HEEEEEEY~ It's Kuukai, back with another pointless story. Yes, I know I should be updating Vocal Five... But I have absolutely no ideas... So for now, enjoy~

Kagamine Rin

Hatsune Miku

"You have to understand. You have to. You've always been the one that understood me the most."
Her eyes watered; this time, she wasn't faking.

"I'm sorry, Rin. I just can't do it."
Miku ahook her head uncertainly,
"I mean, we're both girls, plus I'm so much older than you, it's just not right."

"You're not right! You're not the nice Miku that I know! She would understand!"
Rin exploded, tears falling like broken glass. Seeing Miku's shocked face, she bit her lip and looked down at the pavement.

"I'm s-sorry, Rin."
"No, you should be."

"... Maybe we could give this a try."