Chapter 1

Wahoo first chapter of the 5th story! The majority of this story is told from Ren's point of view. The other half will be told from the narrator's point of view; I hope you will enjoy this I'm working hard on it! Oh you'll know who's point of view it is when you see what's in the (). Now, ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

(Ren's POV)

Hello, my name is Ren, Ren Hagane; I'm the young, under aged leader to the Metal Rock group, Metal Voice. A group Starlight Music signed on a few months ago. We've had some fun, I think so anyhow; aside from the annoyance that was the Misfits, and those Stingers, humiliating them was just too easy. School was a drag so glad I only went for a week; now I can go back to doing what I really love; music.

I was sitting in my room, listening to an old record from the 1950's when Shirley burst into the room, surprising me to where I sat up on my bed.

"Rennie, Rennie!" she shouted; I never did understand how she could get excited so early in the morning; but it was a quality I enjoyed, and was slightly annoyed by. I gave her a questioning look.

"Miss Jerrica said that Jem and the Holograms, and Metal Voice are going to be having a press conference today! To tell everyone about your guy's first album!" She shouted happily. I smirked laying back on my bed; so that's what she was excited about. She was always excited about anything that happened to our group.

"Well aren't you gonna get ready? I told the others already." Shirley told me, I rose my brow, this was the outfit I had planned to wear all day. It was comfortable; and 'fashionable' as Creepula would say. Shirley pouted.

"Come on Ren. It's your first press conference, you're gonna be on the Lindsey Pierce show!" she said. The what show? I don't watch TV often; unless you count, Metal Sound. That was a show that talked about other metal groups that were trying to make it in America; it was hosted by some metal heads that annoyed me.

"Seriously Ren? Metal Sound isn't the only music show on the planet yaknow." Shirley said; I snorted. It was the only one that mattered, now what was this Lindsey Pierce show?

"It's like Metal Sound only Lind-Z talks about all the bands that are in the area." Shirley explained. "She's the one I watched back home in Edo."

I snorted; so that was the show she kept raving on about wanting us to be on. Sheesh, I never thought to pay attention. Most of the time her ramblings were just that. I felt a slight jab at my shoulder, Shirley had punched me.

"Hey! Yaknow sometimes you should really listen to me; I know what I'm talking about." She mumbled puffing her cheeks out at me in a pout. I sighed, then got up; fine I would change but only into the black outfit with the cut off top.

"Ok; that's fine. I'll tell the others you're getting ready." Shirley said then left the room. I laughed a bit; maybe I should watch TV more often?

"Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam, Et lingua eius loquetur indicium. Beatus vir qui suffert tentationem, Quoniqm cum probates fuerit accipient coronam vitae." I sang the words to my sister's favorite song, 'Lilium.' It was in latin if I recalled; I really do love being bilingual. Though to be honest I only know English, my second language, and Japanese. I only learned Latin for that song; Zoey always loved that song so I make it a point to sing it every now and then to remember that I actually have an older sister—Ah, but I'm rambling.

"Hagane-sama…" Blud's voice called, "Are you ready yet? We really should have left by now."

Ah, Blud; he's so easy to intimidate; I contemplated whether or not I should scare him this early in the day. I opened the door, deciding to put the idea out of my mind and giving him my usual uncaring look. So what if we were a little late, Jerrica wouldn't say anything; I swear that woman is scared to death I'll let her secret slip about her and Jem being, one-in-the-same.

"Ah, H-hagane-sama; we really should leave." He said, almost pleading.

"We've got no reason to hurry." Becky said, almost repeating my exact thoughts. I never really knew how she could do that, but I wasn't complaining. Made thing easier.

"But Blud's right; we really should leave." She then said. I shrugged, fine whatever, I was bored sitting here anyhow.


By the time we arrived the show had already started, so we were a little late, I didn't much care. If you were late people paid more attention to you. I did however care when I noticed an annoyingly familiar mop of green hair. I growled.

"Hagane-sama…" Creepie began but I already knew. The misfits had taken the scene, singing one of their songs.

Surprise, surprise) Do you like surprises?

(Surprise, surprise) Well I've got one for you!

(Surprise, surprise) I hope you like surprises

(Surprise, surprise) Cos there's one coming at you!

(Surprise, Surprise, surprise, surprise) You won't believe your eyes

when I get through When you least expect it,

baby I'll be there I'll catch you off guard cos I don't play fair

(Look out, look out!) you'd better beware

(Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise) If you're wise you'll get outta my way

(Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise) (Get a surprise) So you like surprises?

(Surprise, surprise) They're a lot of fun

(Surprise surprise) Well here's another one!

(Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise) I'm gonna make you pay

(Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise) I'm gonna win the day! Surprise

"Well look who finally decided to show up, it's little miss Ren and her band of losers." Roxy said. I growled, the nerve of those spoiled women.

"You guys have some nerve takin Jem and the Holograms' spot on the Lindsey Pierce show." Becky said.

"You're the ones who showed up late; it's your own fault, don't go blamin' us you bloody yanks." Jetta said, unlike Becky and Samantha's voices which sounded smooth and soft with their accent, hers sounded more like a screeching crow. I flinched a bit, then Jem came up from behind us.

"As much as I hate to agree with the misfits; they're right. You need to be here on time, the misfits had to take our spot for the time being." Jem said, I huffed. I suppose she was right; I had no real reason for being late. I had stalled and this was my penance for it, I nodded.

"Yeah so don't go blaming us for your losers mistake." Roxy growled.

"Yeah. You're the ones who were late." Stormer agreed. I glared, silencing the woman. The group then stormed out of the building.

"We're sorry for being late, Jem; we didn't get a good start in leaving—" Becky said, I cleared my throat interrupting her. Jem gave me a look that said I was being rude, which I returned with my own look of not caring.

"Ren says that there isn't any use for us to make up an excuse." Becky said, hesitating a bit, I gestured for her to continue. "She said she stalled us, she hadn't expected the Misfits to show up, she apologizes."

Jem sighed, placing her hands on her hips, saying that she understood. Then went on to say something about being more responsible in the future; I would have loved to say that given my current position I take on more responsibility than anyone my age normally did. However I didn't content with letting her scold me for the time being, I respected Jem, and her friends were a good bunch.

"Oh good you're finally here." A voice said behind us; it was lind-Z, "Come on, the commercial break is just about over; I'd still love to have you guys on the show."

"Ren do you think you could behave for this show?" Jem asked, my eyebrow twitched, but I said nothing, just nodded as the gang and me waited for Jem and the Holograms, or Lind-Z, to gesture us to the set.

"Hagane-sama, you know she's right; we can't afford to be late with those damn Misfits lurking around every corner." Becky said, I nodded begrudgedly, I didn't like what I was hearing but I knew I had to suck it up and listen. Then a sudden thought hit me. Shirley was a big fan of Lind-Z, I would have to get her autograph for her or she's never forgive me, I smirked.



Pizzazz was seething from their little fiasco at the studio with Ren. Ren had info on her father she couldn't do a thing with that over her head, even if she didn't know what that was the idea of going broke scared her.

"So Pizzazz I take it we're not going to come up with a new plan to take down those stupid Holograms?" Jetta asked, (for the record I love the British accent). Pizzazz turned to Jetta glaring.

"No. I want nothing to do with that brat at Starlight music." She growled, Jetta shrugged.

"Just what kind of dirt could the kid have on your family?" Roxy asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, Roxy's right how do you know she even has anything on you?" Stormer said, "For all we know she could just be lying about the whole thing."

"I don't care what she has, I don't want to be put in a place where I have to actually work for my money!" Pizzazz shouted standing up from the sofa.

"Sounds to me our fearless leader's lost her ambition." Jetta said snidely, Pizzazz grabbed her by the collar.

"What do you know huh Jetta? Can it you stupid British cow!" She shouted, shaking Jetta furiously.

"Calm down Pizzazz!" Stormer shouted, "fighting amongst ourselves isn't going to get us anywhere."

"Stormer's right; if we really want to get somewhere we need to get some dirt on that brat Ren." Roxy said, Pizzazz let go of Jetta, who let out a sigh of relief.

"And how, pray-tell, do you suppose we do that? We can't find anything on that brat. She's just like Jem keeping everything about herself private." Pizzazz growled.

"If it's dirt you want I've found just the people your lookin' for." A voice said behind them, the group turned to the door to see Clash, Video's cousin, standing there looking quite confident.

"Well look who it is. Someone's still got the idea of makin it as a misfit." Jetta said, Clash frowned.

"You'll want to make me a misfit once you see what I found." Clash said.

"Well let's hear it then." Pizzazz growled, pushing Clash to go on. Clash smirked.

"Misfits; meet Respect the Dead." She said moving out of the was to reveal a group four. The leader who was forming the front of the group, was a light blue haired man no more than in his twenties, with the words "Black Metal" printed in white on a black T-shirt. He looked like an older male version of Ren Hagane, behind him stood a woman with pink hair that went down past her back side, wearing a top speckled with black and red stars, and a skirt that barely went past her mid thigh, behind her was a man with long red hair that was pulled back into a pony tail, he looked pretty ordinary, a leather jacket covering a pale blue shirt and leather pants. Lastly was an Asian man wearing a black T-shirt that had some Japanese character on it, his hair was spiked and bleached white, and he had several piercings on his face.

"Who the hell are you guys?" Pizzazz growled, seeing the group that had entered the room.

Ooh! Who could these people be? I'll give you a hint; they're just as rotten as the misfits if not worse! And their my newst Oc's that I own the rights to; meet Respect the dead, and see what they're up to in Misfit territory in the next chapter; 'Black Metal' see you soon!