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Chapter One


An annoying noise was sounding around my room, jolting me from my peaceful slumber from which I had not wanted to leave.

My hand reached blindly for the machinery that was going to meet its end and my fingers grasped around the truly hideous invention that was my alarm clock. I threw it to the floor with a satisfying crash and the beeping stopped.

I burrowed deeper into the warmth of my duvet settling down again to continue the marvellous dream I had been having when suddenly the voice of my father rang up the stairs, through the gap under my bedroom door and unfortunately reached my ears.

"Bella, I'm leaving for work now. Better get up, you don't want to be late. I'll see you tonight at the diner." This was followed by the harsh slam of the front door and tyres crunching over gravel as Charlie left the driveway of our house for Forks Police Station.

I groaned. Looked like Mr Darcy's proposal to me was going to have to wait. Reality had come knocking.

I stumbled out of bed, stubbing my toe on the corner of my desk and hopped my way to the bathroom as I did every morning, scratching my brown head of hair with a yawn.

I glanced out of my bedroom window as I passed and the sky…well, there was no sky. It was hidden by the cover of grey, gloomy clouds as it always was.

I sighed as I got ready for school, pulling on a pair of skinny jeans and a blue V-neck sweater, Alice would kill me if I turned up to school in plain jeans and a hoodie a second time in the space of a week. My best friend was a spiky black haired, blue-eyed tiny ball of dynamite in the disguise of a seventeen-year-old girl named Alice Brandon. She may look like a fairy but she was lethal when armed with her dad's little black credit card and high heels.

Her other obsession, besides shopping and playing Bella Barbie, was her boyfriend of two years – Jasper Whitlock. He, too, was a friend of mine and thank god for him. I would be forever in his debt due to the amount of times he'd saved me from Alice by distracting her and his superhero worthy power of being able to calm her down. He was a miracle worker, literally. The poor guy had suffered through his own fair share of Alice's makeover moods though; he wasn't completely without war wounds. His curly honey locks had been straightened several times and he'd been tested for what type of eye shadow would match his hazel eyes.

Well…no one would dare question his love for her that was for sure.

Jasper's best friend, Emmett McCarty, was a friend of mine also. He was a big, burly bear of a guy and if you got on the wrong side of him, you'd run. But he was a big softie really and completely and totally madly in love with Rosalie Hale.

Rose was the definition of stunning. Look it up in the dictionary and there would be a picture of her. Golden waves floating like a waterfall down her back and sparkling blue eyes, forget Cinderella, Rose was Prince Charming's closet fantasy. She had this tough badass front that she put on but those who knew her knew she couldn't hurt anyone if she tried. She claimed Emmett's big lovable bear side was a bad influence on her.

We all attended Forks High School, where I had met the four of them after I decided to come and live with Charlie, my dad, when my mom, Renee, remarried. Phil was nice, but he travelled a lot and Renee liked to go with him. Despite my parents divorce my family was pretty perfect. Renee and Phil would come and stay with Charlie and me for holidays and we would do the same with them. There was no awkward tension between Charlie and Phil, in fact, they got on like a house of fire.

Unfortunately, due to my parents actual like of each other, probably a result of living three hours apart and not with each other – Renee lived in Seattle, this meant that they agreed a lot of things that concerned me. Which sucked. Because Charlie was a cop. And cops were strict. But lucky for me there wasn't much to do around Forks anyway. There was the occasional party but that was usually Alice's, which meant I was allowed to go if I promised to be back by ten.

It was a good thing Charlie liked my boyfriend or I might never have been allowed to see him, let alone date him.

Jacob Black. My dad had known him since the day he was born and was his best friend's son – so no problems there. I think that was the main reason we got together. We were really good friends, around each other 24/7 due to our fathers being besties, it felt like the right thing to do. Jake was a year younger than me, which my friends continuously made fun of but I didn't see anything wrong with it. He looked like he was about five years older than me anyway. He had short dark hair and, I'm not going to beat around the bush, his tanned body was totally buff. Like, eight pack buff. His muscles, added to the fact that he was really tall, meant that I could hardly fit my arms around him. He was a total gentleman, though. Always opening doors, all "yes sir"s and "no sir"s around Charlie even though my dad had known him in diapers. It was just a shame he didn't come to Forks High.

Jake went to school on the Quileute Reservation in La Push. Charlie thought it a good thing that we didn't go to the same school so Jake had no chance of affecting my grades.

Ha! Like anything could affect my grades. I was a straight A student and the teachers loved me. I was a good girl. I was the student they believed would increase their statistics. I was top in all of my classes…well, all but gym. I was a total klutz but at least they weren't still using the lie that you need at least a B in Gym to get into college like they told Renee. Yeah, she cut class a lot. Not to mention dropped out of school to have me.

When I was ready for school I jumped into my red Chevy truck. This was another thing that my friends laughed at but I couldn't give a damn, I loved The Thing. Yes, my friends had dubbed it, The Thing, when Charlie had brought it for my sixteenth.

With a loud roar that never failed to make me jump I pulled out of the driveway and headed to Forks High, ready to begin another day.

"Bella!" Alice squealed, skipping to me and embracing me as I hopped out the cab of my truck.

She and the others had all been sat on a bench waiting for my arrival along with the bell.

"Hey, Alice," I returned her hug.

"Ooh, cute sweater."

"Alice, you bought the thing," I rolled my eyes.

She looked at me as though I had said something that was blatantly obvious. "Of course I did. If I left you to buy your own clothes you'd have a wardrobe full of hoodies and sweats."

"Which is exactly why I picked this out while thinking of you. Knowing you'd shoot me if I wore another…dare I say it? A hoodie. Oh the horror!" I gasped dramatically, the back of my hand pressed to my forehead in mock distress.

"Oh shush," Alice smiled at my antics as we made out way over to our friends, "You know, speaking of hoodies, I think another shopping trip is in order."

"Oh, please no." I groaned.

"What's up, Bella?" Jasper asked.

"Your girlfriend. She's threatening me with a shopping trip. Save me."

Jasper chuckled and pulled Alice to him, his arms wrapped around her waist.

Emmett was sitting on the table top of the bench, Rose leaning against him who was eyeing my truck.

"No." I told her.

She grinned, "Oh Bella, please, just let me tinker with it for a little while. The sound it made when you parked it was totally not healthy."

"Rose, you've been saying the same thing for about a year now. There's nothing wrong with my truck. Leave it alone. What has it ever done to you?"

"Existed?" Emmett offered with a smirk.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

"I'd stop saying it if you just let me tinker with it a bit." Rose sulked.

"You know you can tinker with me anytime, baby," Emmett waggled his eyes and I pretended to gag.

"What does that even mean?" Jasper laughed.

"Well, whatever it means Rose apparently approves." Alice giggled covering Jasper's eyes as Rosalie sat herself on Emmett's lap and began a heavy make-out session.

"Would you look at that? Saved by the bell," I dashed away from Rose and Emmett, Jasper and Alice quickly following. We could hear the overly active PDA couple laughing behind us.

It was just another day at Forks High.

"How was your day?" Jacob asked me as we sat in the diner with Billy, waiting for Charlie.

I nodded, "It was okay. Got an A in my Biology test. Mr Berty, my English teacher, wants to move me into the advanced class. Oh, and what would my day have been like if I wasn't able to witness Emmett and Rose and their PDA?" I chuckled.

Jake shook his head, "It's really inappropriate of them to do that. Really inconsiderate."

I frowned. I know I complained about it but I was only joking. What was wrong with showing a bit of spontaneous affection to your significant other? Sure, I guess it might have been nice if they toned it down sometimes but that's just who they were, Rose and Em wouldn't have been Rose and Em if they went without their make-out sessions.

"How was your day?" I asked, instead of commenting. I just kept my mouth closed. Jake and I never got into fights, I can't remember a single argument we had ever had. I wasn't about to start arguing now.

Jake shrugged, "Fine, I guess."

Charlie turned up a little while later and we all had a peaceful meal without any disruption and nothing of significance occurred.

Just another evening at the diner.

Billy and Jacob came round ours after we had eaten and the men sat and watched football or something while I sat on the floor, my books all over the coffee table as I completed homework that wasn't due in until next week.

When it started to get late they decided it was time to go and I stood at the door with Jake, Billy already in the car and Charlie had returned to the television.

I stood on tiptoes and wrapped my arms around his neck to press a kiss on his lips. I tried to deepen it a little but he pushed me away after a chaste kiss before murmuring a goodbye, brushing his lips against my cheek and heading to the car.

"Bye." I called after her him.

Yeah, Jake was a gentleman. Sometimes too much of a gentleman. Was it really wrong of me to want to have more than just completely innocent kisses? Was it wrong of me to want a little bit of PDA and the joy of being able to show off my boyfriend a little? Was it wrong to want to see fireworks behind my eyes when he tugged me close to his body and slipped a bit of tongue into the kiss?

I shook my head. God, what was wrong with me? Who the hell had ever complained that their boyfriend was a complete and utter charming gentleman? They were a dying race and I was actually complaining! Jeez.

I waved them off before closing the front door and telling Charlie I was going to bed.

As I got changed into a really old pair of pyjama shorts and a ratty t-shirt I thought about my day. It was much like yesterday. And the day before that. It was much like all of last week. Last month. Last year.

Sure, I had a pretty perfect family. Prefect friends, perfect boyfriend, perfect grades. I had the perfect life.

And I was bored.

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