Clark stood on a rooftop in Smallville waiting for Lex to realize where he is. Lex looks at the window and sees Clark in full superman gear just staring at the billionaire. Lex looked to the window and saw the man of steel staring right down at him looking like he's inching for a fight.

Lex looks to Clark and holds up a glass in salute. Clark simply keeps glaring at him before taking off. Lex goes to drink when the brandy pours out all over his shirt. Lex felt around and burned his finger on a tiny piece of the glass showing a little hole.

Clark flew up to the roof of the Daily Bugle knowing Bart was already there but surprised to see Tony as well. "What are you doing here?"

"Scanning your body to see if the radiation level has dropped." Tony answered knowing he took a trip to the sun while they were waiting for the others. Tony reads the results and just frowns. "That's not good."

Clark looks down ".003%, that's it."

"Well what do you want me to say big guy, a plan B never killed anyone." Tony replied.

Peter jumped up and joined the group. "Don't tell me we're caught already I went and got my best stealth clothes and everything."

Clark looked at it and well it will be good sneaking and no where near as colorful as his other suit. It's pure black with white eyes and a white spider. "Nice suit, where did you get it?"

"Ex-girlfriend" Peter looked down at the black suit it might not have worked out but Black Cat had good taste. "What this ones not evil it just makes it easier to hide in the shadows?"

Bart gave a little salute. "Alright bands all here let's get started."

Clark smiled knowing where to start first. "OK the first target is in Metropolis. Impulse, Spiderman, let's go."

Tony saw them off. Playing team mom to a team of heroes… where did he go wrong?

Rogue sat calmly with Thor and Kitty eating at a restaurant calmly waiting for the others. She saw Jayne and the others come in and Thor just calmly handed the research to her and turned right back to her. Jane saw the look in Thor's eyes and she silently hoped for more but apparently Thor has taken up with someone else looking at the white stripe haired woman.

Jane shrugged at least she has her work to fall back on.

Laura goes to take a seat with everyone else but quickly smells something very bizarre four fighters and she easily smells the metal of their blades. She sees three men and one woman quietly approaching her.

Laura popped her claws ready for a fight as Thor came out.

Thor smiled seeing traces of his home seeing his friends coming to greet him.

Cyclops quickly rolled out of the way as an explosion hit. Only in the institute would someone flee from a two of hearts card.

"Hey boys get up here we have a situation."

"What's the problem?" Scott asked looking to the top of the Danger Room.

Emma hit the button and replied. "It's the girls, just get up here."

Laura waited patiently seeing the blackbird land as the three X-Men came out. Laura rolled her eyes seeing they only sent Scott, Gambit, and Emma.

Scott walked right up to Laura. "What's going on?"

Laura explained the situation as best she could and to her Surprise Cyclops kept his cool when she mentioned ice giants and Norse mythology but then again they're X-Men. "Bottom line there's a big alien robot on its way to tear this town apart. We're getting everyone out we can before it gets here."

Tony flew back to Stark Tower and got a call from Coulson waiting for him. "What? No, I didn't build anything…recently." Tony hung up not believing this as he called Clark's phone. "Yeah, there's been a change of plans."

Chloe fell back watching the four Asgardians sans Thor fighting the giant robot. Chloe watched as Sif backed off nearly given a fatal injury and was being talked to by Thor. Chloe ran up and touched Scott mimicking his powers. Chloe has changed since she came to the institute and has much better control since when they first met. She runs to the destroyer and jumps in the air as her green eyes take a red glow and she blasts it with an optic blast knocking it back but the destroyer knocks her back easy enough.

Laura hops on the Destroyer's back and carved into the metal with her claws and to Loki's surprise she damaged its shell as the macvhine grabbed the berserker and threw her away.

The destroyer fired a blast knocking out Scott, Emma, and Jubilee before the three could form a strategy.

Gambit watched the scene in awe not believing something so powerful could attack this fast as it hits Chloe knocking her down. He also watched as a car came up with Kitty driving in it.

"Get in"

Remy looked at her like she was nuts Gambit's mother didn't raise no fool. "One threat to Gambit's life is enough for the moment petite."

"Just get in I have an idea." Kitty ordered.

Remy got in the car and watched as Kitty sped up and rapidly headed for the destroyer. The amazing thing is her driving is so unnatural Remy thinks the destroyer can't lock onto her.

"Remy, charge it now."

Gambit smiled as he held his bare fingers to the car as it started to glow. Kitty drove fast avoiding all the attacks until she was close enough to phase the destroyer through the engine as she quickly grabs Gambit and phases them both through the car as it drags the destroyer until the car blows up from Remy's powers. To their surprise the machine stands up not even scratched as it shoots a blast at Kitty and Remy's feet knocking them out.

Rogue flew at the destroyer and delivered a flurry of punches at it denting the machine and flying around its blast attacks. The destroyer moved its foot and kicked sand in the mutant's face blinding her and taking a blast at the city as it grabbed Rogue and squeezed the life out of her as she screams in pain.

Thor got a couple people away from a building as it crumbled and saw the situation as he ran for his brother. "Brother, however I have wronged you, whatever I have done that has led you to do this, I am truly sorry. But these people are innocent; taking their lives will gain you nothing. So take mine, and end this."

Loki looked at his brother confused he's changed but not for the better he's so weak minded now. He has the destroyer put down Rogue and hits Thor easily annihilating him without his Asgardian powers. "As you wish."

Laura let out an inhumane growl as she popped her foot claws and proceeded to climb up the destroyer scratching at its eyes and momentarily blinding it.

Rogue scooped up Thor and anyone could tell he was too far beyond broken to be saved right now. "Jackass, what did ya have to go do that that for?"

Thor smiled and grabbed her cheek. "It's all right, the people are safe, and you are safe."

Rogue took her gloves off and held his hand.

Loki smiled seeing the destroyer with his hands around Laura's throat. To the gods surprise the teenage berserker had a smile all her own as she sniffed the air and just waited.

"And what are you smiling about, wench?" Loki asked.

"Just give it a mmoment." Laura replied.

Loki looked at her in confusion as one moment he was hanging onto Laura and the next moment he sees Earth's yellow sun getting closer and closer to the destroyer until he's tossed into it. "What was that?"

Rogue watched a glistening light from the distance. She watches as it quickly takes shape and turns into a hammer as she quietly gulps seeing it come her way. To her relief it swerves and lands in Thor's hands and puts him in Asgardian clothes making him seem more like the Thor according to legend.

Thor got to his feet and looked himself over his hammer is back as well as his powers. "What happened to the Destroyer?"

Chloe was stumbling to her feet with help from Jane and Dr. Selvig seeing Laura pull the destroyer's arm off her throat. "Oh, I have a pretty good feeling we won't have to worry about him anymore thanks to Superman."

Thor nodded and turned to Jane and Rogue would you two come with me. I want to show you both something.

The two girls nodded and walked close to him as Agent Coulson approaches the Norse god. "Mr. Blake, I think we need to talk."

Thor looked to his captor he held no ill will he was doing his job as a warrior for earth. "Know this, son of Coul. You and I, we fight for the same cause: the protection of this world. From this day forward, you can count me in as your ally, if... you return the items you have taken from Jane."

"Stolen" Jane sighed that's one word for it.

"Borrowed." Coulson improvised. "Of course you can have your equipment back. You're going to need to need it to continue your research.

Thor turned to Jane. "Would you like to see the bridge we spoke of?"

"Uh... sure." Jane replied.

Thor grabs Jane and Rogue and he flies off with them and the other Asgardians.

Coulson could only watch stunned as the three took off. "Wait, we need to debrief you!"

Thor landed and Jane looked up at the bridge as the others go in. It's an incredible thing and one that will keep her researching for years. Thor let her go and focused on Rogue for the moment knowing this could go badly for a while. "You could come with me; All of Asgard is like me you won't have to worry about hurting anybody."

Rogue backed away and looked almost in thought. "Don't ya think it's a tad early to live together Ah just met ya a few days ago. Besides my friends and family are on earth Ah can't just leave them."

"Then I will return." Thor decided as he sweeps Rogue in his arms and kisses her before heading back to Asgard.

Rogue watches helplessly as Thor crosses the bridge and returns home.

Clark soaks up the sun for another couple moments after the destroyer burns but heads back to earth with how little the sun does. He flies down and lands next to Laura and Chloe. "Anything else while I'm here."

The two girls shake their heads and Clark watches from above as a portal on earth closed.

"No, not anymore." Chloe replied.

Laura looked at him and held the destroyer's arm. "Well you grabbed that robot pretty hard you might have knocked something off of it."

Jubilee quickly nodded in agreement. "You're right Superman should take X-23 with those two noses they'll be able to find anything they've missed."

Laura rolled her eyes and Clark simply held her by the arm as the anger and frustration died out in her as the two walked through the desert.

"I'll bring her back." Clark promised.

Tony took a breather from everything apparently the team is on hold for now from whatever is in New Mexico. He looks at the news and while most of them are focusing on a destroyed town in Mexico the channel he's focused on is something much more interesting to him and maybe much more interesting to Superman. He watches as a Submarine arrives on dock and Stonehenge arrives out, followed by a beautiful busty… Pepper your in a relationship with Pepper. He also sees a living fireball fly out and finally Reed Richards. The fantastic four have finally been found.

Tony had a simple smile. Knowing if someone can figure out Superman's cure it would be him.

Clark was walking with Laura as she ran down everything that happened with Thor. Laura wonders if Clark will even believe her. Even for her Norse gods you can read about in books is pushing it.

Clark took a moment and collected himself before replying. "If you ever see him again tell him thanks for letting me borrow his hammer."

Laura looked at him. "You used it?"

"On Brainiac even" Clark added. "Though I wish I didn't… I miss the mansion."

Laura nodded and kept walking better he find out from her then Emma. "I went after Lex. I meant to kill him."

Clark looked at her. "But you obviously didn't."

Laura shakes her head no. "Emma stopped me. Don't know why but she did. Maybe she's finally realized I'm a person and not just X-23." Laura looked at Clark uneasy not sure how he would react to this.

Clark stopped and looked at Laura. "I'm not that naïve you know. I know all about losing your temper."

Laura looked at him. "I doubt that."

Clark chuckled at the thought of it. "Superman can be the icon for truth, justice… other stuff, but I'm as flawed as the rest of the planet."

"You ever kill anyone?" Laura asked because god knows she did.

"Yes" Clark replied.

Laura looked at him but quickly realized. "Intentionally"

"No" Clark answered honestly most of the time the meteor freaks would kill themselves or unexpected side effects like Sean freezing the whole lake with him or accidentally killing Missy by exposing her to a mirror. "I might not have crossed that line but I've looked directly at it a few times."

"Like when?" Laura asked as she recalled it was her and her father decapitating the kryptonians in the ship.

Clark looked at her and confessed the two times. "A corrupt cop in Metropolis framed my dad for murder I wanted to squeeze the life out of him. I somehow convinced myself if I got rid of him everything would be OK. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed. Then last year someone murdered my girlfriend. I didn't realize how much I cared for her until I saw her body hanging lifeless, I found the guy that did it and I wrapped my hands around his throat. I didn't care about right or wrong, I just wanted him to suffer for what he's done. Probably would have killed him if Lois didn't show up."

Laura looked at him and can see it yes he has some issues. She doesn't think he truly understands but the Kents raised Clark to be an optimist. He sees the good in her like he does everyone else. "And here I thought you were a boyscout."

"Never even got a single merit badge." Clark quipped as he wrapped Laura in his arms.

Laura smiled looking at Clark as their heads move closer and Clark just groans and nudges her away. Is ten minutes of peace too much to ask?

Laura looked at him. "What's wrong?"

Clark pointed up. "Luthorcorp Satellite"

Laura growled she should have killed him. "I miss you."

"I miss you too." Clark replied. "I'm keeping busy but there isn't an hour that goes by when I'm not thinking about you."

Laura frowned realizing this is likely as close as they can be for a while. She finally finds one she likes and she can't be anywhere near him. "Well I'll see you next time the world's ending… goodbye Cl… Superman."

Clark frowned and nodded as she started to leave. "Yeah, I'll…" Clark heard something and looked up and he couldn't help but smile. "Thank you" Clark moved in a blur and turned Laura around and kissed her.

Laura instantly had her claws out on instinct until she saw who was kissing her and retracted them. She enjoyed it for a couple seconds before pushing him off. "What are you doing?"

"A friend of mine is giving us some cover we got twenty minutes." Clark replied.

Laura could only let out a little smirk that might be a smile one day. "Then let's not waste them."

She grabs Clark and kisses him right back knowing how little time they have is more then they've had for the past two weeks.

Lex was watching the screen and saw Superman talking with a black haired girl. Sadly Superman already destroyed the robot. He sees the girl start to walk away and then he sees nothing but a Stark Satellite blocking the picture. It's going to take a half hour just to see earth again with how slow it's moving.

Laura walked to where the portal was and saw Rogue sitting down on the floor looking at the sky to where the portal once was. "Is he gone?"

Rogue silently nodded looking to the sky. "He warned us there was a chance that he might have destroyed the portal and if he did he wouldn't be able to come back."

Laura looked to the sky and just groaned. What the hell was she thinking, this isn't her. She's not the emotional type. Laura took the gloves off and did the only thing she could think of as she cupped Rogue's face for a moment as the southern woman is hit with Laura's memories and powers.

Rogue held her head for a moment and cleared it feeling Clark's passionate goodbye kiss to Laura. Well that's certainly not like a brother. "Man, we gotta stop dating aliens."

"We also have to get to the X-jet before Kitty offers to drive us home." Laura finished.

Rogue chuckled knowing the truth from her touch. "Ya really are afraid of her."

Laura's claws popped and the conversation was silently dropped as the two headed for the X-Jet.

Rogue smiled she knows Jane is working on her own portal so from either Earth or Asgard she will see Thor again. And he'll keep his word, he'll find a way back.

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