Laura ran up the stairs and was cut off by an old piece of crap to her eyes. Laura kept her cool for now anyway. "General…"

Clark turned to the older man… why does it look Laura might jam her claws into the man's eyes at any given moment.

General Ross looked at her and is surprised to see her again. "Ms. Logan last time I saw you it was in handcuffs."

Laura remained calm it would take far worse to get a reaction out of her. "And last time I saw you. You were trying to blame the Hulk for wrecking Harlem when it was in fact your monster."

"We all make mistakes." Ross replied.

Laura stared at him. Really, that's his level of guilt! "She's a friend we're going to see her."

Ross looked at the teenage mutant. "And him?"

"Also friendly." Laura replied paying him no attention and just walking right in.

"Young man I'm Thaddeus Ross, Betty's father."

Clark watched the scene went better then he thought it would. "Clark Kent, nice meeting you." He walked right in behind her.

Betty opened her eyes feeling groggy and weak a familiar feeling she's been feeling for the past few days now. She smiled however seeing this wasn't a doctor or scientist just a friend. "Laura, hi."

Laura looked at her and weakly waved. This isn't right. How could this happen and happen so fast?

Clark looked at her familiar with seeing someone eaten away from the inside after Ryan he's holding up better. "We were checking in on you."

Betty nodded. "I've been better… who are you?"

Clark looked at her. "You were helping me with a science problem. You sent me to Dr. Reed Richards who easily solved it. So thank you for that."

Betty looked at him as the gears came to a grinding halt. There's no way… he can't be Superman… he looks so different… she wants to know how but not in a room quarantined by the CDC and the US Army. "Always happy to help a fellow scientist"

Clark looked at her medical chart closed on the table. who better to treat radiation poisoning then her. "And from a family of scientists may I?"

Betty nodded in approval. Clark started looking through the file trying to pull a page out of Laura's book and remain calm at what he's reading and seeing. She realized why she was nearby. "Oh, we were supposed to meet."

Laura put her hands up. How can that really be a concern of hers? "Don't worry… I mean… just don't."

Betty watched her leave to confusion. "Did I say something?"

Clark shook his head. "She's been through a lot. I think this is bringing up bad memories. Can you give us a couple minutes?"

Betty nodded. "Sure, just don't leave me alone with the general for too long."

Clark nodded and left. Alright let's see how well these lessons with Logan have really been paying off. He inhaled and quickly picked up Laura's scent. Alright hard part is over.

Laura sat at a table slumped over half of it laying down on it. The mighty X-23 done in by a sick person how the mighty have fallen. She felt a gentle hand on her back and just looked up seeing Clark. "I've never been sick, tortured, broken, but never sick… I froze… stupid."

Clark shook his head. "No, sad, you care about her as a friend. She's hurting. She's withering away and it's hard to watch." Laura took his hand in her own. "She needs us strong now… especially if we're going to save her."

Laura eyes shot up and her look alone can almost say 'explain now!'

Clark nodded. "Betty's dying. Rapid gamma poisoning and by how much I think she and Bruce took a little time for themselves when we weren't looking."

Laura shook her head. She would have smelled it on them. "They didn't."

Clark frowned. "How do you know? We did leave them in a hotel room for an hour."

"You suck with your nose." Laura replied.

Clark looked at her. "Well why don't we have Betty break the tie."

Betty looked at them both. On one level she's relieved Laura seems OK. On another level what right do these two have to ask her that? "Why would you ask... did you two?" Laura looked at Clark for a moment and then away. "Or you never have and I just made this even more awkward."

Clark turned a little red but managed. "Betty we have to know."

Betty rolled her eyes she can't believe this is an actual question. "No…"

Laura looked at her. "You're lying."

Betty glared at her some friend. "Fine, I tried, he wouldn't he was too afraid of getting… excited."

Clark nodded catching onto excited new line of questioning. "OK, on the subject of Bruce. He didn't by any chance leave you a way of getting into contact with him did you?"

Betty looked at Clark. "You need to learn a poker face. What's wrong with me?"

Clark shook his head. "Nothing just…"

"What's… wrong… with… me?" Betty asked shooting Clark a death glare.

Clark looked at the floor. "Gamma poisoning we don't know from what. When did you start feeling weak?"

"A week ago, I'm dead aren't I?" Betty asked.

Clark shook his head. "No, but we need to find Bruce if we're going to stand a chance."

Betty frowned. "I swear to you, I have no idea where he is."

Clark got to his feet. "OK then, we're going to look into it and maybe figure out how you got so sick."

A little while later at Betty's apartment the door opens mainly because the part of the door with the lock has been cut off as Laura is the first one in.

Clark looked at her. "You know… we could have picked the locks."

"No Time!" Laura replied and then just looked around the apartment. Clark picked up a cell phone on the table and just saw students and a lot of ignored calls from Leonard.

Both teens smelled around the apartment as they picked up a familiar scent and went for the fridge. Laura opened the door and within seconds had her weapon or in this case a box of chocolates missing four pieces.

Laura growled wondering who would do this. "Wasn't Bruce."

Clark shook his head. "No, someone tried to kill her." Clark went to his pocket when he heard a beeping sound and pulled out his phone.

Laura looked at him. "Who is it?"

"Smokey and the Bandit. They found Bruce two weeks ago in Brazil. Problem is with how Bruce moves there's no guarantee he's still there. And in all my cameras I can't find him and I don't have another way to track someone." Clark answered seeing Laura smile. "What?"

Clark walked into another secret lair in the Xavier Institute. Who does the construction in this place? He looked forward and saw Jean leading them into another room this one shaped like a giant circle. "OK, why have I never heard of this room before?"

"It's called Cerebro we use it to gather students for the new semester. You never asked and Brainiac has no brainwaves so it never really came up." Jean replied.

Clark looked at her still seems like it's something that should have known about but… "That seems fair. Seems weird that there's a worldwide GPS that I'm just finding out about now though."

Jean looked at him. "To be honest at this point I'm fighting to have it converted into a big swimming pool, bites us in the ass as often as it helps us." Jean took the helmet and put it on. "You guys can stay just don't move a lot."

Clark watched as the room lit up in little white lights. "Is each one of these a person?"

"Each one is a human, mutants show up as red lights, and you show up as a blue one." Jean answered as the white lights picked up speed. "There he is."

Clark smiled. "OK that's an hour flight. A minute if I go on my own."

Laura shook her head. "No, I'm going with you."

"Laura?" A new voice cut in from the intercom.

Laura let out a gulp hearing that voice on Logan oh boy. Laura hit the intercom button. "Something wrong?"

"You want to tell me why the military is at the gate?"

Laura sighed and Clark took over on the intercom. "Yeah, uh we'll be up."

Clark and Laura walked upstairs and saw Betty's father doing his best at a mean glare. Clark's wondering what his face would look like if he used his abilities. Laura is figuring out ways to kill him without getting blood on the carpet. She's up to 17.

Laura turned to her father. "We got it."

Logan took one last look at General Ross and just left. He has faith in them.

Laura turned the glare to the General. "What do you want?"

"To help you find Banner in any way I can." The General answered.

Clark looked at him remembering what Bruce was like. "How did... hospital surveillance. You can't come with us. If he sees you he'll be gone before we can ask him to save your daughter."

Ross nodded in agreement. "I know which is why all I'm giving you is a plane to wherever you need to go." He pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to Clark the much more reasonable of the two since he wasn't in Harlem. "If you two find any trace of Banner come here we'll have a plane ready for you."

Laura looked at him suspiciously as Clark took the card. The guy used polotics to destroy Bruce's life and start the Hulk Manhunt. "What about Superman?"

Ross turned to her. "Whole world of 7 billion people we can't upend his life for one. Call me if you need any further help Ms. Logan, Mr. Kent."

Clark watched as the General left just as quick as he arrived.

Laura looked at him. "Do you think we can trust him?"

Clark shrugged. "I don't know?"

Laura turned to Clark that was supposed to be a joke. "Wait are you even considering trusting him?"

Clark leaned on the wall thinking his options. "Betty is his daughter Laura. She's dying and he's desperate. I think he'll open any door to save his daughter."

Laura shook his head. "Optimistic idiot."

"Hey! Also if I drop the Hulk high up I might not find him again in time to save her."

Laura thought it over her and Clark can easily survive a fall from a plane but… "How long does Betty have?"

Clark shook his head. "A week, two at the most."

"How long will it take you to find him?"

"An hour" Clark answered.

Laura shook her head in disbelief. "You really think Ross turned a new leaf?"

Clark shrugged his shoulders uncertain. "I don't know, but if me and Jor El made peace there's gotta be hope for any parent and child. Besides with the slower flight I can figure out the best place to confront him in case he bulks up."

Laura looked at him impressed. He's scouting ahead. The Clark she first met wouldn't have done that. He'd just fly in like a headstrong jackass. "You're learning."

Two hours later with a plan in mind… and a backup plan for when the main plan fails Clark and Laura left the institute.

Clark walked in and saw one jet with the pilot sitting in a chair reading a book who took a breath of relief seeing the two. "Please tell me you two are Mr. Kent and Ms. Logan?"

Clark nodded and held up a piece of paper. "That's us…and this is where we need to go."

"Ten hour flight would have been eight for us." Laura reminded him.

The pilot looked at them. "It will be six. I'm not sure who old Thunderbolt whored himself out with but he got the fastest plane he could for the two of you."

Clark looked the plane over in a bit of X-ray and microscopic vision. Nothing to worry about yet, no bugs. Laura stood open mouthed at the speed plane. Not even the X-Jet looks that good.

The Pilot looked at the two. "All aboard"

Laura looked at him. "Who's Betty to you?"

The pilot looked at her. "She's the sweetest woman I've ever met… which is probably why we didn't last long, still friends though."


A white man stood in the middle playing doctor. He is one… but he was more dedicated to research now he's just doing what he can. A little girl shot up through a whole into the attic and started speaking in a foreign language and holding up a wad of cash. (Please, my father is very sick.)

Bruce pointed to his patients. "Like them?"

The girl nodded and Bruce followed her out of the village running for her house. Bruce followed her into a deserted house from the looks of it but just as quickly the girl is gone. Bruce looked and realized he got beat. "Cash upfront Banner."

"So you speak to yourself?"

Bruce turned around and saw Laura with a guy with brown hair who addressed him. "Sign of genius… who are you?" Clark turned off the image inducer and Bruce nodded seeing Superman emerge.

Laura looked at him. "We need to talk."

General Ross walked the dark desolate Hall of what was once a SHIELD Helicarrier. Now it's being used as a holding facility. Being a three star general has its perks like checking in with prisoners. "So what did he do to get locked down here?"

"We didn't want him near any guards." The guard responded.

Ross looked at him. Man was a paperweight when he left him. "You mean he turned violent?"

The guard shook his head. "No, but two guards were mysteriously involved in car crashes about a week after watching him. Made the rest of us uneasy."

Ross nodded as the door opened. "Well I'm interrogating not talking." Ross walked into the door and saw a weakly looking man except for the fifteen pounds added to the top of his head. What's left of Dr. Samuel Sterns?

Sterns smiled seeing the man. "Hey, the scary man who got me locked in here." Ross ran forward and grabbed the scientist slamming him into the wall. "Whoa, whoa, why are you so angry?"

"You think you can poison my daughter and get away with it." Ross shouted.

Sterns looked at him. "I didn't poison anyone… I've been in here the whole time."

Ross punched him in the face and kicked him while he was down. "We know we found the chocolates in her apartment the ones you had your guards give to her then have them killed."

Sterns looked at him. "General all I did was open my guards' eyes to the truth of the situation. I told them I had a crush they were nice enough to make sure my present went out after giving it to me and writing a card in Dr. Samson's handwriting."

Ross looked at him. "Why did you do it?"

"To get your attention, and now I have it." Sterns answered. "I want out. Put me in with a general population if you have to but I refuse to live out my life here because I operated on that British Soccer Hooligan under threat of death."

Ross picked him up and threw him back against the wall. "You really think I would help you?"

"Yes" Sterns replied. "If you want the cure to what's ailing your daughter Dr. Ross."

Bruce looked at Clark or Superman he knows he wouldn't be here unless there was a good reason and the quiet one is even quieter he didn't think that was possible. "So why did you come here me to see me. And Kudos for how you got me away from the city."

"Thank you." Clark replied. "Bruce we don't have a lot of time. Betty is dying you need to come with us right now."

Bruce's eyes widened looking at him. "Is she sick?"

Clark nodded. "Gamma poisoning she has a couple weeks at best."

Bruce looked at him and contemplated this. "No, forget about it."

"I never said anything!" Clark replied.

Bruce glared at him. High he already figured it out. "You want me to donate my blood to save her."

Clark nodded. "Yes, Bruce your blood is the only thing left with Betty's Gamma primer in it. If she doesn't get it she'll die."

Bruce slammed his hand on the table as Laura backed up. "And if she does get it. God knows what she'll turn into."

Clark glared at him. "So you're really going to just let Betty die to try to stop another Hulk."

"No, to protect her from turning into me." Bruce countered.

Clark shouted at him full bore. "You don't know that will happen."

Bruce glared at him. "All I know is that not one good thing has come out of my blood, I will not poison the woman I love with it." He looked at the two his choice made. "You showed yourselves in show yourselves out."

Laura looked at Bruce for a moment as he turned his back to her. Stupid mistake, Laura gladly walked behind him as her two claws came out and promptly stabbed him in the back. Bruce's eyes went wide for a moment before falling to the ground.

Clark looked at her in shock. "What did you do?"

Laura shrugged. "It's not a fatal attack just get him on board."

Clark shook his head. "Way too late for a kidnapping. Bruce, try to stay with us OK."

Laura looked down to a beeping watch and saw Bruce's skin starting to turn green. "Oh"

The pilot waited outside the village only to see one of his VIPs to go flying through the air and crashing out of sight man he hopes Ross doesn't hear about this.

Laura ducked a giant hand and quickly jumped on the Hulk's back. "Calm down" She sliced the Hulk across the back and quickly hopped off. Hulk growled for a moment but felt liquid running down his back. He reached the small of his back and looked at his hand with blood all over it. Hulk growled in fury seeing the cut.

Laura let out a low gulp as she frowned into a sad face of something like a six year old that just knocked over a glass. "I'm sorry."

The pilot watched as his other VIP went sailing out another window this one coming straight for him.

Laura crashed to the ground creating a trench as she stopped at the pilot's feet.

The pilot looked at Laura's head that had a massive gash of a cut over it that closed on it's own. "Are you OK, is that normal for you?"

Laura got to her feet. "No, yes, and screw this good girl crap!" Her claws popped ready for a fight. She watched Hulk jump from the building they lured him into as he landed and hit the floor like a gorilla. "OK"

Clark looked at the scene. Damn no chance of holding back now.

Laura watched the pilot seemingly fly right in front of her almost hovering. "What are you doing?" Laura watched as the pilot's hair stayed the same but the air force suit quickly disappeared replaced by black pants as a green light changes his clothes to black clothes with a green shirt over the black and white gloves a ring on one finger along with a mask... like that will really help conceal your identity now. The pilot threw his ring hand forward and Laura watched as a giant glowing green boxing glove sprung forward and crashed into Hulk as the green giant crashed through two houses to the floor. "Oh, what was your name again?"

The pilot looked at him. "Hal Jordan"

Laura nodded. "What is your opinion on aliens Mr. Jordan?"

Hal looked at her. "I don't mind them. Why?"

Hulk got up and Hal watched as Superman showed up and punched Hulk in the face as Hulk stumbled down.

Hulk pulled himself back and growled at the trio.

Laura stood ready to lunge. Hal simply smiled as the ring let out a green aura around him and Clark just stood determined to end this as quickly as possible.

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