Spider-man swung his webs through out the city it can not be this peaceful on purpose. Someone up there must have realized that hey Peter Parker has free time so send his girlfriend on vacation. Peter lands on the side of the building and sticks his feet to the wall this might be the most boring day that ever exists.

Peter smiles in relief hearing an alarm go off but he groans when he gets down there seeing Superman has already stopped the guy. "You've gotta be kidding me this was supposed to be my stop."

Superman looked at him. "Sorry I didn't realize there was a dibs system on criminals."

Peter looked at him under the mask, OK he is definitely having a bad day if Superman pulled a snark out on him. "So anything else I can do… people in danger… please."

"The roof" Clark replied floating up as Spider-man climbed up.

Laura lay awake looking at the sky they all agreed to go for the hammer tomorrow. It feels so good to get away from the perfumes and colognes of the mansion, Emma was right… she'll never hear it from her mouth but Emma was right. The open sky did her some good and got her head clear. Now maybe she can figure out a way to help Clark. Thor is a god maybe he knows something about radiation poisoning. Speaking of the demi god she sees him sneaking off in the dead of night well if this isn't unexpected at least it gives her something to do tonight.

Peter sat on the roof he has to say he's kind of surprised. He always pictured Superman as this big blue boyscout. Yet here he is with a guy in a red hoodie and Tony Stark in Iron Man armor. "So basically you want me to join your gang?"

"It's not a gang." Clark defended himself and the others.

"Then why are you all in so much red?" Peter asked

Bart looked at his clothes. "Never really noticed it insect."

Peter nodded and looked at them. "So is this a formal introduction to the Super friends."

Clark rolled his eyes that was sickeningly diabetic sweet. "One... never refer to us as that again and two... yes it is."

Peter acted like he was thinking on it. Of course he's going to say yes after what Superman told him about Lex he was just screwing around.

Tony looked at him and got another idea. "We'll pay you."

"I'm in."

Tony smiled things are so much easier when you can throw money at it but it's more then that. Jarvis picked up a couple of unique pieces of tech on him that he's curious about.

Laura followed Thor and saw he went ahead to the SHIELD facility without them. Laura looked for a moment and saw her opportunity as she used her hand and feet claws to climb up a tree in five seconds and hopped into the nest SHIELD keeps their sniper in. Laura hops in as someone sets the alarm off and the lift rises. She turns around and sees someone like Green Arrow land in the lift and she sighs and simply takes him out with a roundhouse kick to the face before he sees her face.

She watches Thor take down SHIELD goon after goon going to his hammer. He might not be a god but he is definitely a fighter. She looks and sees he has made it to his hammer as he quickly grabs it like an eager child. However that's all he can do because he can't lift it.

Laura watches as he just falls to the floor defeated well… that will smack the arrogance right out of anyone. Laura quickly flees the nest to get the others.

Rogue walked up to the SHIELD lot the next day wondering how she drew the short straw. Someone had to open their mouth and go hey send Rogue she's practically invulnerable. Unfortunately for Kitty Rogue 'accidentally' bumped bare skin with their arms in the bathroom and drained her. Rogue looked up and wondered what to do as someone in a suit came out.

"Can we help you?" Coulson asked.

Rogue looked. "Ah was looking for mah boyfriend he got hit by a car and is walking around telling people he's Thor. Ah think he might have a concussion. "

Coulson nodded and looked at her carefully. "What's his name?"

"Oh… Donald Blake" Rogue answered giving him the ID Jane had made.

Coulson ran the ID and immediately found it as a fake and that the last name she was registered as was Anna Marie Darkholme. He also sees she's one of the X-men. "You might want to get him checked out."

"Ah will" Rogue assured him as they brought Thor out and unshackled him.

Thor watched Rogue and the agent talk and quietly pocketed a flash drive of Jane's work.

Rogue quickly grabbed him and entwined their hands as they walked off loving the sensation of another person touching her skin.

Thor frowned he's going to have to start making a life here on earth especially after that conversation he just had with Loki.

Rogue looked at Thor and for the first time ever saw some humility in them. "Hey is something botherin ya?"

Thor looked at her and frowned. "I've been exiled to Earth. The stress I have caused my father has killed him."

Rogue frowned seeing him like this. Well she has to give him credit he can certainly pull off the puppy dog eyes easy enough. "Why don't ya start from the beginning? Once we get a good distance away."

Thor waited until they were away and ran down everything. His father Odin his reckless behavior with the ice titans that knocked Odin into sleep and has now killed him. How he was exiled to earth and will likely stay here until the day he dies.

Rogue looked at him kind of overwhelmed for an ordinary person they'd be a sobbing mess. Luckily for an X-man however they're used to this sort of thing. To her this is Tuesday. "Ah think ah understand but you can come back from this Thor. We all make mistakes its how we come back from them that matters."

Thor looked at her. "I think your opinion on people is too high lady Rogue."

Rogue frowned and looked at the floor. "Ah hope not or other wards its looking really bad for meh."

Thor saw her frown and stares intently at the floor. "You could not have killed someone without just cause."

"I did." Rogue replied as she looked back. "If those agents knew who I really was they probably would have shot me on sight."

Thor looked back they weren't exactly gracious hosts to him and as far as they knew he was just some crazy guy. "What did you do?"

"Ah killed Ms. Marvel for her powers." Rogue answered honestly seeing the surprise on Thor's face.

Lex sat in his office checking on Superman apparently he was in New York for a while before heading to Metropolis again. He has to have a base somewhere. He's been up for three days straight and the closest he takes to rest is two hours in the Atlantic. Lex leaves his lap top knowing he has a meeting today with Tony Stark. Apparently he wants to talk to him about certain projects which Lex won't object to. Maybe he can get Tony to see some sense. With who has since become known as Whiplash and the Hulk as General Ross called it? It is getting more important that regular humans be able to protect themselves from this new threat.

Tony walked into the room a smile on his face seeing Lex. Tony isn't happy in the least about his tiny part in this whole thing. Superman said he'd have a bigger part if some goon didn't go on TV and announced I am Iron Man to the world. "This is a nice place it's got a very Addams family feel to it. Drink?"

Lex looked at him intently wondering what exactly it is that he's up to. "Mr. Stark what can I do for you today?"

Tony looked at him and leaned back on Lex's desk. "Oh I'm interested in project leviathan. That super sea weed thing you were working on until the factory mysteriously blew up."

"Misguided extremists dressed in green" Lex replied as to who blew that up.

Tony looked at Lex it's like looking at a clean shaven Obie. He very sneakily puts a small circular device he made on Lex's computer as it copies the data in mere moments thanks to JARVIS. "So you're not restarting it?"

Lex shakes his head. "Not very cost effective given the price."

Tony removed the device and smiled. "Well since you've pretty much become an iron monger our business is done here."

Lex looked at him and nodded pouring them a drink. "I'd almost forgotten Tony Stark has become the future of green energy… Yet he's also building WMDs and keeping them to himself."

"I gave the army one." Tony defended himself. "Technically my friend did but the point still stands."

Lex looked at him still the same Tony Stark no matter what front he puts up. "Yes a suit that barely managed to keep up with your later suit even with the assistance of thirty drones. I'm sure the soldiers that lose friends everyday appreciate your ability to share."

Tony looked at Lex coldly he knows why he protects the suits because once one gets kidnapped a lot more friends will be dying and he knows Luthorcorp is trying their own hand at Iron Man which he kept from Stern or he would have lost that senate hearing. "I am Iron Man me and the suit are one. Now if you don't have anything else to say I'll be on my way."

Tony walked through the door and went down the steps seeing a brunette in a red dress. "Hello Lillian"

The girl watched Tony Stark walk off and walked into Lex's room confusion clearly all over her face. "Tony Stark just called me Lillian… isn't that your mom's name?"

Thor looked at Rogue intently. "So who was Ms. Marvel?"

"An agent of SHIELD and one of their best until I came along." Rogue answered. "Ah'm a mutant if Ah touch someone Ah essentially drain their life force and their memories." Rogue looked and saw two teenagers coming a boy and a girl. She quickly and skillfully removed her glove and essentially poked the girl's bare arm to get a little drop of her life force and the girl stumbled into the boys arms that caught her.

"Sorry about that I got dizzy for a moment." Thor heard the girl say as they kept walking.

"Don't turn around." Rogue ordered. "You saw that girl right?"

Thor nodded wondering what Rogue was getting at.

"Her name is Emily Byrnes she has a mom in the hospital that has her really upset and she just lost it in the back of a SUV to that guy which she now regrets because once her mom is on tha mend she's going to college in Florida and dumping that guy."

Thor looked at her. "You got all that by a little touch"

"I just got her basic thoughts at the time." Rogue admitted. "But if Ah wanted to I could just hold on longer."

"When did this start?" Thor was curious he didn't think anyone on earth possessed such power.

Rogue looked at him and shrugged. "My boyfriend he kissed meh and Ah held on for too long. He won't ever wake up from the coma ah put him in."

Thor frowned wondering how the fates could be so cruel to such a beautiful woman. "So how did you learn to control this ability?"

Rogue frowned great she wanted to do go through her dark past today it's the highlight of her life. "A woman called Raven Darkholme. She found meh and taught meh how to use my powers on other mutants temporarily copying their powers. And then tha mission happened. Raven wanted me to steal a plane and I did it with a smile on my face. All ah had to do was drain tha pilot. And then Ms. Marvel got involved Raven told me to hold on to her and ah did… Ah held on so long that she's in a coma same as my boyfriend and I have her powers. Ah realized what Raven was turning me into and despite the fact that ah had a schoolgirl crush on her boss ah left Raven's side and joined the family ah have now."

Thor looked at her somewhere in between shock and awe that she is still standing. "It must be difficult. Not being able to touch anyone for the rest of your life?"

"Ah can touch but Ah have to wear gloves. Ah've met two people I can touch. One is like kissing mah brother." Rogue replied happy to bury the subject of her past.

Thor realized the other person was him. "And the other."

"Ah don't know." Rogue replied.

Thor cupped her face in his hands. He thought he had it bad being exiled but she has it so much worse then he does.

Rogue smiled feeling the warmth of Thor's touch and who would have thought she'd have some things in common with the Norse god. They're both not happy with their pasts but neither of them is saying it wasn't their fault. They're both soldiering through the pain and trying to make a new life for themselves and be better then the people they once were.

The two watched as their faces get closer and they share a tender kiss as Rogue feels warmth that she always thought to have been impossible.

To their shock a car comes out through a hill revealing Kitty driving and Laura clinging on the car door. "Whoa like what did we miss?"

Rogue quickly pulled away. "Nothin, I hope ya really are a god Thor cause Kitty drives like a psycho."

"I so do not." Kitty countered.

Rogue pointed to Logan's daughter. "Then why is Laura clinging on for dear life. I didn't even think she could be scared."

Laura saw her hands on the car door and quickly pulled them off. "I am not."

"Make haste Psycho driver I must return Jane's research to her." Thor ordered as Kitty bit her lip in frustration and Rogue looked worried. She kissed him but she didn't even think the god might have feelings for one of the girls.

The two hopped in the back as Laura quickly put her seat belt on as they were off again.

Clark looked at all the research Tony took form Lex. "We have a lot of work to do."

Peter looked at the lists and he thought Norman was bad but at least he kept his madness in one city. "So what are we going to do?"

Clark saw the lists. "Get the people out destroy the labs and data hubs make 33.1 as it's called here so expensive to rebuild that Lex literally can't."

"Think we can get baldy on kidnapping at least?" Bart asked.

Clark shakes his head. "No but one day Lex will face Justice for everything that he's done. Spider-man we're going to work in thirty minutes."

"I need some web fluid and I'll be right back." Peter replied seeing a good chance to put it to good use as the three heroes walk out ready to take the fight to Lex.

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