Battlestar Galactica: New Beginnings

Chapter 5: Tears of Blood



336,108,022 Miles from Caprica

Battlestar Galactica

18 minutes after Cylon Incursion, 2 minutes since Admiral Nagala became Fleet Admiral

Commander Adama stared in shock at what he was reading, his blue eyes glazing with tears that would never fall. This is the worst defeat in history he thought to himself as he read the message he had just received from Virgon, the first solid piece of intelligence since this war had started. For so long the Battlestar Galactica had seemingly been ignored by Command with no Runners arriving to inform him of the progress of the defence of the Colonies and it was only at the point where a third of the Fleet had been destroyed that Command seemed to realise that one of the few non-networked Battlestars that they had available to them was the Battlestar Galactica that they even thought of informing him of the progress of the Cylons.

Saul stood by his friend's shoulder, the alcohol tainting his breath, just adding to the inferno that his soul had turned into as he read the message from Nagala. At first he had thought the message from the Graystones was a joke, a retirement prank, but he trusted his friend more than he trusted himself...and then this. Saul felt such hate welling up inside himself that he wanted to tear those fracking Toasters limb from limb for every Colonial they had killed, for Picon…for Ellen. He knew that the best way to do that would be to support his oldest and closest friend. If there was a way to defeat the Cylons then Bill would find it even if he had to ram the Old Girl down the Toasters metal throats.

Commander Adama had Dee patch him into the ship, picking up the phone when she nodded it was done. Wrapping the cord around the handle and holding it like a microphone, Adama saw all eyes in the CIC turn to him, the worry evident on their faces, those morbid looks as if they were at a funeral for a loved one. Taking a breath, he spoke;

"This is the Commander.

"Moments ago this ship received word that we are under attack by the Cylons..." Crew all around the ship, already at battle stations – despite the only ammunition on board being Viper ammunition – stopped what they were doing as what they already suspected was confirmed.

Adama's voice continued from the hundreds of speakers littering the battle hardened Warship which for so long had been dormant but was now surging her way out of her slumber, "We do not yet know the true size, strength or disposition of the Cylon forces but all indications and estimates point towards the Cylons vastly outnumbering us.

"Admiral Nagala has taken command of the fleet aboard the Battlestar Atlantia...following the destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters and Scorpia Fleet Shipyards in the first wave of attacks..." crew members stood in shock hearing this, those two locations held a third of the Colonial Fleet between them both in the patrols and in the ships at anchor, the pain would come later.

Adama's voice strengthened, "How this could have happened, why it happened are unimportant right now..." His voice reaching a roar "…all that does matter is that as of right now we are at war. You're ready for this, you've trained for this, stand to your duties, stand by your shipmates and we'll get through this".

His words, from every speaker on every deck and in every compartment echoed in the hearts of every crew member, emboldening them, empowering them until all that was left was the hope and knowledge that they would survive the raging storm. They were The Colonial Fleet, they were the ones who stood against the Cylons during the darkest days of the first war, they were the ones who forced them from the Colonies and they were the ones whom had proven time and time again that humanity is far greater than any machine.

Strength dying down Adama finished "You will receive further updates as we get them. May the Lords watch over us, our families, our Colonies and the Colonial Fleet".

Resting the phone back in its receiver Adama turned to see the untested crew of the Galactica returning to work with a vigour they never knew they had. Looking at Colonel Saul Tigh, Adama said "We need our planes back Saul" before glancing at Dee, "Get on the horn to Boomer, get their position and inform them that we are coming for them. If they encounter the Cylons they are not to engage, tell them to scatter and run in all directions" Adama ordered, thoughts of the Cylon Virus which was plaguing the fleet fresh in his mind.

"Yes sir" Dee replied getting to work raising Boomer.

Saul standing by the Commander at the DRADIS console muttered, "It's going to take hours clearing them of their networks". Nodding Adama replied "I know. Saul, I want Kara out of hack" seeing the look cross Saul's face Adama continued "She's our best pilot and we need every pilot we can get. Do it".

Nodding Saul left for the brig.



Caprica Orbit

BSG83. Admiral Perry commanding

Battlestar Valiant. Flagship.

Admiral Perry watched as his squadrons of Vipers went largely unaffected by the Cylon Virus, which he soon found out was thanks to the Graystones interference. Using what time his and Caprica's hastily launched Vipers were providing and despite the work of the Graystones putting out some kind of interference field, Perry had ordered the quickest isolation of the networks on his ships, which was primarily severing the wireless from the networks. He would still be able to communicate with the other ships in his fleet as long as the interference field was active but if that defence went down, although his ships would both deaf and unable to speak they would hopefully be able to survive the virus hitting them and carry on fighting.

Perry felt anger coursing through himself at the 75 Basestars which had only just jumped in surrounding Caprica and moving towards positions ready for orbital bombardment. He had been sure that the 98 Basestars waiting beyond the Vipers and Raiders were the fleet that he would have to face and was grateful that they had stayed together in one place allowing him time to sever his networks but now realised that they were out there taunting him into sending both his ships and his planes to attack them while the seventy five other Basestars bombarded Caprica but it just didn't seem to make any sense to him. He had a choice; attack the larger Cylon fleet while the seventy five other Basestars hit Caprica or attempt to take out the Basestars attacking Caprica and risk the reserve Basestars move in destroying his fleet and Caprica afterwards. If only the mainframes were still active then the defence satellites could have dealt with the Cylon Basestars moving to surround the planet while he dealt with the rest but it was a waste of time dwelling on this. It was a lose – lose situation but he had to do something.

Punching the Tactical Management Table, Perry ordered his fleet of 27 Battlestars and 62 support ships to split up into Wolfpacks of 1 Battlestar with 2 or 3 support ships (depending on the size of the Battlestar). Each of these Wolfpacks would then attack one of the Basestars descending on Caprica. It was a tactically sound move in terms of taking down as many Basestars as possible before they could launch their nuclear missiles at Caprica, if he kept the fleet together then his fleet would survive longer but Caprica would definitely fall. His way, his way meant that Caprica stood a slim chance. A smarter Admiral, an Admiral who could see the bigger picture and got results, someone like Rear Admiral Cain, they would have realised that the battle was lost and that if they were to stand any chance of winning this war then Caprica would have to be sacrificed by the fleet retreating and joining up with Fleet Admiral Nagala over Virgon. But, Admiral Perry was not that man, Admiral Perry was a man tasked with defending Caprica and he was prepared to go out fighting if he had to following those orders and so he split the fleet into 27 Wolfpacks in order to take out the 75 Basestars which were spreading out.

As the Battlestar Valiant with her 2 escorts (the Chancellor class Gunstar Hermes and the Ghost class Light Cruiser Frost) approached their Basestar target, the Admiral knew they would not get every Basestar. Caprica would be hit. Just how hard she was to be hit was all that mattered.

"Weapons range in 1 minute sir", the tactical officer informed him from the number two tactical console as the first one looked like it was in pieces as DC technicians got to work cutting out its non-essential networks. There was a simple rule in Battlestar design which had been present from their very conception; every console in the CIC needed a backup in there.

Looking away from the DRADIS where he'd been watching his Vipers being decimated without any hope of support and the Cylon raider reinforcements launched from a fleet of 20 Basestars holding position past them, the Admiral nodded saying, "Target the centre of the Basestar with bow batteries, constant ripple fire. Fire as soon as we're in range. And tell our escorts to keep any and all Raiders off us".

"Aye sir" she acknowledged.

Just as Admiral Perry thought would happen the newly arrived Cylon Basestars started to launch all their Raiders towards his Wolfpack. Splitting up into smaller groups the Raiders came for the Valiant from as many angles as they could, every tenth raider with a 10 kiloton nuclear missile hidden in its shielded bay. Coming from so many angles increased the difficulty of the now manual point defences of the Valiant, Hermes and Frost. Manual point defences had a lower hit rate due to the fact that a human manually tracking incoming Raiders is much slow than the auto tracking which had become so prevalent in the last twenty years.

At 30 seconds from weapons range the Raider squadrons started curving in and accelerating towards the Battlestar Valiant. In return the three Colonial ships belched out thousands of shells which blossomed into gold coloured balls of shrapnel in the faces of the Cylon Raiders. Dozens died from this deadly wall of shrapnel, many more being damaged in some way. But they kept forcing themselves deeper and deeper through the clouds of shrapnel as if they had no fear, but then why would they have fear when they were machines?

"Radiological alarm!" the sensors operator called out "Coming from the Raiders". A hundred nuclear missiles burst forth homing in on the Valiant just as she entered weapons range of the Basestar, firing her bow cannons at half second intervals into the central connecting pylon of the Cylon Basestar so that just as the last battery fired the first would have been reloaded and would be ready to fire again. The entire Battlestar seemed to vibrate under the heavy concussive effects as these rounds left the Battlestar to crush themselves against the Basestar's armour.

The nuclear missiles started to slip through the defensive nets of flak striking the mighty Battlestar, shaking her as if in a giants grip. The first ones hit to her starboard flightpod, slamming into her specially designed armour plated hull. The Battlestar just took it as she ploughed on. Her crew however, were thrown to the ground, the Ballistic glass lining the entrance to the CIC flexing that much it almost cracked.

Gun batteries flared trying to swat the rest of the missiles from the surrounding space, but the results were worse this time as the radiation from the first ones corrupted the DRADIS feeds the point defence operators had access to. The next wave of missiles struck inside the lower portside flightpod, the intense bright flashes forcing apart welds in the runway, twisting the very fabric of the pod, wiping the LSO's shack from existence and blowing into the hanger and surrounding sections of the ship. Had the Battlestar Valiant's vipers been protecting her then a lot less nuclear missiles would have struck her but it was already too late.

But the mercury class Battlestar was an incredibly tough class and even though the Valiant had lost some of her portside hanger functions she kept on pushing through. Within that hanger, large containment doors had secured upon detecting a hull breach saving the few mechanics still in there from the vacuum of space and giving them time to get into the main body of the ship. Things would have been a lot worse if there had been Tylium in the hangars tanks, but knowing their Vipers weren't likely to return, the Admiral had ordered it transferred to the main tanks in the main body of the ship and the hangars evacuated of all non-essential personnel. Fires raged throughout the portside hanger, heating the metal of the ammunition lockers, threatening to blow them up. In the CIC, one of the two Deck Chiefs, being one of the few people left standing, vented both the burning portside and the fully evacuated starboard hangar to space.

Holding onto the Information Management Table for dear life Admiral Perry, with a feral look on his face ordered "Launch all nukes", the keys had already been placed in the slots and the activation codes entered before battle. The XO manning the tactical console due to the normal tactical officer having broken their neck when she had been thrown head first into her console launched the nukes.

Arching away from the Battlestar, the missiles were soon struck by the Cylon raiders, all but three of them being destroyed straight away and those last three only surviving until missiles launched by the Basestar hit them.

The ship shook again, structural beams spearing down from the ceiling and flames bursting from overloaded consoles killing two crew members and seriously injuring a third as more nuclear missiles struck the arms holding the starboard hanger onto the ship ripping the hanger off. Electricity tore into the one of main generators in a major feedback pulse blowing the block apart and starting a cascade reaction which the breakers failed to contain as it struck the rest of the generators cutting all power to the ship.

Even as the Light Cruiser and the Gunstar continued to fire, the Raiders seeing one threat halted turned their attention to the Light Cruiser Frost throwing all their missiles at it and going into suicide runs, smashing against her body.



Caprica Orbit

Cylon Reserve Fleet

Basestar Kappa Juliet 949 (flagship)

A very striking blonde woman stood with her hands immersed in a flashing red data stream gathering in the data that was this debacle of a battle. It should have been easy, she thought, send the virus, destroy the fleet once they'd been shut down and commence the cleansing of Caprica. Instead they'd lost 9 to the Wolfpacks that the Caprican Defence Fleet were using and were close to losing 5 more. And it was all thanks to not only the Colonials getting a fracking two minute warning that they were launching their attack but also that damn wave of electro-magnetic energy mixed with a code that put even the great Gaius Baltar's best work to shame.

No, she was wrong, it was only partly thanks to the warning and that disruption wave. This was One's fault. Cavil had wanted the Colonies to feel fear as they watched with growing horror as their Raiders were formed and took out the fleets Vipers with a mere code. Simon had agreed suggesting that as an experiment they would have two fleets hit Caprica with the first one, the larger one sitting just out of reach of the fleets warships and then as soon as they moved to engage them have another fleet jump in behind them to positions surrounding Caprica. The idea was to see what the Colonials would do, hit the larger fleet or hit the bombardment fleet when both options would be suicide and the only sane choice would be to jump out at which point the Cylons would jump on top of them as soon as they spotted the jumpdrives spooling and hit them with the signal. The fact was that they were wondering if faced with untenable choices would the proud colonials actually bend the knee and surrender, the answer was no, not yet at least. But that jamming signal?

"It shouldn't be possible" the number 6 mumbled.

"Evidently it is Nicole" a number 4, James, said with a smirk "Obviously Natasi didn't fulfil all of her objectives in analysing the Colonials defenses" (*Natasi is Caprica Six. Named in the novelisation of miniseries*).

"Frak you. You saw the data from the mainframes, tell me did you see anything at all in there suggesting the Colonials had this defence hmm? Now that we have the results of the experiment, it's time to finish this" Nicole said, her mind on how to defeat the fleet and yet still complete its goals of tracking all civilian vessels jumping out and hitting the planet below them. She realised that the Colonial fleet must take precedent. Sending a signal to the hybrid, she ordered it to tell the others to spool their engines and jump in towards the Basestars under fire.

Just as they were about to jump, BSG16 jumped into their midst firing everything they had, catching the Cylon fleet off guard and forcing them to engage one of the highest priority Battlestar Groups on their hit list if only for the fact that they were one of those that couldn't be affected by the Signal from an outside source since the wireless and DRADIS were isolated systems on those ships.



Caprica orbit

While BSG16 cut into the Cylon reserve flotilla like a hot knife through butter, Battlestars and escorts fought valiantly against the attacking Cylon fleet while dozens of civilian vessels and a handful of marinestars rose out of Caprica's gravity well preparing to jump anywhere but here. A variety of tactics were used by the Wolfpacks. But these tactics were dependant on the size of the Battlestar.

The heavier, far stronger Battlestars like the Mercury Class tended to attack head on presenting a low profile and going as fast as they could give a full broadside to the Cylon ship before moving on. However due to the lack of speed of the larger classes and their bigger size, the Cylons found it hard to miss them, especially with the Battlestars not working at peak efficiency.

The faster, smaller, more agile and in many ways weaker classes like the Valkyrie Class tended to speed towards a Basestar firing from their bow batteries before turning and sweeping around the Basestar firing at it with missiles and giving it a full broadside. This of course meant that the weaker Battlestar would take more damage, but it also meant that not only could they give more damage, if needed they could slingshot out of danger and be far enough away before the Cylons could react. The smaller faster Battlestars were perfectly designed for this type of engagement, they weren't the heavy hitters, the ones to slug it out, they were the type of Battlestars that were designed to get in a handful of good heavy shots before moving out of the engagement zone, they were the cavalry.

Luck it seemed was on the defence fleet's side when BSG16 hit the Cylon reserve fleet, yet raiders and Baseships were still tearing through the defence fleet. Nuclear missiles hammering home that fact. The point defenses of the Battlestars, specially designed to be networked, weren't able to hold off enough of the raiders or missiles. Missiles which wore down the defenses eventually destroying dozens of ships.

Basestars seeing that their reinforcements were engaged, started to fall back from the defence fleet, buying themselves time while those Basestars not engaged jumped their raiders to their sister ships to aid them. Eventually at 16:36, after BSG16 had left the battlefield, the damaged Basestars of the reserve fleet gave their aid to their under-fire sister ships meaning that without formidable covering fire, the battlestars started to fall.

The Battlestar Solaria died from a fifty kilotonne nuclear missile cracking her topside hull plating and blowing her tylium reserves. The Battlestar Triton from her Destroyer escort Giacchino crashing into her engines locked on at full power. The Battlestar Hera chose to go down in a blaze of glory in a suicide run on her fourth Basestar after she took too much damage to carry on fighting. All hands were lost on the Hera, she had no Raptors or Vipers left and what Atmospheric Transports she did have had been damaged. The list goes on.

Eventually all that was left were two heavily damaged Century Class Battlestars, the Odyssey and the Apollo, both with dead jump drives and determined to go out fighting with hundreds of their crews evacuating on their transports. A dead on its feet Mercury Class called Perseus, a lightly damaged Venus Class Battlestar, the Cicero. And finally, a damaged Battlestar Valkyrie. With them were 9 surviving escorts.

They knew that the war was over here.


Caprica orbit

Battlestar Valkyrie

Commander Louise Stone struggled to believe what just happened as the Battlestar Valkyrie and her last surviving escort the Missilestar Isolde swept past one of the evacuating Civilian Ships rising out of Caprica, en route to her third Basestar. How Battlestar Group 16 had burst into the middle of the reserve fleet and sent raptors to destroy the cylon raiders hitting her faraway pilots still surprised her. She had actually thought that they stood a chance, but now she realised that they needed at least one more BSG.

"Radiological alarm!...Oh Gods...Commander it's the Basestars they're firing on Caprica" the reserve sensors operator called out.

Shaking her head, Stone clenched the cracked DRADIS console with a bloody death grip, glass being forced into her palms. Tens of thousands of fleet personnel lost and it still wasn't enough to quench the Cylons thirst for blood.

"What do we do?" her XO Samantha Connors asked, an agonised look on her beautiful mature face.

Shaking her head Stone gasped, "There's nothing we can do, we've lost".

The CIC hung their heads in silence as thousands of neutron bombs and nuclear missiles fell into Caprica's atmosphere. Civilian ships struggled to take off due to the excess weight on board, more struggled to leave the atmosphere. Civilians and citizens fought to be on the last ships to leave Caprica's surface not knowing they were already doomed. Raptors launched from BSG16 jumped from within the atmosphere.

An army of Ciphers, the survivors of a psychological war on the hybrids in the attacking fleet, many of whom would have lasting brain damage, were ordered to safe locations across the planet.

An unwilling traitor forced to the ground and protected by his Cylon lover from a shockwave of a nuclear warhead that hit ground more than 80 miles away.

A scientist and her three friends repositioning ships and double checking equations for maximum effect.

A star pyramid player in high altitude training in the mountains near Delphi.

A resurrected human ensuring that the ciphers are safe.

A transport ship owned by the Organisation jumping from low atmosphere.

Some soldiers, hearing the end coming over the wireless and knowing they were going to die, prayed while others stepped back from the barriers they had been manning, controlling the influx of evacuating civilians to the still waiting ships. Thousands surged forward through the gaps seeking the refuge of the already packed ships, crushing, trampling and killing thousands in their mad surge, a stampede right out of nature. Captains fearful for their own lives, cut the umbilicals connecting them to the shipyards and feeding them water, liquid oxygen, nitrogen and tylium. Military officers by their side, ordered here by command to watch over and protect the civilian ships. Those same Captains and officers feeding power to the engines, spooling their jumpdrives, fighting to get their ships in the air as the end drew near. A bright flash surging through the windows.

Mushrooms clouds, roiling in turbulence and nuclear fire surging across the shipyards, destroying buildings and ships. Life flashing from this world. Melting flesh from bone. Millions died instantly. Neutron bombs detonating over the towns and cities killing all organic life with their high intensity radiation. Hundreds of them, thousands.

And then...

When the nuclear fires had died down...

And the bombs had stopped falling...


The great cities still stood. All but a few of their inhabitants lay dead. One more missile came flashing down. Stronger and far deadlier than all others. This one was specially designed. Hitting the ground at freedom park in the centre of Caprica City, an explosion buried the nuclear missile hundreds of feet below the surface.

In a bunker far below, a President cried out his voice breaking "WE SURRENDER!"

This time he was answered.

The bomb, hundreds of feet below the ground, exploded. The shockwaves forcing apart the soil, cracking the bedrock and collapsing the roof of the Lair of the Phoenix.

More than 3 billion people lay dead.

Odyssey and Apollo turned to leave.

Seeing she couldn't do anything else here Commander Stone ordered those ships whose jump drives were damaged beyond repair to evacuate to the surviving fleet. Then before the Cylons had time to react, her fleet had jumped to collect the few surviving vipers left and then to Virgon.

Soon after them the Cylon fleet moved onto Gemenon.



Caprica Orbit

Battlestar Valiant

A face covered in a gas mask, body garbed in an orange jumpsuit, flashlight on the breast pocket and trailing an uncoiling heavy cable, stepped through the shattered glass into the CIC. His flashlight illuminating the smoke filled interior catching on the slumped and dying body of the Admiral Perry. The CMO doing everything he can to stem the bleeding coming from the Admiral's right thigh. Handing the heavy cable to a crew member with a burnt face covered in blackened bandages, the Deck Chief went over to the dying Admiral. "Sir..." his cracked voice catching in his throat as a small handful of terminals in the shattered CIC lit up.

"Chief..." the Admiral croaked " bad is it?"

Shaking his head the Chief replied "As bad as it gets sir...We've lost two of the primary generators, a third of our jump coils, the majority of our engineers and crew...The list goes on sir. As it is we can get 1 maybe 2 short range jumps out of her before she dies and even that's going to be on a trickle feed".

Gritting his teeth through the pain in his leg the Admiral joked "Sounds better maintained than usual..." The chief and the doctor smiled. "...Very well, if we only have 1 jump left then get us to Virgon. Hopefully Nagala hasn't been hit yet and he could always do with the extra crew and one more ship".

Worried the, Chief replied "Sir, we barely have any surviving weapons left..."

"You're standing on one" Perry replied, both of them knowing what he meant. Fifty minutes later the battered warship jumped to Virgon.



Vigilante Squadron out of Battlestar Galactica

Raptor 320/Galactica

"DRADIS contacts" Helo shouted over the wireless to the CAG.

Boomer seeing them, transmitted "I show make that five new raiders on approach, course 324 karom 110, speed 7 decimal 3. Time to intercept 2 minutes 20".

"Why the frak didn't we see them sooner". Major Jackson 'Dipper' Spencer, Vigilantes CAG asked over the wireless.

"I'm sorry sir they just jumped in and are throwing up a lot of interference, we're going to have to wait until they get closer for a precise number" Boomer replied.

"All Vipers, break off into 4 man sections. Do not engage the Cylons, just put space between you. These raiders are able to infiltrate our systems" Major Jackson Spencer, the Vigilantes CAG called out. Upon receipt of his orders the squadron of 24 Vipers broke up into 6 four man teams, each heading away from each other.

30 seconds passed before Boomer spoke, "Dipper, we're looking at two, I repeat, two Raiders. One is on a course for our section and the other towards section 3. ETA 15 seconds".

"Frak...Boomer get clear, you've done all you can".

Pulling up and away Boomer acknowledged the command.

The two Raiders opened their visors, a red light scrolling back and forth, pulsing as a Virus went out hitting their respective Vipers. Immediately systems shut down on the Vipers sending them into an out of control tumbling motion. Other safe sections could only watch in horror as the Raiders started firing missiles out at the stricken Vipers.

In a bright flash the Battlestar Galactica burst onto the scene, almost immediately firing out museum piece MK-II Vipers towards the enemy, splitting them into two six man sections, each going for its own Raider.

"All Mark sevens are ordered to land, combat landings authorised. I repeat all Mark sevens are ordered to land..." rang out from the wireless in Boomers Raptor.

The missiles struck. But not before the affected Viper pilots ejected, explosive bolts blowing the cockpit canopies free and the seats rocketing out on columns of compressed gas. Vipers exploded and disintegrated under the assault, shrapnel blowing into the faces of those Pilots who were unlucky enough to be too close to the Vipers.

One Raider seeing the assault from the old Mk twos coming launched its 3 nuclear missiles at the defenceless Galactica. Mk-II Vipers further splitting up into 2 three man sections, one going after the nukes and the other the Raider. The Raider going for a head on attack on the Vipers approaching it, littered space with bullets. The central Viper blowing her ventral thrusters, throwing her out of the bullets plane, at the same time she opened up with her own cannons ripping the port wing off and puncturing deep into the heart of the Raider, effectively killing it from her vantage point.

With time to spare the 3 missiles were taken care of far from Galactica's armoured hull.

The other Raider, calculating that attacking the Vipers heading its way would only result in resurrection instead turned its focus on a much closer and easier object.

"The Raider's firing at us...six missiles inbound" Helo shouted at Boomer. Pulling into a series of evasive manoeuvres, Boomer dropped one if it's decoys, tricking one missile into following it.

"Frak! I'm dropping the rest" Boomer said. Four more missiles were fooled into attacking the two decoys. But all that was needed was one.

As the four missiles exploded when they hit the decoys, a great cavalcade of shrapnel was blown out, some striking the Raptor, puncturing a hole into its cabin and blowing through Helo's leg. Air was sucked out of the cabin until Helo slapped a clamp over the hole. But they were done they knew it. The vipers were just too far away taking care of the last Raider.

With just metres separating them Boomer called out "Jump" as she performed a blind jump. The last missile caught in the vortex of the jump, exploded adding its shrapnel and shockwave to the disappearing Raptor's hull.



Battlestar Galactica

"Sir, Boomer just jumped" lieutenant Felix Gaeta called out.

"What?" Colonel Tigh replied, "Why?" his attention had been on the first raider being taken out by Starbuck.

"She was being pursued by a missile sir, I believe she used up all her dummies. I...I think it was a blind jump sir. She wouldn't have had time to calculate one", Felix answered downheartedly.

Adama looking down from the DRADIS where the last raider had been destroyed muttered "And so it begins". Looking at Tigh "Colonel, dispatch the rescue raptors. Once they're in, recall all vipers and jump us to Ragnar. I'll be in my office".

The Colonel carried out the orders.

Soon after they found out that Captain Baker, Lieutenant Welch, Lieutenant Tate and Major Spencer had been killed in action.

Chapter updated on 22/07/2014

Well the end of another chapter. It was originally going to be longer but in the end, the main focus of this chapter was the Battle of Caprica.

At the end I've put up a timeline of the known war so far. This is mainly because even I was confused by the current times.

Reviews appreciated as I have made a number of fixes in this chapter.


16:16 Graystones Omega protocol enacted and their Civilian raptors jump out across colonial space to inform Fleet of imminent Cylon attack

16:17 Galactica Graystone message

16:17 Caprica Admiral Perry deploys half vipers

16:17 Picon Fleet Admiral Corman recalls fleet, vipers deployed

16:18 Cylon guerrilla fleets of 3 Basestars vipers hit other colonies.

16:18 Cylon main fleets arrive at caprica, Tauron, Scorpia and Picon while guerrilla fleets of 3 Basestars vipers hit other colonies.

16:19 Raptors from Picon, Scorpia and Tauron arrive at Caprica and the rest of the Colonies reporting enemy contact and are soon joined by Raptors from the remaining Colonies reporting their own contact with Cylon guerrilla fleets

16:19 Picon Cylon virus hits Vipers, HQ launches nukes, raptors dispatched with Intel to other colonies with orders to break networks

16:20 Mainframes down Caprica

16:21 Cylon Guerrilla fleets. Canceron and Aerilon lose entire fleets. Other colonies either lose handful of ships or none (Leonis)

16:23 Tauron Fleet destroyed Cylons move to bombard surface

16:23 Scorpia Fleet shipyards destroyed Cylons move to bombard surface

16:23 Caprica President arrives in bunker

16:25 Caprica Hackers take control and send out signal to disrupt Cylons signal

16:26 Caprica Vipers sent out against raiders antivirus

16:27 Picon some orbital bombardment starts as part of fleet breaks away. Raptors dispatched with Intel

16:27 Caprica Cylon bombardment fleet jumps

16:27 Caprica Admiral Perry makes decision to engage bombardment fleet

16:29 Caprica Cylon reserve fleet prepares to jump

16:29 Caprica President prepares to surrender

16:30 Caprica BSG16 arrive hitting the Cylon Reserve fleet

16:30 Colonial comm relays all destroyed

16:30 Picon Fleet HQ totally destroyed.

16:32 Caprica BSG16 launches Raptor attacks

16:34 Virgon Admiral Nagala takes command of fleet

16:35 Caprica BSG16 jumps out

16:35 Caprica Cylon bombardment begins

16:35 Caprica President Adar surrenders

16:36 Battlestar Galactica Adama gives speech informing crew of war

16:48 Caprica Crippled Battlestar Valiant crew tries to repair her

16:54 Galactica saves Vigilante Squadron with museum piece Mk-II Vipers