A/N: So here is the third story in my AU version of Emily and JJ. It's 3 months after the proposal in "Another 72 Hours" and life as they know it goes on. I'm on vacation this week so updates should come quickly. Enjoy!

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"You are wrong, Morgan! You need to get your head out of your ass and admit it!" Jennifer Jareau nearly shouts.

"JJ, you don't have the experience to back up your statement," Derek Morgan counters. "You need to admit when you are wrong."

"I am not wrong!"

The argument in the break room continues as Spencer Reid walks in. He sees Emily Prentiss leaning against the counter by the coffee pot, mug in hand, watching the other 2 fight.

"That sounds intense. Is it about a case?"

"Nope," Emily takes a sip of coffee. "Football."

"Football?" Spencer says in confusion. "It's not even football season yet!"

"I know. They are arguing about whether the quaterend or the tightback that were just drafted will be the key to the Redskins making the playoffs this year."

As one, JJ and Morgan turn and glare at Emily. "Quarterback and Tightend!" they state in unison.

Emily just shrugs. As Penelope Garcia walks in she playfully slaps Emily's shoulder. "You're going to lose your 'Butch Card' for not knowing enough about football."

Emily grins. "I know enough to just watch it for the cheerleaders."

"And 'Butch Card' reissued," Garcia chuckles. As the argument heats up a bit more. "Do you think there's going to be bloodshed?"

"Maybe. But that's why I'm keeping an eye on them. I'd hate to have to hear Morgan whine about JJ kicking his ass." Morgan turns and glares again at Emily who just smiles back at him.

As he and JJ go back to arguing, Garcia looks at Emily. "So, have you all gotten around to setting a date yet? I mean, it's been 3 months since you put a ring on her finger."

"We've discussed it some. She really wants a fall wedding for some reason."

Garcia starts to laugh. "And let me guess, she wants maroon and gold as the colors?"

Emily looks at Garcia in surprise. "Yeah. How did you know?"

"Redskins colors," Reid answers.

"And if she's mentioned a date I bet it will coincide with the weekend the Redskins don't play," Garcia theorizes.

Emily frowns. "Well, she did mention needing to check a calendar before choosing a day. I am not going to plan my wedding around football!"

"If you have a fall wedding you are. I can see it now," Garcia draws an imaginary picture frame in the air. "You'll be standing at the altar in your football uniform, your groomsmen and women in theirs. JJ's bridesmaids cartwheeling down the aisle in cheerleading outfits, JJ's skirt the prettiest one of them all."

Despite the horror that some of that could actually be true, Emily laughs at the image Garcia paints. "Well, the colors are fine but I am not having helmet head in my wedding pictures." Emily quirks an eyebrow. "JJ in a cheerleading skirt though…that has potential."

JJ had been concentrating on her argument with Morgan but Emily's last comment reaches her ears. She slowly turns and lifts an unamused eyebrow at Emily. "Excuse me?"

Emily blushes bright red. "Uh, nothing, dear. Love you. Gotta work. Bye."

Emily hurries off to her desk. JJ glances at her watch and looks at Morgan. "I need to get to work, too. $100 bucks says the quarterback is the key."

Morgan nods and extends his hand. "You're on."

They shake on the bet that is sure to be forgotten by everyone but Reid by the end of the coming football season. Emily glances up as JJ heads back to her office. Just before she leaves the bullpen area, JJ looks over her shoulder, her eyes meeting Emily's. They share a smile then both get going on their day.