Logan was watching the X-men as they go through a training exorcise in the danger room. Logan smelled the air and apparently they have a guest. Logan turns to Beast well luckily for the elf and the others he's going to be busy. "Hank take over we have a visitor."

Logan snarls hearing a round of applause coming form the danger room. He'll give them a double session the day after tomorrow because Laura is apparently taking it easy on spaceboy. Logan exits the danger room and pops his claws. Logan just as quickly withdraws his claws. "What are you doing here Nat?"

Natasha came out from the wall where she was hiding. "Your government needs your help."

Logan rolls his eyes. "I'm Canadian."

Natasha pulled out something that was the SHIELD equivalent of a tablet. "Is she Canadian too?"

Logan looked at the video and saw Laura clawing up military equipment. "Where did you get this?"

"Virginia, her and Superman freed the Hulk and ran off with him." Natasha answered.

Logan simply shrugged knowing full well what Hulk is capable of. "Good for them."

Natasha could tell Logan knew more then he was letting on. "So do you have any idea where they might all be going?"

Logan simply shakes his head no. "Sorry Nat can't help you."

Natasha watched him walk away. "You know Ross is desperate to catch the Hulk he already gave one of his men an unstable super soldier serum. He might be willing to strike a deal with Weapon X to find them. And we all know how Stryker views mutant life."

Logan simply growled and followed Natasha out of the institute and into a quinjet as it took off.

Clark stopped running close to a cave and moved Betty and Laura aside as a giant green hand grabbed Clark by the top of his head and started smashing him into the ground.

Betty saw it and watched the girl go into the cave. "Aren't you worried about your friend?"

"He can take care of himself." Laura assured her while looking up at the sky. "There's going to be a storm coming."

Betty turned back and saw Hulk's hand smoking as he dropped Superman. Superman got up and the super hero speared hulk into the river as the two rolled in a big fight in the river with Clark trying to get his arms around Hulk's neck. Betty look at the sight the Hulk has Clark in a bear hug with one arm trying to crush his ribs and Clark has his arms wrenched around Hulk's neck in a chokehold.

"Enough! Both of you let the other one go." Betty ordered.

Hulk growled but released Clark. Clark calmly let go of Hulk's neck and took a couple steps back as Hulk got to his feet. Hulk started at Clark and back to Betty with both men looking at her Hulk simply stuck out his fist and punched Clark as he went soaring through the air into the trees.

Betty stared at the Hulk looking a lot braver then she felt. "Bruce…"

Hulk relented and nudged her into the cave following her in. Clark flew back and into the cave as well picking up a big rock to use as camouflage. Clark watched as it started pouring rain and the Hulk roared at the lightning. Clark simply walked past Betty. "Tomorrow me and you have to talk."

"So who won?" Laura asked.

Clark simply rolled his eyes. "I put half the country between the army and us let's just get some sleep for now."

Laura shrugged she might not hurt as much as Clark but her ears are still ringing. "Sounds like a plan to me."

Clark saw Laura shaking and he guesses her clothes don't really hold up for a cold night in the wilderness considering it's a black cut wifebeater and jeans.

Laura's eyes shot open when she saw something red cover her and she popped her claws as a defense mechanism. She calms down seeing the S logo its Clark's cape. Clark tries to pull her closer but she pulls away.

"I'm a living furnace also I don't feel the cold." Clark rationalized what he was trying to do. Laura looked at him before she relented and moved closer.

Tony Stark came into a SHIELD base that for all extensive purposes did not exist in any government database. He looks up at multiple screens covering stories from all around the world. He saw Superman protecting a college by moving a big green monster away, a hammer in the land of enchantment and a supposed vigilante in Gotham.

"I knew it. All our tax dollars hard at work for superhero peep shows" Tony quipped to himself.

Tony looked at the Avengers initiative file located on the table. Fury wants him so bad for this little super hero boy band he won't mind if takes a look.

Before Tony can open it Fury stopped him. "I don't want you looking at that anymore. I don't think it concerns you."

Tony shrugged then why is he here?

Fury took out another folder. "Now this is agent Romanoff's assessment report of you."

Tony picks it up and starts reading the highlights. ""'Mr. Stark displays compulsive behavior' In my own defense, that was a week ago. 'Prone to self-destructive tendencies.' I was dying, I mean please. And hey, aren't we all? 'Textbook...narcissism?'" Tony and Fury both have a look that is an entire conversation in itself before Tony just looks back at the folder. "Agreed" Tony reaches then and just smiled. "Iron Man highly recommended."

"Keep reading." Fury instructed.

Tony read and was kind of surprised. "James Rhodes recommended. How can you recommend Iron Man and not recommend me? I'm not dying, I got a new lease on life, and I'm trying to do the right thing by Pepper."

"Which is why we believe you'd serve better as a consultant." Fury finished.

Tony nodded. "You can't afford me I understand."

Fury glared at him and emptied his pocket displaying 6 of the little metal Frisbee things like Barton first discovered. "The whole earth is covered with these things. They cause interference with some low level tracers but nothing dangerous we need to know what these are."

Stark looked at the table so that's what all these little tools are laid out for. "Well then let me consult."

Stark took a screwdriver and went to work within moment a little blue light hit Fury in the face. Fury looked at Stark. "So what are they?"

"They're security cameras." Stark answered seeing the picture of Fury walking at him as he takes it off him.

"What activates them?" Fury asked.

Stark simply shrugged. "Don't know never saw anything so complex before."

"Can you trace it back to the big setup that monitors them all?" Fury asked.

"It will take time." Tony informs him wondering who made these things.

Fury nodded and left him to it. "Tell me when you find it."

"Yeah, I'll get right on that."

Logan was sitting in the quinjet resting his head back they went to the college but as he thought with how fast Clark moved there was no scent.

Natasha looked to Logan. "So who's the girl another one in your very long life?"

Logan shot her an angry glare and Nat just focused on the road. "Or not."

"She's my daughter." Logan replied simply enough so she don't get any ideas.

Natasha sat calm not to give anything away. She knew Logan has a kid out there even if he doesn't but she thought all he had was a son. "So who among your long… long list of trysts is that girl's mother?"

"Science" Logan answered with disgust it was bad enough what they did to him but to clone him just to torture the poor girl just to make the ultimate weapon.

Natasha quietly kept her focus on the road. "How'd that happen?" She moves her finger and hits a couple buttons essentially turning the black box and surveillance off.

Logan put his focus on his phone he left a call and a couple messages but no luck. "Weapon X tried to clone me from the sample they had on file. Problem was the Y chromosome was just about completely deteriorated. So they worked with the X and made a girl and nine months later you have a defenseless baby with my abilities that they could build into whatever they want?"

"You realize that if what you said is true that makes her your sister not your daughter." Natasha pointed out.

Logan shrugged. "Hank said daughter."

Natasha thought on that Mc Coy is brilliant it's not in him to make a mistake. "So is it possible that her mother is still out there."

Logan thought on but shakes his head doubtful. "Odds are the scientist that made her was her mother so no."

Natasha shakes her head not thinking that was it. "Logan when are our lives ever that simple? I can run the test in silence if you want not even Fury would know."

Logan thought on it. "That should be up to her."

Natasha simply nodded. "Just wanted to give you an option before Mystiques shows up at god knows what hour and says hey I'm your mother."

Logan sighed and sat back she does have an act for that first Kurt and now Rogue. "You keep the results sealed and then it's up to her."

Natasha nodded in agreement she knows if anyone else offered Logan wouldn't have even said anything. This is just helping a friend not international security.

Laura woke up the next day still wrapped in Clark's cape as she took it off. No nightmares again. She went outside the cave and saw Clark just standing outside bathing in the sunlight pretty much as he starts to float down. "So did you just come here to see about the Hulk?"

Clark shakes his head no. "Someone I'm looking for used to work here for a week before moving on. Also I figured I might be able to help cure the Hulk I didn't exactly have a plan here."

"Yeah, joining the army's most wanted list definitely doesn't go with what your planning does it." Laura quipped.

Clark shakes his head no. "Probably not" He said running his fingers through his hair trying to think of what to say. "Sorry I dragged you into this."

"Dragged into what?" Laura asked confused she didn't have to wreck that machine she chose to.

"It's just ever since I've met you I brought nothing but trouble into your life." Clark replied.

Laura rolled her eyes. Her trouble is just taking some time off after what Jean did to the people that tried to claim her last. "I'm exactly where I want to be."

The two moved very close to each other face to face until a brown haired man ran out of the cave nearly knocking them aside as he ran for the water to get cold water on his face. Clark caught Laura who simply growled until she saw the purple pants the guy was wearing.

"How does that big guy turn into this little twerp?" Laura asked.

The man looked up from the river. "Well the other guy tends to leave a much bigger impression if you meet him first." The man held his throat. "Did he get choked?"

Clark simply nodded. "Yeah sorry about that you didn't make a good first impression."

"You should have finished the job." The man replied it would have freed him from the other guy.

"I don't believe in killing." Clark replied especially since that was still a full person in there.

Betty came out and saw him. "Bruce are you OK?"

Bruce simply nodded he'll have a couple flashes of the fights but he'll endure it he always does. "Yeah I'll live." Bruce pointed to Superman even on the run it doesn't mean he don't read papers and watch TV. "I know who he is. Who's she?"

"Laura Logan" Laura introduced herself.

"Bruce Banner, Elizabeth Ross" They introduced themselves.

Laura nodded they don't have time for this. "Well me and Elizabeth have to go clothes shopping."

"You can call me Betty." Betty said not really liking her name because her father gave it to her and she is starting to suspect he is covering up a great deal of what has happened. "And why do we have to go clothes shopping?"

"The boys don't exactly blend in right now." Laura pointed to Clark and Bruce.

Bruce looks over his lack of clothes and Clark's red and blue suit. "Point taken"

General Ross was on the phone with one of his superiors. "I warned you before this that he might be a risk there is no safeguard for someone as powerful as him. Yes he saved lives by letting the missiles impact on him but he also aided and abetted the Hulk's escape."

A black haired girl was on the other end of the phone she understood full well what Superman was doing and Ross is just displaying the same Ahab vibes as he does for the Hulk. She turns to Fury who just nods. "All Superman did was get the Hulk away from a populated area which is the best method to contain him. For now we do nothing to Superman until he declares war or attacks the city."

The white haired General clenched his fist and let her finish talking but as far as he's concerned Hulk and Superman are 100% owned by the US army. "Well I hope you're ready to deal with the consequences when you're proven wrong Agent Hill." The general hangs up and dials another number. "Mr. Luthor let's talk about Superman."

Clark sat across from Bruce this might be the most awkward thing he has ever sat through and considering his life that's actually saying a lot. "So, do you remember anything when you change?"

Bruce shook his head. "No, once the other guy gets control I'm pretty much gone."

"He recognized Betty." Clark pointed out. "He stopped fighting for her. Maybe it's more of you then you want to admit."

Bruce frowned and lashed out at Clark in frustration. "Well it's not alright I didn't want this. I just wanted a normal life with Betty with 3.4 kids. I don't want to control the other guy I just want to get rid of him."

Clark frowned he wanted to add more but saw Laura and Betty had come back each with a brown bag of clothes in each hand. Clark looks in his bag and he has to admit it's… not really him. "I'm going to look like a tool in this. What's wrong with the image inducer?"

"We're hiding with fugitives no reason to draw even more attention to ourselves or where we live." Laura replied not wanting the Institute pulled into this mess.

Everyone went to get changed into their own clothes and Betty was the first one gone is the scientist attire and she is very much in street clothes not even her father would recognize her. Bruce came out in a pair of purple very stretchy pants so that should be good. Betty gave him a heart monitor but Bruce wasn't exactly sure how to test it.

"How do we know if this thing works?" Bruce asked. It's not a good idea to have him test this.

"Have Superman put it on." Betty offered.

Clark came out looking like a completely different person his hair was brushed down and he was wearing glasses to go with the light brownish and white suit Laura had gotten him. "What am I putting on now?"

Betty throws him the heart monitor and Clark simply shrugs and puts it on. They all watch as Laura comes out of the cave in a catholic schoolgirl outfit. Clark stared open mouth seeing her in a black miniskirt and white top tied at her stomach.

Bruce chuckled hearing the heart rate monitor go up as Clark rolls his eyes and took it off.

"So where are we heading?" Clark asked.

Bruce took over from here. "New York I need to see a Doctor Samuel Stern."

Logan was on the phone calling Laura for the fifth time. "Come on kid pick up."

Natasha looked at him. "You don't honestly believe her to be so green to actually keep her cell phone do you?"

"It's untraceable." Logan replied waiting for an answer.


Logan sighed in frustration. "Kid where are you?"

"New York"

"New York why are you back there?" Logan asked.

"We're in a college we're helping get rid of the Hulk with a friend." Laura answered.

Natasha heard that over the phone and took it off Logan. "Is that friend Mr. Blue?"

"Yes, why?"

Natasha spun the Quinjet in a complete 180 heading for New York.

Logan was getting his head together after the whiplash. "What was that about?"

"The world security council had the names Mr. Green and Mr. Blue added to the world search database. Ross knows exactly where they are and we're still two hours away."

Logan and Natasha enter the lab and see as they suspected the lab is in shambles with as far as Logan could tell radiated blood all over the floor. Logan saw a cabinet hidden in shadows on the floor and lifted it up to see Clark laying there. "Kid, you alright."

Logan smelled Clark and found that he barely had a pulse. Clark grabbed his arms. "Get me away from the blood."

Logan grabbed him and pulled him out of the lab grunting under Clark's dense molecular structure. Funny thing to him was once he was out of the lab Clark got back to his feet in no time.

Natasha looked around the lab she had her own orders given while Logan talked to Laura and saw some sort of experiment with the blood has taken place. Natasha hears a noise and aims the gun at the source. "Show yourself or I'll shoot."

Natasha watched as a scientist came out with quite the big head. "Dr. Sterns"

Sterns smiled at her. "I love your accent. I am changed now smarter then anyone could ever think possible. How about I give you the gift of the gods and we travel back to Stalingrad together. I can always use an Ogress."

Widow rolls her eyes and pulls out a gun shooting him in the leg. "I decline." She taps a comm. set in her ear. "This is agent Romanoff I need a clean up."

Clark and Logan were outside as Clark slammed the glasses to the floor and quickly changed into Superman.

"You want to tell me what happened space boy?" Logan asked.

Clark shrugged not exactly sure himself. "We went to help Bruce Banner cure the Hulk."

"And the Hulk had a problem with that?" Logan asked that looked like Hulk's handy work but all he smelled was Banner there's a big difference between Banner and Hulk thanks to the radiation.

Clark shakes his head no. "For all extensive purposes the cure worked or suppressed his Hulk out we're not really sure yet."

"So why were you half dead when I found you?" Logan asked.

Clark caught his breath and started to explain the situation. "Dr. Sterns started replicating Bruce's blood but since he had so little of it he copied it. And to make up for the loss of Gamma radiation from diluting Bruce's blood he used the meteor rocks from Smallville. When we found the blood that was when the army came in. Laura smelled the blood and tried to get me out but when she saw the tranquilizer it was too late. So she hit me, knocked me out in one punch, and hid me. The soldiers were about to find me until something big hit them clean out the window. I tried to go after him but too weak to move."

Clark heard a noise this is bad. "I gotta go!"

Natasha came running into the room this is so bad. "What was that?"

"Superman took off which usually means someone is in trouble." Logan answered.

Natasha stared at him. "You know Superman."

Logan stares at her he's a superhero in New York you're bound to notice him at some point. "You see him flying around the city from time to time."

"Can you arrange a meeting?" Natasha asked.

Logan snarled. "One that's up to him and two I don't care enough about Fury's superpower freak show to ask him to join it. Your boss is the king of spies there's always an angle."

Logan simply walked away he's close enough to walk home as they hear an explosion go off. Well now he knows where Clark went.

Laura stood from the shambled remains of the helicopter they were riding in. Thank you Hulk for the timely save. She has to admit she didn't expect this when all they did was meet a dork. Stern's version of blood was radioactive poison to Clark and since the army showed up she doesn't even know if he's still alive. Then to top it off the sociopath that shot her in the head outside the university decided to do an experiment with the blood from the looks of it. Now he is very hard to look at. He's lost all his hair and is a gross shade of greenish yellow with bone protrusions sticking out of him. This abomination nearly killed her and the Ross family by blowing up the chopper and forcing Hulk to watch. Thankfully Hulk knocked him aside and saved them by clapping. She didn't know that was possible but she's grateful.

Laura looked to the fight and sees Blonsky has Hulk pinned against the wall. She wastes no time and pops her claws as she hops on Blonsky's shoulders and repeatedly stabs him in the neck.

Blonsky fluttered around the rooftop trying to swat the fly on his neck. Blonsky was able to grab Laura's arm and pulled her in front of him grabbing her other arm. "Is that all you've got."

Laura growls as her foot blade comes out and she kicks Blonsky right across the eyes. "No"

Blonsky growled and hurled her off the roof. The Hulk bulldozed by the abomination and jumped after her catching her in mid air and landing on an adjacent rooftop. Blonsky smiled seeing the Hulk where he is and quickly ran for Betty.

The Hulk growled ready to go after him until he sees something like a rocket in the sky that smashes into Blonsky knocking him through the floor and wall as they crash down in the street hard causing the Hulk to just give a simple grunt of approval.

Blonsky quickly got to his feet as Clark felt himself start to weaken. Kryptonite blood is a new weakness. Clark pushed Blonsky as hard as he could at the closest building putting him through it. Blonsky simply pushed through another building. Clark felt a bit of his old strength come back and developed a new strategy picking up pieces of street caused by the landing of the two super powered power houses as he throws them at Blonsky.

Blonsky just walks through it these hurt more then bullets but no much. "Is that all you've…" Blonsky is wobbled getting hit by four tires. "Is that all… aw fu…" Was all Blonsky could get out before Clark threw the car that the tires were once attached to as he went crashing back into the building.

Clark heard a lot of noise coming from the building. And readies himself but to his surprise Blonsky jumps through the second story window intending to take out a group of civilians staring at the fight. Clark groans he hates when people do this and there's no guarantee heat vision would knock him away without killing him Clark jumps into the air at superspeed tackling Blonsky away from the crowd as he winces in pain from the kryptonite. Blonsky delivers a couple punches to his face as Clark starts bleeding from the assault.

Blonsky drove his elbow into Clark's chest as his bone protrusion punctured flesh. "I expected a better fight."

Hulk jumped down rattling the floor and quickly grabbed a chain and yanked Blonsky off of Clark by wrapping it around his throat. Hulk pulled tighter and tighter as Blonsky struggled to break free.

Laura ran down and helped Clark up pulling him away from the abomination's radioactive body. Betty ran down and shouted for the Hulk to stop. Hulk still had the abomination in his chokehold choking the life out him as the blood on Blonsky's arm bubbled.

Hulk let go and Blonsky fell to the floor unconscious. Hulk growled at the army before turning to his three friends nodding his head in approval before saying. "Betty"

Hulk ran from the army and for the exit of New York. Clark went to go after him but Laura grabbed his arm to stop him.

"He's not ready, not yet." Laura told him.

Clark frowned realizing she's right. Bruce and the Hulk have to figure out who they are it was the struggle Clark had to deal with until the meteor shower played its hand. Bruce has to figure who he is on his own. "Come on I'll take us home."

Laura nodded getting hit by that thing hurt and she wants to lay down somewhere comfy but she realized they forgot something. "Wait don't you need to ask Dr. Ross something?"

"It can wait a couple days." Clark decided. If something like that happened to him he knows he'd want to be left alone for now. Besides knowing Brainiac he likely covered his tracks.

Author's notes

Thanks for the reviews.

I don't know if Superman has a persistent heartbeat due to his invulnerability but Smallville Clark doesn't Lana commented his heart racing a couple times in the series.

I had to give Blonsky Kryptonite blood since the abomination doesn't get stronger like Hulk does which was how Hulk beat him in the movie he pissed him off by trying to kill Betty.

Up Next: Kryptonian vs. Billionaire while SHIELD deals with clean up.