Chapter One:

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The final beat to 'It's Not Right, But It's Okay' rang out throughout the choir room. Everyone in the room was silently looking from Blaine to Kurt. Kurt couldn't believe what Blaine had just did. He was about to say something when all hell broke loose.

"Dude! You're cheating on Blaine?" Finn yelled, glaring at his brother.

Kurt flinched at the angry shout. "No, I'm not. You got this all wrong. I would never cheat."

"I saw the texts, Kurt," Blaine said as he took his seat by Rachel.

"So did I," Rachel admitted, patting Blaine on the back.

"Dude, that's so not cool," Puck said as he glared at Kurt.

Kurt shook his head at the stupidity of his so-called friends and stood up to stand in front of everyone. "I didn't cheat," he repeated.

"Don't need to lie, LadyFace," Santana sneered.

Every time Kurt would try and protest, the rest of the New Directions would cut him off to add their two-sense in. Kurt couldn't believe what was going on. Everyone was siding with Blaine and he couldn't even get the time to explain everything.

"I told you Chandler was just a friend," Kurt said to Blaine who was now surrounded by all the glee guys.

"The texts were far from friendly," Blaine answered back. "He wants to get in your pants."

"Chandler is a g-," Kurt started but was soon cut off again by Santana.

"We don't need excuses," she said.

"WILL YOU JUST LET ME EXPLAIN!" Kurt yelled at the top of his lungs, not caring who would hear him. He was beyond the point of caring.

"Explain what? That you're a cheating bastard?" Mercedes asked sending Kurt a glare.

"I'M NOT CHEATING!" Kurt yelled.

"Kurt calm down," Mr. Schue scolded as he went and closed the choir room door.


"Oh, stop whining already. If I was Blaine, I'd dump your ass," Santana answered back.

"Chandler-" Kurt started off but was cut off again, this time by Blaine.

"I think Santana is right," he said, causing Kurt to snap his head towards his boyfriend. "I think we should break up. I can't trust you."

Kurt could feel the tears forming in his eyes as he looked at his now ex-boyfriend. "You mean that?" Kurt asked quietly and when Blaine nodded his heart broke into a million pieces.

Kurt cleared his throat. "May I be excused, Mr. Schue?" Kurt asked and when he got the nod he quickly gathered his bag and left before anyone could see the tears fall.


As soon as Kurt left Rachel turned towards Blaine. "You okay, Blaine?" she asked her friend.

Blaine just shrugged. "Not really. I just have this feeling that I made a mistake," he admitted.

"Why? You weren't the one cheating," Mercedes replied.

"I know," Blaine answered back but he couldn't shake off the feeling that he made the biggest mistake ever.

Mr. Schue brought everyone out of their conversations as he wanted everyone to figure out what they wanted to perform for Nationals.

A knock at the door interrupted everyone. Mr. Schue went and opened the door and in stepped an unrecognizable girl.

"Could we help you with something?" Mr. Schue asked.

"Uh.. Is this the glee rehearsal?" the girl asked.

"Yes, it is. Did you want to join?"

"No, I don't go to school here," the girl answered back.

"Okay... So what can we help you with?" Mr. Schue continued, ignoring Rachel's shout of "Spy!"

"Um.. I was looking for my friend, Kurt Hummel," the girl explained. "He was supposed to meet me after school but he wasn't there. Do you know where I can find him?"

"How do you know Kurt?" Mercedes asked as she eyed the girl up and down.

"He's my friend. I met him a couple of weeks ago," the girl replied. "Do you know where I can find him?"

"Uh.. He left already," Rachel told the girl.

"Oh. Where did he go?"

"I don't know."

"Oh that's okay, I'll just call him," the girl said as she pulled out her phone and dialed Kurt's number.

"Hey, Kurty!" The girl shouted happily into the phone. The rest of the teens saw as the girl's happy smile turned into a frown.

"I can't understand you. Are you okay?" she asked, putting the phone on speaker.

The quiet choir room was immediately taken over by sobs coming through the phone.

"They didn't let me explain! No one! They automatically called me a cheater and sided with Blaine," they heard Kurt sob over the phone. "They all are a bunch of hypocrites!"

"Kurt, where are you?" the girl asked.

"I'm driving. I couldn't stay there," they heard Kurt say. They could hear cars honking then a screeching sound of brakes.

"Kurt!" the girl yelled to the phone. The rest of the teens were anxiously waiting for a reply.

"Yeah," came the quiet reply that caused everyone to let out a breath. "I'm fine."

"I need you to slow down and go to the Lima Bean. I'll meet you there, okay?" the girl said.

"Yeah, okay," came the quiet answer.

The teens watched as the girl and Kurt said their good-byes and hung up. The girl turned towards the rest of the group.

"What happened with Kurt?" she asked.

"Blaine sang a song to Kurt and we found out that Kurt was cheating with someone named Chandler," Rachel immediately answered.

"Then all hell broke loose and Blaine dumped Kurt," Puck continued.

The girl just shook her head. "Kurt isn't cheating on Blaine with Chandler."

"And how the hell would you know?" Santana sneered at the girl.

"Because I'm Chandler," she answered, causing everyone to gasp.

"What?" A paled Blaine asked.

"I'm Chandler. Did I stutter the first time?" Chandler asked glaring at the boy.

"But you're a girl," Finn said, causing Chandler to roll her eyes.

"No duh, Sherlock. I hadn't notice," she replied sarcastically.

"Crap," Blaine muttered under his breath. "Oh my god!"

"You all are a bunch of idiots," Chandler said. "Now I need to go and talk to my friend and calm him down. I'd stay here longer and discuss this but you're not worth it."

With one last glare to the other teens she left, leaving the group in misery.

"I totally screwed up, didn't I?" Blaine asked as a tear fell from his eyes.

"We all did," Mercedes said. Her eyes filled with tears as she remembered the betrayed look that graced Kurt's face as everyone yelled at him. She couldn't believe that she did nothing to stick up for her best friend.

"Now what do we do?" Finn asked.

"I don't know," Blaine said. "He's never going to forgive me is he?"

"I'm sure he will," Rachel answered.

[Chapter End]

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