Kitty was running off a round of 20 questions with Laura. Or to be more precise she was talking while Laura just laid down on her bed with her arms under her head as an additional pillow.

Kitty continued her conversation. "I mean you disappear on the lam with the Hulk and you don't even kiss I mean what's up with that. Hey are you even listening?"

Laura turned to look at her roommate and calmly stated. "You got a reprieve because Logan left the danger room, you and Jubilee went shopping, yes that top makes you look fat, and what me and Clark do is none of your business."

Kitty stood mouth open. "It does not make me look fat."

Laura got to her feet and went for the door.

"Do you want to kiss him?" Kitty asked

Laura stopped at the door and thought about it. Yes especially after that game of pool. "Maybe."

Kitty nodded she couldn't imagine being locked in a cage and treated as a weapon her whole life. "Well then you should just try it. You have nothing to lose at this point."

Maria walked up to Fury. "Sir, we have the damage report form the Harlem incident."

"What can you tell me Agent Hill?" Fury asked in a clam matter. He's still uncomfortable around Maria he thinks she might be more loyal to the world Security Council then everyday people. Doesn't mean he don't have faith in her though

Hill looked at the Black Widow's report. "The main threat was caused by Emil Blonsky he was given the super soldier serum and enhanced himself with Bruce Banner's blood. Ross has him in lockup and we have Dr. Sterns who was also mutated."

Fury stood stoic the world is filling up with very dangerous people. "What about the boiling blood we found on Blonsky?"

"According to our lab it's unknown." Maria replied having a good feeling where it came from.

Fury looked at the monitors if there's on thing SHIELD doesn't do it's unknown. "It has to have come from somewhere agent Hill."

Hill nodded looking through the witness reports. "According to the reports the blood came from Superman."

Fury looked down this is bad if the world finds out they have his blood he can't imagine good things coming out of it. "What can you tell me?"

"That it's unlike everything they've ever seen before and that it's damaged."

Fury took interest in that. ""What do you mean damaged?"

Maria read through the report. "According to the boys at the lab the DNA has broken links which means pieces are missing we could have gotten nine percent or ninety but there's no way to know for sure. Should we inform the world security council?"

Fury shakes his head no. "Let's confirm what we have first."

Before Hill could move the whole helicarrier was rattled in an explosion.

Fury was taken back but quickly got back to his feet. "Hill go find out what that was I'll keep us in the air."

Hill ran into the lab and saw all the scientists dead. Hill went through the now hole in the wall and saw seven dead agents and Deadpool chained to the wall geeking out like a little kid.

"That was one of the bloodiest things I've ever seen. Someone find me damn a table to flip." Deadpool said in awe.

Hill rolled his eyes why couldn't whoever attacked leave another survivor. "Wilson can you tell me who did this?"

Deadpool nodded excitedly "Yeah, I don't know who but it was awesome. I heard a guys head screaming after it was cut off his neck. You should have seen it Robin."

Hill held her head preparing her self. "My name is Agent Hill"

"I thought you were Lex's ex that tried to set him on fire for buying you diamonds?"

"Can you please just tell me what happened?" Hill pleaded she almost feels sorry for Wade but then he opens his mouth.

Logan hit the wall of the danger room in a thud. This isn't right. Clark stands there waiting for the next attack. Logan can tell Laura taught him well but there's a lot more to it then that Clark is actually almost reading his moves. It's not that he's moving at superspeed it's just that he almost knows what he's going to do before he does it. Logan rushes him with a swift kick but Clark simply grabs him and throws him into the wall.

Logan got to his feet as his healing factor started patching up all the damage Clark did to him. "You want to tell me what that was. I've watched you and Laura spar but never saw you pull out anything like that."

"Torquasm" Clark answered but he saw the confused look on Logan's face and clarified. "Kryptonian martial arts"

"Anything else you know?"

"Horo Kanou and hopefully I'll never have to use it." Clark replied.

Logan studied him carefully. "Harmful to humans?"

"Completely harmless to humans my people not so much" Clark went on to explain. "It's all about pressure points on nerve endings humans don't have. So to humans it's harmless... well except for likely shoving my hands through your chest."

Logan stood the not believing it. Well he's still the best in the world at what he does but he's going to want to learn this Horo Kanou. Before their fight can continue Chloe interrupts over the intercom.

"Clark I think we have a problem."

Clark and Logan went upstairs and joined the others watching the TV. Clark saw the nervous looks and knows this isn't good. "What's going on?"

Jean was watching the TV. "The space shuttle that went up today do you know about it."

Clark thought about it he used to love looking at the stars but lately he's been so focused on earth his habit has sort of been left at the side of the road. "Fraid not"

Charles started explaining for Clark and likely the younger students. "That shuttle it's designed to study disease from space free of pollution from earth. They hope to make strides in fighting countless diseases."

"I take it something went wrong." Logan filled in. Them and space never mix well.

"Yes there is a bomb somewhere on the shuttle that they can't find." The Professor explained as Clark turned off his image inducer off and groaned. "Up up and away."

Clark took off and wasted no time it's not like he's a stranger to space he goes up there to practice heat vision with space junk. He sees the shuttle and flies after it. Clark studies the ship carefully knowing he's only getting one shot at this. He sees the foreign device and grabs carefully to not rip a hole in the ship before he flies it out leaving the shuttle to go. Clark watched the shuttle leave it's nice to see other people willing to go to extremes to help. Clark looks down at the bomb and sees the Luthorcorp symbol on it as it pulses and comes to life. Clark simply sighed and closed the bomb around him as it went off. Clark looked back to earth and flew down it's time to see an old friend.

Fury watched Agent Hill come in clearly frustrated. "Status report"

Hill rolled her eyes two hours with Wade too much for the strongest of minds. "I want a raise sir."

"After your report you can ask the consultant he's good for it." Fury replied.

Hill thought on it but Wade and Stark in one day will be way too much for her. "Not worth it, in short the sample of Superman's blood has been stolen."

"Any leads by whom?"

Hill somewhat nodded and replied. "In Wilson's words hot damn it was the frackin t-1000 only when it turned into a person it wasn't Robert Patrick it was Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and he chopped up all the scientists slash slash slash I haven't seen anything so bloody since the Logan game and then he moved onto the agents and chopped them up and then he stuck blades in my brain and said it was too much of a mess to download for information."

Fury nodded at least he didn't unleash Juggernaut and Deadpool's regenerative abilities gave them something of a lead. "Anything else to report?"

"Just glad I'm not the sketch artist right now." Hill finished.

Lex smiled he doesn't know how he knows but he knows Superman is here. "Can I offer you a drink?"

Superman calmly floated down on the balcony. "We need to have a talk."

Lex walked over and poured himself a drink. "And what would you like to talk about."

Clark wasn't expecting that and he's not going to lie. "That little stunt you pulled at the space station. You've crossed the line completely."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Lex replied the bomb completely destroyed itself so nothing will lead back to him.

Clark looked at him keeping his head this was something he expected from Lionel not Lex. "Guess you truly are your father's son. What I don't understand is what you gain from it."

"Gain from what?" Lex asked with a controlled face. "I helped fund that spaceship and I knew you wouldn't be able to resist a chance to save the day."

Clark thinks he has it together. "So you tried to kill me?"

Lex shakes his head no. "I very much doubt anything on this planet can kill you if you're like your two friends that showed up in the meteor shower. We tagged you."

Lex pulled out a tablet and threw it at Clark whom catches it and sees himself glowing orange. "I'm radioactive."

"A miniscule amount not even lethal to humans but with a shelf life of 50 years. Wherever you go we'll know."

Clark threw it back to Lex. "What do you hope to gain from this?"

Lex finished his drink. "You mislead these people saying you're a hero. But I met your friends during the meteor shower you're not a hero you're the PR guy blinding us to the truth that your race is here to destroy us."

"I am here to protect the people of this planet to show them there is a better way then people like you. People that only care about power and control."

"This world, meteor freaks, alien ships someone had to take control!" Lex shouted.

Clark didn't give it away but Lex played into his hands. He always wondered what happened to the spaceship that brought Nam Ek and Aethyr to earth and now it sounds like Lex is continuing the level 3 legacy started by Lionel. Clark didn't say a word and simply flew off.

Lex watched him go. "I'll see you real soon… Clark."

Lex came to the Xavier institute the next day and as much as things change they stay the same. The report confirmed Clark was here all last night so as he suspected Clark is Superman. He also sees Clark talking to Chloe he guesses things really haven't changed all that much.

"I knew I'd find you here?" Lex said announcing his presence.

Clark looked at him confused. "Yeah, it amazing how you come to my home and just realize hey there's Clark."

"Don't you think it's time to come clean Clark?" Lex said he followed the tag on Superman and it led him right here.

Clark looked at him like he's insane. "Well thanks but what do I have to come clean about?"

"I think I can clear it up."

Clark looked up in awe and Lex looked up stunned to see Superman quietly looking back at them.

Chloe simply took in the sight. "Whoa Clark he looks just like."

"I know" Clark replied seeing the creepy resemblance between the two.

Lex pulled out his phone and the radiation signature showed Superman as who got hit yesterday.

Superman looked to Clark. "Lex somehow made the mistake of thinking I was you. Looking at it now I can sort of see the resemblance."

Lex glared at them. There's way too much of a resemblance. "OK then Clark what wedding were you my best man at."

Clark rolled his eyes but quickly answered. "Both, but I missed the wedding with Dr. Bryce."

Lex realized the horrible mistake he has just made. "Clark I'm…"

Clark just backed away. "Using me what was the plan if I even was Superman expose me to the world dissect me."

"Clark… I"

Clark simply shook his head no. "Get out of here Lex this friendship is over it died two years ago when I found that room it just hobbled along on life support ever since."

"So what brings Superman here?" Lex asked.

Superman studied him carefully but answered. "Dr. Henry McCoy I got hit by a radiation blast yesterday sadly he can't find anything to help me get rid of it."

Logan came out at the door and saw Lex on the grounds. He does everything he can to control himself and not gore Lex on his claws. If everything Clark said is true he is no better then Stryker or any other goon that helped shove adamantium onto his skeleton and continued the torture on Laura whom has been trashing the danger room since Clark told them he's leaving. "There a problem here?"

"No, Lex was just leaving." Clark decided.

Lex looked into the eyes of the short man staring at him and decided maybe now is a good time to end it Clark is clearly not Superman he knows too much to be anyone but Clark and in one swift move Lex destroyed his friendship with Clark. "By the way thanks for saving the lives of all those people in the shuttle."

Superman simply nodded.

"Just go Lex. You're not welcome here."

Lex saw the looks of everyone and a very violent look in Logan's eyes and left. Clark and Superman watched as Lex's limo drove out of sight and Superman looked around with all the visions at his disposal.

"OK we're clear." Superman said seeing Lex off in the distance with nothing here. This was just about proving Clark and Superman are one in the same.

Clark eyes glow red as his skin turned green before turning back into J'onn Jones. "That was close Kal El."

Clark nodded in agreement. "That's why it had to be you. Any X-man could have worn an image inducer but you're the only one that can read my mind for the right things to say. Thank you for your help."

"You are welcome but for now I suggest you find a way to remove the radiation. Farewell Kal El and best of luck." J'onn replied.

Clark thought it through. He might know of someone that might be able to help Jor El could but can't use him or he could lead Lex to the fortress. "I'll figure it out. It's not going to stop me from doing what I do it's just going to change my sleeping pattern and where I sleep."

J'onn simply nodded knowing something like this wouldn't slow Clark down. Even in Metropolis as Kal he did the well somewhat right thing he robbed banks that were getting robbed and took down the much more dangerous thugs with guns. With that J'onn took off.

Logan looked at Clark. "You going to be OK out there space boy."

Clark shrugged. "Honestly, I'm going to miss this place. Chloe, Hank, the Professor, Jean, Kurt."

"Laura" Logan provided and instantly regretted it seeing Clark avoided her name because he was trying to hang on. "I'll see you when you get patched up space boy."

Clark watched as right next to him a puff of smoke appeared as Kurt teleported out with Laura. "Man you so owe me for this vone."

Laura went to kick the elf but he teleported out. "Wichser"

Clark smirks who knew Laura spoke German and knowing her it was a fitting first word to hear.

Laura looked at Clark. "You're not going to come down on me now are you?"

"No" Clark replied. "I've heard enough curses from your mouth to know that what you just said was pretty tame."

"Do you really have to go?" Laura asked.

Clark frowned but gave a weak little nod. "Ironic I find a place where I can live and be myself and have no one even look at me weird for being an alien. And now I have to leave it."

Laura looked at him and kept a straight face. "You don't have to go. We all agreed about the risks of taking you in."

Clark nodded in understanding he's not leaving by choice Lex just forced his hand and he'll be back as soon as this is gone. "Yes I do Laura I heard about the incident with the bus I don't want to risk anything like that happening again."

Laura looked at him. "So what are you going to do now?"

"First I'm going to see Betty see if she can help me with this. Then I'm going to look up a friend of mine last I heard he was in Central City. See if maybe he wants to help ruin Lex Luthor's day. Because I think he's running something like weapon X"

"Is there room for one more?" Laura asked Logan won't let her gut him but he never said anything about complicating his life.

Clark actually let out a smile he should have known Laura wouldn't give up and least of all on this she was one of those people locked up in a cage for years. "Yeah I'll call you when we get the details." Clark cupped the side of her face in his hand. "You know I would stay if I could right."

Laura nodded because she knew that was the truth and he probably still has a bit of guilt about the meteor shower that killed his parents. "I understand."

Clark dug deep and hopes she doesn't stab him for this and kissed her innocently on the lips to Laura's surprise. On instinct Laura pushed him away and attacked but Clark caught her hand and let go. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to do that once before I go."

Laura watched as Clark got set to take off. She took it all in and stopped it. "Clark wait!"

Clark turned around and Laura ran into him and practically tackled him but Clark didn't go down. Laura grabs Clark and pulls him close kissing him. Clark is stunned at first but quick to respond as their lips part and they enjoy each others taste.

Clark stops seeing Laura has her limits as she comes up for breathe in a smile. Clark stood there in awe she's so beautiful. Clark has to figure out a way to make her smile more often and not her psychotic I get to hit something smile. "You call me if you get into trouble."

Laura hopped off him taken back he's a good kisser. "You too."

Laura watched as Clark took off right now she does not want to be Lex both Clark and the X-Men are going to be keeping a close eye on him from now on. She goes into the house she'll ask Logan about reprogramming the holograms into one person in particular.

Author's notes

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