked at the shattered remains of the farm leaning on a fence. This was supposed to be the next step of his life not the complete annihilation of his life. Why didn't he just gather the stones so much wasted time prom and babies in the field bailing out Lex who according to Chloe actually kidnapped her? If he had been more vigilant the stones would have already been put together and none of this would have happened.

Laura turned to Clark and saw him staring at the distance and joined him. "Are you OK?"

"I got my parents killed." Clark responded as he ran through the story to Laura.

Laura just listened as Clark finished the story. "Clark it was an accident. You never meant to hurt them which is more then I can say about me I'm a living weapon."

Clark just turned on his X-ray vision. He saw a metal skeleton on the girl but everything else seemed fine. "Funny you look like a normal girl to me."

Laura laughed she wished it was that easy. Hydra's last curse they left her with. "There's something in me and if I smell the wrong thing I become a living uncontrollable weapon. I killed my own mother because of it. And here's the kicker the scent is so deeply embedded into my sub conscious that not even the Professor can get it out."

Clark just looked at her. "You fought those aliens to save people to make sure they wouldn't hurt anyone else. You might still have that trigger in you but no one controls who you are but you. Your not weapon. You saved my life you're a hero."

Laura just smiled. "How did you get to be so good?"

Clark just frowned. "I had good parents. I was one of the lucky ones."

Laura nodded in agreement. "Yes, you were."

Clark heard a noise and looked up over head as he saw an SR-71 blackbird in the sky coming down near his farm. Clark was in awe as it came down for a landing. Clark saw two people come out one with brown hair and sunglasses. After him came out a blond haired woman which caused Laura to growl a bit at her. Clark looked to Logan who just walked up to the two.

"Cyke, Em I was wondering when you two were going to show."

Scott just stared at Logan. "We got a little held up. Someone neglected to tell us that we would be flying a mutant back to Smallville."

Logan just looked at him. "If she's a mutant I wasn't told. So what can she do?"

Emma answered. "She's a doppelganger. She can copy your powers by touching you."

"You mean like Stripes can?" Logan asked referring to Rogue.

Emma nodded. "Only no where near that powerful a touch. She only has to touch you for a second and she can do what you can do until she touches another mutant with no harm to you."

Logan looks at the view. "So when are we leaving?"

Emma looked at him. "Chloe enrolled at the institute we're going to wait until after the funeral. She is apparently talking to another friend about joining too."

Chloe hopped off the blackbird and collided into Clark. She knows he was vulnerable to meteor rock going to ground zero after a meteor shower not his best idea. "So how are you holding up?"

Clark tried to form words but he had nothing. "Can't really give you an answer. So I hear you're going to their school. What happened to the Daily Planet?"

Chloe ran the answers down. "I'm still black listed from Lionel, My dads working overseas, I'm a mutant now, Lois is leaving to help the general find Lucy, and I assume you're leaving to go back to Jor El after this mess."

Clark nodded "But the Daily Planet was your dream." Clark reminded her.

"Being an investigative reporter is my dream." Chloe responded "And I can just as easily do that at the Daily Bugle."

Clark turns to her. "I'm going to the institute too."

Chloe smiled in relief she doesn't have to ask. "Really?"

Clark just nods. "But first I'm going to go to Jor El do his training. And before any of that…I have to bury my parents."

Chloe just nods in understanding she's staying for that too.

Two days later and the sad time has come for the funeral of Jonathon and Martha Kent. It was a quiet burial with friends and family coming out to pay their respects. Clark stood there just hearing words as the caskets were lowered. He feels a hand squeeze down on his own. He turns around and sees that it belongs to Laura. Laura lets go and Clark takes a handful of dirt and puts it on Jonathon's coffin and repeating the process for Martha.

After the funeral Clark, Chloe, and Lois are standing together. They realize this is the last time they'll be together like this for a long time.

"This sucks" Lois just flatly states her opinion not sure what to do.

Chloe nodded. "Big time"

Clark nods his head and holds the two in agreement. "I'm going to miss you guys."

Lois hugged him and Chloe joined in. "Come on Smallville we'll all be OK. So where are you going anyway."

Clark just shrugged. "I have family up north they'll take me in for now. My grandpa said he'd sell the farm while I'm gone. Nothing left to rebuild anyway."

Lois wiped something from her eyes that she swears is not tears. "You two take care of yourselves."

"We will." Chloe responds.

Lois runs into the helicopter if she stays for another minute she won't be able to leave being with the Kents was almost like having a family again. She will miss them dearly.

Chloe just hugs Clark. "You hurry along with your training."

Clark just nods his head. "I won't be gone too long. Goodbye Chloe."

The two walk to the blackbird Clark wanted to see them off before he started his training. Chloe got in the blackbird but Laura wanted to see Clark off spending time with him the last two days. "You really can't learn what you need to learn at the institute."

Clark shakes his head no. "There's so much about me that I don't know. Also he's probably the only thing out there that can restore my powers."

Laura does something that surprises her she hugs him goodbye. Logan comes out from the cockpit and rolls his eyes. "23 move it we gotta go."

Laura breaks out. "I'll see you soon."

Clark watches her get in the blackbird as it takes off for New York. He really does wish he could go there just to get settled in but he can't keep pushing away Jor El anymore it never ends well. He goes up to the shattered remains of his barn and gets the octagonal disc. He doesn't enjoy the long walk to the Kawatche caves he misses his powers. 90 minutes later he's in the cave and sticks the key in the cave and is teleported to his Fortress of Solitude as Jor El called it.

"You are late Kal El."

Clark just nodded he had no defense for it. "Jonathan and Martha Kent died in the meteor shower. I didn't want to leave before going to their funeral. I saw the destruction the beings from the spaceship rained down on this planet. I had help and we stopped the two kryptonians but I seriously doubt that was your big concern."

"I am sorry for the loss of Jonathon and Martha Kent. For everything they've done for you I am grateful. I could not ask for a better light to guide you." Jor El scans Clark's memories. "You are correct my son Nam Ek and Aetheyr was a mere taste of what is to come."

"So how do I stop what's coming?" Clark asked.

"You must do as I tell you. Study with diligence, for that is the only way to save this planet."

Clark just nods he won't let something like the meteor shower happen again. "Show me everything."

Author's notes

X-23 ended up as a mix between comic's look and X-Men Evo background.

Up Next: Six months have passed and Clark faces his first real test.