Chapter 14

We were almost back to the common room and I felt a pulling sensation inside of me. I stopped in the middle of the hall wrapping an arm around my middle. That was weird. I felt it again but stronger this time. I couldn't seem to catch my breath. Trent stopped and turned in time to see me drop to my knees. I was gasping not able to get enough air as the feeling increased. It almost felt like I was being summoned but it was different, maybe like what a summoning would feel like being sucked through a vacuum hose.

Trent rushed forward putting a hand on my back. "Are you being summoned?"

"No." I panted. "This is different. Trent it's her. It has to be. I have the spell to stop her." I was surprised I could get it all out as the feeling finally took me as I felt myself pulled into the ley line to end up who knows where. The last thing I saw was the look of determination in Trent's eyes. I felt better knowing he would have my back.

The lines felt different tonight. Maybe hotter? I held myself together as I was pulled through a line that felt wet and slippery and broken. The west coast. I remembered from being in San Francisco. It wasn't a pleasant feeling and I didn't know how anyone could get use to using these lines. I expected to materialize in a dingy basement or an abandoned old warehouse, not where I landed. I was in a hotel room, probably an expensive suite by the looks of it. I only knew for sure it was a hotel by the emblems on the lamps. My vision wasn't adjusting to the sunlight very well, it looked wrong coming in the window at that angle.

I looked around and I couldn't hear or see anyone, the best part being I wasn't in a bubble. The smell of burnt amber swirled around me but I knew it was just me that I was smelling. I pulled my cell out of my back pocket and dialed Trent's number.

"Rachel." He breathed picking up on the first ring.

"Hey. I'm on the west coast somewhere. Uh, the Hyatt Suites." I said picking up one of the notepads on an end table next to the couch.

"That's my hotel. You're in Seattle." Trent said glumly. "I was really hoping you had been wrong about Ellasbeth. Can you get out?"

"Lets find out." I said walking towards the only door I could see. I felt it as I approached knowing that I wasn't going to be able to get through right away. "I think there's a ward. It feels pretty powerful. I think I can get through it with a little finesse."

"No!" Trent yelled almost making me drop the phone. "Don't do it. I don't know what kind of ward it is and you could end up being blown up. Just sit tight. I'm coming okay?"

"You can't. It's a trap for you Trent. If you come then you'll be stuck and that's what she wants." I snapped. "Get Jenks. You'll need him." I didn't want to drag him into this but Jenks could get past any ward.

"I hadn't planned on traveling with passengers." Trent sighed.

"You'll need Jenks." I stated. "You know he can get through any ward."

"Fine." Trent grumbled. "But I'm still coming. I'm not leaving you to deal with this on your own when it's my fault."

"Fine." I went to hang up but put the phone back to my ear. "Trent?"

"Yes?" He said with a slight hesitation at the change in my tone.

"Don't get dead okay?" I whispered.

"You either." He said back cutting off the call.

Swell. I was stuck in a hotel room with no obvious way out. Might as well get comfortable. I plopped down on the couch resting my head on the back. How did I always get myself into situations like this? All I was trying to do was have dinner and I end up on the other side of the United States. I sighed. The story of my life. I'd given up trying to have that normal apple pie life but this wasn't what I wanted to trade it for.

I had to get out of here. I sat up and looked around the room. There were several doors in the back of the room probably all leading to bedrooms and as I approached all of them I felt the same power pushing on me preventing me from opening them. I couldn't even get to the door that led to the balcony. I trusted Trent but I couldn't wait for him to fly out here. I had another thought that scared me more. He had said before that elves could travel the lines with enough prep work. I wondered if that was something he had been prepping in his spelling hut? It wouldn't surprise me but he doesn't think before he acts and he doesn't listen to me either. I wonder if I could summon Al if he could find a way out but if I summoned him to only be as stuck as me he would be pissed. That wasn't going to work. What if they just summoned me out? I still had to get to Ellasbeth and perform the curse. It was easier if I just stayed here and waited for her to come.

I walked around the room trailing my fingers across the invisible barrier looking for a weak spot. Just when I was about to give up and sit back down I found it. It was a spot about an inch wide and three inches long but it was so weak I could stick my fingers through it. It was right in front of the door that led to the hall. I wondered how I could make it big enough to fit through. I reached out my thoughts to the nearest line, feeling like I was running a slippery eel through my thoughts.

"Blek!" I said out loud at the feeling of the line. The lines were better here than they were in San Francisco. I stuck my fingers back into the small hole I had found and tried to push the energy out through them. It was working! As I kept turning my fingers around the hole and pushed the line energy out the hole was getting bigger. It finally got big enough that I could stick my upper body through then just drop to the other side. I stuck my arm through and so far so good. Taking a big chance I stuck my head through and nothing happened. I hurriedly stuck the rest of my upper body through dropping through to the other side. My shoulder hit the door kind of hard but it was worth it. I wasn't stuck anymore.

I yanked the door open and made my way down the hall towards the elevator. I pulled my phone back out and call Trent back.

"Rachel, I'm working on getting Jenks. He's telling Bis what's going on right now." Trent said impatiently.

"I'm out can you try to jump me back to you? Or just summon me?" I said smiling at the silence that was Trent's answer.

"Tink's little pink dildo how did she get through a ward?" I heard Jenks probably talking from Trent's shoulder.

"I found a weak spot and climbed through. Can someone just summon me home?" I hit the button for the elevator getting a bad feeling. The elevator started creeping up very slowly but for some reason I had the urge to take the stairs. When it was two floors away from being here I turned around and ran for the stairs. I made it there just as I heard the elevator ding to open. I was tucked in the corner by the door not daring to open it but you couldn't get a clear view of me from the elevator. Then I heard a voice I knew.

"Rachel, what's happening. Why are you running?" Trent asked. I didn't answer him but kept the line open so he could hear it too.

"Do you think she knows it's you?" A voice I knew asked someone he was walking with.

"I don't care if the little whore knows it's me." Ellasbeth snapped.

"He doesn't like this. He's fighting me. With that damn focus being in here he can overpower my thoughts." The voice told her.

"We just need him long enough to get the information from her. She's trapped in that ward." Ellasbeth sounded confident. "We'll cut him loose as soon as I'm finished with her."

"He says she's gonna kick your ice princess ass from here back to Cincinnati." He responded.

Ellasbeth snorted. "I've got her. There's no way for her to get out. I set the ward myself."

I would have given my pinkie finger to have my splat gun right about now. I could have plugged Ellasbeth and David then got the Druchii out of him. This was going to be difficult. Trent was silent on the line but I could hear Jenks' kids in the background so I knew they were hearing everything that I was.

Ellasbeth opened the door to the suite. "No! No! NO! How did she do it? How did that little tramp do it?" She was screaming so loud people started opening doors on surrounding rooms. I tucked myself all the way into the stairwell quietly shutting the door behind me.

"Summon me home now unless you want me to take her out alone." I whispered to Trent shutting the phone and shoving it back in my pocket. I knew he would summon me, wanting to be in on taking Ellasbeth down.

"I can't keep waiting! She has David! I don't even know if I can pull the Druchii out seeing that he has the focus!" I yelled at Trent.

"He has the focus?" Trent questioned.

"Trent! This is serious. What if I can't do it? What if that messes it all up? I can't have anything happen to him." I said quietly.

"Rachel. We will make a plan and go from there. Ivy agrees we need a plan. We can't go in there guns blazing and think it will work out for the best. Look at the trouble she went through to try to trap you. We need to have a plan." Trent explained calmly.

Ivy was in front of the fridge with eyes almost fully black with all the emotion I was throwing at her. I couldn't help it. I didn't want anything to happen to David. Trent and Ivy were ready to plan this run into the ground. Jenks and I were ready to go with plan B.

"I have a plan. Plan B. Let's go." I said dropping my head into my hands knowing they weren't going to listen.

"Plan B? What's plan B?" Trent muttered.

"Grab the fish and run like hell." Jenks joked.

"Bingo! Now lets grab David and get the hell out of there." I said.

"No. Rachel you don't know what else she could have planned. What if she has already let David go and she has your mother? What if she has both of them?" Ivy said having some brown return to her eyes now that I had calmed down.

"I already called my mom and Donald. I called Robbie and Marshall too. They are all fine and haven't had anyone try to abduct them." I turned and poured myself another cup of coffee. At this rate I was never going to sleep but how could I when my friends are in danger.

Trent came over and wrapped an arm around my waist. I let him and I kept my eyes on Ivy. Her eyes went full black again but she quickly recovered. I set my hand on top of his and leaned into him. He smelled like cinnamon and ice cream. Good enough to eat. Stop it Rachel! My friend is basically being held hostage and I'm thinking about eating Trent. I was horrible. I turned red feeling embarrassed for being such a bad friend. Jenks snickered guessing what I had been thinking about. I was fairly certain both Trent and Ivy knew my pulse had increased but I wasn't going to draw attention to it.

I pulled away and everyone was looking at me waiting for me to blow up again. "I just need to take a minute to calm down okay? I'm just going to my room." I walked out of the kitchen and headed to my bedroom. I closed the door just as I heard Trent tell Ivy and Jenks he was going to talk to me. That was exactly what I wanted. If I could just get him alone maybe he would hear me out.

I sat on the bed and waited for Trent. He tapped lightly on the door then opened it.

"Don't say anything. Just listen to me okay? We can't wait. We need to move now. Are you coming with me or not?" I said looking him straight in the eye.

"I'm coming." He was uncomfortable with the choice I was making but he wasn't going to ask me to change it.

"Good. Now jump us over there elf boy. I know you have a way to do it." I smiled.

"I did find a spell in my mother's library but I haven't had a chance to try it yet." Trent smoothed down his hair, one of his tells for being nervous.

"Well now is a good a time as any. Let's go." I jumped up and moved closer to him.

Trent took my hands in his and tapped the line. "Adferte ad me ire per." I felt like we just shimmered out of existence. We were traveling the lines back to the west coast and I was holding the protective bubble around ours thoughts. I could feel Trent thinking he was going to be sick and I couldn't help but feel kind of satisfied. It's not as easy as it looks elf boy. We finally stopped and I felt my body being pulled back together in the middle of a grocery store?

"Trent! What the hell are we doing in a store?" I smacked his arm.

"Ouch." Trent still looked kind of green and maybe hitting him wasn't the best idea. I looked around to see a crowd had gathered around us seeing as we had just appeared out of nowhere. By the looks of it they were all human. Crap on toast. Maybe if I said boo they might all run away and stop staring. That was when I saw him. David was on the other side of the produce section and it didn't seem like he had noticed us yet. I grabbed Trent yanking him down behind a bin of apples.

"David is over there. So where's Ellasbeth?" I whispered.

"I don't know. I thought of David not Ellasbeth." Trent said explaining how we had landed here and not where ever she was.

"I wish I could just down him with a splat ball right now." I exhaled.

"Your wish is my command." Trent joked pulling out my splat gun from the back of his jeans.

"How did you get it?" I asked taking it from his grip.

"I knew you were going to want to leave. I just thought I would be prepared. I have some charms out of your cabinet too. Jenks told me to take them. He knew you'd go with plan B." He grinned.

I grinned back standing up to take aim at David. As I rose with the gun the people staring finally realized this wasn't the place to be and shrieked and spread. Good. It gave me a clear shot at David. I waited for three seconds to make sure David wasn't moving and hit him square in the chest with the sleepy time charm. He went down taking a half a row of lettuce with him.

I shoved the gun into the back of my leather pants and went over to David. Trent beat me there. "He still has the Druchii in him."

"Lets get him out of here and we can take care of that." I said putting a shoulder under David's arm and heaving him up. Trent followed taking the other side of him. To a human it looked like we were just carrying a drunk friend home. To an Inderlander it could look like so many different things, maybe the start of a bad joke. So a were, an elf, and a demon walk into a bar.

David had picked a good grocery store to shop at. It was right across the street from a hotel. Luckily it wasn't the same hotel I had been in earlier. We crossed the street and made it to a sitting area in the lobby. Trent left me with David and went to get us a more private location to remove the Druchii. He came back with our key cards and helped me get David up. We made it to the elevator watching Trent hit the twelfth floor, of course we were on the top floor.

"Did it really have to be the penthouse Trent? We aren't going to be here for that long." I complained.

"I'm not staying in another room Rachel. Haven't you heard that saying go big or go home?" He joked. I turned red at the innuendo thinking of other things. Trent smirked knowing where my thoughts had traveled.

The elevator dinged and opened up into a lobby of some sort outside the penthouse suite. "The whole top floor?" I guessed. Trent just smiled his heart stopping smile and slipped the key card in to unlock the door. We pulled David inside and dropped him on the couch.

"He'll stay out until we pour salt water on him right?" Trent stretched his arms after pulling David so far. David wasn't a very big man but he was heavier than he looked. I nodded my head stretching also. I really needed to start running again. I wonder if Trent would go with me? Yeah that would be great for the press. Us running together at the zoo. That wasn't going to happen.

Trent locked eyes with me. "Rachel, I think we need to talk."

I winced. I had heard that before and I didn't want to hear it from Trent. "What?" I asked flatly, thinking the worst was coming.

"No! Don't take it that way. It's not a bad thing." Trent moved over to stand in front of me but keeping a small amount of space between us. "I like you a lot. I like working with you. You don't treat me like I can't handle things on my own."

"Oh." I was confused. "That's what you wanted to talk about?"

"No. I uh, well I wanted to make sure you felt the same way about me." He said quietly. "I think you like me but if this isn't going to go anywhere I don't want to keep trying. I've waited so long for you. I just want to know if you're willing to really give us a chance?"

I wasn't confused about how I felt anymore. I knew I wanted Trent. I was pretty sure I was up for being his girlfriend. I just hated having these adult conversations. "Trent I'm not going anywhere. I like you. I would date you. Okay? Happy? I said it."

He smiled. "You would date me?"

I closed the space between us pressing his lips to mine. He tasted like cinnamon and suddenly I just couldn't get enough, running my tongue along his bottom lip. I ran a hand through his hair and wrapped the other around his neck. He had his arms around my waist slowly moving their way down to my backside. He slipped his tongue past my lips and that intensified everything. I felt a tingle run through my body finally settling at my groin. I moaned and jumped up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He supported my weight and moved us to one of the doors in the back of the suite.

We crashed through it more than opened it. I could hear the wood crack and that didn't separate us. Trent pushed me up against the wall and started kissing my neck all the way down to my shoulder carefully avoiding my vamp scars. I trailed my hand down from his hair, across his ear, and down to his chest. Trent grabbed me almost painfully tight and moved me over to a table sending a lamp and other things crashing to the floor, neither of us caring about the broken glass. I took his shirt into my hands thankful that it was a button down and pulled, hearing the satisfied tinking of the buttons hitting the table.

The thought of Trent standing behind my mother's car shirtless flashed through my mind but I had the real thing right in front of me. He was gorgeous. Not an ounce of fat on him, just enough muscle. I ran my hands down his chest and abs listening to his breath increase and I touched him.

He grabbed my hands stopping the motion. "Are you sure about this Rachel?"

"Hell yes." I yanked my hands free and touched him again. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I leaned forward and lightly pressed my lips to his chest slowly moving lower.

"Oh god Rachel." Trent moaned. I pulled away giving him a second to catch his breath. He took it as an opportunity to rip my shirt off.

"Hey! I liked that shirt." I pouted.

"Talk less." Trent said and started kissing my neck and shoulder and moved down to my chest. My breath hitched as he slowly removed my bra. The tingles in me increased ten fold every time he was touching my skin and I didn't know how much more I could take. I was panting as his mouth found my breast. I laid, back flat on the table as he began to remove my leather pants. He stopped to admire the view once I was completely naked.

"Like what you see Mr. Kalamack?" I said.

"Mm-hmm." He licked his lips as he picked me up and moved me to the king sized bed. Somewhere on the trip he had lost his pants. He goes commando. Never would have guessed.

He positioned himself over me and that was when I got nervous. "Have you ever been with a witch?"

"No, but I know what to expect. Have you ever been with an elf?" Trent kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear.

"No. Is this tingling going to increase?" I sighed at the feeling of his lips.

"You feel it?" Trent pulled away.

"Yeah. Should I not?" I asked increasing my nervousness.

"It's a good thing. I'm just surprised." He said returning to kissing my body.

"Mmm." I purred as his lips moved all over. "Trent, now please. I can't wait any longer."

He slowly moved himself at my opening and slid in. I gasped at his size not realizing how big he really was. I ran my nails down his back and shoulders knowing it would be red tomorrow and not caring. I felt the tingles increase again and I almost climaxed then.

"Trent I don't know how much more I can take." Feeling him go in and out so slowly was driving me crazy. The tingles had spread everywhere and it was better than a vampire bite.

"I'm just getting started." Trent whispered in my ear. "Dilato."

I screamed at the increase of every single sensation I was feeling as everything went black.