There is no catapulting up in bed, no panting gasps as he sweats his fears out. His eyes merely open a fraction as a shuddering breath escapes from the world's weight upon him.

Another nightmare.

Bodies. So many bodies. Running from the NWA, trying to prevent himself from joining the ranks of the tombed, their misdeeds rose up to torment him.

His fault. So many of those deaths were his fault. Children who would never see adulthood, innocent and guilty alike buried together.

The bedsprings creak as he rises up, not quite covered by the soft snores coming from beside him.

His eyes are open but unseeing, mind awake yet not processing his surroundings as he moves through the house, shutting the front door behind him with a quiet click.

He sits mechanically down upon the porch-swing they never use, a relic of times and people past. Ignoring the stars you could never see in a metropolis like London, he focused his attention on the sleepy town before him.

Protected by him now. Free of those willing to harm it, more invested in the image of the town than its actual safety.

He sucked in a deep calming breath. He was here now, everything was alright.

"Coming back to bed?"

He can't control the slight wide-eyed look at the footsteps he never heard approaching. "Yeah, I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay." Danny sits with him until the horrors pass and he's ready to come back inside.

A hand not-so-gently shakes him back to consciousness. "Mmph. What is it Danny?"

"I had another bad dream."

"Was it the one with the apocalypse caused by Cornettos infested with deadly bacteria?"

"No." How could his beloved Cornettos turn on him any way, shape or form? "I dreamed of…"

Of a world falling apart at the seams, the mask dropping away to reveal the town's true face. People he knew and trusted, their characters revealed to not be what he thought.

Save for the person beside him.

He trails off, and broaches another subject. "I don't want to sound like some nancy… but could you hold me? Just for a little bit?"

Nicholas grunts as he winds an arm around him, pulling him close. Danny grins as warmth travels up and down his body.

His partner's voice whispers sweet nothings in his ear. "Get some sleep now. You'll need it for work tomorrow." It's as romantic as he ever wanted things to be.