Lex was walking into his building which as of now was all his. With Lionel as nothing but a regular employee now Lex just might change the name of the company to Lexcorp. Lionel tried something with Chinese backers but Lex quickly took care of business and sent him hobbling in defeat. Lex has a lost a lot of sleep keeping track of Superman but all he's been doing is saving lives for the past week. Lex is wondering if he even does need sleep or as one of those things from the ship is powerful enough to forego it completely.

A short hooded figure sees Lex going and is currently following him. It wasn't much of a disguise jeans and a gray sweatshirt with a hood to hide the wearer's face as the figure followed Lex and his goons into the building. The figure followed Lex's goons as two claws descended out of its knuckles ready to stab Lex in the skull until another arm came up and blocked it but not before the claws cut crystal as Laura tried to pull back.

The hand turned into a female hand as it grabbed Laura and simply ordered. "Walk!"

Laura started moving against her own free will for the bathroom. She opened the bathroom door and was shoved in by the other person. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

The other figure took her hood off revealing Emma as she put a cloth around her arm thankfully Laura realized who she was at the last second or she would have lost an arm. She guesses she can't gloat to Logan anymore that her diamond form can take it. "You mean besides stopping mutant registration and you killing a man."

Laura glared at her. "It wouldn't be the first time I killed someone. And besides aren't I just a living weapon."

Emma stared at her last week she would have agreed but seeing how upset she was when Clark left, Leaving the mansion to avoid talking to Kitty or Logan and that same psychotic stare Logan has for Sabertooth it was only a matter of time before she came here to get payback on Lex. "I'm not so sure anymore."

"Maybe I'm a real girl after all." Laura deadpanned looking away from her.

Emma scanned Laura's mind and if she ever needed any proof Laura is a human being she got it. She's a ticking time bomb in there. Pain, anger, grief, rage it's amazing Laura lasted a week before trying to kill Lex though she might have waited until he was most vulnerable.

Laura glared at Emma. "You've been looking for proof to get me out of the mansion ever since I got there looks like you got your proof."

Emma looked at herself and Laura in the mirror. "Yeah but now I don't want to use it. Look a bunch of the girls are here in the car outside planning to ditch me. Why don't you go with them and try to take your mind off Lex."

Laura shakes her head no. "He needs to pay for what he did. And we both know how the law treats people like him."

Emma nods knowing full well how twisted courts can be as she was one of those people. Defense attorneys, crooked lawyers, cops, judges, assassins to make witnesses disappear. Line the right pocket and you can blow a guy's head off in the middle of Mardi Gras and get away with it. "We don't get to make that call it's the price we pay for being the good guys. Now why don't you go find the others outside and join them they're taking a break from the mansion so that should be fun."

"What about you?" Laura asked.

"I'll have your father pick me up." Emma answered. "Go, have fun, be a kid."

Laura left knowing Emma will just mind crush her until she passes out if she walks towards Lex again. And as usual her and the people she knows gets screwed over and nothing happens to the people who did it. Stryker, Weapon X, and now Luthor.

Betty Ross took a look at the sample as it glowed brightly she hit a couple buttons but nothing happened. "Damn"

Superman rolled his eyes. "No don't say damn you're my best shot at figuring out how to get this stuff off me."

"It doesn't do anything." Betty replied. "I'm sorry but I'm not sure how to help you."

"Do you have anything that might?" Superman asked.

Betty shakes her head and looked at him. "No offense but don't you think if I had a way to remove radiation…"

"You'd use it on Bruce in a heartbeat." Clark finished realizing how foolish he was being. "I'm sorry Betty I'm just frustrated."

Betty nodded she knows he's just upset and she can't exactly blame him it can't be easy with big brother Luthor watching your every move. "Where exactly do you get your power if you don't mind answering?"

"I don't mind earth's yellow sun supercharges my cells let's me do what I do." Superman answered.

Betty had an idea. "Can you stay in the sun? I mean you could literally burn off the radiation in no time."

Superman shakes his head no learning what would happen during training. "I already though about that, my body could stay in the sun but as long as it would take to get rid of it all my cells would supercharge and then it will kill me. Like a light bulb being powered by a nuclear power plant."

Betty frowned she wishes she could help Superman not just because of what he does for the world but because what he did for her and Bruce. "Superman" She goes into her desk and sees what she's looking for. "This man might be able to help you he's a little... obsessed but he's also the one of the greatest minds of our time."

Superman looked at the card and looked at her. "Reed Richards?"

Betty nodded.

"OK the Baxter building isn't even that far." Superman said seeing it from here.

"It's a bit more complicated then that." Betty said hating to kill his hope. "He was experimenting with a sub marine with his fiancé, her brother, and his best friend when they all disappeared about a month ago. There's also that other thing about radiation."

"What other thing?" Clark asked.

Laura walked to the car and her eyes lit up seeing Rogue and Jubilee there. Not she's not happy to see them but that means they're letting Kitty drive. That was the one time in her life that she's actually been scared. "What the hell?"

The two X-girls just laugh. Jubilee is the one that cracks. "We just wanted to see your reaction if you came out to this scene."

Kitty rolled her eyes. "Oh like ha ha very funny. So where is Chloe anyway?"

"Tha Daily Planet" Rogue answered. "She's borrowing their wi fi ta send her story ta her boyfriend."

Chloe smiled putting the last touches on her story. "So what do you think?"

Chloe looks up as her cousin reads the story. If you had told her Lois Lane would be a hard hitting reporter six months ago she would have laughed in your face. However Lois is actually pretty good at it after hunting down Lucy and writing a story about it at Chloe's recommendation she found that finding out the truth quickly became an obsession. However she gets into far more trouble then Chloe is comfortable with but she's still a good journalist.

Lois read the article and just smiled at the byline. "I spent the night with Superman. Chloe you little slut."

Chloe shrugged and blushed her and Clark once upon a time at best. "Bad headline I just wanted to get everyone's attention."

"No in this sad world we live in sex and violence sells." Lois replied she argues with her editor about this every time she writes a story and almost didn't get the job because of it.

Chloe nodded and sent it to Pete she worked out the details with Clark before he left and he agreed it would be better if he dropped the bomb before Lex did. "Well now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my vacation."

"Stick around next time you visit Chlo." Lois ordered.

Chloe hugged her cousin. "I can't you're making me look bad. Take care of yourself Lois"

Lex was filing reports and keeping tabs on Superman. Apparently he was in New York most of the morning and is now on his way to Central City. Lex is taken by surprise when the door opens and he sees Lana. "We'll it's always nice to see old friends."

Lana walked up to him and kissed him deeply and passionately. "We're friends?"

"I wouldn't want to interrupt something between you and Clark." Lex pointed out.

Lana smiled and put a finger to his lips. "Clark is in the past now I can either mourn my past or I can dive into the future with both feet. A future that I want to share with you."

Lana kissed Lex and all his cognitive thinking went out the window. This was far better then he thought it would be. Lex lifted her up and Lana wrapped her legs around his waist as he gently dropped back on the table with Lana straddling him.

Logan walked into the Luthorcorp building kind of surprised Emma called him here she usually calls Scott for things like this and how come she doesn't have a car with her in the first place. Logan hears Emma summon him and Logan walks into the elevator and pushes the number Emma tells him to. The elevator door opens and he sees Lex laid out on his desk kissing air. "What the hell is this?"

"I know the Metropolis Sharks blew the lead and lost the game I don't know how they're going to make the playoffs this year." Emma replied reading a newspaper.

Logan rolls his eyes. He's familiar with this trick Emma did it before with Scott resulting in Jean kicking her ass all over psychic land. "What's with Luthor?"

Emma looked at him and then back at the newspaper. "Oh I'm making him suffer."

"By making him think he's getting laid?" Logan asked.

Emma didn't take her attention off the newspaper. "Think of it as a last meal. When I leave Lex won't remember anything about Clark or the girl he's screwing as we speak."

Logan just stared at the telepath. "Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. So where are the rest of the girls?"

"Ditching me so they can take a vacation." Emma replied. Seriously she's a telepath she's wondering how they thought they were going to get away with it.

Logan now had his version of a smile. When the kids slack off it usually means that he gets them in the danger room all to himself. But on the bright side getting away from the manor will probably do Laura a world of good and curve the need to kill Lex.

Lex looked around the office and just felt empty and cold. No one's here and he feels like something is missing. Something important something he should remember. He looks in his desk and sees a picture of an Asian woman and for the life of him he doesn't know her so it must have come with the frame. He quietly takes the picture out and throws it in the trash.

Clark was in Central City having a look around and still not being able to find who he's looking for. He heard an apartment was set on fire and quickly goes to deal with it. Well that's one good deed done today and then to add to the fun the bank's being robbed. Clark flies to the bank and it's quite a sight to see. It was spring when he flew here but now its winter. Clark is taken further by surprise when he's struck by lightning.

"OK what's going on with mother nature?" Clark asks seeing the elements go nuts.

The cops point to a man in a green and yellow body with a metallic rod in his hands with lightning coursing through it. The man smiles and points the staff at Clark as Superman is hit with blistering cold even for him as the cops scatter and he takes the worst of it. Clark stands there and takes it better him then the police it doesn't take long until Clark is swallowed in a thick sheet of ice.

Weather Wizard smiled that was Superman? That wasn't exactly hard to contain him. Weather Wizard walks over to him and comes to a stop realizing his weather wand is now missing. "What the?"

"Looking for this?"

Weather Wizard turns around and sees a teenager in a red hood with sunglasses and lightning bolt insignias holding his wand. The teenager wastes no time and punches him three times knocking him out.

The teen looks at Superman as his eyes glow red burning two holes into the ice as he starts shaking himself free eventually shattering the ice and scattering it in a show of strength. "Not bad stretch of course if it was me I would have just shook through the ice."

"Nice to see you too" Clark replied.

"So why did you just sit there and take it stretch? We both know while you're no me you're quick enough to dodge anything he throws at you?"

Clark stretched his arms and shoulders. "Because if I didn't take the hit innocent people would have and I was more then strong enough to break free when he dropped his guard. So do you know a place where we can catch up?"

Bart smiles and disappears in a blur with Clark giving chase.

Laura sat quiet in the back seat with Chloe and Jubilee as they drove to a beach Rogue knows in New Mexico. This was an entertaining past time at the mansion and it's even better in the car. Until she came there Rogue was Kitty's roommate. And from the sounds of it even being separated hasn't stopped them from quarreling over every single little thing.

"Give it up Kitty it's gonna happen besides we're almost there." Rogue said.

Kitty rolled her eyes. "Yeah great why didn't I get a turn to drive?"

"Because when you drive everyone's life expectancy drops by ten years." Jubilee answered she wondered if one of the reason she fled after becoming a vampire was Logan would have her teach Kitty how to drive because she was immortal.

"I've like totally improved since then." Kitty countered.

Rogue rolled her eyes not believing this. "Fahne we're almost there anyway."

Laura watched Kitty take the wheel well at least her adrenaline will be up for the next few minutes until they get to the beach.

Kitty smiled as Rogue hopped in the passenger seat and did the sign of the cross causing Kitty to roll her eyes. "Oh, hah, hah you've been spending like way too much time with your adopted brother."

Kitty starts the engine and they're off for mere moments before a blond haired man runs out and right in front of the car not even giving Kitty enough time to phase the car through him as he toppled to the floor.

Rogue turned to Kitty in shock. Something like this could only happen to her. "Thirty seconds, Ah let ya drive for thirty seconds and ya hit someone."

Chloe hopped out the car and checked on the guy well he seems OK. "He's OK"

The man opened his eyes. "What was the meaning of that?"

"She hit you." Laura replied calmly from the car.

"Like I'm so sorry." Kitty replied. "But you came out of nowhere. Is there anything we can do to help you?"

"I could use a great cup of ale." The man replied.

Rogue helped him up and into the car. "Sure we do kind of owe ya. So what's ya name sugah?"

"Thor of Asgard"

"OK let's make one thing clear the brain damage happened before I hit him." Kitty said he did run out into traffic after all.

Bart and Clark ran South of the boarder as Bart had a stomach for burritos. They sat on the roof sharing a meal and catching up on old times.

"So stretch is the big blue boyscout. I did not see that one coming." Bart quipped.

Clark rolled his eyes. "OK what's so hard to believe about me being Superman?"

Bart put his hands up in defense and went for his drink. "Don't take it personal it's just last time I saw you, you were kind of chained at the hip to the farm."

"Yeah well things changed since then." Clark replied sadly.

Bart nodded. "I heard about your parents I'm sorry man. They treated me right even after I stole your dad's wallet, at least you don't have to wonder where they went."

Clark smiled at that. "Thank you"

"So is Chloe still traveling around near you?" Bart asked with a smile.

"We live in the same house." Clark replied.

Bart frowned he knew it was only a matter of time but still. "Good for you too but if you break her heart I know to hurt you stretch despite how lame a rock is."

Clark looked at Bart why would he say that but he quickly realized how it sounded. "Oh I did not mean it like that I have a girlfriend."

Bart looked at him and innocently chuckled. "Stretch you got to introduce me to the girl that's willing to put up with a mess like you. This way the two of you and me and Chloeliscous can double date."

Clark rolled his eyes. "And suddenly I have no remorse when I tell you Chloe already has a boyfriend."

"Well a guy can dream can't he?" Bart quipped. "So why did you seek me out after all this time stretch?"

Clark stood up and stretched. "Another piece of my past one that I would prefer to have stayed in Smallville."

"Lex" Bart asked he tried to save his life but got some serious bad vibes off the guy.

Clark nodded. "He tagged me with radiation."

Bart instantly backed up. "Dude"

"I'm not poisonous. I'm just tagged so he always knows where I am." Clark replied

"Bart walked right next to him. "So what you're stuck as Superman."

"For the immediate future yes." Clark replied.

"So where do I fit into this." Bart asked.

Clark looked at Bart. "It's not just me Lex is after. It's everyone with abilities. He's making them disappear and then experimenting on them."

Bart looked at Clark he'll believe it he doesn't think Clark could come up with a lie this cruel even for someone he hated. "So what exactly are we two super dudes going to do it's not exactly like we can get Lex convicted on this?"

"We likely won't be able to get Lex to even face a day in court for this at all." Clark pointed out. "That's why we're going to free every prisoner and wipe every facility he has off the map."

"Won't that paint us in a bad light?" Bart asked.

Clark shakes his head no. "He'd never risk an investigation it will just be faulty wiring at abandoned warehouses."

Bart thought on this he never expected Clark to come talk to him about something like this. He wants a chance to do something good with his powers and helping people from someone like Lex who is dissecting them seems like good work to him. "OK I'm in so what do we do?"

Clark smiled at not being alone on this. "Right now we head back to the states there's somewhere I need to go."

"And where's that Stretch?" Bart asked.


Rogue sat at the bar watching 'Thor' finish his third glass of beer. Well they got duped he's not a victim he's not even Thor he's just an alcoholic person that ran into Kitty's driving.

Thor put the glass down and smiled. "You skunk woman bring us more beer."

Kitty, Jubilee and Chloe instantly backed away from the table knowing that's not good seeing Rogue's eyes light up.

"No problem sugah, how far would ya like it shoved up ya ass." Rogue responded.

Thor looked at her weakly. "Well… I was going to ask for a keg."

Rogue sighed and started walking away. "You're just a pathetic little waste and Ah am done feeling bad for ya."

Thor got up angry of all the insolent nerve. "I am Thor of Asgard wench I will not be talked to like that by a human."

Chloe got between the two mainly because Rogue was in nothing but an orange one piece bathing suit and jean shorts. "OK the guy is clearly brain damaged."

"I am not damaged woman… merely exiled." Thor responded.

Rogue glared at Chloe. "Get out of mah way Chloe."

Chloe sighed as Thor and Rogue went back to their shouting match. Well she's about to see a crazy person get absorbed she wonders if Rogue will call herself Thor.

Thor has enough he's not in the mood for drinks anymore and he must reclaim what he lost. "I have no time to argue with you if I was rude I apologize but for now…"

Chloe's Kitty's Jubilee's and even Laura's jaws drop in shock as Thor picks up Rogue by her bare arms and gently puts her down at the side of him.

Laura whispered in Kitty's ear. "I thought Clark was the only person that could touch her and not get absorbed."

"He is or at least I thought."

Rogue is quickly trying to figure out what just happened as her brain is trying to process it he touched her. "Hey wait a minute where are ya going."

"To reclaim what is rightfully mine." Thor replied walking inadvertently sticking the girls with the bill as they paid it and tried to catch up to him but he was already gone.

Rogue turned to Laura. "Can you find him?"

Laura nodded it's not exactly a challenge to her he didn't smell human but no one asked her. She ran in the general direction thankful for a distraction when she's hunting nothing matters to her but her prey.

Author's notes

Thanks for the reviews

I don't remember if it was Loki or Thor but I remember Rogue couldn't absorb him so in my universe just like Kryptonians Asgardians are immune to her touch.

While being an X-Man Emma is downright cruel to people especially to anyone who threatens her kids. So I have no problem believing she would take all of Lex's good memories and leave Lionel intact in his mind.

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