Ōkami no Naku Koro Ni, ? ? ?

Mist shut the book, and put it down on a small table. "Well, that was rather entertaining, not too bad Klein."

Klein smirked, "That's high praise coming from you. The highest you've ever given."

"Says you," Mist chuckled. "But still, you were destroyed, so how are you here?"

"If you understand the eternal truth, you'll understand that." Klein smiled, and reclined in the sitting chair. They were in a large room, with bookcases covering most of the walls, though some were nearly empty while others were full to bursting. "Everything I've written is here, so now, where to put this thing?" Klein picked up the book Mist had just been reading, and looked around the bookcases.

"Not there... not there... it's not a romance... certainly not near that thing..." Klein mumbled as he looked around the room for the correct spot. Then he came across a bookcase with very little on it. The bookcase itself stood out a bit as it was very well maintained, certainly better than many of the others, and when Klein reached it, he nodded, and placed the book carefully down on a shelf, at about head-height.

"There we go, now the story is complete..." he smiled. "Well then, my fellow witches, I hope to see you again, maybe it'll be when something else cries, or maybe not. But wherever it is, I hope you enjoy the trip."

As Mist chuckled, Klein smiled, then yawned, "But for now, I wish you all farewell, until we meet again."

The door to the room closed, and on the outside, written in purple, were five words:

Auf Wiedersehen

Der Blaue Wolf