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Adrenaline was pumping through my body. After ten years of doing this I still managed to get butterfly's in my stomach, but it was a good nervousness, without the nerves I knew it would be absolute rubbish.

The butterfly's were an old friend of mine and I welcomed them with open arms.

I could hear screams and shouts, the people moving around me were a blur of black and someone suddenly came at me with the ultimate form of torture.


"Alice," I whined, trying to slap her away, "You've already done this."

"Just a few touch ups," she protested, proceeding to dab a bit of lip-gloss on me brush at my cheeks with some blusher before fluffing my hair.

Yep. Ten years and I still hadn't managed to get rid of the damn pixie. Now, not only was she my best friend, she was also my hair and make-up artist. Why I had allowed to give her this sort of power over me I'll never know.

I huffed as I stumbled a little in my ankle boot heels as I tried to pull down the too short dress Rosalie had put me in while trying to keep it pulled up and covering my boobs at the same time. Yep, Rose was my costume designer too.

Didn't manage to escape from the boys either, wherever the girls went, they followed, so at the moment they were probably holding off the screaming fans whilst cursing their significant others.

Not long after we graduated from Forks High School did Emmett and Rose get married. It had been a long time coming and none of us were surprised. The battle of the maid of honors soon commenced – though that was until I realized I would have to walk down the isle, probably in heels, and all but shoved the role onto Alice. I got to help plan the hen night though and all I can say was that all it brought back was the memory of the morning after and not many memories of the night before.

Alice and Jasper had yet to tie the knot but they were engaged and I was dreading the day she began to plan her wedding, she would be the ultimate bridezilla and I wasn't looking forward to it.

"Where's Edward?" I asked Rose who had just walked in with Eleazar, mine and Edward's manager.

"On stage," Rose said, "He's finishing up his solo."

"Yeah, which means you're on in five." Eleazar added.

"Brilliant," I murmured, tugging once again at the dress.

"Stop it!" Rose slapped at my hands and I threw them up in the air.

"It's moot point anyway because it's the last song of the night."

Both girls rolled their eyes and Eleazar handed me the single item of clothing that I was about to willingly wear.

"It's tradition," I smirked as I pulled on Edward's sexy leather jacket. The girls didn't look at all impressed but Alice eventually sighed.

"She does look pretty hot when she puts it on."

I grinned and shot Rose a smug look, "Thanks."

The day Edward and I had gone to sing for those very important people – who Eleazar had promised wouldn't regret listening – changed our lives forever.

Needless to say, we got signed and everything had just gone on a crazy whirlwind of action from there.

All of a sudden we were making singles and albums and playing at concerts and touring and signing autographs and taking pictures with people who were screaming our names.

The first few years were crazy and we were pretty much living out of a suitcase at the numerous different hotels but we loved it. We didn't mind not having a place to call home because while we were on tour, Edward and I were each other's homes. We were all we needed.

I could hear Edward coming to the final notes of his song and Eleazar pushed me round the corner and to the edge of the stage and waited.

The music died down and I heard Edward's voice – no longer singing – talking to the crowd.

"Alright people, sadly this will be the last song of the night," the crowd groaned and Edward chuckled, "I know, I know. But seeing as it's the last song of the night we better make it a good one and we need to make some noise." The crowd screamed and clapped and cheered. "Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for my one and only, beautiful wife, Bella Cullen!"

Listening to Edward talk to the audience only reminded me of another time he had done so with a completely different intention. I smiled and shook my head as I remembered.

We were performing another concert, much like this one about two years after the big signing. We had just performed one of our songs together and I left the stage to get changed and ready for the last song while Edward performed one of his solos.

I stopped in my tracks when instead of beginning to sing he began to talk over the sound of the lullaby he had written for me when we first met.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there have been a little change of plans," he began, "And right now Bella's probably freaking out not having the slightest clue what I'm doing so I better explain. I wrote this song for Bella when we first met back in Forks and this might come as a surprise to you all but I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sure she absolutely hated me."

The crowd laughed along with him and all I could think was what the hell was he doing? So I told myself to shut up and listen.

"Well, maybe hate is too strong of a word, but I infuriated her because I was a bit of an ass towards her." I saw him shrug from where I was stood just to the side off stage. "But I'm pretty sure all women here will back me up when I say us guys, we're all asswipes when we like a girl and don't know what to do about it."

I snorted.

"But despite my cockiness and my arrogance and being the general pain the in the neck that I was, she stuck around. To this day, I'm still not sure why. Bella stuck around long enough to find out everything about me and even after she knew the truth about everything, she still stayed. I have no idea how I got so lucky. But I know now that I would do anything and everything to keep her. So, Bella, if you'd come out here for a second, please, sweetheart?"

I found my feet moving me towards him effortlessly until he stood, ceasing his playing the piano but my lullaby sounded through the speakers, pre-recorded. The audience screamed when they saw me, and Edward smiled brightly, standing in front of me and taking my hands in his.

Then when he spoke, once again it was directed to the crowd. "None of you know, either, and I'm sure neither does Bella, that I'm aware that ever since the first day she saw me that she has been infatuated with what she calls my "sexy-leather-jacket"."

I covered my face with my hands as I groaned, the sound amplified for all to hear due to the small microphone clipped to my dress.

The audience and Edward laughed and I looked up at him to see him shrugging out of said jacket.

"Bella," he said, putting it on me, "I want you to wear my sexy leather jacket and I never want you to take it off." He took my hands then bent to kneel on one knee. I gasped and the crowd screamed. He pulled out a box from one of the pockets of the jacket I was wearing and opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. "And if you'll take me," he said, "I want you to have me and to never let me go."

Tears filled my eyes and I blinked as they rolled down my cheeks to clear my vision.

"Bella Swan, would you do me the amazing honor of marrying me, and becoming my wife?"

The building was silent aside from my lullaby, and the crowd as one seemed to hold its breath, as did Edward.

With a voice shaking with emotion though strong and determined and fearless with my answer and I said…"Yes."

The audience erupted into screams and shouts and claps.

"Yes, of course I will, yes, yes, yes."

Edward beamed as tears filled his eyes and he slid the ring onto my finger before he stood and lifted me into his arms, my legs wrapped around his waist and my hands clutched his hair as he kissed me like he had never kissed me before. He buried his face in my neck holding me tight as I kissed him all over.

He pulled away as I slid to my feet and he grinned, "Good, because I would have shat myself if you said no in front of one hundred thousand people."

The audience laughed with us.

Then a song came on through the speakers that wasn't one of our own.

I couldn't help but laugh as I turned to the audience, "I know you people all paid to hear us sing, but would you mind terribly if I danced with my soon-to-be-husband to the song we first ever danced to?"

When the crown began to chant, "Dance, dance, dance." I took that as a yes as the lyrics to Smile sounded throughout the building and filled my happily bursting heart with joy.

Rosalie, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Esme, Carlisle, Charlie and Katie all ran out after a few minutes to dance with us on stage and congratulate us as the crowd cheered and clapped and danced along too.

I smiled at the memory before going through my traditional routine before entering the stage for the last song. I took a whiff of the sleeves of Edward's sexy leather jacket, jingled my wrist so I could feel the homemade beaded bracelet forming the word "Mommy" against my skin and took to the stage to join Edward.

Not long after we had bought a house, a comfortably bigger than usual one, we got married. There had been no fights over who was maid of honor as I chose Alice and Rosalie both to be by my side on the biggest day of my life. To my surprise, Carlisle was Edward's best man. Their relationship had come on leaps and bounds since the day Edward and he had that talk but much like with Rosalie's hen night, Jasper and Emmett still insisted that they organized Edward's stag do. Carlisle had no objections – he was ecstatic enough that Edward had chosen him to be best man at all.

Alice and Rosalie were shocked that I hadn't given Jasper and Emmett a "no strippers rule" but what the girls didn't know was that I knew them far too well and wasn't surprised at all when a stripper showed up at my own hen night. I thought if I was going to have a stripper then Edward should have one too.

I was pleasantly surprised the day of our wedding after the ceremony when Edward thanked me but asked me never to let Jasper and Emmett get him a stripper again and that if anyone was allowed to strip for him it would be me and only me.

To say I was happy about that was be an understatement but Jasper and Emmett were in the doghouse for not having the same views as Edward. Haha!

Edward and I had spoken about having a family and despite us both definitely wanting children, we weren't going to be upset if it happened later rather than sooner.

We stopped contraception on our wedding night but for some reason didn't expect to become pregnant so soon. A year later, Collin was born.

Esme cried when we told her what we were going to call him. That was a happy day. But I had never been happier than when our son was placed in Edward's arms. Seeing the deep, burning emotion in his eyes as we gazed down at our son through his tears, was indescribable.

As we watched him grow it was plain to see that he was the spitting image of his daddy but had my personality completely. He was a real mommy's boy.

The same couldn't be said for our little girl, Amelia. Millie was Collins opposite, my look-alike with Edward's character.

You could totally tell she was Edward's daughter when she rolled her eyes at her big brother's antics.

Collin, only two years older, took on his role of big brother seriously. He'd wind Millie up, pick on her, pull her hair and ruin her games but would kill anyone else who even thought about trying to do the same.

And Mille gave as good as she got, never hesitating to retaliate to her brother's mischievousness, which she usually did by embarrassing him in front of our neighbor's little girl who he had a huge crush on. For a five year old, our girl was smart.

They both were.

There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think about the baby Edward and I had lost and though we hadn't told the kids how we lost the baby, whenever they were scared or upset they knew they had a big brother or sister sitting up in heaven with Nana Renee, watching down on them and keeping them safe.

Despite our hectic career we always made time to spend with the kids. We hadn't missed a single first smile, or word, or step and we weren't planning on missing anything else.

We spent every weekend with them and every morning and evening and every free day we had from work, be it interviews or music videos or recording at the studio, we spent it with the kids who – though lapped up and benefited from out lifestyle – were never spoilt. We made sure of that. They knew that their grandparents were for the spoiling, not Mommy and Daddy.

Collin and Millie loved our job, they loved watching our interviews, especially when we talked about them – which was a lot – they were our whole world. They loved watching our music videos and our performances on stage and sang along to all our songs. They were pretty proud of the fact that there were many we had written about them. But to our kids, we would always just be Mom and Dad, and that was the way we liked it.

I made my way to sit next to Edward on the piano stool and the audience screamed when they saw me in the jacket.

Ever since the proposal I always wore the jacket for the last song of a concert.

Edward pressed a kiss to my cheek as he began to play the opening notes of the song and some people wolf whistled making me laugh and Edward chuckle.

And together we sang. We sang of a lesson we had learned whilst getting from the day we met to where we were now.

He turned to face me when we both sucked in a breath for the chorus.

"There's always gonna be another mountain
We're always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes we're gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast we get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb."

"Mommy that was so good!" Millie squealed, running at me at full speed before jumping into my arms backstage after the show.

"Thanks baby girl, did you like it?"

She nodded enthusiastically as Esme laughed, "We had to all but solder her to the seat to stop her running out there to sing with you."

I grinned, placing a big kiss on her cheek.

I looked away from her to see Collin pulling both Carlisle and Charlie with all his might, one of their hands in each of his as they talked about something he clearly had no interest in.

"Mom, dad!" He called to us before dropping his grandfathers' hands and rushing to us. Millie was reaching for Edward, clearly needing her daddy fix before her brother came to hog all his attention, so I passed her to him and she snuggled into his chest as he held her close, rocking her gently from side to side and murmuring to her.

Collin wrapped his arms around my legs and I bent to give him a kiss. "Mom!" He huffed, wiping his cheek.

Edward laughed along with the rest of us who all knew how much of a mommy's boy our son really was and secretly had no objection to the show of affection. If Collin and I had been alone, he would have lapped it up.

I ran my fingers through his mess of bronze hair, so much like his fathers, "Have you been good?"

Collin nodded, "I'm always good."

I raised my eyebrow and he smiled sheepishly, "Most of the time."

He lifted his arms indicating he wanted to be picked up. Never in a million years would he have done this in front of his friends at school but he was probably tired, it was past the kids' bedtime – it was summer holiday's so we allowed them to come to our concerts sometimes – and was most likely jealous of the attention Millie was getting and wanted the same treatment.

I lifted him onto my hip.

"Time for bed I think." Edward said, turning to face Collin and I with Millie's eyes drooping from where her head rested on his shoulder.

The kids shook their heads but Millie yawned which only made Collin yawn who rolled his eyes with a sigh, and wrapped his arms around my neck, closing them.

I kissed his temple and looked over to see Millie already snoring lightly in Edward's arms.

I smiled at said man as he looked up from where he had been covering Millie with one of his hoodies and mouthed to me, "I love you."

"I love you back," I whispered.

I beamed because I definitely wasn't scared anymore. Edward had taught me how to live rather than just meander as I watched life go by. He taught me how to live on the edge yet without fear. So with him by my side I could stand on stage in front of millions of people and sing my heart out. I could stand in the middle of my living room with toys scattered everywhere looking like a war zone, knowing I would have to clean it all up. I could dance and act in front of a camera for a music video and I could hold his hand tightly in mine, take a deep breath and wipe away a tear as we waved our kids off on their first day of school. On our journey through life, no matter what it brought us, I could deal with it because Edward was my home and because with him…I was fearless.

The End

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